Minecraft 1.17 Hardcore Survival Let's Play : DRIPSTONE CAVE and CASTLE EXPANSION!

  • fWhip

    Hope you all enjoy today's episode on the hardcore world! This was an absolutely INSANE build to do. What do you think of all the new stuff? Leave a LIKE on the video if you enjoyed! This has taken over 30 hours to finish up :D

    • Bronze IsAFurry
      Bronze IsAFurry

      @Zephoros no he has 😐

    • Eddy Flips
      Eddy Flips

      Hey @fWhip, i love your videos! Can you please make a tutorial on how to plan out your own unique castle project ?

    • Yaqo

      Is this bedrock 1.17 and what’s the seed?

    • Wulf

      What microphone do you use?

    • Max Wolff
      Max Wolff

      You should do a modded series!!!

  • Dash Roshell
    Dash Roshell

    love the series but fwhip has one major flaw and that’s that he physically can’t NOT like a build of his. He’ll always say, “I’m loving it!” even when it looks like shit

  • אמילי מרייכין
    אמילי מרייכין

    wait you are color blind?

  • Justin Lemire
    Justin Lemire

    I'm sure this has been asked but do you use fabric for mods? I've been using forge but thinking about making the switch

  • Ashley Baker
    Ashley Baker

    I keep forgetting you're colorblind because all your builds seem cohesive and have great color palettes

  • Ali Muncey
    Ali Muncey

    I built an auto sheep farm similar to what you have here, but it doesn't work in 1.17 anymore since the sheep don't "eat" the grass and update the block anymore. I found a workaround by using a dripleaf and dropping an egg on it to force a block update, which triggers the shears/dispensers. I have chickens above it feeding a dropper/comparator.

  • Lance Fehr
    Lance Fehr

    What were all those Wither Roses for? I'm confused. Did he use them anywhere?

  • Ethakis _
    Ethakis _

    Just my opinion, but that dripstone roof does not look good. Everything else looks fantastic though.

  • Callee Schumann
    Callee Schumann

    you’re colorblind?

  • Megan Davis
    Megan Davis

    How do you keep the sheer in the dispenser? I tried that sheep farm, and the sheer would just dispense out and stay floating on the ground.


    Huge R.I.P to the sheepies that died away while fWhip tried to move them into a wool farm. You will be missed

  • Neenag Ben izb
    Neenag Ben izb

    You probably might not see this, but I LOVE your videos, here is an idea for the allies and such, news paper stands, lost pets, maps, and job applications

  • Benjamin Dittman
    Benjamin Dittman

    You forgot something!!! A FIELD!

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M

    couldn’t you use bundles to store your little piles of items?

  • Julia Paisley
    Julia Paisley

    Make a pig man do farm

  • four.

    Bro, i was so disappointed in you when i realised that you use schematics mode for your builds. You was my inspiration, now you are just nothing..

  • Kristine Majid
    Kristine Majid


  • Orange

    The giant hole reminds me of The Clone Wars episode where Ashoka and Plo Koon go down the giant tunnel in Coruscants underworld.


    You have a spider farm!

  • Jaden Mehler
    Jaden Mehler

    MAKE MAP ART!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elsche Fuhri
    Elsche Fuhri

    Hey, love the videos. Who should put signs above the villagers to say what enchanted books the trade instead of going through every villager to find the one you're looking for.

  • Happy Person
    Happy Person


  • Sweet Bacon
    Sweet Bacon

    17:07 didnt expect him to kill it so fast

  • Alfredo Vargas
    Alfredo Vargas

    You forgot to make another field

  • Nicholas Liske
    Nicholas Liske

    No oak please and thank you 😊

  • Beduard Lex
    Beduard Lex

    Geez, where do I hide from these corporate speeches? I feel like all recommended videos are just corporate speeches now

  • Damien Hunt
    Damien Hunt

    FWHIP if u poison the chickens first the wither will instantly kill them, because when u poison the chickens it gets them down to half a heart

  • Felixbricks 12
    Felixbricks 12

    You should make a delta that would be so cool

  • Nick Schlinger
    Nick Schlinger


  • ralph lorenz castil
    ralph lorenz castil

    The villagers always bow to you when you came

  • Alistair Gent
    Alistair Gent

    Where can I get this resource packs? its sooo good!!

  • Jeoffjamie Tuazon
    Jeoffjamie Tuazon

    Nice doggos

  • Chase Kellar
    Chase Kellar

    Has Fwhip been asked to join Hermitcraft yet? He NEEDS to be apart of it.

  • June Williamson
    June Williamson

    I love this series! I have been watching every episode. I am a new fan tho. I found your account through this series, but I love your videos!

  • Theo Surname
    Theo Surname

    I'm just waiting for Tea to headbutt you into that pit.

  • Shadw Fox
    Shadw Fox

    **WAIT WHAT WAS THE MOD YOU USED TO PLAN BUILDS???? IDK IF THE CAPTIONS ARE TITLING IT CORRECTLY-** Edit: my reply was deleted I think cause it contained the link to the curseforge page, BUT it’s spelled litematica if anyone’s interested in it as the captions do NO justice to the name lmao

  • FloffleBoffle

    I finally caught up with all the hardcore vids :D

  • Gustav Jensen
    Gustav Jensen

    I really love how the world looks but i really think the drip stone roof looks out of place but its ur World so ur decisions but good video :)

  • Samuel Čelovský
    Samuel Čelovský

    Raw chicken - trade it with butcher Feather - trade it with fletcher :-)

  • Java Rogers
    Java Rogers

    Nah fWhip, don't worry, your color blind brain made a good-lookin tree.

  • Java Rogers
    Java Rogers

    fWhip: "We're going to build a new sheep farm today!" Me: "Great! Finally they can get out of that cramped pen and spread their legs!"

  • Courtney Boone
    Courtney Boone

    2:24 the goat 😳

  • Cal Dreamin
    Cal Dreamin

    I demand Fwhip to force all Empire SMP members to stay dedicated FFS! Hermitcraft is back up and y’all better do best!

  • Kalie Amaya
    Kalie Amaya

    fWhip is the philza Minecraft of the group

  • CrazyWarriorsCatFan


  • Byron Estrada
    Byron Estrada

    Thank you so much I created a world a little bit ago and you helped me build a really good house



  • Borja Peña
    Borja Peña

    How was the mod you use to build larger structures called?

  • Agathokles Martinios
    Agathokles Martinios

    Disclaimer: Several sheep were harmed in the making of this sheep farm.

  • JerseyD

    I have a great idea which I think would suit you perfectly for a future build and you would be a trend setter - I think many many people will try to beat it. I have sent you a DM on Twitter

  • Jacob Moe
    Jacob Moe

    Tip: when searching for geodes, use night vision to see them more clearly underwater

  • Jacob Moe
    Jacob Moe

    I think you would have a blast doing a build contest with my group

  • Gościu MFO
    Gościu MFO


  • Craig Box
    Craig Box

    that village you see just before the 19 min mark looks like its just begging for an epic transformation

  • Yaqo

    Is this bedrock 1.17 and what’s the seed?

  • The Duck
    The Duck

    Use night vision potions while looking for geodes!

  • Sophie Aiesha GATPO
    Sophie Aiesha GATPO


  • Sophie Aiesha GATPO
    Sophie Aiesha GATPO

    Can there be subject in the king dom as in people who listen to king/queen which empire you want

  • Stephen Grove-Collins
    Stephen Grove-Collins

    What breed of dogs do you have?

  • Noah Purdon
    Noah Purdon

    You should build a little home for your cats and dogs! Btw when do you think you’ll build the interior of the castle? Love the vids man, keep the hard work up!😃😎

  • Morris O'Neill
    Morris O'Neill

    I love the use of stalagmites on the dripstone roof

  • Psychopathetic

    that's a very flammable castle.........

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander


  • Dazzling Action
    Dazzling Action

    Looks like fwhip has the drip. Eheheh

  • Mina Wati
    Mina Wati

    Hey fWhip, where iam can get diamond in 1.17. Iam seachjng diamond in coordinate 11 but not found. Please help me

  • mieradiva

    Drip stone thrown ??

  • Nae Jackson
    Nae Jackson

    I remember when fwip was so scared of everything now with netherit hes so powerful

    • Evie And The Ducks
      Evie And The Ducks

      I know how??

  • WhatsUpDummy

    i died when he said redstoner

  • taydog

    if you go F1 with the spyglass its just like optifine zoom

  • Tarang Kamble
    Tarang Kamble

    If you place copper inside water it weathers faster

  • TheMinecraftNoob

    Are you using a texture pack?

  • Elias sig Stakksund
    Elias sig Stakksund

    Do you play on bedrock?😁

  • Josh Stowers
    Josh Stowers


  • Mister Batman
    Mister Batman

    I am so excited to see the castle finished

  • emoore06905

    Love that dripstone roof!

  • Sandra !!
    Sandra !!

    Sheep farm looks awesome!!! Really fun build style there !

  • Sharp tip
    Sharp tip


  • Poonam Mitra
    Poonam Mitra


  • Die Wurst
    Die Wurst

    Is it possible to get your hardcore texturepack? If yes, than how? Thanks a lot! Love those vids!

  • Austin Jacobs
    Austin Jacobs

    Was just in Washington @fwhip it’s really beautiful definitely missing the trees!!!

  • Time Architect
    Time Architect

    That merch prompt literally made me smile. Thanks for the amazing videos FWhip. You continuously inspired me to improve my building and the quality of your videos is exceptional! I can only hope to be as successful as you have with my own channel. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Sharp tip
      Sharp tip

      Sorry !helo

    • Sharp tip
      Sharp tip


  • SamZkilz

    fWhip if you want to save some time, try using a splash potion of poison on the little chickens, after 10 seconds with poison effect, the wither explosion should kill the chickens and drop wither roses

  • CeNedra Lea Heldra
    CeNedra Lea Heldra

    thanks for the hard work. Loving this series

  • Jagermain 777
    Jagermain 777

    Anyone wonder when ya boys gonna commit death?

  • CeNedra Lea Heldra
    CeNedra Lea Heldra

    excellent wither farm for flowers.

  • Maskedmelon147

    Wait, you're colourblind! You're use of colours is sooo good tho!

  • Lewis Ferns
    Lewis Ferns

    Hey FWhip please please please release a tutorial for that castle it looks so amazing

  • Sonny Doggy
    Sonny Doggy

    15:27 wait are the dogs also for sale

  • Franciszek Hanulewicz
    Franciszek Hanulewicz

    you can build enderman farm that wither will kill

  • Roger S.
    Roger S.

    Is the texture pack fwhip is using public? If so where can I find it?

  • laila tamay
    laila tamay

    …your gout ,tea, hanging in the pit is literally like a tea bag in a cup of teaaaaaa 🍵😂

    • sanjeev mitra
      sanjeev mitra


  • Jaden King
    Jaden King

    Fwhip after Mojang didn’t add the new caves: fine. . . I’ll do it myself

    • sanjeev mitra
      sanjeev mitra


  • Tiemen Boonstra
    Tiemen Boonstra

    Will there be a download on ep25 ?

  • Lawrenz Estolano
    Lawrenz Estolano

    Fwhip pls more skyblock i love hardcore but can you pls do more empires or skyblock

  • Pranjal Slathia
    Pranjal Slathia

    Pls start survival 1.17

  • Kaspar Stave
    Kaspar Stave

    Hey! You have to splash a potion of poison on all the chickens for the wither to kill them easier. Love the builds!

  • Day Dream
    Day Dream

    ello! fWhip i found out that glow lichen looks really good with diorite! maybe you can try that on the castle!

  • Max Kade
    Max Kade

    You should get a goat farm

  • Kay

    fWip! So good to see your next video, and loving being up to date with your series'! But just wondering, you seem a bit flat? Or tired? Sending you lots of energy and hugs, hope that you're doing okay matey! :)

  • nicolas engroff
    nicolas engroff