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  • mark Halliday
    mark Halliday


  • Wisconsin aquatics
    Wisconsin aquatics

    I love how excited he was to be there listing off facts that he knew about the fish as he passed by, you could totally tell during the tour he was meeting all the cast from his favorite show. If I ever get to visit you can expect the same enthusiasm from me lol

  • Omar Acevedo
    Omar Acevedo

    This video sponsored by Bud Light 😜

    • OFR Behind The Scenes
      OFR Behind The Scenes


  • Tong Tong Lia Channel
    Tong Tong Lia Channel


  • Steven Bissonnette
    Steven Bissonnette

    When is Hubert goin in the monster pond???

  • Vicki K
    Vicki K

    What a beautiful family. Those kids are totes adorbes!

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen

    Keep it up reap and you might be hired by Museum or an aquarium someplace LOL. Here we have platinum's and alligators LMAO.🤣🤣 thanks for the smiles

  • Jay 78
    Jay 78

    The fish underneath the angels??? That's the Dorodado!! 😉🤣🤣

    • Jay 78
      Jay 78

      @OFR Behind The Scenes LOL!! ❤

    • OFR Behind The Scenes
      OFR Behind The Scenes

      Yes it is :)

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose

    Love those Goldfish !

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose

    Lol this is sad , even Brutus is taller than I am lol

  • allcrit

    Love reapers energy

  • Jurrie Kamp
    Jurrie Kamp

    You're doing an amazing job Reaper

  • Elvin D'souza
    Elvin D'souza


  • Debbie Oakes
    Debbie Oakes

    Good job showing the fish. Play safe have fun.

  • Of The Dawn
    Of The Dawn

    Poor kid breathing moisture in his lungs

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson

    tour #8,942 ive seen, look forward to other content :)

  • Brandon

    great video

  • Rico Berry
    Rico Berry

    Morning Reaper nice video love the tour 👍🏼👍🏼 Is My bed time now 😴 SIN 🇸🇬

  • James Seitz
    James Seitz

    I'm from Rochester NY!

  • Chiccenhawk C
    Chiccenhawk C


  • Melissa F.
    Melissa F.

    Great tour Reaper. U have learned so much in a short time. Theses videos keep getting better.

  • Cayte Jablow
    Cayte Jablow

    Reaper, you rattle off the names of the fish like a !pro! I like that family

  • Alex Yumam
    Alex Yumam

    Enjoying that bud light lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Audri Sampson
    Audri Sampson

    Rio is looking good on 14:06!

  • Dennis Feldmann
    Dennis Feldmann

    Stay fishy Reaper. Like your videos. I've had aquariums most of my and on occasion miss pronounced a fish or two 🙃 no one is perfect!!!

  • leigh shelton
    leigh shelton

    Hello, reaper. can you ask Rich to look at his messages on FB please and you of course?

    • leigh shelton
      leigh shelton

      @OFR Behind The Scenes thanks me old mucker

    • OFR Behind The Scenes
      OFR Behind The Scenes

      Ok will do

  • Lion Chavez
    Lion Chavez

    Beautiful family, great video. Thanks for the fine start to the day Reaper.

  • Muzamil Ahmed S
    Muzamil Ahmed S

    it has happened again it has happened again i think i should come and hold signs for reap when he is doing the tours

  • Russ Underhill
    Russ Underhill

    Thank you again Reaper and Big Rich me and my family had a great time an experience will never forget

    • OFR Behind The Scenes
      OFR Behind The Scenes

      Awesome russ it was great having you here

  • Nolas


  • Shelley 🐝
    Shelley 🐝

    I love your tours Reap , I hope one day you can give me a tour round ❤❤❤❤

  • Scott J. Parisi
    Scott J. Parisi

    Reap needs more videos with Bud Light in hand. Was so bummed when he didn't say Dwight Howard was a football player. Ha

  • D Hammes
    D Hammes

    There needs to be on each tank the breed of each fish and the names of the named fish so there’s no confusion but reaper there is No such thing as (white diamond Stingrays) Putting names of the fish would cut out all the confusion of what they are and what their names are talk about it to big rich I think they would look really nice even if it’s written on tape or a piece of paper

    • OFR Behind The Scenes
      OFR Behind The Scenes

      Actually that is what they are called there a strain of very white big spotted black diamond . Higher in price . Some people call them super white or white diamond. And alot of other names too

    • Matthew Robinson
      Matthew Robinson

      written on tape or paper? if they gonna do something like that, which i dont think they should since they constantly move fish around, i would use a label maker

  • Bucky DoeDowner
    Bucky DoeDowner

    REAPER... what happened to the small redtails that came in, in buckets????????? No mention of them or visual of them since they were brought in. Did they die???

    • OFR Behind The Scenes
      OFR Behind The Scenes

      I did mention and I can see 1 there in there

  • PHOENIX Firebird
    PHOENIX Firebird

    I can so relate to that person, he was totally Geeked out there's like wonderland for people like him hehe 🤝

    • Jeffrey Eden
      Jeffrey Eden

      I would be holding a Budlight too 😂

    • Jeffrey Eden
      Jeffrey Eden

      That would be me too.

  • biggaizbetta

    “This is my EX lady” 😂😂😂😂 stay fishy my friends


      LMAO best quote ever for ofr

    • Adam'S MaAaD FishLife
      Adam'S MaAaD FishLife

      Lmao I caught that too 💀 🤣

    • Matthew Robinson
      Matthew Robinson

      this is my son and my daughter and their mother, seems easy

    • Mario Alvarez
      Mario Alvarez

      He wasn’t sure how to introduce her 🤣🤣

  • biggaizbetta

    Good morning from Brooklyn, NY

  • notzameer_the_goat


  • shane lynch
    shane lynch

    Just waiting to see what fish reaper names wrong on this tour🤣

    • biggaizbetta

      😂😂😂😂😂 leave reaper alone….. I’m waiting also

  • Zach Polzin
    Zach Polzin

    Good morning from Wisconsin stay fishy

  • terrietime, Oldest and Baddest
    terrietime, Oldest and Baddest

    Good Morning From Texas, Stay Fishy

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