Judge sentences Nathaniel Rowland to life in prison: raw video
A judge has sentenced a man to life in prison for killing University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson after kidnapping her in Columbia's Five Points back in 2019. Nathaniel Rowland also spoke in court before sentencing.

  • Hey Jude#1
    Hey Jude#1

    What a compassionate man and a man who speaks so much truth. I can't say how impressive this Judge is. A great man.

  • Tom Payne
    Tom Payne

    This man was definitely guilty. Not only that but he was pure evil. Not once did he show remorse to the family or victim only interested in lying on himself. If someone stole my vehicle and killed someone best believe I’m telling who. These folk say “no snitching” but don’t realize snitching is when you’re just as guilty but you tell first. It’s not snitching if you’re “innocent” and someone sets you up.

  • Josh

    Masks are ridiculous. We going to wear these forever now….?????????

  • Carlos Romero For a Free Cuba
    Carlos Romero For a Free Cuba

    He was a good boy until…instinct came calling.

  • Haha MadeAnotherAccountFags
    Haha MadeAnotherAccountFags

    Wakanda forever

  • Neka Leslie
    Neka Leslie

    This is so evil!!! I just can't understand why you would intentionally hurt someone like this!

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt

    Not telling you the whole story, this man is guilty.

  • Martin Ayala
    Martin Ayala

    A year in penitentiary prison for every stab!!

  • Rodreguez Woods
    Rodreguez Woods

    The sheriff already knew he was gone thy was just waiting on the word in the beginning

  • D Anud
    D Anud

    If you kill, you should forfeit your life. That is fairness

  • goof balls kids
    goof balls kids


  • Scarlett Gonzalez
    Scarlett Gonzalez

    A judge like that we need in our country Dominican Republic. God bless him 🙏🙏💙💙💙

  • Seymore yo
    Seymore yo

    Wow! Not an activist judge. There's hope.

  • j Mcgroober
    j Mcgroober

    Exercise those demons out of him.

  • Demetrius Davis
    Demetrius Davis

    Lord he needs the killing chair who going to do something like that and have life this is painful for a family

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith

    Why is this not a death penalty case?

  • End of an Era out NOW
    End of an Era out NOW

    How do you even stab someone 120 times

  • D.C.O. Entertainment
    D.C.O. Entertainment

    He looks just like Barry Obama, whose real father is Frank Marshall Davis, CPUSA 47544. The Kenya story is a fairytale for suckers.

  • Society Disorder
    Society Disorder

    Killer it wasn't me

  • E Young
    E Young

    Jude Samuel Jackson

  • M I
    M I

    No remorse

  • M I
    M I

    Stabbed her over 120 times. He would do it again and we will never know if he’s done this before.

  • Pamella Paragon
    Pamella Paragon

    UNITED STATES the Federal Corporation ! United States Code Title 4 Section 101 Oath - Must be taken before occupying Office ! All State Legislators, Judges, Elected Officials, (Governor, Mayor, County Sheriff, Clerk of Court, District Attorneys, etc..) Write them request a Certified Copy. Cabal has gone deep - State Constitution Wording is not the same (None have taken State Oath Request Copy from Secretary of State for any one you choose ! ) Not one has taken the USC 4 Sec 102 Oath as it is Written. Their Offices are Vacant ! Laws for thee but not for me ! Act of Treason !

  • Reese Brindle
    Reese Brindle

    He was very impressive. He should be held high in law school teachings. Great example of what to strive to become.

  • kcmsmith31

    This murderer is not dumb but he is a psychopath. He has no empathy or compassion for anyone BUT himself. Thank God this judge has the wisdom to put him away for life that’s how it should be away from the rest of society that want to live in peace with people. I do feel sorry for both h mother’s. They both lost, but at least this mother can still be with her son. The other mother is not as fortunate

  • kcmsmith31

    God bless this judge. Much wisdom and a good heart

  • kcmsmith31

    After you’ve been arrested, given a trial amd found guilty the time to say , I’m innocent is OVER. No one wants to hear you try to save your ass when you are guilty with overwhelming evidence. Bye felisha. Hope it was worth it. But I bet you don’t think so now

  • Ruby Smith
    Ruby Smith

    This Judge should be Elected to the Supreme Court! Bench! I was truly impressed with his Integrity of Law for HUMANITY! THANK YOU SIR!!

  • Ny'Ana Hart
    Ny'Ana Hart

    So someone put her blood in your car, put her DNA under your fingernails and put the knife that killed her in the trash behind your girlfriend's house and there is absolutely no remorse in your eyes or voice. Yep, your innocent.

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    Good good, let the lengthy sentence flow through you.

  • Elan Lloyd
    Elan Lloyd

    How many times? This is too much for me.

  • Nikki harvard
    Nikki harvard

    This judge❤❤

  • Vincent Brenner
    Vincent Brenner

    Most professional judge I have ever seen. Well done your Honor

  • Erin rahm
    Erin rahm

    This was absolutely 💯. This judge was 🔥. Soothing. And brilliant.

  • Rebecca Wheeler
    Rebecca Wheeler

    Good job

  • Deirdre Helena Wells-Dziadkowiec
    Deirdre Helena Wells-Dziadkowiec


  • asma rbeihi
    asma rbeihi

    This trash is influenced by the acquittal of OJ Simpson

  • david douglas
    david douglas

    That judge was like South Carolina is a beautiful state and we don’t want your ass no wear around it go take this L for a loser and the L for life and this D for death 💀

  • Publius Le Deuxieme
    Publius Le Deuxieme

    This Judge reminds me of my old elementary school principal. I spent a lot of time in his office and never ever got a paddling from him until the day I stole some money and got caught by buying ice cream for me and some buddies in the cafeteria. He, at first, was going to call my parents and I begged him not to. He finally agreed with me because he knew I was an abused child. He said he would have to paddle me and I said ok. He only paddled me three times. Now this was in 78 maybe 79 and a black principal was rare but one that would paddle even rarer. I remember running into him about 15 years later at college and thanking him for that paddling or for being such a patient principal to me for at least 4 grades.

  • Publius Le Deuxieme
    Publius Le Deuxieme

    I would say too bad there is no death penalty or it was not used here, but I am against it because of the snowball's chance that he may be innocent. However, if there was guilty please of an uncoerced confession I say fry him. There is a difference between killing someone out of passion and stabbing someone you do not know over a hundred times. That speaks to an evil that is deep-seated. This monster will go to prison and as long as he is not a bitch and will stand up to men he will a nice little life there because he is black. I wonder why he was not charged with a hate crime. I wonder if the race was reversed and he was white. I bet you would have found Burn Loot and Murder all up on that. It is time white people stop being ashamed and start demanding the same that black people demand when one of their own is hurt. Until it is recognized that there is hatred on both sides but it is small, then racism will be around.

  • Backup

    I one saw a demonstration on just how long it takes and how exhausting it is to stab a person over 100 times. You've gotta be completely insane to do something like that, it's actually baffling.

    • G_reg J
      G_reg J

      Facts 💯

  • Derrick Manciel
    Derrick Manciel

    Wow 😯 he deserves a death 💀 sentence to be stabbed 500 times after time served. This is beyond awful and despicable! I feel for the deceased and her family, and this guy gets no love ❤️ nor remorse from my side! He deserves this sentence and the judge 👩‍⚖️ sentenced him as harshly as he stabbed the victim. It’s sad that there are men out here with no heart ❤️ and soulless individuals that really exist with no compassion of brotherly love ❤️ in the world 🌎. I am appalled at this wickedness!

  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald Williams

    Evil has no soul

  • T O
    T O

    I am certainly not a conservative jurist, but what I am is a Constitutionalist and I think his Honor provided an upright and LEGAL sentence for the Defendant. For a crime of this nature, with the evidence as it was admitted. This man should spend the rest of his natural life in the Department of Corrections. That was the sentence of His Court and I fully support it. This was a difficult case for His Honor, one can tell.

  • E Rico
    E Rico

    Your son is a loser Mam!! Peace out

  • Joann Hood
    Joann Hood

    Who is he protecting?

  • Joann Hood
    Joann Hood

    Is there any evidence to suggest another person of interest? Any why would he do this. I need more facts. Be didn't even flinch as the Judge talked. What if he is innocent? Did they do a psych evaluation? If he guilty the snapped.


    A real innocent person would have been flipping out.

  • Johnny Kurplutzo
    Johnny Kurplutzo

    Morgan Freeman

  • atrocious _ pr0xy
    atrocious _ pr0xy

    The dude was trying to match the judge's speech in tempo and grace "see, I'm like you. I'm innocent.'

  • Jennie RedRose
    Jennie RedRose

    I know I'm innocent?

  • Saunic DaGuru
    Saunic DaGuru

    The booty house

  • Welshwazza

    1 person says 1 good thing about the judge then everyone in the comments copy it's the same on every youtube channel get a grip you losers

  • Krystal R
    Krystal R

    What is so sick and crazy is that he had a girfriend. How did he hide this demonic behavior from her? Truly demons live amongst us...but so do angels. RIP in Samantha🙏

    • Teco Lote
      Teco Lote

      He didn't hide it from his girlfriend she just refused to see it.

  • Shroom Mane 45
    Shroom Mane 45

    I love how no one cried when he got scented ha

  • Ethan Barek
    Ethan Barek

    That one kid with his mask under his nose:

  • Lotz Montagebau
    Lotz Montagebau

    The judge is verry cool

  • LindaTheTruthSeeker


  • John doe
    John doe

    Im glad it was a black judge cuz otherwise they would have said the judgment is racist and it would have been overturned. Glad to see justice being served!

  • Jasmine Robinson
    Jasmine Robinson

    The way the judge read how to debunk all the evidence took me all the way OUT dog. Sir... ya guilty 🤣 😂

  • Jeni Fad
    Jeni Fad

    Demonized individuals don't recall as the demon was in charge when the actual event took place. He needs deliverance and Jesus

  • Makayla Pace
    Makayla Pace

    This is disgusting. He had the NERVE to stand in front of this kind judge, in front of our flag, in front of God Himself, and lied straight through his teeth. How do you actually think you’re innocent with all this evidence against you? Blood on YOUR clothes. YOUR knife. YOU had HER phone in YOUR car. You’ve showed NO remorse whatsoever. Just like the judge said, he is emotionless and heartless! A depraved heart, judge’s words. God is the ultimate judge, and if he can get his heart right with God, then good for him. But he is a sick individual. Who took a life of a young girl with a loving family, friends, and boyfriend, and a bright future, so he can rot in prison while he thinks about it every single day God allows him to breathe.

  • Top Katt
    Top Katt

    Mask needs to be on properly


    Yup he did it, O.J. Did it too and Michael Jackson did it yup, yup, yup!

  • Jack Sano
    Jack Sano

    Don't seem to remember the medias coverage of this 😕 🤔. Oh ya if it was a white dude killed a black girl .American cities would've 🔥. Wake up folks.

    • MIGGYME1

      There was all type of coverage of this murder. Stop with the propaganda. Theres a reason this video has so many damn views. It made national headlines.

  • Benita Zarate
    Benita Zarate

    What did he do omg

  • Wendell Clark
    Wendell Clark

    Life life Don life

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M

    120 times? My God

  • IbnSharif522 AlhamduAllah
    IbnSharif522 AlhamduAllah

    He didn't do but he did do it physically at demonenergy had him and that's facts

  • Pamela Middleton
    Pamela Middleton

    Just heartbreaking imaging what this beautiful young lady went through.... Both families has such a long road ahead of them! May the Lord comfort them and bless them with peace that surpasses all understanding! 😢💔💯🙏

  • Kimberly B
    Kimberly B

    I feel bad for him that no one in his family or friends ever tried to help him get help or treat him better.

  • tiffany f
    tiffany f


  • tiffany f
    tiffany f

    Damn, the judge is calling him basically a demon possessed. Hell yeah! I would hope any person who hurt people like this subhuman would have to be possessed to do something so evil.

  • tiffany f
    tiffany f

    That guard behind him is ready for anything!

  • tiffany f
    tiffany f

    What an incredible judge!

  • Taylor Reed
    Taylor Reed

    If this judge has written any books, i need copies ASAP. What a tremendous human being!

  • Indy Custom Made
    Indy Custom Made

    This judge looks like a man that is so tired of seeing senseless killings. For someone to oversee countless trials of the worst things people can do to each other is sad. This judge is someone with a lot of wisdom. I wish him well. I also wish the parents and friends of Samantha Josephson my condolence.

  • Herriot Laurent
    Herriot Laurent

    The person was you . You fricken lunatic.

  • Sonya Starr
    Sonya Starr

    Those eyes...

  • Marcie Az11
    Marcie Az11

    Amazing judge. The one juror that is a law student isn't taking his education for granted. Especially after being seated on this jury. The judge's message echoed loud and clear.

  • Trey Anderson
    Trey Anderson

    This should have been Chavin Judge! He needed this type of penalty for killing George Floyd!

  • Brent Gibson
    Brent Gibson

    He got his boots 👢 smoked 🚬

  • Elvis

    "You can put lipstick on a pig and call it an alpaca, but most people can see that its just a pig with lipstick."

  • Antony Gaughan
    Antony Gaughan


  • Jacqueline Stewart
    Jacqueline Stewart

    Serve him right

  • shiv

    Can't believe how sick his mind is

  • The Lone Wolf
    The Lone Wolf

    May he enjoy the big guys in jail

  • D. S.
    D. S.

    The judge was confident of the evidence . So I am confident of the judge ,and his decision

  • In money we trust Dollar bill
    In money we trust Dollar bill


  • Christopher clanton
    Christopher clanton

    Please leave people and their lives alone …. If you wanna commit murder start with yourself…. People are loved stop taking their lives …this is ridiculous…rip to the victim

  • Regina Wilcox
    Regina Wilcox

    He is really a sick minded person