the smartest person ever
hey it's me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over the smartest person ever.
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  • Snowflake

    Why did this feel like Sheldon Cooper?

  • Zeanna's World
    Zeanna's World

    Me goes for iq text Them: u uave 120 iq Me in head: this is fake


    English people stole even knowledge and invented IQ to show there memory power but even a kid in BHARATHA India a kid has more IQ then English scientists .......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • the

    I didn't finish watching the video and ik it's me. Cuz my IQ higher than a fucking kite.

  • marshmallow stories
    marshmallow stories

    The real life sheldon cooper ?????


    Do you know BR. AMBEDKAR

  • Adrian Pacholski
    Adrian Pacholski

    1. Nikola Tesla lived in Poland right? I actually live in Poland 🙃

  • BigDaddySenpai69

    I got a 90 once when I took the test. For the longest time I thought that was good since it was close to 100.

  • Anush Fatima
    Anush Fatima

    I have an IQ of 120.i am 8 ☺️

  • Raiq GG
    Raiq GG

    Nah gamers have higher iq like 1000 iq or 5000iq

  • XietyCraft

    Rick from Rick an Morty... but you would never know his IQ because he wouldn't ever take a IQ test.

  • Vee Tass
    Vee Tass

    I just scored 33 don't think I'm that smart. I gatta go into hiding.

  • Agave the furry
    Agave the furry

    The smartest person ever are those who can tell the difference between a trash can and nature, cus trash doesn't belong in nature, humans invented trash cans so humans can use it.

  • Vee Tass
    Vee Tass

    I'm not...

  • 6Paranoid1

    I too have the highest iq of all time..just on the other end of the scale.

  • Darkyspark

    150 IQ in the year 1500 could very well be IQ 110 today. Newer generations keep improving slightly generally

  • ☻︎ˢᵐⁱˡᵉʸ

    I'm smart Video proof

  • Hi Hello Anyeong!
    Hi Hello Anyeong!

    Well my IQ is 301

  • A nice person
    A nice person

    275iq is too high it goes all around and sounds dumb

  • meme folder
    meme folder

    smart people comment section im not smart

  • GrandSupremeDaddyo

    Nice loop

  • beyalo • beluga younger sister
    beyalo • beluga younger sister

    Everytime I see something related to iq I always get a flashback of that girl on UZmilk who was boasting about her iq putting herself in high rank and looking down on that one marine guy Buy then when the iq results came she had the lowest iq lower then the marine guy💀

  • beyalo • beluga younger sister
    beyalo • beluga younger sister

    I expected him to be an asian

  • Barfieman362

    A lot of the smartest people ever never even took iq tests. But if you had to go based off of stories and first hand accounts of what their brains could do someone like Gauss or Johnny Von Neuman would have to be very high up on that list. Von Neuman’s brain was like a computer and Gauss was so ahead of his peers it isn’t even funny. The things he did at various ages truly would make him in the top 5 smartest humans we know about. If a 12 year old is asked to help professors prove their theories by going over their work to “check for errors” you know that boy is special beyond comparison.

  • Jotaro kujo
    Jotaro kujo

    Still not close to UZmilkrs who play Minecraft

  • sussy baka
    sussy baka

    i have 101 iq fear me👹👹

  • Shadwik

    This gave me chills bruh-


    Usually I would be jealous but then I remember anyone could be beaten with a gun

  • Willam james Moriarty
    Willam james Moriarty

    He says William James Me in my mind is it William James Moriarty I am like yooooo But then he says Sidis. Me Ohhh nooooo.

  • Bahjah Entertainment
    Bahjah Entertainment

    King Solomon 😂😂

  • Gino Alaine Ferdinand Suralta
    Gino Alaine Ferdinand Suralta

    Get this straight! This is a propaganda and its just for show. Look it up. Posting unverified proof. OMG

  • dancing grunt
    dancing grunt

    That guy has more than 2 person combined.. *insert brain explosion emoji here*

  • Sawo Gosong
    Sawo Gosong


  • shanthan A
    shanthan A

    He was so smart he named his parents at birth.

  • unknown

    Me ✨

  • Luka Vujkovic
    Luka Vujkovic

    There isnt a point of how smart you are. But there is how much you help to this world. So for me greatest geniuses are Nikola Tesla and Einstein.

  • Luckuss

    Me knowing my dad scored a 165 😏

  • Madhesh Truth
    Madhesh Truth

    Many prodigies considered as prodigies when they understand relativity don't compare Einstein suckers

  • Jimmy Romero
    Jimmy Romero

    Not to flex but according to buzzfeed’s “we can guess your IQ based on what condiments you like on your hotdog” quiz measured my IQ to be at about 485 😤 💯

  • Madhesh Truth
    Madhesh Truth

    18 months read times magazine, Harvard at 11 and rest of the live did nothing

  • Fábio Eira
    Fábio Eira

    The ammount of languages has to be the biggest bullshit ever

  • Zephyr Encryption Enabled
    Zephyr Encryption Enabled

    My IQ is 90

  • Tanvir

    How to measure this?

  • Aurang Zaib
    Aurang Zaib

    Where is abbas Iban farnas

  • cin

    yea but he can’t beat senku

  • Amit Halder1999
    Amit Halder1999

    still he can't invent anything to me the world better. bcz he is not inteligent he just have the iq score. intelligence doesn't work like that

  • Ariq Fary
    Ariq Fary

    who is the smartest person ever? is who made the question in an IQ test.

  • Nala Khansa
    Nala Khansa

    i tought its going to be bj habibie-

  • Loide

    oh? someone has beaten my iq of 240

  • Harry Patél
    Harry Patél

    nigGA thinks nikola tesla, albert einstein were the smartest ppl on earth.. Ancient Indian Sages who could literally measure the distance between earth and sun without the use of any modern instruments: *hold my lotta*

  • Zy7ron*

    Yes He Is!!!

  • some0nebloo_

    i’m still shocked one of my uncle’s iq is 160😃 and here i am, dumb asf-

  • poisoned_mercury

    What a nerd

  • DWO

    the person who reads the words have 300iq 😂

  • Umar Syakirin
    Umar Syakirin

    Who dislikes this video has iq of 2000

  • Mayuyu Miwazaki
    Mayuyu Miwazaki

    When a normal guy like Joseph actually manage to outsmart kars who have IQ almost close to 300.

  • Apple Javier
    Apple Javier

    Albert einstien

  • Akshay S
    Akshay S

    Even light yagami has only 160 IQ🙄

  • Lincoln25

    Little known fact: Isaac Newton invented calculus over the weekend from a bet. He would smoke that Sidis dude if they were both alive today.

  • Rohit yadav
    Rohit yadav

    White people think they are world

  • Virus25

    Bro there’s smart women on this planet why aren’t they teaching TikTok girls

  • Jamalfromstatefarm

    lol my name is William

  • Khairin Arif
    Khairin Arif

    Been watching this UZmilk short for hours only to discover that I'm in a loop.

  • Rixz Channel
    Rixz Channel

    My teammates Iq during ranked matches : -10IQ

  • Abhishek

    Nikola Tesla's IQ is estimated around 300.. Beat that..

  • Hazrat Bilal
    Hazrat Bilal

    Muhammad saw may peace be upon him no one can be ever like him darood for him and other like i

  • Katsu Osamu
    Katsu Osamu

    We have no actual proofs of his 275 results, Terence Tao tho has scored 230 points of IQ and is one of the biggest modern mathematician

  • BmnGameBoy

    To base someone of a number is kinda barebones init

  • Discomunal Distribuidor
    Discomunal Distribuidor

    This video talking about the smarter person in the earth, and I say Leonardo DiCaprio when I hear davinci

  • JuJu

    His name is Young Sheldon

  • FlakeTillman

    Aren’t High IQ scores relative to whatever the average score (100) is at the time?


    IQ scale stops at 200 and is an ever changing scale based on the people that have been tested within the history of the tests. You can't have an IQ over 200. Nice try...

  • cunt

    Iq is bullshit

  • Saanvika Shetty
    Saanvika Shetty


  • planet zeno
    planet zeno

    I have an iq of 310

  • goldie


  • Prod.Messii Essie
    Prod.Messii Essie

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is the smartest people ever

  • Lord of stuff
    Lord of stuff

    IQ doesn't really matter what depends is someones accomplishments

  • W. M.
    W. M.

    Ten dollars says there's monkeys and elephants and whales that can match any human

  • Ordus Rosae
    Ordus Rosae

    IQ is a Nazi man made idea. To today’s standards is quite of a retarded form of measurement.

  • Charles Cespedes
    Charles Cespedes

    My IQ 175

  • :_MoonBright_1o1_:


  • paramvir singh
    paramvir singh

    Source - trust me bro

  • hvnnii_beez

    my grandma thought my grandpa was developing amnesia or something, so they went to the doctor and I forget why but he got an IQ test.. he has a really high IQ it turns out and my grandma is mad he didn't try harder in school lmao

  • Hydro Aegis
    Hydro Aegis

    Bro if you get into Harvard at 11 then your IQ is whatever you say it is.

  • A Bowl of Cereal
    A Bowl of Cereal

    Him: *Says Nikola TESLA* Me: So he created Tesla?

    • goldie

      my god, no. tesla, as in the car company, is simply named after him. tesla didn’t create tesla.

  • DerpyPannycake


  • Oh Hale YEAH!
    Oh Hale YEAH!

    People wil IQs that high know not to Read the NY times

  • Raw Oyster
    Raw Oyster

    IQ doesn't mean much

  • Wiktorius 121
    Wiktorius 121

    But women with bigger iq than Einstein dont do nothin in her live

    • Wiktorius 121
      Wiktorius 121

      @Aisling Disley yes

    • Aisling Disley
      Aisling Disley

      @Wiktorius 121 like why’d he mention her?

    • Wiktorius 121
      Wiktorius 121

      @Aisling Disley but the Point is why the hell is there woman. Its uselles informacion.

    • Aisling Disley
      Aisling Disley

      I mean I’ve never heard of the guy with the highest iq ever so it doesn’t mean much lol

  • ريان سامر صالح
    ريان سامر صالح

    Gamers: oh my God 1 kill 2000 iq 😂

  • Eleph0x

    I have tested once because I needed to for A school, but the test didnt go higher than 145+ so i dont know my iq

  • Gabriel

    I’m surprise to see this video in 120fps on my iPhone

  • Maddy Lynn
    Maddy Lynn

    Everyone in the comments is talking about serious stuff while I’m just like DAMN THIS KID IS SMORT

  • Idk

    Me who literally is an failure : :)

  • Its_me _
    Its_me _

    The quiet anime mc: "275 IQ? Not bad"

  • Kurapika

    So... My IQ is -275?

  • clairebear

    Not me thinking he was gonna say Spongebob…

  • Abegail Crochet
    Abegail Crochet

    We don't need school we just need this guy