I Jumped Across A Street
I Jumped Across A Street

  • ቀዝቃዛ ውሃ
    ቀዝቃዛ ውሃ

    Trust me, there are others out there that can jump beyond all imaginations.

  • Justin Mashburn
    Justin Mashburn

    On side not imagine all of the people with amazing athletic abilities who never play professional and could cream any competition out there. I guess same with any talent so many undiscovered everywhere. Less today than in the past, but still. So many hold back because of fear or insecurities and society passes up on many because of judgemenr and expectations they have and the box they have in mind for people to fit.

  • Johnson Vu
    Johnson Vu

    Bro tips?

  • DownFromTheREEEfters

    This is what I do in my dreams, no joke.

  • Tracy K.
    Tracy K.

    Nice neighborhood

  • Eric T
    Eric T

    Ok. I'm impressed

  • Demsjust canthelpit
    Demsjust canthelpit

    but how do you know?

  • Ally McDonald’
    Ally McDonald’

    The street is different. There is curves in the first part and they disappear when he goes to jump it.

  • Jamie miller
    Jamie miller

    Holy moly macaroni that was impressive!!

  • Duran E. Evans, Sr.
    Duran E. Evans, Sr.

    Here's a thought🤔...this was disappointing to watch without someone or him adding Mario or Luigi sound affects...I'm playing yaw, it was cool to see him jump like Kris/Kross... Mack Daddy make you jump, how high real high 😂...🤨opinions?

  • Durkee Thompson
    Durkee Thompson

    You R sooo Silly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • reesa beee
    reesa beee

    thats great

  • beverly moore
    beverly moore


  • Moises Lugo
    Moises Lugo

    Not the same street you first saw tho ... good shit tho

  • Tubboat

    Looks like he is walking on invisible stuff🤯

  • Robert glynn
    Robert glynn

    Sorry just being technical but good atuff

  • Robert glynn
    Robert glynn

    Your foot is on the street when you lift off and that's not the same street

  • Robert glynn
    Robert glynn


  • Lisa Moroney
    Lisa Moroney

    Join a track team !!

  • Mike Mossa
    Mike Mossa

    He must live on the moon. Or is just a terrible flier.

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    Dude really just walked in mid air like he was in creative mode

  • FaZe anime kid
    FaZe anime kid

    This man really said ‘’ I found a street you know what that means, I gotta jump it’’ 😂

  • Science Only
    Science Only

    Give Michael Jordan a run for his money.

  • Shenzo Iko
    Shenzo Iko

    Nigga hid his wings

  • Famously Unknown
    Famously Unknown


  • Politically Inept
    Politically Inept

    Looked fake honestly.

  • Teran Icer
    Teran Icer

    Is this real?

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter

    In unrelated news: Police issue the 1st ever "j-jumping" ticket

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter

    I could do it... but I just don't want to... and my leg hurts...plus these aren't my jumping shoes... and so on... and so forth..

  • Kavouri Miller-Bea
    Kavouri Miller-Bea

    Just you are the greatest

  • Chavez STronG
    Chavez STronG

    Look like Jordan Jump Man getting off work 💖💖💖❣️

  • Rick O
    Rick O

    Greatest jumper to live, My Ass...You were running from the wife...

  • Freddie Sims
    Freddie Sims

    Thats Very very impressive i don't know how to hate on my mama

  • Vaughn Walker
    Vaughn Walker

    North Carolina looks nice.

  • Nelly Keepsake
    Nelly Keepsake

    That was dope

  • Zach Peffer
    Zach Peffer

    I used to boost my acrobatics skill up so I could jump across the streets in the Imperial City in Oblivion. So needless to say I am not impressed.

  • 1

    He’s so good he can defy gravity

  • Angel Salgado
    Angel Salgado

    Sky walker

  • Andrew Boulding
    Andrew Boulding


  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams


  • Vincent CJ Enemchukwu
    Vincent CJ Enemchukwu

    Dude should be in the Olympics

  • names nosborne
    names nosborne

    Shh 🤫 that’s not the same street

  • Conner Alley
    Conner Alley


    • Shallbric

      No it’s real


    2 different streets. the street he jumped is 6 ft wide..

  • R C
    R C

    He needs to teach those people at the tx border to jump across the boarder

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks

    Okay r Kelly I think I can fly you're not arguing maybe you are r Kelly Jr you believe you can fly

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks

    You smoke marijuana that get you high high that's high it gets you so high you think you can fly

    • Shallbric

      You hit your head?

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks

    How high was the percentage of the marijuana that produced this

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks


  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks

    That was Hollywood produced

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks

    Kids don't try this at home

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks


  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks

    I am the first to ever do it that's what the chicken did across the road why did the chicken cross the road

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson

    I guess nobody noticed. Those are2diffrent streets houses are different in the take

  • Verne Dimatteo
    Verne Dimatteo

    So very impressed with this man's talent.. Amazing.

  • Jenni From The Block
    Jenni From The Block

    Gotta be fake😂

    • Shallbric

      No it’s real

  • No Name
    No Name

    He must not know about Soulja boy 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jamal Rosser
    Jamal Rosser

    Not the same street buddy

    • Shallbric


  • Shelton the turtle
    Shelton the turtle

    Bro your amazing

  • fuzzydragon

    big woop Cartman jumped like 18 homeless people.

  • Hellcat :-:
    Hellcat :-:

    Olympian in the making

  • Carmen Blount
    Carmen Blount

    Bro really double jumped

  • Chris Barnes
    Chris Barnes

    I don't know what's more impressive your jumping skills or your editing skills.

    • Shallbric


  • Nepier Myrick
    Nepier Myrick

    The greatest the ankles doe

  • Noktic

    Wtf that's insane

  • dion4037

    You are ridiculous. Are you part Gazelle or something?

  • The Duchess
    The Duchess

    Amazing!!!. Superhero.

  • Flash Dust
    Flash Dust

    Looks edited like a green screen box like the box challenge but idc cool I guess

    • Shallbric

      It’s legit

  • random guy
    random guy

    Someone in the 18th century: am I a joke to you

  • Carebear Tooky
    Carebear Tooky

    Try telling Michael Jordan that! He'll teach you a thing or two about jumps!

  • Sid Mcbride
    Sid Mcbride

    Bro thats not the same street 👎

    • Shallbric

      It’s a stick image sho shows there real street stupid

  • Free Acct
    Free Acct

    Until Karen comes out 😩🤣

  • Keller Cornelius
    Keller Cornelius

    Yes you are

  • The Random YouTuber
    The Random YouTuber

    Pretty good editing. Next time, don't have your steps at the same exact height and try to do something with the sneakers to fix the creases, etc.

    • Shallbric

      At least it’s real

  • Elizabeth Maldonado
    Elizabeth Maldonado

    That guy was awesome

  • nysteelhorse

    I compete against ex World Record holder Carl Lewis for 3 years. If you're so good do it . High school, college whatever it takes, do it in officiated competition and I'll believe it!

    • Shallbric


    • nysteelhorse

      P.S. HS Record is just under 22ft. Your street probably 18-19 ft with no shoulders. Try harder!

  • Bouse Master
    Bouse Master

    Such a long pause

  • 100summers x
    100summers x

    Stories in 2089: “Why did the man jump the street?”.

  • Felix Carlson
    Felix Carlson

    That's b*******

    • Shallbric

      No but your logic is

  • T to the G
    T to the G

    Two different streets. One has curbs and one doesn't

  • Zeus

    My mans on x games mode

  • Alberta Hunt
    Alberta Hunt

    Matthew 4: 6-7

  • Diane Alexzandra
    Diane Alexzandra

    Good effort but was it a real jump or was it photo shopped?

    • Shallbric


  • Phoenix Larrieux
    Phoenix Larrieux

    R.I.P to his ankles but the jump was highly impressive.

  • Delois Bailey
    Delois Bailey


  • tony 1661
    tony 1661

    Soldier boy was the first and tk Kirkland recorded

  • Eric Robinson
    Eric Robinson

    That's a good 🐒

  • Mikey Mckenney
    Mikey Mckenney

    My first Question is: Why did you fill that you had to jump across the street?. Also you're Not the first person to ever jump across a Damn street bro. Yeah so with that being said you are not the greatest jumper ever, Sorry bro. So before you start posting false statements for the whole world to see . If I may advice you these video shows your credibility for people to believe you nobody likes. a person who's makes false statements. I'VE JUST THOUGHT I CLUE YOU IN ON A FEW THINGS. JUST KEEPING IT 💯 Bro . FAIR EXCHANGE, THEREFORE THERE IS NO ROBBERY.

    • Shallbric

      You hit your head.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Keep goin bro 💪🏾

  • kitkat lovers
    kitkat lovers


  • Go With The Flo
    Go With The Flo

    This is some Buddhist monk shit, this man needs to be in the olympics

  • Kanye East
    Kanye East

    Fake. You clearly land on something halfway thru. Nice try tho

    • Shallbric

      It’s real. He actually can jump this far.

  • OliAnims

    How the fuck?

    • Shallbric

      He’s just good

  • Rakeem Bowdry
    Rakeem Bowdry

    Look like he jumped into a different neighborhood as well lol

  • Iloverobux Robuxx
    Iloverobux Robuxx

    100 people did it before you bro

  • Judith Hetherington
    Judith Hetherington


  • juss joolz powell
    juss joolz powell


  • BraaapAllDay

    Go do long jumps

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall

    Fuck no 😯 mind blown 🤯

  • Kareem C. TV
    Kareem C. TV

    That's whts up. Can you do us a favor and post the original video/ fast copy