Mega Pokemon Battle Royale (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning) ☄️ Collab With

  • Icy-Fire N Gamer
    Icy-Fire N Gamer

    5:23 When soccer players get slightly touched by the opposing team

    • Pancakeys27


    • Sumptuous Hydra Gaming
      Sumptuous Hydra Gaming


    • Ethan Hernández
      Ethan Hernández


    • Sunita Kunkal
      Sunita Kunkal

      his girlfriend be like 5:28

    • ursusbapeman

      @Matt35400 かわいいやん

  • Holden Kim
    Holden Kim

    Did kangastan even die?

  • Don gato
    Don gato

    Gigamax and Dynamax Pokémon battle royal?

  • Fluffyfluff Fox
    Fluffyfluff Fox

    2:42 speedrun Mario

  • Lucario

    This video in a nutshell: Basically mega evolved pokemon puncing and shooting each other and speaking enchantment table.

  • Nagarider

    I almost pissed myself laughing xD Awesome job

  • ZeeLs playz
    ZeeLs playz

    Can you make a vid with instead of all normal pokemon being normal make them Vmax

  • William Wood
    William Wood

    I loved the detail and having my second fav mega win😁

  • Jim Kersey
    Jim Kersey

    6:30 when your Nintendo switch dies in the middle of battling Leon

  • Luminousky

    I foresee a Dynamax Battle Royale in the future

  • Shireen Farghaly
    Shireen Farghaly

    i liked that video too much and it was too funny lol

  • Adam Alani
    Adam Alani

    1:04 hey ain’t that a Digimon in the top right?



  • Shanta jangpangi
    Shanta jangpangi

    It so funny

  • Meshayre Santos
    Meshayre Santos

    2:30 sus

  • Pyro tf2 Screaming at a woman
    Pyro tf2 Screaming at a woman

    Mega stone= delicous

  • Kékèremorito

    The best part 3:21 🤣

  • Supreme Dhakal
    Supreme Dhakal


  • Pedro Ribeiro
    Pedro Ribeiro

    What does Alakazam says on his enchanting in 4:54 ?

  • Deceree Butic
    Deceree Butic

    Hey terminalmontage can you make a video about pokemon vs ultra beast

  • Adam Perez
    Adam Perez

    6:56 When I have GX pokemon card

  • ArEq

    Mega Rayquaza's rage on Sableye was so much that he literally vaporised a ghost type with a normal type move

  • Brocolli Carrot
    Brocolli Carrot

    Mega sceptie:now what? Mega blastoise:death

  • Ethan Kyle Lopez
    Ethan Kyle Lopez

    Tyranitar feels NOTHING

  • Michael Aguilera
    Michael Aguilera

    1:03 ayy I see palmon. Lol now that I think of it mega evolution is more of a Digimon thing but I still love both

  • Issame 412294
    Issame 412294

    3:55 It's a Koffin'. How did it take me 3 months and rewatching this hundreds of times to realize this pun?

  • Jeremy Gilmore
    Jeremy Gilmore

    “Heh, fret not m’lady, I will vanquish this horrible beast!” Me: When the simp is sus 😳

    • ArcticCat6900

      Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding, ding ding ding.

  • LEGiTxViP3R


  • Leonardo Vecchi
    Leonardo Vecchi

    It's time to dudududududududududududu

  • Le killer248
    Le killer248


  • Le killer248
    Le killer248


  • TheOriginalJphyper

    Yeah, I knew before I even clicked that Mega Ray was going to win. There was no way it was not going to win. That thing was even more OP than Gen 1 Mewtwo.

  • Noahthecrazy1

    Where was mega lopponie

  • WadeAlma

    I'd love to see all starter pokemon fight.

  • jimtsap04

    Well, there's a reason this green noodle singlehandedly created its own smogon tier literally named anything goes...

  • Carson raybon
    Carson raybon

    Um yes I would like to see dinimax pokemon battel Arina givme

  • xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!
    xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!

    Pokemon coffin dance for some reason my family hates coffin dance but I love it

  • Panda Power
    Panda Power

    Mega tyranitar had a chance he could not die

  • Kevin Gondiz
    Kevin Gondiz

    Jajaja jajaja

  • Pijeon

    Nice Crimea you got there


    3:57 XD

  • Massive flower face
    Massive flower face

    Poor blastoise

  • Massive flower face
    Massive flower face

    0:54 the greatest bit he just blasted off

  • TaniSH

    Raquaza: I am a *GOD* !! Top that!!

  • Nikoticglare

    Why did mewtwo pull a sans

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim

    And now we have Pokemon Unite.

  • LightDream

    Go Sableye

  • Arthur Costa
    Arthur Costa


  • diana ghazaryan
    diana ghazaryan

    10 out of 10 anmshen

  • Felipe SV
    Felipe SV

    Nux brought me here.

  • Nightlight

    Little did Mewtwo know blaziken had 3x evasion substitution swords dance and close combat 🤗

  • Tortilla

    3:02 A reference to the actual games… where they can’t be bothered to animate him corrrectly

  • UnovaKid 24
    UnovaKid 24

    2:42 I just noticed Mario in the sky as soon as Salamence cut Manetric lol

  • Eggdog

    Ah yes, a Blastoise whose water cannon move materializes out of nowhere *RATHER THAN BEING FIRED BY THE RETRACTABLE TURRETS PROVIDED BY THE EVOLUTION.* Classic GameFreak.

  • Darth Shadow
    Darth Shadow

    Gengar making SCP-106 proud

  • alberto cruz
    alberto cruz

    Is there a problem if I share your videos on tiktok?

  • Ujwal

    I could not stop my laughter. It was so funny 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • K. Willow
    K. Willow

    Came back to this channel when I remembered your battle Royale video from 2 years ago. I'm not disappointed in the least.

  • Disorianligon 34'S under your bed lol xd :)
    Disorianligon 34'S under your bed lol xd :)


  • Temmy Games
    Temmy Games

    1:19 Gives a whole new meaning to "projectile vomit"

  • shearersboots

    5:11 the look on lucario’s face when he realises he’s about to get rekt by mewtwo’s 2nd form tho, that’s priceless

  • The Funny xD
    The Funny xD

    Can you heart this... also amazing job

  • The Royal Dragon Family
    The Royal Dragon Family


  • vide0gameCaster

    Pokemon Fans: WOULDN'T BE AWESOME IF POKEMONS EXISTED IN REAL LIFE?!?!?!!!! *_If pokemon existed in real life_*

  • Xana The Dark
    Xana The Dark

    I pee'd myself when blastoise shot water out of his forehead like in the game

  • Quốc Cường Ngô
    Quốc Cường Ngô

    where are you from?

  • M a k a
    M a k a

    M-Mawile is a power monster, I expected it to be more relevant...

  • Julian Angelo Mariano
    Julian Angelo Mariano

    Incredible to fights perfection

  • jenphon jitkhamma
    jenphon jitkhamma

    3:03 WTF hahahahaha

  • Paulo Rogério
    Paulo Rogério

    This vídeos becomes classics

  • Hyperr

    Can u do dynamax-gigantimax next

  • Aiman Zaquan
    Aiman Zaquan


  • Flux

    Put him in a coffin😭🤣

  • Ramchandar Gautam
    Ramchandar Gautam


  • Caleb Schmidt
    Caleb Schmidt

    I love how Blastoise doesn't use his canons

  • xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!
    xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!

    Did anyone know my favorite pokemon is rauqaza

  • xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!
    xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!

    Pls make ultra beast one pls I beg

  • xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!
    xXgamer_ForeverXx Roblox!

    I love how howldog is running on the roof Cruz it looks like he is a rober

  • Jake Playzzz
    Jake Playzzz

    Can you do all ultra beasts?

  • T S T Valtenir
    T S T Valtenir


  • cyberwolfy37

    I'm feeling like we're missing someone, or like 2 people. primal groudon: ...... primal kyogre: ......

  • Emporio A
    Emporio A

    1:24 this is accurate for whatever eevee evolution that is

  • Triadicoder

    I want cheese strat pokemon battle royal

    • Triadicoder

      Nothing but waiting for opponent to run out of pp and instant ko moves, sounds like a great idea me Also a lot of poison tanks

  • Sebastián Reyes Sehuanez
    Sebastián Reyes Sehuanez

    Para cuándo el de Pokémon dinamax y gigamax battle Royale

  • EmanTV

    0:38 yeah pretty much (rip megas) (leave a like for them)

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane

    This is what Karen’s think masks do to you: 2:00

  • Ghoul Toddy
    Ghoul Toddy

    Muito bom

  • What Do I put as my name?
    What Do I put as my name?

    Is anyone else still confused of how mega heracross has higher attack than mega rayquaza

  • adi gaming yt
    adi gaming yt

    op bro

  • Kevin Wingo
    Kevin Wingo

    4:45 Kangaskhan: no no no no no scene changes and alakazam: hi yu yu hya Gengar get squished by mega mewtwo.

  • Mr Obscene
    Mr Obscene

    But Rays isn't a mega form. It's called Delta form. It's basiclly the primordial form. So why wasn't the other two in this then? 🤔

  • Psycula

    3:00 Me: "Blastoise! Use O!" Master Sergeant Blastoise: " DELIGHTED TO, SIR!"

  • •softaholic•

    5:51 Okay but he was getting DRAGGED by Mewtwo

  • Oogman

    try doing dynamax and gigantamax pokemon next

  • Giratina

    The tyranitar was just hilarious.

  • raptortyrannus rozycki
    raptortyrannus rozycki

    i like how the legendarys enjoy a meal while the whole earth is getting destroyed

  • raj thapa
    raj thapa

    win rate rayquaza mewto tyranitar kangaskhan audino

  • KleinerLordiii

    5:56 i think i know this movement but i dont know were it come from

    • KleinerLordiii

      Thanks 4 the Heart, but i need answers xD but maybe is the Secret the Magic of Entertainment xD

  • don't know
    don't know

    Danm, dont u hate it when ur killing a shark then a huge ass fish breaks ur spine?

  • Sumptuous Hydra Gaming
    Sumptuous Hydra Gaming

    1:03 Spiderman meme caught in 4k