Explosive Bat: crushing MLB records. Ft: Smarter Every Day
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The previous explosive bat was cool, but it wasn't setting any records. I set out to design a bat that could beat Babe Ruth's home run record of 575 feet. The engineering was intense but the results are spectacular. Aside from attempts on the record, you can also look forward to some awesome high speed footage of the bat in action and a special guest.

This video could not have been made without the help of Destin from Smarter Every Day. Not only did he provide the high speed camera, he also shared all his footage from testing the bat. He made a more in depth video on what happens when this this bat goes boom. Check it out!

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I was using body armor from bodyarmordirect.com , it's good quality and made in the USA.

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    • Big D
      Big D

      What else can you do build how about a shoe powered with blanks to kick a ball really far

    • A Tribe Called Death
      A Tribe Called Death

      Other guys link????

    • My Name is Gladiator
      My Name is Gladiator

      350 is a major league fly-out, not a homerun unless you hit the ball right down the line.

    • rob mock
      rob mock


    • Mr JOKER
      Mr JOKER


  • TheTopMostDog

    MFW watching you deal with the stop rod problem, while screaming at my screen: VENT THE GAS YOUVE MADE A PIPE BOMB

  • Kevin Diaz
    Kevin Diaz

    Nobody really cares .. pretty easy

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    joaa gozz

    -gets into armchair-"why not use more of the bat to offset the forces? "

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    Mr. Bear

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    Gorilla Floyd

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    Jorge Santacruz

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    G Binford

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  • Alex Dragomir
    Alex Dragomir

    I would have found the nearest batting cages and practiced the swing. Applied science necessarily requires proper application. That being said this is amazing work. You are truely gifted and disciplined to see a project like this through. Definite sub. Cant imagine what this would do to someone's skull

  • The Mr_Dr_Metroid
    The Mr_Dr_Metroid

    Dog said “uhm dad”

  • David Gregory
    David Gregory

    Based on design of popup in a bat it is now just a matter of pressure exerted to ball so if you had a giant rubber band the force is similar and more tnt the farther it goes

  • Blair Duguay
    Blair Duguay


  • Robert R McBride
    Robert R McBride

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  • Lawoscar 404
    Lawoscar 404

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    Cougar Betts

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    Derek Chauvin

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  • Jarod Allen
    Jarod Allen

    Luv it! I know you got your wits about you quite well but if I may... perhaps the ejection of the shells as with an self reloading firearm does, will allow for more force dissipation and also help with the recoil just a thought love your channel I subscribed guilty as charged I too am a Tinkerer wish I knew about kiwi Co I'll be turning my daughter on to this for sure!

  • Brandon C.
    Brandon C.

    best home defence weapon??

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    Vibing Cat

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    boss the best

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    Lord Bawk

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    DeWayne Coddington

    bro i cant help but say i love your videos but this ending......i feel like i wasted 25 mins man

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    Andre Torres

    I loved the KiwiCo concept! But they don't deliver to Brazil, unfortunately. Would be nice if they consider to.

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    Jaimz Wicklund

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    Kross P

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  • T-Money415

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  • Redazu

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  • Shaggy Geese
    Shaggy Geese

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  • Nathaniel Palmer
    Nathaniel Palmer

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  • mrgw982

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  • Raymond Monk
    Raymond Monk

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    kip barksdale

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  • kip barksdale
    kip barksdale

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  • Will

    Sweet Binford shirt! Fitting for this video.

  • Bill M
    Bill M

    This is an amazing invention. The Galaxy bat is literally knocking the ball out of the park. Or the Bat of God. Or Bat Ruth. Or Babe Mantle or Mickey Ruth

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    Dank Legosi

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    Brandon Charlie

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    Brendan Aucoin

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    Nate Upson

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  • Divine Knowledge
    Divine Knowledge

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  • Divine Knowledge
    Divine Knowledge

    Tragic I watched this to find out the answer to the record is "I don't know." But at least I didn't go though all the work you did on the project to get that ending. Pretty cool though.

  • Emmanuel Quinones
    Emmanuel Quinones

    She already wanted to do something she agreed to what you said and she is so beautiful God bless her

  • Emmanuel Quinones
    Emmanuel Quinones

    When Babe hit his that was the second that he got with out four shells

  • Emmanuel Quinones
    Emmanuel Quinones


  • Repeat it with me
    Repeat it with me


  • WTF Fake News
    WTF Fake News

    I wonder if the atf gonna make this an SBR

    • WTF Fake News
      WTF Fake News

      Dang you made a silencer, your going to jail jail

  • WTF Fake News
    WTF Fake News

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    Matt Lacdao

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    Jeff Campbell

    I only have one word for someone wasting this much time and money on such a ridiculous thing........ AWESOME!!! LOL

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    Tomi Valkonen

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    Mustafa SAYIN

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    Ryan Bolin

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    Chance Counts

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  • Alexander Cress
    Alexander Cress

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    Vincenzo Berweiler

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    Opulence, Harbinger of Chaos

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    Steven eee

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    Allen Parrish

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    Fascinating, to say the least. Thanks for the entertaining video!

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    Grayson is weird

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    Michael Ireland

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    Gp-15 /4

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    NW Fish&Life

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    *V*I*P* Member

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