Charlo vs Castano HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
WBA, WBC and IBF Super Middleweight World Champion Jermell Charlo and WBO Super Middleweight World Champion Brian Castano fought to a split decision draw in their dramatic all-action battle for undisputed status at 154-pounds on July 17, 2021, live on SHOWTIME from AT\u0026T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Fight Night Recap:

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  • mr t
    mr t

    Charlo didn't win this.

  • George Vargas
    George Vargas


  • Nuñez Ofarril
    Nuñez Ofarril

    Castaño podia cojer Los ultimos rounds y correr y comoquiera ganaba.

  • Bolakotoilakeba Fatafehi
    Bolakotoilakeba Fatafehi

    The late rounds Charlo was really dominant ...early rounds castano for sure

  • Suhail Ahamed
    Suhail Ahamed

    Who came after sarpatta

  • Robert D
    Robert D

    If this guy Castaño wooped Charlo lime that, I would like yo see what Canelo would do to Charlo as well 😂😂😂

  • Jason Salinas
    Jason Salinas

    Just by watching these highlights wow what a dog fight i think charlo lost

  • Jester dawn De leon
    Jester dawn De leon

    asswhole charlow almost dead hahaha, there is no chance to canelo ggg and booboo andrade hahaha

  • godzgift503

    Bruh that was a good ass fight without all the fan boy shyt in this comment section 😂

  • Maxwell Odigie
    Maxwell Odigie

    Draw is fair enough but this wa 51 percent Charlo and 49 percent castino

  • Vega Vega
    Vega Vega

    Robo 🥺

  • Stop Being Confused About Health
    Stop Being Confused About Health

    Clearly a draw not surprised at all. Castano was more active but charlo’s shots pushed Castano back way more.


    8 rounds for castanos, only 4 rounds for charlo, pakshit that judge who gave 117-111 in favor of charlo, pakshit that boxing organization, pure robbery and they are for money only, no dignity!

  • Adam Wooten
    Adam Wooten

    Good Fight. Many close rounds that could have gone either way. Rematch should be great.

  • Dave Vega
    Dave Vega

    Welcome to the USA castano..

  • Jonathan Espinoza
    Jonathan Espinoza

    Charlo got his @ss whooped

  • Reynaldo Adriano
    Reynaldo Adriano

    I thought Castano won !

  • Ralph Hester
    Ralph Hester

    Too much politics in boxing today,how many times was Charlo hurt, opposed to castano? Just because a fighter coming forward means jack...this guy castano was hurt on more than one occasion...get these wba,wbo alphabet organizations out of the sport,ran by Mexicans, Hispanics, Latinos and Oscar Dela wasn't even close, Charlo beat the brakes off the fake,run it back...

  • Tom Zart
    Tom Zart

    BOXERS PAST & PRESENT ! The Greek and Roman athletes Wore studs of iron on each hand Beating and clawing each other Like two tigers on the sand. The English called it boxing first To pound someone with your fist. Mostly it was done for money But sometimes by those just pissed. Matches of the bare-knuckle days Lasted fifty rounds or more Till one man's towel would be thrown in As he lay upon the floor. Boxers now use soft leather gloves With their hands wrapped in cotton. Wearing a mouthpiece for teeth and lips They fight like those forgotten. There's no substitute for winning And no excuse for losing. Though afterwards when we can't sleep It's because of all the bruising. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet UZmilk Google = Love War And More

  • Khan Naeem
    Khan Naeem

    Fight of the year💙

  • Alejandro Gandara
    Alejandro Gandara

    the judges are pigs!! that isn't draw...

  • serkan çetinkaya
    serkan çetinkaya

    Castanoooooo bravooooo

  • Rafael Figueroa
    Rafael Figueroa

    the Charlo brothers are over over rate.

  • Rafael Figueroa
    Rafael Figueroa

    castano won ' i had seen it 4 times now, and always have 7 rounds to 5

  • boxing wisdom
    boxing wisdom

    Pbc will not release the whole fight watch mark my words

  • Am

    Charlo lost

  • justin M
    justin M

    I'm a fan of charlo, I didn't know who castano was. But castano won

  • southside tone
    southside tone

    I had it 7-5 castano. Hopefully they have a rematch next

  • Roger Strong
    Roger Strong

    I’m cool with the draw, I can’t say I know who really won, I’m a Charlo fan and I know he slept on Castano and if they gave the bout to Castano it would not have bothered me, I’m a real fan of boxing first. The rematch will tell if Charlo can make adjustments to win!

  • Rock Start
    Rock Start

    Nice v..

  • Vd B
    Vd B

    a preview of what's coming for pacman and spence

  • Sidd Hesse
    Sidd Hesse

    And Charlo wants to fight Canelo??? Hahaha he tripping!

  • Ken Calip
    Ken Calip

    SMH at Charlo....Lions attack the weak not let them survive round to round!!

    • Ken Calip
      Ken Calip

      @Pablo Castaneda is a good fighter by all means don't get me wrong bro, but we would both have to agree he didn't put forth the effort like the Harrison fight plane and simple. The same reason Derrick James and Errol Spence looked disgusted during the fight and the Trainer comment to Charlo was enough for me to see he was laying down, is what I SMH about, neither guy was tired after the fight, so I'm not alone with that at all....

    • Pablo

      Castaño surviving is the Argentinian crédit, not Charlo's... Brian did survive with good footwork and keeping is high guard tucked, Jermell caught him with an uppercut against the ropes and tried, but did not succeed. Castaño is tougher than Rosario or Lubin, he is the smallest 154lb but not as chinny as Jermell recent competition. Plus Brian mental fortitude is to be admired, he kept his composure while being hurt and still clipped Jermell with a right hand. Castaño deserves way more credit than you give him 🙄

  • Kevin Durand
    Kevin Durand

    Latest bag o shite decision from the US. They have so few champions these days they resort to what is so common in Germany and Italy in order to keep them

  • Robert Problem!
    Robert Problem!

    Jermell Charlo 2 losses.

  • Ricky Finer
    Ricky Finer

    Castano beat the shit out this man

  • Pakers TV
    Pakers TV

    Fight of the year? Agree 👇

  • John Boi
    John Boi

    Great fight

  • kenny fung
    kenny fung

    Castano won

  • cheogt

    Sad robbery,

  • Youtubero para el pueblo
    Youtubero para el pueblo

    Castaño fought like a true worrier

  • rodrigo rodrigo
    rodrigo rodrigo

    Small guy hitting you like that, i should have retired in boxing, what a shame your a champion and do that 😂😂😂

  • Lisa

    As Slugfests Go ~ This bout was up there. 💯

  • Kinkylicious Tv
    Kinkylicious Tv

    Is that it Charlo? Prime Pacman will eat you up!

  • ojo por ojo
    ojo por ojo

    Sin duda ganó Castaño la pelea🤔!!! Que juez está ciegos??? No existe justicia??? Porque siempre la corrupción??? Increíble😲!!!.

  • Pure Boi
    Pure Boi

    Robbery man , Castano had a perfect plan and executed just how he was supposed to , couldn’t have gotten the win any better.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    All I have to say is, "Run that back!" It's because I think there was a winner but there was a blind judge on the card & I'll leave it like that.

  • Be3st Boxing
    Be3st Boxing

    Great fight 👊

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres

    This the man that’s thinks he has a chance with canelo??😂😂😂😂

  • gselilkel

    Cocaine and a equilibrium Punch clearly no shots were aimed at the chin

    • Pablo

      Cocaine ? What are you talking about ?


    This guy's from Argentina won the fight.

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      wow, charlos defense was on point! watch in slow motion, dude missed 85% lmao

  • That's A Yeah
    That's A Yeah

    Part two

  • Wazzzaapp

    This fight reminds me of the ggg vs canelo g won clear but they robbed him of his win smh🤦‍♂️

  • Nanobot Andys Sister Tyrone
    Nanobot Andys Sister Tyrone

    Even the ref laughed at that decision


    of cours mexicans gon take castros side and niggas gonna take charlos side. Fight was a draw

  • James hill
    James hill

    If you're basing the fight on punches landed then it's a draw because they Both were swinging for the fences and missing sooo.....

  • juan cruz chiarle
    juan cruz chiarle

    castaño pushing the face of charlo all night

  • los

    i’m ashamed i didn’t get to watch this fight 🙃 just from this 3min clip it looked intense , i hope they run it back tho

  • Jester dawn De leon
    Jester dawn De leon

    if jermall fights boo boo hehe jermall career will K.O too

  • F T818
    F T818

    What really suck they stole the win and glory from from castano u cannot get that back a draw was to good for charlo even he knew he didn't deserve it

  • F T818
    F T818

    Wow and fighting like that u cant challenge canelo. Sad

    • Paulos Kidane
      Paulos Kidane

      His twin brother the one petitioning to fight Canelo stupid

  • Dj Flow
    Dj Flow

    Castano is the new kid to look out for smoked charlo

  • Adrian Rojas
    Adrian Rojas

    I'm good with the decision, but I think castana brought the heat.

  • Lil Jojo
    Lil Jojo

    wow, charlos defense was on point! watch in slow motion, dude missed 85% lmao

  • Hbk Heartbreak
    Hbk Heartbreak

    Of course it's a draw Castano won the fight I kept telling everyone charlo been a hype.. kiss that canelo fight goodbye he has no chance against him...

  • HeadH0ncho

    Canelo sleeping this nigga for sure

  • Jeff Musyoka
    Jeff Musyoka

    Wow just wow! In fights like these I don't care who won. But I Gave castano a slight edge

  • Fabio Koni
    Fabio Koni

    What a robbery

  • Alex Monreal
    Alex Monreal

    Wow how was this a draw!???

  • José Gallegos
    José Gallegos

    En menos de un mes fueron exhibidos los gemelos, muchas cámaras y pocas credenciales, no tienen nada que hacer con la élite del boxeo.

  • hamzah

    Am a charlo fan but dude lost period

  • hamzah

    Bruh, that boy castano ain't no joke

  • Dread Gramus
    Dread Gramus

    Yes Charlo has met his match. I love the iron man but he lost. His reaction was superficially that of disappointment 😞 but deep down in his heart he was thanking the judges for saving his ass. Castano is the real deal

  • Real DanceHallFan
    Real DanceHallFan

    Wtf, Charlo is my favorite fighter but he got his ass handed to him

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores

    I've kept up with castano since he was coming up with maidana. that's his style, look him up. just like maidana, combos with power.

  • Otro Nivel
    Otro Nivel

    Another example how PBC hypes the charlo sisters 👯‍♀️ and protects Plant 🌱 from Canelo taking all the Belts

  • So Bacos
    So Bacos

    Castano rocked Charlo 💯% facts Castano deserves to be undisputed 👊🥊

  • Pablo Daboy
    Pablo Daboy

    Castano won

  • Drip Raiden
    Drip Raiden

    Damn Charlo 0:26

  • ociv delos
    ociv delos

    More like a Castano highlights

  • Rob Farmer
    Rob Farmer

    Just because you throw a lot punches doesn’t mean you won the fight. Most of castanos punches were being blocked and dodged and charlo hurt him a couple of times. People saying castano won clearly don’t know boxing

  • Sione Mohulamu
    Sione Mohulamu

    Aye that Castano guy is legit man never heard of him but got damn that was good pressure

  • K2 DaE
    K2 DaE

    Honestly that draw was fair. That was the most challenge Charlo has had

  • Mr. Shorty
    Mr. Shorty

    And this guy that you want to fight Canelo? Smh. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Karina González
    Karina González

    Ese castaño en 2 año puede pelear con cualquiera ese castaño es un duro

  • Boz Boz
    Boz Boz

    It WAS a draw y'all...the one judge score is a total joke, but the decision is fair...let's run it back!!!

  • Black Lives Sports World Wide
    Black Lives Sports World Wide

    Bro slow the fight down Charlo won 🏆 the cas. Did his thing but he did not win period

  • Julio Cervantes Rodríguez
    Julio Cervantes Rodríguez

    they punch like a lady because not one of them could finish the opponent with a ko

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    When the B side doesn’t beat the shit outta A the side it’s either a draw or some bullshit decision

  • EZ English with Altyn
    EZ English with Altyn

    I watched the full fight, I think Charlo lost or am I wrong?

  • Aldin Vejzovic
    Aldin Vejzovic

    And charlo thinks hes ready for old man ggg and canelo 😂 ggg and canelo will destroy him with a jab

  • Renz Parungao
    Renz Parungao

    If castano had a larger frame he destroys this fucking fake lions!!!

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      Lol still think Charlo can beat canelo

  • Carlos Espinoza
    Carlos Espinoza

    Argentina doesn’t have a deep pool of boxers but the one we have gotten to know…. HOLY SHIT. Maidana Martinez And now Castaño

  • Dan Sharov
    Dan Sharov

    Charlo hits harder but Castaño kept moving forward

  • Lucious Frazier IV
    Lucious Frazier IV

    Such a great fight fan of charlo much respect for the other guy n now has gain a new fan 💯💪🏽

  • Chris B.
    Chris B.

    Charlo doesn’t want any smoke with David Benavidez yet he thinks he should fight Canelo? Haha Castano won this fight. Charlo had rounds 10 and 11. That’s it!

  • 2134 Bizzo
    2134 Bizzo

    That was rigged. Castano landed way more punches and was more active. Charlos own corner knew he was behind by telling him he needs a knockout. One bought judge had it 117-111 Charlo, that's disgraceful. Boxing will never change with corruption.