the most popular foods on the internet kinda suck
I went to and typed in Food and sorted by Most Popular and am now stuffing what I found into my face. Besides McDonald's McNuggets the rest make me nervous.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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  • Ava Salinas
    Ava Salinas

    You can get sick from eating aloe if it was not cleaned

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl

    Wow Kassie, Josh (Dw I know thats not his true name) has grown so much... Is he a German Shephard... I love that breed.. Plus going to get one myself soon.. i hope :)

  • Israt Parvin
    Israt Parvin

    Actually my mom gives me a whole Chili pepper for me it is like why is it so sweet like a chocolate instead of hot?!!!🤔🤨🤨😅🤣

  • yara gamez
    yara gamez

    A kitten eating another animal is messed up or am I the only one the realised it?

  • Ompfuna Nthambeleni
    Ompfuna Nthambeleni

    Gloom:eating the nugget Me:can I take that trough the screen🥺 👉👈

  • Pretty butterfly playz
    Pretty butterfly playz

    Why am I awake it's 5:00

  • Himaya

    Oh no Kassie. Try putting chopped onions and diced tomatoes on your Sea grapes.

  • lily

    i burnt my thumbs too and i have blisters now

  • Paiges Gaming World
    Paiges Gaming World



    I love josh he is so cute I just want to cuddle him

  • Sanvi Devanshi
    Sanvi Devanshi

    Kassie like as soon as you put that chicken nuggets in your mouth I was like nooooo I want them

  • • qlover •
    • qlover •

    I’d reccomend soaking the allow in sugar water over night so its not so bitter. im surrised it didn’t seem bitter for you 😳 also what dog breed is *josh* ? he reminds me of a black german shephard. he’s adorable

  • llena

    Fun fact when your Mouth waters too much it means your gonna puke

  • Chaii Atashi
    Chaii Atashi

    why do want to eat the chicken nuggies? anyone else though? and the honey-

    • Chaii Atashi
      Chaii Atashi

      I’m so depressing I will reply to my own comment.

  • JJamesgames

    Kittens aren’t supposed to have pig.. they can’t digest it..

  • Angela Katerina Fechete
    Angela Katerina Fechete

    I love the honey cone

  • LillaLovis Soot
    LillaLovis Soot

    I started crying when I saw the chicken nuggets

  • •ʙᴏʙᴀ ᴄᴀᴛ•
    •ʙᴏʙᴀ ᴄᴀᴛ•

    Fun Fact-Sea Grapes taste better with a sauce :)

  • Nightshade_The _Dragon
    Nightshade_The _Dragon

    I’m eating really golden honey come and it’s delicious

  • Ella Mills
    Ella Mills

    i love whenever youtubers or really anyone is so clueless about anything to do with bees 😂😂 my dad is a beekeeper and so i know so many things about bees that it feels like i actually know something 😂

  • O n y x
    O n y x

    “Josh” is so big now jeez

  • Elena Bowe
    Elena Bowe


  • Vani Menon
    Vani Menon

    yummm I love nuggets

  • Vani Menon
    Vani Menon

    awww I love how you made your name from Kassie and gloom to kartha gweret sry for wrong sppeling I am only 11 sry but I also love how you made his name into josh

  • Eric Oliver
    Eric Oliver

    Who else thought when she said "Now while I eat this disgusting garbage." You're thought she mentioned the chicken nuggets 😂

  • jduker3869

    What happened to you and Azzyland? 🥺

  • Nora Lysaught
    Nora Lysaught

    1:45 kassie:some of these muckbOng- I- DID YOU JUST SAY MUCKBONG

  • Gracie Wade
    Gracie Wade

    *my grandma uses aloe as medicine…not food…*

  • Anonymous Idiot
    Anonymous Idiot

    I just cry every time i see a Kartha Gewart video… I am literally sobbing into my pillow, and only ogs know why

  • Tammy Westfall
    Tammy Westfall

    Josh is my dad’s name

  • Lotti Carr
    Lotti Carr

    My mouth is watering I WANT THAT SPICE

  • Shake ur beauty With Janine Amato
    Shake ur beauty With Janine Amato

    I miss the lil one😭

  • Kaitlin Kavanagh
    Kaitlin Kavanagh

    i went on vacation a couple years ago and we did this bee hive thing and got to eat the honey. it was delicious at first but then the wax just tasted sooooo bad

  • Dark Slayer X2
    Dark Slayer X2


  • Merlin Aldan
    Merlin Aldan

    [USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Tuesday, 04 May 20211620089387Tuesday

  • Acacia Plays
    Acacia Plays

    I have aloe Vera I ate it before it tastes like grass and hand sanitizer mixed👽🤮

  • Story Animation Girl
    Story Animation Girl

    Kartha: Eating sea grapes. Me: Eating ramen noddles

  • Měiwèi húntún
    Měiwèi húntún


  • CookieDxstiny :D
    CookieDxstiny :D

    You could put the sea grapes in cold water before serving and put it for longer, so the inside will be like a pop of saltiness, the outside would have no flavour and it would be delishous :sparkles:

  • Julija Varkulevičiūtė
    Julija Varkulevičiūtė

    It's so painful tu watch Kartha eat chicken nuggets while I'm in bed sick and too lazy to get out

  • ꧁Clouded Freedom꧂
    ꧁Clouded Freedom꧂

    Every time I see her new dog I almost cry. I haven’t watched her in awhile (like since the death) so it’s still fresh..

    • Unicorn lord Plorigane
      Unicorn lord Plorigane

      @꧁Clouded Freedom꧂ yah. I don't watch her much anymore. It's just different.

    • ꧁Clouded Freedom꧂
      ꧁Clouded Freedom꧂

      Unicorn lord Plorigane I miss him a lot. He’s always been there. She was my entire childhood and having him gone just.. I don’t know, I can’t explain it, it just feels so wrong

    • Unicorn lord Plorigane
      Unicorn lord Plorigane

      Same 🥺

  • Croissant

    Apparently aloe tastes like how it looks

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl

    Nobody :.... Me: making josh with my foot

  • Bella Minor
    Bella Minor

    How dare you still love that dog and not love the cheese dog I forgot his name but how dare you love that dog and not love the cheese dog when he's dead you should put a picture up on your frame in a pretend that your dog if you don't I will be mad if you don't I will come to your house put 10,000 pictures of your doll on the walls anyway if you don't I will do that forgive you mmmmmmmm 5 days for you to put a picture up on that wall if you don't I will be mad and I will come to your house but 10,000 pictures on your walls so you better do it uwu

  • Nina Willcox
    Nina Willcox

    LOL at 10:58 when she gagged my stomach rumbled at the same time and it scared me so bad. XD

  • Izod Freeman
    Izod Freeman

    Gloom os the only chanell i watch

  • •Boba Friends•
    •Boba Friends•

    eats maahmellow so will not e sad about not haveing that food(

  • C Cappa
    C Cappa

    Me after watching: MOM CAN U BUY ME A HONEYCOMB

  • Jo Animations
    Jo Animations

    i saw a honeycomb video and the person was gonna take a bite BUT DIDN'T NOTICE THE BEE O IT AND THEY ATE THE BEE

  • Potato

    If you eat aloe for fun you spit in ppl mouths when you kiss

  • ツ ŁEM0NADE_Ł0VER ツ
    ツ ŁEM0NADE_Ł0VER ツ

    What happened to your other dog :(

  • Prasanna D
    Prasanna D

    I wish I didnt see this because I am starting to get hungry

  • Ethan Mackey
    Ethan Mackey



    I love how kassie is eating Spicy noodles when I’m sitting here eating spicy chips

  • Kee Hebe
    Kee Hebe

    Me too 😄😄😄

  • Zofia Wojciechowska
    Zofia Wojciechowska


  • Chenji Oppa
    Chenji Oppa

    9:29 I once had a strawberry aloe drink lol

  • Lyra Samantha Lupas
    Lyra Samantha Lupas

    I like eating the sea grapes, but we have them fresh from the market/sea. They are really crunchy, and they are salty like the sea, but not too salty.

  • Alisa Aksakal
    Alisa Aksakal

    I’m eating noodles rn and I’m imagining that green thing in my mouth😭

  • Hxttibunny Gaming
    Hxttibunny Gaming

    Kassie: “should I eat the nuggets to put out the fire?”

  • Rainbow Rome TV
    Rainbow Rome TV

    ive always wanted to tast a honey com

  • Evelyn Kennedy
    Evelyn Kennedy

    UMMMM she ate the wax

  • christina law
    christina law

    honeycomb is soooo sweet

  • Jadess Alberto
    Jadess Alberto

    Does anybody remember when it was her and Ziggy pumpernickel or Prince a boo-boo

  • Shannon Piasente
    Shannon Piasente

    I hate spicy

  • katelyn beaver
    katelyn beaver

    Is josh your new dog?

  • pink_ graves
    pink_ graves

    with the Aloe Vera thing, my mom used to rub Aloe Vera juice on my sunburns... which were usually on my face TvT

  • Rainbow Ryde
    Rainbow Ryde

    I love honey comb

  • Claire Nugget
    Claire Nugget

    I approve U-U

  • Claire Nugget
    Claire Nugget


  • Claire Nugget
    Claire Nugget


  • Samuel Mills
    Samuel Mills

    The honey comb tho 🤤 very satisfying

  • Callie Star Nova
    Callie Star Nova

    was she drinking iced tea

  • moon gacha with anime
    moon gacha with anime

    It's kinda sad that i have to watch food video so i can eat

  • GalaxyGirl Games
    GalaxyGirl Games

    0:08 listen to her voice and then listen to this 0:52

  • Dakota Paisley
    Dakota Paisley

    hey Gloom! I just want you to try this out so if you put chapstick on the bottom of your chin then eat spicey food it helps you handle it a lot more like I've seen a different youtuber do this and she said its helped her handle it a lot more so if you wanna try that out next time you eat spicey food please do!

  • Amanda Mooney
    Amanda Mooney

    I love how she’s exited to eat something and than she hates it🤗

  • Danna Playz
    Danna Playz

    Why do people think her name is Kartha did you guys just started watching her- cuz her name is Kassie 😂

  • Gjorgi Gjorgievski
    Gjorgi Gjorgievski

    When you use shopstick like me and gloom:👁👄👁👌

  • Gjorgi Gjorgievski
    Gjorgi Gjorgievski

    Its acult see grass ;w;

  • Veda's fun time
    Veda's fun time

    I love hot food

  • Itz_lolipop

    Where is..TERRY 🧐☹

  • Adriana Tamayo
    Adriana Tamayo

    That’s because their Russian that’s how they eat the sea grapes

  • SylvanosFan11

    Al-jay 😂

  • Pig Kamado
    Pig Kamado

    you are my queen

  • I_like_mangos :P
    I_like_mangos :P

    I ran face first into a wall UwU

  • fgtvee girl and spynigas
    fgtvee girl and spynigas

    My cosen named josh to

  • Amelia Sweebe
    Amelia Sweebe

    how come josh didnt go to the josh fights????

  • Emerald Rain
    Emerald Rain

    the real question is: Did Josh attend the Josh fight?

  • Emma Shea
    Emma Shea

    When she shows the aloe vera “oh no oh no oh no no no no no”

  • Mxddison Dxmon
    Mxddison Dxmon

    0:46: *mUkBoNg*


    I like the Sally’s face videos and I think this is my new favorite 😂

  • Lucy Bromilow
    Lucy Bromilow

    The green plant thing just tastes like warm cucumber!

  • Willow Kelly
    Willow Kelly

    You’re hilarious I wish I was you

  • •Røsy-Chān•

    Anjing - sorry Josh is really adorable

  • Drina Mcfarlane
    Drina Mcfarlane

    Kassie: *wiggles* Sorry.. the sea caviar. *dies*

  • Drina Mcfarlane
    Drina Mcfarlane

    Kassie: 'Sorry that's gross you can cut that' *chuckles* Editor: nope.

  • Drina Mcfarlane
    Drina Mcfarlane

    MukbUng ~ Kassie 2021

  • MaddyBeth 11
    MaddyBeth 11

    Milk takes away the fire hot taste cassie!!!!!

  • Nero

    0:23 I'm traumatised 😅