Tottenham end Gennaro Gattuso interest as managerial pursuit continues

  • nikhil mahesh
    nikhil mahesh

    Pls bring gattuso to tottenham...pls make it happen levy ...this is the plead of a true spurs fan 🙂🙏

  • WokeClub

    Ted Lasso. Seriously.

  • Shawn Kristoferu
    Shawn Kristoferu

    This is all a charade by Levy. He is putting news out there that he wanted Conte, Pochettino, Rogers, etc. In reality his plan has always been a cheap manager like Mason but he wants a smoke screen to claim he tried his best but for one reason or another it did not work out. This is all about fooling the media & fans. In that Levy is a master & Tottenham fans bunch of fools supporting this club. At least MU fans are demonstrating against Glazers but not Tottenham fans. Like their beloved club they have no courage or guts. Match made in London. That us why Levy is supreme. Hail to the Cesar.

  • Leads The Fallen Vlogs
    Leads The Fallen Vlogs

    So it's the gays fault he wasn't appointed?

  • DarthRanger55

    As a Rangers fan I honestly think Gattuso is too good for Spurs.

  • Keamo Ntamu
    Keamo Ntamu

    2008, Thats like saying to a 31year old when you where 10 you hurt my feelings. He said he doesn't agree not that he hates the community or called them derogatory names people Spurs need a good manager they need to chill.

    • burlhorse

      if you're in such a public role-you can't make such statements

  • Brian17avila

    Breaking Tottenham sign Ryan Mason as Manager and TY from AFTV as assistant manager

  • Ganesh Gans
    Ganesh Gans

    They will end up with someone like Scott Parker or Eddie Howe

  • pritpal singh
    pritpal singh

    Spuds after harry kane departure they will be relegated🤡🤡🤡

  • The Realist
    The Realist


  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    We say no to same sex marriage also Gatusso 🇯🇲💯

  • Infinity

    Ted Lasso will be a good manager, he knows the squad too 😏

  • Jason K
    Jason K

    It's all gone spursy at the '' Apprentice club '' 🤣🤣

  • Isan Bloom
    Isan Bloom

    This is comical.

  • Danięl Ø
    Danięl Ø

    Nice one Kevin thanks for letting me know!

  • Paul Daly
    Paul Daly

    Kane deal is done, that's why no manager wants the post.

  • incognito

    Spurs should come for arteta. We'll even pay them to have him.

  • Alicultivated

    Could you imagine though? Gattuso would chew those Spurs players up so bad they would probably consider a change in career. 😳

  • Jed Eye
    Jed Eye

    Boring ......what about pedos in football you shjtbags

  • masere

    Who at Sky decided it would be a good idea to hire that reality tosser Wright to host a sports news programme? Yes I know he played football but it's surely a decision based on reality crap being popular.

  • Bright

    so becuase of the Alphabet people he can't get the job?

  • Google User
    Google User

    Spurs can take Arteta. Give Arsenal Gattuso

  • Clergy Man
    Clergy Man

    This reality series is getting really interesting

  • Phil Ward
    Phil Ward

    I had a missed call today 🤔 Maybe I should ring them back..........just incase like 🤣

  • 律穂芳谷

    Tottenham is a clown

  • Sakumzi Mbatha
    Sakumzi Mbatha

    Spurs must get Pitso mosimane

  • ingmarsen

    Baldy Levy in the mirror to himself " I'll appoint Ryan Mason but I'll still be in charge of the team as well as everything else " ( Stroking his white cat ) !!!!

  • Frank Pfau
    Frank Pfau

    way to good for spursfans... so silly... a wasted change...

  • Ana Ta
    Ana Ta

    What are those “historic unpleasant comments “?

  • Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh


  • J A 7
    J A 7

    This is becoming funnier then AFTV 🍿

  • Kristian Gibbings
    Kristian Gibbings

    Another one bites the dust 😂😂😂😂

  • Amin

    let's all be honest, it's going to end up being Ryan Mason for sure

  • Eyedeas Never Die
    Eyedeas Never Die

    This is absolutely hilarious, getting to the point it will overshadow the Euros. They should just get Graham Potter, he will get that team playing some nice stuff at least.

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    Meanwhile at Everton the have eight viable candidates including Benetz and Santos. Tottenham are a mess. Kane wants out and Levy is saying publicly it's not going to happen. If he stays you'll have a very unhappy star and if they sell him Levy has given zero assurances the proceeds will be used to strengthen the squad. Under those conditions, who would take this job?

    • Hanan Idrisi
      Hanan Idrisi

      As if Benitez would even consider joining Everton

  • Paul Kw
    Paul Kw

    Were they even interested in the first place or these people are just creating rumours!

  • Ego Master
    Ego Master

    Imagine saying you can't have a job because of your opinion on same sex marriage. This is religious discrimination.

  • Giulio Caesar
    Giulio Caesar

    Simply ridiculous. You can question him as manager but not as Man. UK has became a country full of bullshits. Gattuso is a wonderful man, far far better than many of those who criticize him

  • Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
    Luigi's TheBetterPlumber

    Apparently Gattuso walked into the office, kicked Levy out his chair and told him to get him an espresso.

  • Lucky Vukeya
    Lucky Vukeya

    Potter in

  • Bekzat Sadykov
    Bekzat Sadykov

    Glad for Gattuso. He's a manager who is able to fix even a hardly broken team and make them fight. If Napoli didn't suffer from injuries they could go for scudetto last season. At least one decent sub for Osimhen and it would be another story.

  • musiclover

    Bringing up 2008 comments lol the world was different back then, can't judge him the lgtb tottenham community really digging up dirt from the past, trying their best to cancel

  • Joga Bonito
    Joga Bonito

    No one wants to work there. Brand new stadium +Levy = Hell no.

  • Sangmin Lee
    Sangmin Lee

    Next: Pirlo

  • Paul C
    Paul C

    This keeps getting worse.

  • Sherman Park
    Sherman Park

    Haha. They are even losers in their Managers.


    They should have agreed to all of conte’s demands would star their revolution and end it and make the a commanding force and dominant side domestically atleast if not in Europe but the way the bottled it was typical spurs

  • bmeeng

    Big Sam at loose end, his style could blend with spuds delusions..


    Is this the same *Gattuso* that attacked *Tottenham’s Joe Jordan⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️*

  • Mint

    Gutted lol UTA

  • Jirayu Vijjakajohn
    Jirayu Vijjakajohn

    If you look at it this way Levy is on the right track. I mean wouldn't winning trophies mean destroying "the history of Tottenham"?

  • Arabinda Das
    Arabinda Das

    Amazon's Tottenham Manager Search : All or Sam Allardyce, would have been amazing.

  • CHD

    It’ll be a german coach

  • Mark Davies
    Mark Davies

    Idc who I just want a manger ffs

  • Tony Power
    Tony Power our man, why is levy fk arseing about

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    Levy’s holding out for stevie wonder

  • Carlos O
    Carlos O

    Just get Graham Potter or confirm Ryan Mason as permanent manager

  • WL

    Spurs be like simping over managers. Swiping endlessly without matches.

  • B.Alexander Johnstone
    B.Alexander Johnstone

    So he held a view 13 years ago which is held by a lot of people and probably even a majority in 2008 (including Obama) but it’s different to yours so you’re not having him? The debate is over, you have won, so it matters not in the slightest but he can’t be considered for a job? Doesn’t sound very tolerant. In fact it sounds vindictive. You don’t have to agree, I don’t as it happens, and possibly he has changed his mind, but don’t you think he was entitled to have a different view on a legitimate policy question? If you guys keep acting intolerantly and what looks vindictively you will lose the enormous sympathy you have built up over the last couple of decades. You look here like bad winners. I support your rights to marry but I also support people of conscience on the other side. I didn’t like it when you were bullied and ostracised in society but now the shoe is on the other foot. You are not the underdog anymore but the triumphant victor and I’m feeling my sympathy move to those you are trying to ostracise. I thought you might want some honest feedback from someone who wants to remain your supporter. We’ll see.

  • Carlos O
    Carlos O


  • Sub if you hate influencers
    Sub if you hate influencers

    LGBTQ? Who cares...

  • Roland Thompson
    Roland Thompson

    I love clueless Spurs fans happy about not getting Gattuso -- the man who won Napoli their first trophy in 5 years.

  • Kelvin


  • Bashan Benjamin
    Bashan Benjamin

    So these ppl have a say in appointing ppl based in their beliefs? 👌🏽🤣😂😂 they’re heterophobic that’s what they are

  • Mr Tada
    Mr Tada

    At this rate they'll be asking me to manage tottenham

  • MrLeonardodv

    Brexit = H/o/m/os=ex=ual perverts. Stay away from Europe

  • Dictator Gaming
    Dictator Gaming

    Mangers really using spurs for interview experience.

  • Top Striker
    Top Striker

    Hire a unicorn manager then...... Smh

  • Tom Crothers
    Tom Crothers

    Sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe sh*t

  • David Brielmaier
    David Brielmaier

    Just keep Mason at this point. With that palace, they play in, the facilities with that city in that league it really shouldn't be difficult to get a top-tier manager/coach. However, Levy sure is making it hard on himself for no apparent reason.

  • nicky leighton
    nicky leighton

    Cancel culture rears it's ugly head once again

  • Antonio Alati
    Antonio Alati

    Even Twitter has more Power than Tottenham management lol

    • Adam Samuel
      Adam Samuel

      These football boards are jokes, never thought i'd live to see the day fans or outside gender groups have more say than those who pay the players wages.

  • Abyss

    As a wise man once said "it is the history of the Tottenham" 😂😂😂

    • Zak Mo
      Zak Mo

      that wise man lost more than 3 finals

    • Ilhan Ayhan
      Ilhan Ayhan

      Chiellini 😂

  • Ron Bonora
    Ron Bonora

    Spurs are losers. Gattuso was a fantastic player and a very good coach!

  • Abyss


  • Hari Kushal
    Hari Kushal

    tottenclown hotspurs

  • Lzk_Yungking

    Ayi Tottenham😂

  • Amazing Heartbreak
    Amazing Heartbreak

    So if a great manager wants the job, he won’t get it if he believes in God?

  • Jun

    wow literally everyone and their mothers predicted this LOL

  • rashid azzan
    rashid azzan

    It is me how does someone's sexuality affiliation or preferences have to do with football like do these LGBTQ people know that people have opinions and a will to choose not to like or associate with certain groups. I feel like it is so pointless It is like france hate for muslims (its policies) which doesn't exclude me from cheering for France things are mutually exclusive

    • rashid azzan
      rashid azzan

      @cjetrain Dude just don't be that sensitive there is a committee for fighting racism in football, Gattuso is a man he can make mistakes unless he actually done something to discriminate a player based on his skin colour then it makes no sense to hire him. Italy is known for having racist players and fans so unless you can wipe out history people will always have opinions that are not good to certain demographic. Tottenham if they know what's best for the club they should sign a manager without interference from fans.

    • rashid azzan
      rashid azzan

      @cjetrain He is Italian they are known for racist comments look at their fans so for me I say if you want a coach with no issue you should find pochettino or wait the team fired him. Good luck No one has a good track record at this point Tottenham will hire Sam Allardyce

    • cjetrain

      Another nobody who doesn’t understand what Spurs have done for inclusion and diversity as well as the massive importance it has in life 😂 you do realize that Gattuso said that calling black players monkeys is no worse than booing a white player, right? Who wants to hire someone that stupid?

  • Agent. K.
    Agent. K.

    1:10 whoa, the gays are angry he doesn’t like them... This is a football club, not a consultant office.

  • football news 1
    football news 1

    I won 5 titles in FIFA and 2 Champion league

  • Timothy Peters
    Timothy Peters

    Cancel culture at its finest lmaoo Obama also believed the same thing in 2008 and rangnick said some questionable stuff as well Didn’t see anyone against that appointment...

    • Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters

      @cjetrain Obama was against gay marriage clown which is probably the biggest argument spurs fans have Gattuso also said he supports stopping games if racism occurs Let me guess tho people can’t change right?

    • cjetrain

      I missed the part where Obama said giving racist chants towards black people is just as bad as a “boo” for a white one. Would say you’ve lost your brain fam but not sure if you started with one

  • football news 1
    football news 1

    I am interested in the job

  • Timothy Peters
    Timothy Peters

    People have never watched a game of Serie A and seriously underrated Gattuso

    • Roland Thompson
      Roland Thompson

      @Hanan Idrisi The man who got them their first trophy in 5 years.

    • Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters

      @Hanan Idrisi still better than the options

    • Hanan Idrisi
      Hanan Idrisi

      Yeah the man who bottled UCL with Napoli. Wow he blows me away.

  • Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason

    LMAO digging up old messages that disagree with your opinion just shows what these kind of people are😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • London Dazza
    London Dazza


  • Brendan P
    Brendan P

    At this rate Daniel Levy will make himself manager.

  • Mohamed Ta
    Mohamed Ta

    Welcome back Ryan Mason!


    spurs really thought they were bigger than jose.. hahha

  • Zgredu

    was the relation with Mourinho so bad they needed to terminate his contract? How on earth are they going find comparable raplacement...

  • Alex Gavin
    Alex Gavin

    0:59 lmao

  • Joao Albuquerque
    Joao Albuquerque

    Guess Christian Eriksen is gonna have his first managerial proposal ain't he?

  • Kartik Yoginthran
    Kartik Yoginthran

    what only they can get on running i dont know.i would start calling spurs noob club if kane and son leaves

  • Chibueze Unachukwu
    Chibueze Unachukwu

    Y Deez correspondents gotta b so fine

  • Paul Scarafile
    Paul Scarafile

    All or Nothing.....Spurs chose NOTHING 🤣

  • Runnester

    Ugh for goodness sake!

  • G

    Who cares what someone said about gay marriage what has this gotta do with football

  • Justin Tekena
    Justin Tekena

    Bunch of clowns😂😂😂😂

  • David Kena
    David Kena

    Oh!come on spurs!!I I am not even Tottenham fan but this is becoming a cruel joke on the fans...