Among Us But Impostor Can Change Color
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  • Delia Berry
    Delia Berry

    The impostor is a hacker

  • mostapha ahidar
    mostapha ahidar


  • Emma Rivera
    Emma Rivera

    i love it

  • Janelle Hines
    Janelle Hines

    BLue is cheating

  • carys jones
    carys jones

    Is asome

  • Maria Ovalle
    Maria Ovalle

    I love among us

  • Mounia Daden
    Mounia Daden

    Est-ce que c'est vrai qu'on peut changer de couleur avec un robinet qui est coloré

    • Mounia Daden
      Mounia Daden


  • RandomeGuy_0

    Lol, everyone voting out guy who won last round... How childish

  • hanan almunhandes
    hanan almunhandes


  • Er Yk
    Er Yk

    Ms. Potito is ded but he walk is life but... How???

  • Green cyborg -green hat
    Green cyborg -green hat

    You still didn’t do my idea

  • Medine AYDIN
    Medine AYDIN


  • Recdicar 2111
    Recdicar 2111

    6:32 i dont understand the scene

  • the chosen one ???
    the chosen one ???

    Ugly am a hater

  • Wray Banner
    Wray Banner

    It’s. Not. Fair. That. Blue. Gets. To. Change. Colers

  • Chris Connor
    Chris Connor



    Its the best

  • Thiago Ismael Reyes
    Thiago Ismael Reyes

    era la culpa de el pellejo asul

  • Eaman Ali
    Eaman Ali

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ?

  • Inayah Ali7
    Inayah Ali7

    I hate mr gritz hes mean to sandy

  • Inayah Ali7
    Inayah Ali7

    Mr gritz i vote you out your mom is me

  • Suresh Karuppanasamy
    Suresh Karuppanasamy


  • Jasana Parham
    Jasana Parham

    Vote blue he is the impost

  • Ирина Лазарева
    Ирина Лазарева


  • Animal world
    Animal world

    Lol!!!!!! They imediatly voted out Mr. Gritts Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Owen Belmonte
    Owen Belmonte

    🍐 vs🥑

  • Julliana Keisha Bardaje
    Julliana Keisha Bardaje

    qmong us

  • يومياتي في كندا
    يومياتي في كندا

    ا اه

  • Peanut Queen Live
    Peanut Queen Live

    So cool 💞😎!

  • Jose Salcedo
    Jose Salcedo

    I like that he can look like other players

  • Jaycee James Abellana
    Jaycee James Abellana

    rip whites love life

  • Emily Isabella Díaz
    Emily Isabella Díaz


  • Krysia M
    Krysia M

    Now you have no time for a good day one to go to

  • Arhaan Khan
    Arhaan Khan

    Pink:that’s rude

  • Arhaan Khan
    Arhaan Khan

    Blue imposter

  • China98 Ornelas
    China98 Ornelas

    Y not Play on AirShip

  • Nestor Gutierrez
    Nestor Gutierrez

    ES GAY

  • Pixel Car Racer TV DI MOHAMED
    Pixel Car Racer TV DI MOHAMED


  • Ben Prior
    Ben Prior


    • Ben Prior
      Ben Prior

      Ben😍❤️💕😘🥰😍😘 😙

  • San goten
    San goten

    I know that 99% of people won't read this comment but god bless you all.

  • Elena Atti
    Elena Atti


  • Μάρω Φιλιππή
    Μάρω Φιλιππή

    Mr Grits was the imposter and he won?!?

  • Antoinette Amooftþ
    Antoinette Amooftþ

    guys idk if this vifdeo its gioing viral i think u should do it better thank u love ya

    • Antoinette Amooftþ
      Antoinette Amooftþ

      do it now plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Chen Xihao
    Chen Xihao


  • Welove Stuff
    Welove Stuff


  • not Cyan YT
    not Cyan YT

    Wait 2 cyans in pult?

  • not Cyan YT
    not Cyan YT

    So op

  • Adhinarayana dubasi
    Adhinarayana dubasi


  • Ximena Evelin Hernández Meneses
    Ximena Evelin Hernández Meneses

    yo mate atodos de amog us ise victori soy u jake

  • Luke Driver
    Luke Driver


  • Jonas Molina
    Jonas Molina

    Sandy: I believe it's Your Mom. If it isn't her, you can vote me off next. *Your Mom gets voted out* Everyone else: *doesn't vote Sandy off*

    • Red CREWMATE
      Red CREWMATE

      nah just normal day in public lobbies

  • Keza Ciela
    Keza Ciela

    This is greyt i think the next among us will be crewments can talk when they are ded

    • Valeria Alvarado
      Valeria Alvarado

      Iuuo bb

    • Valeria Alvarado
      Valeria Alvarado

      Ml lo ou

  • Sophia Cadillo
    Sophia Cadillo

    omg omg

  • Corbin Ruggles
    Corbin Ruggles

    omg funny haaha imooster ssussus

  • SSsamanmalie rajapaksha Rajapaksha
    SSsamanmalie rajapaksha Rajapaksha

    But blue is the impostor

  • Ram Prasad AP
    Ram Prasad AP

    Blue is brilliant

  • Maria Cecilia Bajado
    Maria Cecilia Bajado

    Blue your mean to purpel

  • Patatis


  • Sherlyn Sandoval
    Sherlyn Sandoval


  • Raya Mohammd
    Raya Mohammd


  • Sajulga Family
    Sajulga Family


  • Brentton C
    Brentton C

    there so dumb

  • Sze Wan Wong
    Sze Wan Wong

    Holy cheeses read killed her

  • Roentgen The Protogen
    Roentgen The Protogen


  • Greeciela Romasanta
    Greeciela Romasanta

    Naniii you join in year 20007

  • Shadow NightmaRe
    Shadow NightmaRe

    RainbowX on the thumbnail.

  • Phylicia Bailey
    Phylicia Bailey

    Hey! I love blue😞😔😢

  • Christina Celaya Rodriguez
    Christina Celaya Rodriguez


  • Blue Gamer
    Blue Gamer

    You do realise that’s Heustess Power the rainbow impostor

  • derek forbes
    derek forbes


  • William Powell
    William Powell

    No Don’t report

  • July Smith
    July Smith

    i wish this was real haha

  • Dave the fyre Zorua
    Dave the fyre Zorua

    *Huester has entered the chat*

  • Kash R
    Kash R

    Do you know why Jeff was thrown away it was because is the impostor can change colour

  • Kash R
    Kash R

    I’ve never seen that before in among us but I don’t play among us because I am too young I am only six years old

  • fresia cano
    fresia cano


  • Pritam Roy
    Pritam Roy


  • Emily Kolbmann
    Emily Kolbmann


  • CM Toy Car Ph.
    CM Toy Car Ph.

    Rainbow among us

  • melody jeffrey daigle
    melody jeffrey daigle


  • AmongPlayz

    Don't you just stroll down the chat and wish you said that



  • Robert Maistry
    Robert Maistry

    i wish i can do that to...

  • Robert Maistry
    Robert Maistry

    cool videos bru

  • kary moto
    kary moto


  • DM Dream girl DM
    DM Dream girl DM

    Evil impostor

  • Cursed Gaming fnaf
    Cursed Gaming fnaf

    The imposter controlling everyone

  • Alif & Afaf
    Alif & Afaf

    Ia a rainbow

  • Pritam Roy
    Pritam Roy


  • joedale cadilo
    joedale cadilo

    i so mr potato alive lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Jaymarjaymar Jaymar
    Jaymarjaymar Jaymar

    Yo sup

  • DON'T STOP Studio
    DON'T STOP Studio

    It is amazing to see that this video make lot of views! Congratulations! I make stop motion . You can see it

    • DON'T STOP Studio
      DON'T STOP Studio

      @Svitlana Karmanskyy hi 👋🏻

    • Svitlana Karmanskyy
      Svitlana Karmanskyy


  • aphroditeinhell


  • aphroditeinhell

    if that happened in the real Among Us then I would be able to kill in front of the players only if the player I want to turn into that player should not be in there


    I dislike this video

  • Starcreepz

    Is anyone gonna ignore the fact that the ghosts tails look like noodles

    • Mary O Malley
      Mary O Malley

      And how old are you

    • Mary O Malley
      Mary O Malley

      How does ghosts tails look like noodles

  • Becka

    I Like your video s

  • Vasco Lamkin
    Vasco Lamkin

    Love this one

  • William Huntley
    William Huntley

    3:02 Wait a minute Didnt miss potato just die LoGiC BoI

  • senoussi ouahiba
    senoussi ouahiba

    Bienvenue dans le presse-papiers Gboard. Le texte que vous copiez est enregistré ici. For

  • Jose the Funny
    Jose the Funny

    Grits as Jeff killed mrs.potato and banana was with Chester and mrs.potato was with them when he was dead