Mickey's Descent Into Madness
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  • ezza L
    ezza L

    Why is this so fucking great

  • ratatoing1943


  • JASPER 316
    JASPER 316

    Now thats a punchline

  • Ataraxia

    Donald’s Wife (Daisy) his nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck) I just love all those details and off cameos, this is 🔥

  • Gaman Gaman
    Gaman Gaman

    Soooo is Donald dead or what?

  • doxskew

    Absolutely brilliant tom

  • Depressed Hombre
    Depressed Hombre

    Wow do you have PTSD man? This is just like a real life dive into psychosis

  • ezza L
    ezza L

    As if they added that mickey was a sleeper agent

  • TheInfernalDream

    If Disney takes this down, it will become canon

  • shotgunmonkey55


  • Дмитрий Кыржинаков
    Дмитрий Кыржинаков

    "Its is your fault god damn it" "Stop right there Donald" "He wouldn't listen!" "We have never choice" "He turned us into fucking killers!"

  • LookingGlass ✔️
    LookingGlass ✔️

    Mickey's Ladder

  • A.B.

    this was absolutely amazing man good shit, all that hard work is well appreciated!

  • trailoffiends

    The dialogue is cringy at times despite being a parody, but good work on animation.

  • Beng Teck Chua
    Beng Teck Chua

    I got an ad featuring another mouse...albeit and electric one

  • RooFue

    Is it possible that everything that happened during the Mickey time line was not 100% the truth . My theory is that Sgt Gibson was killed on a mission in Vietnam however it was not Micky. Everything we see besides the last 2 scenes is Mickey not coping with “goofies” death. This would mean that most of the Scenes drawn in the Disney theme where fake memories/ lies told by a unreliable narrator. It would explain the warped truth that is presented to the audience and the cuts between the truth and Mickey struggles to handle reality. In short it’s Micky trying to come to terms with the death of his mate , he is guilt riddled and unable to accept reality . In this state he resorts to mixing cartoons from childhood with the truth in a attempt to drown out the guilt he feels for his mates death years after they all happened

  • Fraser 2
    Fraser 2

    Can anyone tell me what the ending song is? Ive been trying to find out for ages

  • QwertyBoi

    Goodbye original thumbnail

  • Mr Drake
    Mr Drake

    Can’t wait for the Disney voice cut!

  • Keian Hudson
    Keian Hudson

    It gets better every time I watch it

  • TheInfernalDream

    Matthew Gafford fucking nails this! My favorite voice actor!

  • Joshua Austria
    Joshua Austria

    The most realistic Micky mouse episode I ever watched

  • Metal_Gear_Rayquaza

    Donald: "If this had been leaked, the war would've.....Christ...my nephews would still be alive." Me: "Uhhh......Duck Tales....woo hoo? Yeah I'm never looking at that show the same way again..."

  • joe aubuchon
    joe aubuchon

    So I'm confused on one thing. Is Donald dead? I'm assuming this was a fucky timeline and the first half happened after the second.

  • Dj Small
    Dj Small

    This actually made me cry lol

  • Bis45

    This... was a lot more than I expected going in. Bravo man, Bravo, I feel like I just watched a full length movie

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • Blood Angel
    Blood Angel

    My Grandfather survived Vietnam and he couldn't stop screaming every night and we couldn't let him go outside near trees very often or for long because he'd reach for his guns and start shouting "MAX! MAX! THEY'RE IN THE TREES!" When he took his life 6 years ago after he was diagnosed with dementia he left me a note it said only 3 words "I'm so sorry....."

  • Tengku Muliya
    Tengku Muliya

    Wait why did this reminds me of a certain movie? The name slipped my mind right now, but the narration, the tone, is eerily reminiscing of that said movie. Anyone? Minuteman

  • Lautaro

    Pero lpm este es una de las mejores cosas que he visto simplemente épico 10/10

  • Zeronial

    Wait, Mickey kept the file...but never leaked it. Huh, I was under the impression that he had a change of heart some time later and leaked it but began regretting his pointless action during the war. However, based on Donald's reaction, it simply never got leaked and the war played out. Another interesting note is that it seems that the US knew he had the file and tried to have him destroy it through mental programming.

  • Godisdead Fuckyducky
    Godisdead Fuckyducky

    Mickey and goofy probably would have happened to them uzmilk.info/number/j9xr266lg4mcgJw/video.html if Mickey and goofy tried to publish the document

  • Spooky Toilet Man
    Spooky Toilet Man

    I expected this to be a funny haha Mickey Vietnam thing but it turned out to be some of the most high quality animation and story telling I've ever seen. The way you use actual mental disorders and portray them accurately and use them to add to the story is amazing. The visuals are stunning and cryptic. The music seems to tie everything together and draw you in, and the story is unique, different, and shines a light on the true horrors of the human psyche. It isn't just you delving into one mental disorder, but connecting them into a story of tragedy and past trauma. The way you expertly use the setting of Vietnam and how much of a toll it has taken on Mickey. How the human mind can't handle a certain amount of trauma. You took a silly idea and turned it into one of the most heart-wrenching and intricate displays of mental disorders and the effects of those on one's self and others. I appreciate every ounce of effort you put into this, and I hope it never gets forgotten. What a beautiful piece of media you've made.

  • Kodesuper

    Why is he quoting the bible

  • the

    If Donald had his actual voice it would have made me die

  • KoruKinshi

    OH!!! I just caught that as soon as Goofy fades away, he changes into Gabriel Gibson. Fuck, that was stealthy as fuck. The more I watch this, the more I see things I missed previously.

  • luka nakashia
    luka nakashia

    can someone tell song names?

  • :D hello
    :D hello

    I am. A fish -Micky 2021

  • Rowan Dave
    Rowan Dave

    not so hot ngl

  • alexander aflalo
    alexander aflalo

    my G-d this is beautiful.....and Meatcanyon was Donald?....Sh-t....

  • je'mond

    I keep coming back to this. I deadass have watched this 12 times now. You’ve taken my childhood, spun it around and gave it incredible tones I never would’ve imagined. You’ve done an incredible fucking job with this man. Absolutely stunning.

  • SERIO94

    MGS vibes

  • Platinum Cielo
    Platinum Cielo

    Dang this was Like on another level !

  • sour peas
    sour peas

    how does he keep making more

  • Blurys

    Remaster your first video please

  • Bertrum Arthur
    Bertrum Arthur

    This is better than the new SW trilogy and phase 4 MCU all put together.

  • kyle cooper
    kyle cooper

    Theres so much profound symbolism in this. Its a masterstroke of story telling.

  • Ascurax

    11:05 "What is America?" Life. "What is Vietnam?" Death. "What is country?" Everything. "what do you remember from the mission?" Nothing. "What do you remember about sergeant Gabriel Gibson?" Goofy. "What do you remember about your childhood?" Everything. "What do you remember about Vietnam?" Nothing. "Are you a traitor?" No. "Did you destroy the documents?" Yes. "What is reality?" Nothing. This part hit so fucking hard

  • Savage Gamers
    Savage Gamers

    amazing animation very thought provoking beautiful and mysterious keeps you wanting more

  • No Yes
    No Yes

    I don’t understand, I mean, I get most of it, but the part I don’t understand is the parts where they’re in their animal forms compared to their human forms. They’re the same entity’s, correct? But why did their appearances change?

    • UCP Connoisseur
      UCP Connoisseur

      Mickey's coping mechanism for the effects of MK-Ultra ended up with him viewing the world through a child like lens. He specifically remembers watching Mickey mouse and so he mentally applies it to real life to cope with the mental stress and guilt of his actions

    • Науэль 2002
      Науэль 2002


  • Human Being
    Human Being

    that end credits scene is actually really depressing

  • Wyatt Brown
    Wyatt Brown

    Me, when TheMinuteHour and MeatCanyon are on another video, and it's deep- Ungh

  • Ty Manson
    Ty Manson

    Watched them all in a row and the animation got so goodm

  • Jerry Lopez
    Jerry Lopez

    When goofy disappears you can see a human face at the last second

  • ja mane
    ja mane

    This is a work of art

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian

    I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

  • Vũ Anh Tú
    Vũ Anh Tú

    Is it just me or the portrait of Mickey in the thumbnail looks exactly like ChinChin-The Dark Lord?

  • OGC Haxzor
    OGC Haxzor

    This is so perfect!

  • jack winter
    jack winter

    I feel this will be apart of me and I will never forget

  • The Doom Slayer
    The Doom Slayer

    Whats the name of the end song? 13:17

  • jayden sturges
    jayden sturges

    why hasnt this won an oscar already???

  • mannhouse

    I haven't had a near mental breakdown like this since Spec Ops: The Line. Amazing stuff. 10/10 I can only hope to make something half as good as this one day.

  • Emilio Blanco
    Emilio Blanco

    You are a monster!!!! That was amazing!!!

  • Mariogamer99

    Goddamn masterpiece.

  • The Sloop
    The Sloop


  • your local gamer
    your local gamer

    if Disney copyrights all of the Disney fanmade fils you made. then its official cannon

  • Jackson Sealand
    Jackson Sealand

    this is the saddest shit I've ever seen

  • The Gongoolzler
    The Gongoolzler

    This is truly a master piece

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi


  • The-Redacted Computer
    The-Redacted Computer

    This vodeo kinda reminds me of what John Rambo said "It wasnt my war, you asked me I didnt ask you. Then I see those maggots at the airport protesting me, spitting. Calling me baby killer and other vile crap, not knowing what the hell theyre yelling about. For you, Civilian life means nothing to me. In the field we had a code of honor, you watch my back I watch yours. Back here I cant even get a job PARKING CAAAARRRRRSSSS"

  • Jhon Doe
    Jhon Doe

    A meme that turned into a masterpiece

  • Amatsu Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Mikaboshi

    Need to oscar

  • Ian

    Mikey mouse

  • charmander 2077
    charmander 2077

    Una puta obra de arte, es lo mejor que vi en mi vida

  • Dayspast


  • Some Random Lizard
    Some Random Lizard

    I genuinely cant tell if these are supposed to be sad or funny And i kinda dont want to know

    • Gunhappyninja

      @Some Random Lizard Those are the more shitpost kind of vids lol. These are the serious ones.

    • Some Random Lizard
      Some Random Lizard

      @Gunhappyninja hm. The weird high pitched voices in some videos make it seem funny. It may be a mix of botj

    • Gunhappyninja

      It's more sad, Mick is living with the guilt of killing Goofy and ruining Max's life. His mind was also completely scrambled after they interrogated and injected shit into him after Vietnam. That's why he saw everything as Disney characters, he couldn't discern reality from cartoons he used to watch as a kid.

  • Yeselectro

    Better than anything I've watched on UZmilk so far, congrats Tom

  • blanaobla

    whats the song on the end called? i would really apreciate if somebody awnsered me

  • That local F.B.I agent
    That local F.B.I agent

    How does god make up for abandoned churches.

  • Daniel Berrios
    Daniel Berrios

    the mickey mouse war-criminal trilogy > The dark knight trilogy

  • The Ultimate Meme Lord
    The Ultimate Meme Lord

    10:00 Goofy: Mickey, it's been 23 years, you still owe me 16 dollars. Mickey:.......fuck off. Goofy: WHERE'S MA HYUK'N MONEY?!


    11:00 He really don't have anything he can do for himself and his best friend. he could back at that time though.

  • Duth Van der linde
    Duth Van der linde

    How is no one talking about the music

  • defunct account
    defunct account

    I love this

  • Akish

    Oh my god.

  • Diego Herrera
    Diego Herrera

    I really need or need an alternative ending, I don't know that instead of goofy, Mickey dies but in the United States after having given the classified information to the press

  • The K.K Show
    The K.K Show

    I’m so proud of you dude. I was here when the first video was made of this Mickey series, and I love how it ended. It all makes sense now if you watch the videos In a particular order

  • Aiđây ta
    Aiđây ta

    I believe for videos over 1 mil views this one has the highest like to dislike ratio (1 dislike per 300 likes). Just goes to show how a masterpiece this is

  • Squire Fungus
    Squire Fungus

    Jesus, this really is still good.

  • Hedge Earthridge
    Hedge Earthridge

    I have been thinking so hard about the timeline between all the videos. I think this is like a canon that continually comes into clearer view, with more details added and incorrect details corrected. Like in "Mickey Never Came Home", Goofy said "Tell my kids I love them". Here we get a clearer picture, Goofy actually said "Tell my Maxie I love him". Also, the picture on the floor; we see them as real people, instead of disney characters. It's why I think Mickey didn't really off himself, like happened in the first video. We just saw a less fuzzy account of the story, where Donald rescues him. Still, the whole kidnapping thing is hard to explain, and I wonder if it was even real, or if it was just Mickey's psychosis. And Mickey said he destroyed the documents during the brainwashing. Either way, I think the Canon is still not completely focused and some details are still intentionally hazy. Maybe another video is in the works?! Hopefully so!

  • ahmed

    dam that shit1 hit hard good the artstyle and every this in it

  • StrikeEdge105

    Wait... Goofy is Stephen Lynch? The comedy musician behind Special Fred and Damn That's an Ugly Baby, Stephen Lynch?

  • Shaggybot

    That was so sad

  • Jonny Joker
    Jonny Joker

    That sound track is fire

  • Kelp khan
    Kelp khan

    this is actually a prequel to "mickey was here" because mickey, after his visit to the abandoned church, took the taxi to his apartment which we see in "mickey was here". The first time he tried to kill himself was before donald was kidnapped so he actually tried to kill himself twice and succeeded on the 2nd attempt.

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson

    Dude this kind of hits harder since Afghanistan has fallen.....


    So basically we werent seeing mickey but someone that sees the world as cartoons after the war.

  • Joshua Steyn
    Joshua Steyn

    im pound to watch this

  • Matthew Chaves
    Matthew Chaves

    This is really good (an understatement) but this is a kid's show lol

  • Basicaly i do STUPID STUF
    Basicaly i do STUPID STUF

    So is goofy liutenant or sergeant

"Should I quit?"
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"Should I quit?"
160 ming