Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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  • Fernando Takeshi Sato
    Fernando Takeshi Sato

    Problem: caused by heavy regulation and lobbying Solution: more regulations! Rinse and repeat.

  • Lisa Shadowprinces
    Lisa Shadowprinces

    In Germany we also had many big Covid outbreaks caused by meat packing factories with simular contutions. I'm pretty sure most industrialised countries have them. It's just horrible ...

  • Gene Stewart
    Gene Stewart

    Capitalism. America. the GOP. Add them up you get DEATH.

  • the Merc
    the Merc

    Wow.. this show is doing God's work.

  • SkatingErinsMom

    Mr. Oliver, a related and excellent article by Jane Mayer, Trump and Mountaire chicken processing, and exploiting "essential" (aka minority, immigrant, and low-income) workers: So glad you are back!

  • matenzo

    Kind of assumed this sort of thing would be mostly automated by now. I guess I kind of expected it to be like in a 90s cartoon, a long automated cutup line with a bunch of giant hammers and sawblades coming outta nowhere (I am that dumb yes).

  • Jaques Studly
    Jaques Studly

    The real question is why CNN hires white supremacists like Jim Acosta.

  • stefanc7

    Good suggestions AND you can also simply stop eating animals.

  • Raymond Kidwell
    Raymond Kidwell

    Real news instead of just talking about politics. I appreciate it.

  • M D
    M D

    Not only animals are abused but also the workers go thru mistreatment? Unfrigin real! Just watch a video on how animals are treated and you will stop eating meat. We don’t treat dogs like that.

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    So ummm... Socialism is evil? Capitalism works fine and everyone works perfectly eh?

  • Okay VII
    Okay VII

    and i was thinking europe was a bad place to live in people in china have better working conditions then the USA has to offer

  • Brian K
    Brian K

    Go vegan

  • Naveen Silva
    Naveen Silva

    I find the show pretty informative and enjoy watching it, but the jokes and analogies need a lot of work...

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      When a product is free, you are the product When a product is cheap, someone else is paying. In suffering

  • Zena AL
    Zena AL

    Will anything ever change ? I honestly don't think so

  • Psyche Desiree Een Castillo
    Psyche Desiree Een Castillo

    The people near the top of the hierarchy can sometimes be the most worthless and corrupt. The workers who actually do the work are treated inhumanely- just because they are deemed "replaceable" with other vulnerable people. F'*** this world.

  • GRiZfam 303
    GRiZfam 303

    Is this episode about the backstreet boys reunion tour?

  • Madman Asa
    Madman Asa

    This is a rare case where it is justified to like or dislike this video equally Because the truth is excruciatingly painful. 16:09 is an absolute tragedy unlike nearly anything I've ever heard, and we have heard a lot.

  • Vermicious Knid
    Vermicious Knid

    Wow, talk about timely... I was just offered a job at a local chicken processing plant as an occupational nurse. I can understand the frustration of the employees thinking we really can't do anything to help them and they are correct. All we are legally allowed to do is basic first aid (bandaids and Tylenol) and refer them to the weekly on-site doctor for chronic conditions. Obviously if there is an urgent situation we are the first ones to respond and have to call 911. I would also be in charge of worker's comp claims, being told that I have to "weed out the fakers since no one really wants to do this job." Yeah, no shit. It's cold, wet, and they are constantly covered in chicken parts. Plus I got that casual racism vibe that's unfortunately very common down here in the deep South, as most of the workers are either minorities and ex-cons. Definitely a lot to consider before I accept the offer.

  • LANgamer

    Hey come to Finland, we got some work for u!

  • girzwald3

    Dear John, Stop writing your own jokes. -Everyone

  • Guillaume Paré
    Guillaume Paré

    «Perdu » is « lost » in french. So we can say Jim is LOST.

  • Innova

    All of the likes are fake.

  • James Handson
    James Handson

    I used to work at pilgrims pride. So this one hits home. They have paperwork that tells you what each of your limbs are worth to the company and how much you will get off you accidentally lose one.

  • Jamtron

    I thought the gerbil was drinking milk that had too many artificial growth hormones in it and that’s why it was big and strong. Great first pass. Let’s make that clear in the second cut please!

  • AggieToday

    This is literary the sort of thing that keeps me up at night

  • Valencio Marquis
    Valencio Marquis

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  • Star

    Remember, the solution isnt to go fucking vegan. The solution is voting for people that care about unions and worker's rights

    • Love Love
      Love Love

      Going vegan/reducing meat is good for the environment. It reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Star

    When a product is free, you are the product When a product is cheap, someone else is paying. In suffering

  • bob lupo
    bob lupo

    Good show.. but when I watched the birds get butchered, I gagged in front of my child...

  • dandycliff2

    Meatpackers are only going to get fucked over again when the next pandemic comes thanks to human's evil treatment of animals and evil companies.

  • Андрей Пушкарь
    Андрей Пушкарь

  • D Molina
    D Molina

    BOICOT MEAT ALREADY What more proof do you need? Torture, animal rights, social rights, illegality, deforestation, climate change...

  • lorenzo donadio
    lorenzo donadio

    Let's boycott these companies by just reducing our meat intake while also helping the environment, win win situation!

  • Victor Ch
    Victor Ch

    Lol 😂

  • Rachel Ann Jerome
    Rachel Ann Jerome

    Ah another segment on industrialized slavery. Man, this country stays true to its core principles!

  • Ave Anderson
    Ave Anderson

    America just being america. Always meat before humans. All praise god...

  • tybofborg

    Now you understand where slogans like "seize the means of production" and "all power to the workers" come from.

  • lugiasean19

    At least he had the courtesy to put his gloves back on

  • Chester Ogilvie
    Chester Ogilvie

    Man, deregulation during Trump has been such a godsend

  • Kellen Morse
    Kellen Morse

    The US is such a fucking joke

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara

      Yes, but this isn't only a US thing unfortunately.


    I'm just hoping one day some big shot CEO see's John's video about his company...and apply his solutions in real life xD

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • Dipankar Roy
    Dipankar Roy

    Wow that's really eye opener

  • Chris Spremulli
    Chris Spremulli

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  • WickdFatigue

    Haven't vegans been pointing this stuff out for decades?

  • István B. Szlifka
    István B. Szlifka

    American capitalism for ya

  • Rob K
    Rob K

    yup ..... America is Great ...... mhmhmmmmm

  • Marik Ishtar
    Marik Ishtar

    look why not slow down the line

  • Jed Bloch
    Jed Bloch

    Don’t worry the robots will be taking over soon

  • Popular History
    Popular History

    Things haven't changed at all since Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"

  • Jos Nijsten
    Jos Nijsten

    What did George Carlin say about fat people?

  • Jos Nijsten
    Jos Nijsten

    I don't eat meat so I don't care.

  • TheOneTrueSoulKing D
    TheOneTrueSoulKing D

    Stories like this depress me to no end. When can this cycle of nightmarish abuses of human rights end?

  • Helen walker
    Helen walker

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  • Hase Hopps
    Hase Hopps

    The Horror!!!!

  • καμιά ψυχή
    καμιά ψυχή

    Your show is becoming out of touch and ... What the fuck? I hope they all get covid or fired. American meat companies this big should all go out of business or just stop existing. Maybe a segment about how to transition these people out of this business would show care for this fucking filth and could be useful. This is just fucking stupid.

    • Ranuyasha

      Did someone crap in your cereal this morning or something ?

  • DismissThatTheory

  • Edmund Snow
    Edmund Snow

    This may be the video that pushes me towards becoming a vegetarian (at least until the poor conditions these workers face are fixed).

  • Wurfenking

    The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights lists "the right to work in just and favourable conditions;" as a basic human right.

  • Michaele Cormier
    Michaele Cormier

    Capitalism the Base of America. Profits OVER People 🤔the GQP Base Donors TX the Seat of Capitalism 🤬

  • Joe Dusel
    Joe Dusel

    If people don't care about the horrible things that are done to animals to turn them into meat, or the fact that animal ag is playing a huge part in the destruction of the environment, should we really expect people to be appalled by the horrible conditions that meat plant workers face?

  • MrCastodian

    Welcome to America...

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • Sara3346

    And here in a rational world you would have thought that Upton Sinclair writing The Jungle would have after a few Generations made this impossible.

  • Andreas Hauschild
    Andreas Hauschild

    You only have to look to China to find the solution. Most of these jobs are automated there. So the solution to avoiding providing these horrible jobs is just to eliminate them with automation. Now the hundred of thousands of workers may not like it, but on the other hand, there will be a save and human working enviroment.

  • chartedlife

    We should all focus on finding meat alternatives and supporting brands that have a dedication to good work practices.

  • Duglas Zamora
    Duglas Zamora

    This companies should pay the price for all the damaged to their employees and to what we are getting on the table

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire


  • Tanner Reiser
    Tanner Reiser

    you cant forget that any fines that the company may get will go against any bonus that they may give so that way in the end they don't really pay it

  • Ancient Art of Fishing
    Ancient Art of Fishing

    what the hell was that first commercial?

  • Adam Collins
    Adam Collins

    Mr. Oliver I love your show but man is it depressing for a comedy. That's not your fault. You could just retitle the show: The Way the World Really is w John Oliver and it would be just as accurate 😢

  • Radhika6203

    Please cover the current events of MYANMAR. #whatishappeninginmyanmar

  • Andrew V
    Andrew V


  • ChungWei Wang
    ChungWei Wang

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  • AD K
    AD K

    I'm just grateful that amrikkka is fcuked

  • Ellie Eldritch
    Ellie Eldritch

    Holy fuck ive had family work at that waterloo plant, like legit my dad worked there for a while

  • Scotty2Balls

    Those statues, and the mansion are in Pittsburg, TX and rumor has it the mansion has a swimming pool shaped as a chicken.

  • M smith
    M smith

    John Oliver's stories are so one sided and presented along political lines.

  • Agnes Burton
    Agnes Burton

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  • SkullPrism

    My High School Programming teacher's brother was one of the first to die of Covid-19 in Iowa at that very Tyson's.

  • SkullPrism

    I hope he talks about the Tyson lottery on who would get Coronavorus in Waterloo, IA. YOOO HE FUCKING DIIID, DRAG IOWA TYSONS, JOHN

  • Singleballtheory

    You could have written this about pretty much any manufacturing/production line job.

  • George Aswipe
    George Aswipe

    Pretty sure a simp like John Oliver has done very little meat packing in his life.

  • skreeb duchank
    skreeb duchank

    LOL poor guy's ratings are tanking now he doesn't have Trump to talk about.

  • João Pedro Tanure
    João Pedro Tanure

    JBS is heavily involved in corruption on the brazilian government, so I didn't expect something less than this.

  • Top Hat the Hat
    Top Hat the Hat

    and they say vegans only care about non-human animals. The human aspect was a huge part of it (I am vegan for all animals though, so no form of an. agriculture is justifiable, but I damn well know I don't need to fund industrial an. agriculture too).

  • Brian Austin
    Brian Austin

    So no more meat for the working class? That’s what you’re proposing. John... you lost me at 17 minute mark. The solutions you present are not practical. Social distancing for meet workers? C’mon man??? If you have been a white kid working at a fish processing plant in the summer making $15 to $20 an our, you know why these jobs exist and why people take them. It’s good money for a skill you can learn quickly an earn overtime easily. I expect my son to get a job when he is 14/15 but he won’t if the minimum wage is 15 bucks per hour.

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara

      No more meat for anyone would be a good solution.

  • bp bp
    bp bp

    i never trust a company that says "we're family". They WILL fuck you and wont even look you in the eye

  • screaming

    literally wouldnt care if all these companies hq's got burned to the ground

  • ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137
    ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137

    Every fast food job I've had since Obama care was passed forces me to sign a waiver turning down Insurance in order to get enough hours to barely survive. With Covid I was forced to sign a piece of paper acknowledging that if at any point I felt unsafe because of the epidemic, I could not take advantage of unemployment. The US is trash. I know when you work in the media, it may be hard to see. But its not just meat plants..... its everywhere. We *DONT* matter to our employers and thanks to a specific fascist political party that recently attempted to take over the government... we don't matter to the government either. We have no rights, and we will absolutely never receive them. I keep saying, you can't both make life unbearable, and make suicide illegal. Pick one and only one.

  • Stephanie Schutz
    Stephanie Schutz

    Nothing about the winter storm that took out our power and water in Texas? It was last week.

  • surlykaratemonkey

    9:50 is it me or does that poultry CEO look like a chicken?

  • Andrea Lopez Arguello
    Andrea Lopez Arguello

    Maybe serial killers really just come from tyson factories

  • TenaciousE03

    All I ask is for one episode ONE EPISODE without a joke about animals having sex

  • robotron17

    *Public Health England:* "All deaths with a positive specimen (including at post-mortem) are counted *REGARDLESS OF THE CAUSE OF DEATH!"*

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue

    I was wondering where he got photos of that animal porn.

  • Muskiet

    Every time John Oliver says "What can we do here?" I hear "What will never be done?". Seriously, so many of these kind of stories, but never anything fixed afterwards.

  • Frank Fields
    Frank Fields

    Would that be slave labor?

  • newdude50

    Welcome to the United Corporate States of America.