Student Pilot Loses Engine | Cockpit View + ATC | by Brian Parsley
Watch the outcome and debriefing by Brian on his channel

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    VASAviation -

    Thanks to Brian for sharing his experience with us!!

    • the F.R.E.E. J.
      the F.R.E.E. J.

      Brian killed it! Thankfully, no one was harmed.

    • pete a
      pete a

      Not a bad job. I would have done a barrel roll for more dramatic effects but other not bad

    • Colin Rasmussen
      Colin Rasmussen

      @J P Truck

    • Colin Rasmussen
      Colin Rasmussen

      @Craig C Actually know around the world as "Stupid I ran out of fuel Brian"

    • Colin Rasmussen
      Colin Rasmussen

      @Matthew Spaccarelli He ran out of gas.

  • baba jaga
    baba jaga

    Tu byłem. Tony Halik 2021

  • beachclub11


  • Edward R
    Edward R

    Amen brother A+ job

  • יואל ילין
    יואל ילין

    Great job 👋👋👋

  • Alvaro Hernantes
    Alvaro Hernantes

    Amazing nerves control

  • Phalanx443

    Outstanding!! Excellent landing!!

  • Josh Josh Spangler
    Josh Josh Spangler

    Wow! Well spotted. That field looked perfect. Very fortunate.

  • Filip Next
    Filip Next

    Awesome landing in cold blood! Well done

  • Tesla Tesla
    Tesla Tesla

    Well saved 🌌🤗😇💯✅

  • Rob the Millennial Renter
    Rob the Millennial Renter

    Seeing that propeller stop was nuts. Well done, great landing!

  • odabasim

    Nicely done!

  • Long Range
    Long Range

    What a Chad!

  • Ian Zão
    Ian Zão

    Mas que porcaria de avião em

  • Tom Midd
    Tom Midd

    Safe landing.

  • Jack Fleming Jr
    Jack Fleming Jr

    He is in the pike, 5 by 5.


    Did he sue the engine manufacturer?

  • TheRotorhound

    What a great job.

  • Pipoquin 206
    Pipoquin 206

    friend what a finest way to land

  • scorpiooooh

    Damn good job! Someone needs to give him "props". 😆 ✈🛩🛬

  • The Vegan Eagle
    The Vegan Eagle

    Very impressive !!

  • robert ellis
    robert ellis

    Excellent work!!!

  • Jason Melville
    Jason Melville

    You did a fantastic job! I felt the knot in my stomach for you. 🙌🏾

  • devildog917

    That was awesome.

  • James Chrystal
    James Chrystal

    I'd fly with this guy.

  • John Kirsch
    John Kirsch

    Yes. Yes! Yes!! YESS!! That is exactly right good sir! Perfectly executed, phenomenal stick skills. You’re now in my student’s syllabus, for whatever that’s worth. 🤙👍

  • david roberts
    david roberts

    As a experimental aircraft owner, I fly with landing spots on my mind constantly, hats off to this good pilot who doesn't panic and glides then plane in without stalling!

  • sam hyans
    sam hyans

    Good job, that was crazy

  • ClearedToLand7

    Fantastic recovery Brian. Well done. Thank you very much for posting.

  • BosleyBeats

    Great fucking Job dude. Great job

  • Mitch Berge
    Mitch Berge

    My hat is off to you brother, great job glad to know your safe!

  • Retsam Razwinkz
    Retsam Razwinkz

    His hand is shaking badly...

  • Joel Turpin
    Joel Turpin

    Well done!

  • Orange Horse
    Orange Horse

    That was fuggin' terrifying. I'm glad he's ok! 😲

  • Not You
    Not You

    Wow! Handled that like an experienced pilot! Great job

  • Robert Blevins
    Robert Blevins

    Give that boy his private pilot's license. He deserves it.

  • Robert Scovill
    Robert Scovill

    What every pilot of a Cessna needs to know about your fuel tanks. A lack of positive detection of water in the fuel tank. The tanks are flawed and therefore the preflight is also flawed. Google Chrome Cessna 150 fuel tank test. The FAA and NTSB have known about a lack of positive detection for water in the fuel tanks of general aviation fuel tanks for decades but have done nothing. Of all the general aviation fuel tanks the Cessna 150 is the most severely flawed. Ask any pilot how often they have witnessed any water in their sump cup during the preflight of a Cessna and their answer is none or never. Their answer, in the negative, illustrates the flaw. The pictures of the inside of the Cessna 150 fuel tank also definitely illustrate the severity of the flaw. How long has the NTSB known about this flaw but does nothing? Think it is only the bladder tanks that are flawed? How about the drop in tanks, are they flawed too? Did I notify the NTSB about the flaws in Cessna fuel tanks even though the NTSB already knew? What did the NTSB do in response to my petition? Absolutely nothing.

  • C T
    C T

    I've got to say I don't do airplanes, roller coasters, heights.. my heart was pumping out of my chest watching this. Great pilot! Title shouldn't say student, it should say professional.

  • CatLady

    I knew some A-hole with Jet Blue who said “He’s no hero, he was just doing his job, he deserves no extra thanks”, about Capt. “Sully”.

  • Hom_Tanks

    What a legend!

  • Brad Hampton
    Brad Hampton

    I’ve always heard any landing you can walk away from is good. Kudos to this pilot. Not sure I could’ve kept my cool like him.

  • Dan

    Man, Microsoft Flight Simulator is so realistic

  • BIGK M
    BIGK M

    Excellent job man!

  • Boss Hogg
    Boss Hogg

    What moron dislikes this video

  • Luis Cunha
    Luis Cunha

    Well done!

  • Larrysyoutube1981

    Kid nailed it

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton


  • garagekeys

    Good job. Stayed calm. Two thumbs up

  • Kevin Olson
    Kevin Olson

    Great job. Glad you got it down safely.

  • DJL0455

    Holy shit is right!

  • William Polinchak
    William Polinchak

    Any landing you can walk away from is a good one.

  • bliglum

    Holy shit indeed!!! Kept cool and got er down though. Nice job.

  • Paul Hurst
    Paul Hurst

    Congrats. Just like a glider pilot.

  • Robert Rolley
    Robert Rolley

    Why are we celebrating a completely avoidable event? This guy’s instructor should be actioned by the FAA for signing off on his cross country planning that was CLEARLY incorrect. Regs say you need a MINIMUM of 30 mins fuel reserve. I won’t sign my students off with anything less than one hour reserves. Running out of gas 9 miles from your destination means 3 things. #1 you probably didn’t check your fuel quantity prior to takeoff. #2 you didn’t lean your mixture at cruise. #3 your instructor did a shit job of double checking your planning before endorsing you for that flight. Thankfully nobody was injured or worse due to all of the above.

  • Erich Boese
    Erich Boese

    Had an engine cut out on me before with plenty of fuel on board. Root cause was an improperly overhauled carb. (mechanic forgot to safety wire the brass needle valve seat, which worked its way loose and jammed the float to a closed position, therefore starving the engine for fuel). Landed on a country road without incident. Learned a lot from that experience. Overall, great job by this pilot...he saved his hide. Aviate, navigate, that order.

  • bigbri64

    Amazing job staying cool under pressure and making a perfect landing! I would need the rescue team to also bring me a change of pants... because I pooped em

  • Ron Alexander
    Ron Alexander

    Good job!

  • Ashton Needler
    Ashton Needler

    this dude nailed it. best possible outcome.

  • David Firth
    David Firth

    Very well handled


    Calm as cucumber nice great success

  • Robert Tainio
    Robert Tainio

    Good job man, glad your ok other than probably an underwear change. To the thumb downers...go screw yourselves.

  • Melanie Meyer
    Melanie Meyer

    It’s a scam. This was an intentional off airport landing. This is pure advertising for his seminar and classes as a motivational speaker. No wonder he found the perfect field to land on.

    • T-Spin Triple!
      T-Spin Triple!

      So him accidentally entering the "hijacking" squawk code was fake too? If you raised a false hijacking alarm on purpose, you would lose your pilot's licence right there.

    • Ken

      You are 100% correct, Melanie

    • Chronic Kush
      Chronic Kush

      LMAO yeah ok... That's why he's shaking uncontrollably. Pretty sure he didn't do it on purpose.

  • Raj Pat
    Raj Pat

    Fuel starvation?

    • Don B
      Don B

      I guess it's nicer to say than ran out of fuel

  • schmusi


  • Julian Pratt
    Julian Pratt

    Absolutely textbook - that's how you do it. Great job.

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson

    Good job sir!

  • Robert P
    Robert P

    glad your safe, you handle it really good you should be proud

  • Shannon D
    Shannon D

    Way to keep your cool!!...... awesome job!!

  • Guy Faux
    Guy Faux

    Textbook. Beautiful. Props to your CFI and yourself!

  • Nathan Judge
    Nathan Judge

    That was awesome!!! Holy crap!

  • billy bob jo billy head
    billy bob jo billy head

    Way to go!

  • BK007

    We have more than 1 million views already! Can we get up to 2 million ?

  • Miguel Suarez
    Miguel Suarez

    Very lucky to find a landing area ...

  • Andrew Barrett
    Andrew Barrett

    What a superb landing so calm and collected you are a great pilot.

  • Songwriters Library
    Songwriters Library

    Great job Pilot.

  • D W
    D W

    Awesome job!!

  • Youtube Censoring
    Youtube Censoring

    bro, you are amazing.

  • Mike CorLeoné
    Mike CorLeoné

    Very well done! Keep calm and *FLY THE PLANE*

  • Eldon Eslick
    Eldon Eslick

    Good job on the pilot and whoever instructed him.

  • BravoNineThreeTwo

    Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. Good job!

  • Alan Watts
    Alan Watts

    Handled that perfectly. Good job.

  • brianabc83

    Seems like the tower wasn't much help

  • George Danforth
    George Danforth

    Engine just couldn't handle the load of the testicles on this guy.

    • Don B
      Don B

      he must have testicles in his head, that would explain running out of fuel. Maybe his testicles should have checked the fuel level.

  • R

    Nailed it. Well done!

  • Jon Blondell
    Jon Blondell

    Great job!!

  • elwhastrummer

    Had enough confidence to just shove it right down to that field and land. It's when you think about it too long that gets you in trouble, and you'll overshoot. He didn't...great job!!!

  • metalhead 1963
    metalhead 1963

    Hell of a job brother! Way to keep your head really really awesome job! Don't forget to thank your copilot if you know what I mean!

  • Glo Show
    Glo Show

    Dumbass couldn't follow a simple checklist to check the fuel and got a lucky field at the last second

  • Leszek Okulewicz
    Leszek Okulewicz

    Excellent response, wow Instructor well done 👍

  • Michael brotzman
    Michael brotzman

    That was smooth glad he made it

  • Electric Man
    Electric Man

    Whether he becomes a pilot or not. Everyone now knows he can handle pressure and stress without letting emotions interfere. Very strong quality very few can control. Awesome job!

  • malbe72

    well done!!!!

  • Not What You're Looking For
    Not What You're Looking For

    Holy shit is right!! Excellent!

  • Mike Breen
    Mike Breen


  • Analog Relic
    Analog Relic

    Smooth field, dang nice landing actually.

  • Grady Weeden
    Grady Weeden

    Very nice landing. Handled like a true professional. Good luck in the future. Happy flying.

  • Ian Abbott
    Ian Abbott

    good job matey

  • En Kei
    En Kei

    Might've stayed up a little longer if it weren't for those massive balls of steel

  • Stuart Wigmore
    Stuart Wigmore

    Good job man