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  • Jen Morantte
    Jen Morantte

    I wish I had a friend like Jeremy and a BF like Ben and a BEST BEST friend like Andrew

  • Karolína Šváchová
    Karolína Šváchová


  • Shaddah Woolery
    Shaddah Woolery

    You arr great

  • Cora Lindell
    Cora Lindell

    I was there as your Mattick Alexis just passed up onto the floor and bro I was like what are you doing I was like literally in laughter

  • shakti_ man
    shakti_ man

    lexi is adorible when she laughed after pranking ben crying door locked :>

  • Cupcake PlayZ
    Cupcake PlayZ

    * Andrew slides phone under door* Me: 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Sellars
    Jennifer Sellars

    Hi I love your content And personality

  • Addison Hartling
    Addison Hartling

    PHi Lexi Hensler

  • I like bacon
    I like bacon

    The fact Ben,Andrew and Jeremy care that much 😭✋

  • Alivia Palmer
    Alivia Palmer

    have you ever noticed how much she laughs, it makes me laugh LOL

  • Jalyn Jackson
    Jalyn Jackson

    Teddy bears no

  • Bella B
    Bella B


  • Mandi Rimmer
    Mandi Rimmer


  • Ava F
    Ava F

    Ben was so sweet aww ☺️

  • hooni alkout
    hooni alkout

    hey lexi i would do a thumbs up

  • Matthew Cole
    Matthew Cole

    Lego revira I love you more than Ben I am in love with you

  • Namtiddies

    Hi lexi i am a big fan i dare u to get dom reaction to u lost your memory 😂

  • Chloe Z
    Chloe Z

    omg lexi's acting skills are on POINT!!!😂

  • Ulrica Andrae
    Ulrica Andrae

    My ship is......Andrew x Lexi R and thats be Landrew

  • fayyaz aslam
    fayyaz aslam

    Lexi :” I guess we know who really doesn’t care about me” Jeremy: brings her her favourite order Jeremy is the best friend he’s so sweet

  • Sophia Forbes
    Sophia Forbes

    Aww I love how even though Lexi and Ben broke up they still have such a good relationship with each other is so sweet.

  • Erika barretto
    Erika barretto

    I love how Lexi laughs

  • Ninna Shirial
    Ninna Shirial

    2:06 Wow he's such a good friend Also your acting skills Nice You pulled it off well Edit: never mind they were so sweet You are so good at acting

  • Gamer Tan
    Gamer Tan

    awwww Jeremy was so nice He gave you Sometimes (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡

  • Danielle M.
    Danielle M.

    Omg, I started to cry when Andrew sat outside the door for her 💕👕👚👞👠

  • Rida Naqvi
    Rida Naqvi

    Such a small “cigar” but that much smoke🤣🤣🤣

  • Sreeja T V
    Sreeja T V

    Do a video like how can other amp saquad can do ur intro

  • Gigi Swales
    Gigi Swales


  • Gigi Swales
    Gigi Swales


  • Faith Noyan
    Faith Noyan

    Ben is sooo sweet.............Jeremy too

  • Sara Coleman
    Sara Coleman

    your videos are so fun

  • Morgan Easterling
    Morgan Easterling

    Hi I love your vids pls can I get a reply pls

  • Bhumika Arora
    Bhumika Arora

    "Not anymore" 🤣💙

  • Abuthalib Rilwana
    Abuthalib Rilwana

    Do yo friend with me Alexa?

  • katelyn

    i love that brent's friends are also good friend's to lexi

  • Brenda Jurchak
    Brenda Jurchak


  • Rozhan Mohammadi
    Rozhan Mohammadi

    I love youuuuu😍😍

  • Da Blue Dino
    Da Blue Dino

    jeremy was so sweet 😂

  • Unknown Legend
    Unknown Legend

    Ima just say it. Andrew smartest one out threre

  • Vikas Jagtap
    Vikas Jagtap

    Andrew was so smart


    Lexi's hair is looking a bit different.. But in a good way❤️😍✨

  • Builder xtoシ
    Builder xtoシ

    6:54 brent was the most direct lmao


    3:23 nice trick Andrew🔥🔥

  • Yendrembam Itocha
    Yendrembam Itocha

    Do prank want's more 😉😉🙂🙂😊😊☺️☺️😝

  • Yendrembam Itocha
    Yendrembam Itocha


  • Yendrembam Itocha
    Yendrembam Itocha

    I like your channel

  • Swarnima Verma
    Swarnima Verma

    I need a friend like Jeremy!!!! My goshhhhh😩😩🥺💜

  • Shelby Collins
    Shelby Collins

    You should be a actress no joke 🤣

  • Jovany Valdez
    Jovany Valdez


  • Jovany Valdez
    Jovany Valdez

    Love you amp world

  • Paradise Palms
    Paradise Palms

    the very beginning "what is going on" i died

  • Tango

    why is no one talking about brent saying its gross when she asked him

  • S A
    S A

    5:01lexi: no just tell me what it is ? lol 😭😂

  • Alyna Tran
    Alyna Tran

    Jeremy cares about you the most I guess 5:00 to 5:10

  • Leave me alone
    Leave me alone

    🤚🏽 👁 👄 👁 🤚🏽

  • *Sofiagaminggirl19 *
    *Sofiagaminggirl19 *

    3:20 1000IQ move 👏🏻👌

  • Ginger King
    Ginger King

    I feel so bad for Ben

  • TheSlimeyRobloxPlayer

    pierson's reaction when she started laughing had me weak XD



  • carltanya pinnock
    carltanya pinnock

    And when she prank her mom that she was smoking lol her mom fall for it lol dwl 😂

  • carltanya pinnock
    carltanya pinnock

    When Lexi was behind the door and crying brent really fall for it lol And when Lexi fall on the ben say what are u doing lol😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅

  • LD BlueberrykoriaXx
    LD BlueberrykoriaXx

    I can’t stop watching this 😂

  • Teddie Games
    Teddie Games

    Ur acting was perfect 👌

  • Gaming With Amy&annie
    Gaming With Amy&annie


  • Abrielle Barrett
    Abrielle Barrett

    Good luck 👍 💓 ✨ 9th sounds perfect 👌 👍 💕 ❤ 👏 💙

  • Amy White
    Amy White

    Lexi Rivera already looked gross I didn't think it was possible for her to look worse

  • Daisy Demings
    Daisy Demings

    I wish I was friends Jeremy to see what he just did 💖❤️ he is so sweet

  • Itz_eva

    jermy is the sweetest

  • Emma Milford
    Emma Milford

    i love you

  • Krisna Barces
    Krisna Barces

    She's so pretty

  • Lenthe

    Ahww!!! Jeremy was so Sweet!!💖

  • Erin Boland
    Erin Boland

    Lexi how are you so wierd

  • Zahra Raed
    Zahra Raed

    Andrewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 🥺🥺🥺

  • Siimply Cloudiiess
    Siimply Cloudiiess

    andrew when lexi is ''crying' *ill sit out here till you come out* and slides his phone under the door sof funny! he was proberly the best

  • Anaya Diyanah Khan
    Anaya Diyanah Khan

    I was laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣

  • Atreya Sharma
    Atreya Sharma

    Ben: I will always be there for u Andrew: waited for lexi to come out Jeremy: went to get lexi food such good friends lexi has who wants friends like lexi?

  • re ee
    re ee

    andrew is a true friend

  • Shiya S
    Shiya S

    Imagine a ❤️ from Lexi😭🥺

  • Radiyah Osman
    Radiyah Osman

    Good acting skills

  • alex mop
    alex mop

    I want you to do my make up

  • ali Ali
    ali Ali

    Lexi I'm your biggest fan love you

  • Kelley Zinder
    Kelley Zinder



    I love how straight up Peirson & Lexi R were #truefriends 🙂🤞

  • yajat parmar
    yajat parmar

    She already put a lot of makeup and on top more makeup lol 🤣

  • Itz_eva

    'and then u slide ur phone under my bathroom door' lol

  • louna louna
    louna louna

    4:58 jeremy:lexi i got you something.. this was sooo cute he really cares about their friendship

  • ayisha fashions
    ayisha fashions

    Jearmy is caring you very much he is your good friend 😘

  • ayisha fashions
    ayisha fashions

    I like andraw riaction

  • qateel fahmi
    qateel fahmi

    your so lucky lexi for having such great friends 😍❤

  • Sreedatri Chakraborty Class-5A Roll No-57
    Sreedatri Chakraborty Class-5A Roll No-57

    I love when Alexa laugh or smile 😃😊

  • Ayesha Azhar
    Ayesha Azhar

    ok but why is Jeremy so tall tho!

  • Chloe Tan
    Chloe Tan

    i love this

  • Sehaj

    Andrew is so smart The way he slides his phone in the restroom is too good


    For real tho, i think Jeremy was the most concernt about Laxi😂..

  • katerina

    that its funny

  • Ally gamer girl Cines
    Ally gamer girl Cines

    Broo he is troying so hard to make you feel better

  • Bianca Charters
    Bianca Charters

    Omg Lexi!?!?

  • Sianna Lane
    Sianna Lane

    Hey Eso can you do my make up I live in OR

  • Leo hills
    Leo hills

    Ben is so sweet ❤️ he kept asking if she was okay they should get back together

  • Laxmi narayan Kaushik
    Laxmi narayan Kaushik

    Best prank was with jeremy