Something is Happening at Chernobyl…
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Artist: Masood Safdarian
Editor: Charles Shattuck
ARIA: @ClaireMax
Smart boi: Kyle
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  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill

    *Thanks for watching.* Special thanks to nuclear safety engineer and [FACILITY] staff member *Brittany Williamson* for her help on this video.

    • Alan Withington
      Alan Withington

      Water is critical and a moderator of nuclear reactors accept for windscale England's worst nuclear disaster

    • David Burgener
      David Burgener


    • Noob OfTheYear
      Noob OfTheYear

      @Fjay someone took stargate as fact it seems...

    • charlotte owen
      charlotte owen

      @CLASH ROYALE why dose everyone put clash royel in there name abd people think there the real person i bet thats what you doing

    • Some one
      Some one

      I propose... that if the majority of a group of people that are indoctrinated into an education system by others choice and dictation, and the majority of said group can't understand the dangers of human activities, say by the age of 23, then those human activities shouldn't be practiced. Clean... water, food, clothing, and shelter must be provided to everyone and nobody should be getting rich off anything!

  • Joel Witkowski
    Joel Witkowski

    I think Kyle Hill is weird Arby's guy.

  • Kort Walsh
    Kort Walsh

    That graph could have been explained. Unless it’s just there to convince someone of your agenda. It’d be cool though to hear from actual scientists doing the study OR call them

  • otakuman706

    I have a liquidator medal that I got almost 2 decades ago. Its still one of my absolute favorite pieces of nuclear- particularly Chernobyl- history that I've gotten my hands on. Piece to all.

  • S. B.
    S. B.

    Totally downplaying the severity of the situation, iMO.

  • Rich

    Only people who died were first responders and some plant personnel. Much to the chagrin of the doomsayers. Also, wildlife, much of which had been cut by hunting illegal or otherwise is doing very well in the region now.

  • Anthony Oreo
    Anthony Oreo

    Oh no the boss has a phase 2

  • Charles Toast
    Charles Toast

    It's interesting to hear that you still consider Chernobyl to be the world's worst nuclear accident. One reactor melted down. By contrast at Fukushima, three reactors blew up and melted down, and radioactivity continues to pour out into the Pacific. Of course it's hard to find any information about Fukushima these days, I guess it's old news. I for one would not choose to go to the Tokyo Olympics!

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      Wow, do you absolutely refuse to look anything up? Chernobyl released ten times the radiation than Fukushima did. It's so easily understood if you just figured out what a containment vessel is instead of repeating nonsense you heard on fear mongering channels.

  • Mikey moo
    Mikey moo

    more bolts than most American cities have people.... eh? Couldn't he just have said how many bolts were use?

  • C Brown
    C Brown

    Fukushima 10+ Years ☢️ into Infinity! Next 9.6 🌊 Day Goodbye to Humans and animals and plants birds & what is left in the oceans! 🥴

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      Show any scientist, ornithologist or marine biologist that implicates Fukushima or radiation as a causation factor in the death of any bird or fish on the planet. Duh.

  • a. phytophile
    a. phytophile

    Have you covered the radiation metabolizing microorganisms recently discovered on the old reactor room walls? Just found this series, am really curious about that in particular.

  • Excalibur

    Nothing new here ... are you referring to the elephant foot ? Something else ?

  • jeannick guerin
    jeannick guerin

    The liquidators were all fathers not young men and they don't have any abnormal mortality rate , they had to work for minutes well within the safety limits what kill you is not the radiation it's absorbing radioactive dust particulates , this is VERY bad

  • studio developers2
    studio developers2

    Kind of like the jab. ....2 minutes. .....and you're dead.

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      No one died due to their 2 minutes. It's not even possible, that's why they limited the run.

  • Neptune Vibe
    Neptune Vibe

    Safe confinement doesn't sound cool as the sarcophagus. Doesn't fly for me.

  • Jare Roken
    Jare Roken

    35 years ago, still no Super Heroes.

  • Cayden

    Everyone talking abt Stalker, this reminded me of that and Resident Evil.

  • Andrew Warcstor
    Andrew Warcstor

    Why you're making like this video may and this is so awkward let it go

  • Bailee

    Actually most of the workers are fine. They are not dead that’s a myth. Not trying to defend the Soviet Union just saying tho

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      But that doesn't sell or get page views.

  • Alan Withington
    Alan Withington

    Heavy water not regular water.

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt

    Youre telling me that water getting on the nuclear material is causing the spikes in radiation, so they decided to add sprinklers (that shoot water) to slow down the radiation flying around? Now i might have missed something here but that seems pretty stupid. Thats like throwing a match in a bucket of gas hoping itll hit the liquid before the gasses ignite

  • Eric Jensen
    Eric Jensen

    They have 100 years to figure out how to dig underneath that thing, get all the poison out, put it in a rocket, and send it ALL to the sun.

  • Bob Mealing
    Bob Mealing

    I'm sorry...Ever heard of FUKUSHIMA!!!

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      Ten times the radiation was released at Chernobyl. No one died from radiation at Fukushima.

  • Dj Phantom
    Dj Phantom

    So, putting aside the physics, what your saying is that Chernobyl is a ticking bomb just waiting to go boom 💥, leaving a big hole in the ground, a mushroom cloud over Ukraine 🇺🇦 and radioactive ☢️ particles etc released into the atmosphere to do the grand tour of the world and leaving more destruction behind than a Rolling Stones hotel suite after one night. 😀👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L

    Someone said they seen signs of GodZilla.

  • gusorviston1

    Old news

  • gusorviston1

    Get to the fkn update.

  • Dextro Deus
    Dextro Deus

    Not too bad, not too good

  • Frank black
    Frank black

    I'm still hoping for a zombie apocalypse

  • Meloup 34
    Meloup 34

    To reduce the numbers... they should spray that neutreliser liquid around the facility and inside it instead of waiting for a big rise in the radiations... they could use helicopter or airplane used to extinct fire to spray the lands and activate the spincklers before filling their tank back again...

  • No Toes Baker
    No Toes Baker

    Most liquidators survived for 30-40 years heck there are still liquidators who are alive today. You are literally only talking about the guys who worked on shoveling the roof. There was thousands of jobs to be done hence 90,000 people came to do the work.

  • Lusiphur StarLine
    Lusiphur StarLine

    Liquidators turned in to hero something surprising it's very strange how humans or life on type summer even when confronted with something that is serious and real they change you see all around you people that break laws people that cheat on their wives you see all around you with normal people strangely enough when the assets falling and things start getting bad when it becomes real they change they start working together they don't care about the things they used to care about almost as if someone else is in control suddenly may the man who went there chose to stay and knew the risk they were paid more money or they should have gotten more money others would try and cheat them I hate people that make money from someone else's death

  • Nobody and Everybody
    Nobody and Everybody

    We don’t go to Ravenholm

  • A H
    A H

    I love hearing you talk about nuclear energy-related matters.

  • Geminy

    i remember my chemistry teacher talking about this stuff back in sophomore year 😭😂

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Funny how you say "still beating" that heart of Chernobyl will be beating LONG after we are all dead

  • Declan Brennan
    Declan Brennan

    3:30 "Water is critical for ... " Best not to use the "C" word when talking about nuclear materials. :-)

  • Kristian Pints
    Kristian Pints


  • Kyle O
    Kyle O

    If I was 100 years old and already on my way out, is it theoretically possible that I would make it to the elephants foot and take a picture with it or would the radiation probably kill me before I got there? Minus all the security and stuff like that

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      There are already pictures of the Chernobyl elephant's foot.

  • -[REDACTED]-

    "Stalker! A blowout is coming! Find shelter!"

  • Thefirstgalaxybeing

    Please don't waste time by adding content we already know.

  • May Zing Media
    May Zing Media

    Get out of here, STALKER.

  • Ole

    kinda want that elephants foot to seep into the ground water so we can get a chernybol II

  • dosmastrify

    I wish you had explained what heavy water was about then

  • Thorax999

    the said 'elephants foot' is not the uranium changing ...they dropped tons of boron and sand on the reactor to stop the fire and that is what that is, the melted seriously mate that is not hard to confirm

  • Viktor Sov
    Viktor Sov

    The zone is expanding

  • Prague 541
    Prague 541

    "A 35yr old catastrophe..." Those of us with ex-wives understand completely.

    • C. T. L.
      C. T. L.


  • Gregory Reshetniak
    Gregory Reshetniak

    It's called Kyiv, not Kiev, and pronounced with accent on y.

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood (Chernobyl). A third of the waters became wormwood, and many died from the water, because it was made bitter. Rev 8:10-11 Apocalypsis Ioannis

  • Chris Cooper
    Chris Cooper

    It blew up not melt down lol

  • Kong Strong
    Kong Strong

    Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and be saved 🙏

  • JKItsMeAlGore

    I would argue that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the worst nuclear disasters in history 🤷‍♂️ just saying

    • Aaron Lee
      Aaron Lee

      I mean that was more retaliation for pearl harbor, but ok....

  • VeRiittyyy

    so basically a big ass worm now is a thing

  • Cosmic Journey
    Cosmic Journey

    A bunch of nuclear fallout zombies starting to appear

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice

    “A never ending disaster”..yes, the scientists did expect this”…… Wow, I feel so much better now!!! 😅😅😅 ..

  • The Leapingnight
    The Leapingnight

    On one worry it’s just Pokémon from Pokémon uranium

  • Antoine Buffetaut
    Antoine Buffetaut

    j'ai rien gépi bordel

  • harmon1286

    Totally Appreciate you EFFORTS..! You done good..!

  • Dmitri

    lets dig up the melted stuff and put it on display in a museum

  • medvěd nuladěvět
    medvěd nuladěvět

    "most of liqudators are sick or dead" ... do you have any source for this?

  • Azimuth Images
    Azimuth Images

    130 "Most of these liquidators are now either sick or dead" - I'd be interested to know your source for that please. I'm not doubting you, I teach radioactive transport and like to have accurate information.

  • Jerry Chen
    Jerry Chen

    temporal pincer movement is taking place

  • Poritotttt

    Ukraines goverment : I don't like were this is going

  • Comrade Akimov
    Comrade Akimov

    Not great. Not terrible.

  • corey Babcock
    corey Babcock

    Your channel is better than plainly difficult

  • James Cohn
    James Cohn

    No photo of elephant foot? Disappointed

  • khankrum1

    I am living in Bugaria, and do some " preppon "! One of my preps is a Geiger counter, why ? Because when Chernobyl blew all the Paety Officials scuttled to safety and told no one about the danger! I wonder why the cancer deaths in Bulgaria have something to do with this?

  • Rhodexa Art
    Rhodexa Art

    2:19 Sounds like Starship to me....

  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace

    Actually something 10x worse than what happened before can end up happening at Chernobyl... they have no real clue about the basement levels where most of the radiation leaked to except that odds are it still eating through the concrete base and underneath that base still runs a MASSIVE water source... so in theory if the debri manages to eat through the concrete base and gain access to the water beneath you could end up with a neckwear explosion the likes of which this world has never seen

  • Eugene Clayton
    Eugene Clayton

    Has anyone seen my pet iguana?

  • v0idkore

    Wait... a second Chernobyl disaster? Guys, get your AKs and canned meat, we're gonna find some funny rocks

  • Gordon

    "looking at the math makes this easy to understand", not if you have Dyscalculia, though I understood your explanation better than I did the mathematics.

  • My name Is my name
    My name Is my name

    This was a bandaid on a bullet wound, this problem will be left for our grandchildren to figure out when technology advances enough to handle it... they hope.

  • FnJ's

    we're all going to die

  • Se7en

    Goobie , why yo head so big ??

  • Gene Hasenbuhler
    Gene Hasenbuhler

    Very informative- thank you!

  • Lilly Richie
    Lilly Richie

    We have 2 major disaster areas with swathes of land unusable for thousands of years and poison leaching everywhere, and the green party, climate change wants more....f idiots.

  • baby gzuz
    baby gzuz

    We need to abandon all nuclear testing and shut all sights of testing and all power plants. This stuff clearly can’t be controlled properly when going as planned and definitely not when catastrophe strikes.

  • Jeff Tiberend
    Jeff Tiberend

    Does anyone remember the movie the China Syndrome? That put so much fear of nuclear disasters in focus. Now, look where we are.

  • BurnItMeltItVids

    If both balls are the same mass...maybe true for most guys.

  • Manny From Miami
    Manny From Miami

    If you wore a radiation suit your whole life, would you ever die of cancer?

  • Paul Sim
    Paul Sim


  • patrick tarrant
    patrick tarrant

    Very well explained

  • matt richardson
    matt richardson

    Iwn know fukushima is still spilling in the Pacific since 2011

  • nugget

    time to blow up ig, good run guys

  • Jennifer Maria Brocco
    Jennifer Maria Brocco

    Is this !y natural hair??or a 🐧 penguin???

  • Jennifer Maria Brocco
    Jennifer Maria Brocco

    I love love love fake news 😻. 🤥🤥🤥🤥

  • Deano Stephen
    Deano Stephen

    If you want to put scientific information on the internet for the public to read then should be correct or even close would be good you need to sort yourself out you're only after subscribers and thumbs up and votes

  • Travel with Tony
    Travel with Tony

    I am currently traveling in Ukraine and your video has helped to provide valuable insight before traveling to Chernobyl. Thanks for the information.

  • Ron D
    Ron D

    I'm surprised that Chernobyl has been rated as No 1 in nuclear disasters. Surely over 10 years of pumping god knows what into the sea and no end in sight makes Fukushima worse.

  • Dave Stephenson
    Dave Stephenson

    Man 35 years ago.

  • Susan4YH

    I like ur hair. Black AND blonde . Never saw hair quite like that....u might have started a new fashion trend ! Good video . Funny at the end . A comedian science guy .

  • Kristen Tortellini
    Kristen Tortellini

    I am convinced that if we cover everything in flex seal it will all be fine.

  • charlotte owen
    charlotte owen

    So japan gets nuked 2 times and now its safe but 1 reactor goes off and its still dangerous

  • SethBrundleify

    Mothmen were spotted by Chernobyl.

  • Chickenfeet

    There is an excellent documentary on Chernobyl, I highly recommend it

  • Erick G
    Erick G

    New Zombies map in COD

  • Spritemon 98
    Spritemon 98

    I remember they put up a new dome

  • quasar9111

    NOTHING is happening, stop snorting snow

  • Justin Cameron
    Justin Cameron

    Wish you were my science teacher in high school Kyle Hill