Manchester United £11m short of Borussia Dortmund's valuation of Jadon Sancho

  • Cobbikyl Gyantu
    Cobbikyl Gyantu

    Man united should stop wasting on this.....if u want the player just pay for him

  • David T62
    David T62

    Ah, United. Sucking the excitement out of an exciting new transfer since 2007.

  • Dino Dino
    Dino Dino

    This is getting very old

  • ban b
    ban b

    This is not a good move for Sancho.

  • Pes Logic
    Pes Logic

    It's the year 2030 and Man United signed Sancho for burgers and Coke😂😂😂😂

  • Jesus Christ✝️
    Jesus Christ✝️

    2090 man United agree on personal terms with jadon sanchos coffin

  • Rashid Khalid
    Rashid Khalid

    Seems like Dortmund are the only team that will make big money this summer if they sell halland and jaden

  • David O'Connell
    David O'Connell

    Not worth it . Would rather pay it for Bellingham

  • ToxicTripZ

    Why don't they just sell lingard to West ham and gather the funds that way

  • TheUndertaker

    Sancho. Man UTD

  • Newman Newmanz
    Newman Newmanz

    Sancho will not win you trophies, he's overrated. It's the state of United right now, average club happy with average players for average results

  • Matthew Potts
    Matthew Potts

    Please please please don’t sign him

  • Zoltán Lanszki
    Zoltán Lanszki

    if i would be Sancho, i would ask Dortmund for better salary, close to what Manu offers, and stay one more year to play with Haaland, Reyna, Moukoko, Reus, Guerreiro, and the rest of the great Dortmund team. If this team could stay together, they could achieve great things in 2021/22 season. Also i would never sell him for that prize. He has contract till 2023. Just not worth for Dortmund. I would do following. Convince Jaden to stay another year, and play a great last season. Give him the same salary as he would get in ManU for this 1 year, and the promise, he can leave for 65M next year (with 1 year contract left) Much better deal for Dortmund, and from succes possibilities. Imagine this team next year, with a great coach team.

  • A P
    A P

    In 2045….Manu’s bid to sign jadon sancho’s son is 10 M short..🤣

  • Muda Calvin
    Muda Calvin

    Raphina at Leeds United would cost less and he's also more promising. Sancho is just another England player I hope he performs if he signs


    This is not news people should not report any thing concerning this transfer until something is done. Get a life

  • Steven Richardson
    Steven Richardson

    Simple Man Utd pay €90million,with zero add ons..As a Dortmund fan,Jadon is a good player,but he is not Haaland.

  • Amrit

    Breaking News: June is about to end and a new month July will be starting on the 1st

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas

    Everybody keeps talking about how good he is couldn't even get on the England bench the last game 🤣😂

  • djo lo
    djo lo


  • Chris Pp
    Chris Pp

    Just pay up already. 11M£? Are u kidding me?

  • Young nigga
    Young nigga

    Almost when bundesliga post a vid compilation about a player, that 99% that player will leave


    He’s crap

  • Obitrice For life
    Obitrice For life

    Glazers should pay up.

  • Alicultivated

    United are kinda toothless when it comes to spending the big bucks. They still spend don't get me wrong but City, Madrid, PSG, Chelsea are more decisive in their transfer pursuits not to mention their superior scouting networks.

  • Abdalla SA
    Abdalla SA

    Sancho is overrated. £40m player at best

  • Craig Cassidy
    Craig Cassidy

    This guy soul must die every time hes asked to talk about sancho

  • Wingleburt314

    Wesley snieder vibes

  • Kenny McKenzie
    Kenny McKenzie

    If Sancho's worth that much, how much is Reyna worth?

  • lokesh kumar
    lokesh kumar

    When you're a manager in FIFA, your bid gets rejected and you just add a little more and bid again in the hope that the deal will go through, thoroughly knowing it won't be accepted. Man Utd are doing that in real life.

  • Faheem Khalid
    Faheem Khalid

    bruh some club will just sweep like an eagle from sky and get the fish in the ocean in other words jadon sancho,. i genuinely think he should go to chelsea tho

  • Ankit 1
    Ankit 1

    why man utd board playing stinker ball again and again.

  • t s
    t s

    Here we go, this deal will break down 11 million is a huge short fall. I don't think Sancho wants to play at utd personally.

  • Wrath of Lich king
    Wrath of Lich king

    How bout 10.99 milion??

  • Amiazz

    Man u and arsenal fans must have aids every transfer eindow

  • Ganesh Gans
    Ganesh Gans

    Can sign Raphinha and Bissuma for that fee instead of Sancho...

    • Mad Ting
      Mad Ting

      Here's the problem with that... Sancho is world class... neither of those players you quoted are world class.... We don't settle for mid.

  • The Dark Knight Racist
    The Dark Knight Racist

    Breaking News : Chelsea sign Sancho just to make fun of man united.

  • Adarsh

    Anybody please inform Mr.woodward that his calculator is preowned and it is faulty!

  • YouTube Life
    YouTube Life

    Man City have enough money to buy the player for 100 million and then give him to Utd for free.

  • Jian Wen
    Jian Wen

    Please don’t finish the deal please we don’t need him hyping a player and sign him out and then selling his jersey for profit!!! We got mctomaninay van de beek in mid field, winger rashford and Greenwood can be on both wingers.. there’s no room

  • Ashley Burns
    Ashley Burns

    They should get Grealish instead, Sancho not good enough for the England bench apparently. Jonathan David is a better investment than Kane and Haaland potentially also.

  • misfit

    They paid 90m for Pogba so they know Man U will pay it

  • Kevz Nk
    Kevz Nk

    Why do Man Utd move tight with money 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Leobest Bote
    Leobest Bote

    Manchester United signs uncalled for Pelistri for 13 mill pounds and now can't find 11 mill to complete a deal they desperately want.....woooow typycal glazers nonsense

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris

    Chelse will come in and slap the coin down

  • iDeadlox89 _
    iDeadlox89 _

    Maybe if the glazers gave some money we could buy him

  • freedom the nightmares over of the scamdemic
    freedom the nightmares over of the scamdemic

    Taking the piss now

  • Deni zen
    Deni zen

    United actually take the piss 😂😂😂

  • eivom

    Do they actually want him?

  • Jordan Trinci-lyne
    Jordan Trinci-lyne

    United try and buy a player for 3 seasons with not enough money - embarrassing we know business is about getting best price in negotiations but the owners are filth

  • Chinooo Kj
    Chinooo Kj

    United is not even a top club😂 what will sancho there?!

  • Shambhav Gautam
    Shambhav Gautam

    Everyone's talking why Man Utd can't pay 11m more but why can't Doturmund take 11m less? Just come do the deal with the average.

  • Andre Otshudi
    Andre Otshudi

    This story of Sancho is something 😂😂😂I’m sure they will sign him just like wesley sneijder when he finally retired

    • Andre Otshudi
      Andre Otshudi

      @Mad Ting a good player getting benched in the euro just because he does not play in the premier league

    • Mad Ting
      Mad Ting



    Just let lingard come to west ham and bam you got your 11M

  • Ben baller did the chain
    Ben baller did the chain

    Dortmund are muggs. 2 year left value 100M+ the guy’s English he will leave for free u muppets

  • Jim West
    Jim West

    None of the Sky Sports chaps know anything really.

  • Raunaq B
    Raunaq B

    If we spend all our summer dough on Sancho and don't get the CDM and central defender we need, we're not winning any trophies soon

  • Amanda Cole
    Amanda Cole

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      Fabian Lawrence

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    • JeffPowell

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    • JeffPowell

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    • JeffPowell

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  • Ben Daniel
    Ben Daniel

    If United was owned by a Northerner the deal would be done and the change would be spent on duty free on the plane home.

  • Sham Teo
    Sham Teo

    Bloody hell, wen did Manchester United struggle to pay 11m. They could make that back in 1 hour off shirt sales off sancho. For me he is worth maximum 50 mill. All English overpriced.

  • joeyd 444
    joeyd 444

    They need to stop there's no point there never gonna get him

  • Jamie Dungo
    Jamie Dungo

    Same old news, everyone should really just report these videos to be taken down 🥱

  • Oofman Leon21
    Oofman Leon21

    If this was any club , they would pay the asking price by now, ik the glazers at a fucked up lot but this is ridiculous

  • yolo 1690
    yolo 1690

    Whatever makes ya hard mate

  • josh

    11m short fc

  • Geo Man
    Geo Man

    86 million?...... get fuc$ed

  • Miguel Rosado
    Miguel Rosado

    The Euro is on. This doesn't matter. This not news.

  • gottslavey

    "I hope this one will sort out quickly because I've been talking about it for 12 months..." You are not obliged to talk about it you know !?

  • Abhishek RC
    Abhishek RC

    He is over valued coz United is involved. None else will pay anything like that for him

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson

    Live stream the negotiations

  • Nomzey Ali
    Nomzey Ali

    This is good need to out foot down so we don't pay a premium in every transfer

  • Levi Heichou
    Levi Heichou

    Those morons probably wasted more than £11m by scheming up this ESL bs

  • Andy Rainnie
    Andy Rainnie

    Loving everyone's comments, everything that needs to be said really 🤣🤣

  • Max Morris
    Max Morris

    Imagine Sancho and Kane at United 🔥

    • Silvanus Akofio
      Silvanus Akofio

      Depends if Fernandes and Pogba leave and they don't have any other players who can give them the service they need to score goals

    • Silvanus Akofio
      Silvanus Akofio

      Depends if Fernandes and Pogba leave and they don't have any other players who can give them the service they need to score goals

  • @CFCMoi11

    This sega is go on and on. Woodward aren't serious

  • perry valton
    perry valton

    Overpriced over hyped over nothing.

  • Alex Brewer
    Alex Brewer

    So they haven’t bought Sanchez yet?

  • Ketandu

    Man UTD is an embarrassing club. I can't wait for them to mess this up. this is the so-called biggest club in the world. What a shame.

    • Mad Ting
      Mad Ting


  • Graeme Wallace
    Graeme Wallace

    To be fair Dortmund cost themselves 20m plus by not selling last year, hard to guarantee his value is his high next. Especially given that Reyna will perhaps be seen as Robin to Haalands Batman next year. Man U just have to have a firm walk away day and move on to new targets early.

  • Robert Lawler
    Robert Lawler

    Listen it’s not happening he’s going to lfc fact

  • Dtm Jax
    Dtm Jax

    Ridiculous. Takes all the fun and excitement out of the signing anyway. Just get it frigging done already.

  • Corey Michael
    Corey Michael

    He literally hasn’t said anything new whatsoever.

  • Teuboua Pristelle
    Teuboua Pristelle

    They should try and buy him we need our 15% share at city that money will help us get a good striker

  • Danny Lam
    Danny Lam

    This is absurd, another window of just being short of the asking price...

  • Aykhan Karaman
    Aykhan Karaman

    if Sancho is smart and mentally stable he will stay at Dortmund.

  • KP Writes Code
    KP Writes Code

    More content like this, please!

  • Nigel Nyoni
    Nigel Nyoni

    Don't buy him. Not worth more than 90

  • Nick-N-Nels

    Here we go again from Bantchester United..

  • xX90sWereTheDaysxX

    Lol just pay the fee you stingy lemons lol

  • Lynden Fender
    Lynden Fender

    Re-sign Memphis Depay already

  • Lucien Lewayne Chetty
    Lucien Lewayne Chetty

    It's so frustrating because united need a cdm more than Sancho. Put your energy in getting a proper cdm.

  • Casluck Shazy
    Casluck Shazy

    Why do u people report outdated updates

  • Sonic's A Meme
    Sonic's A Meme

    BREAKING NEWS: It’s 2035 and Manchester United are 3p off from signing 36-year old Sancho. They have been looking for the veteran for 15 years but the Manchester club constantly fail to do so. They still too poor to afford his 5p valuation from Dortmund.

  • Ad Man
    Ad Man

    Why would Sancho want to go to a team that lost Europa to Villareal and clustered their season in the end.

  • ChrisGaming

    What's new 😅

  • Sherazaad Abdulla
    Sherazaad Abdulla

    At this point united fans aren't even excited anymore. Glazers, united board you have killed this transfer

  • caleb tekleab
    caleb tekleab

    12 years later... Man utd are only 1 million pounds away from signing 33 Year old Sancho! Man utd approaching a billionaire... Plz plz give us spare change plz!!!!!

  • Keith Mcnamara
    Keith Mcnamara

    Man utd the team that shops for Hugo boss in primark

  • Wanderlust Whispers
    Wanderlust Whispers

    pay the ting

  • Leezerb03

    It's only 11mil like just pay the money