The situation of dribbling the ball qge

  • El Canops
    El Canops

    Jose mourinho .. 2.5 seasons = 3 trophies ..nd everyone complained against him .. Ole .. 2.5 seasons - 0 trophies .. Nobody have issues .. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 義學實驗室04

    A new video link on screen at the end of this video ,i can't see full video . can you turn off this link ?or add some black screen to avoid this?

  • X78 Football
    X78 Football

    David de gea let me down

  • Chhen Ksatrei
    Chhen Ksatrei

    WHO KNOWS?😥😥😥 Still Support you no matter what..

    • Adan Kerka
      Adan Kerka

      Adufu Vhkh

  • โอ๊คคค แลนนนด์ อ่างทอง
    โอ๊คคค แลนนนด์ อ่างทอง

    ท่านเซอร์คือพ่อผู้สร้างอนาคตให้ลูกๆ​ถึงแพ้แต่ชนะใจแฟนผีและแฟนบอลทุกทีมทั่วโลก​ เปฌนนัดที่แพ้แต่ไม่มีใครโกรธโทษใคร​โกรธไม่ลง มีแต่เสียดายเสียใจที่ได้เห็นน้ำนาลูกผู้ชายของนักเตะที่รักในดวงใจ​ ตำนานในใจตลอดไผตลอดกาล​ #สาวกแมน​ยู​

  • Benedict Samson
    Benedict Samson

    Ole should have won this season EPL Man City had an injury issue and still came from wherever they are on the EPL table to win the league if not for Liverpool and Chelsea having the same too do you think Ole had a chance to finish 2nd let alone 4th. So Manchester United is now a team celebrating 2nd position as an achievement with a Fergie Boy that is happy to be a YES BOY to the Glazers as long as they allow him to be the Coach. And he is about to get a contract again. Pathetic

  • Rosdiman Hj Lamit
    Rosdiman Hj Lamit

    average team..

  • Tú Tô
    Tú Tô

    United chicken :))

  • Diagouraga Modibo
    Diagouraga Modibo

    United is the best

  • Kurosaki Ichigo
    Kurosaki Ichigo

    David De Goa

    • Dany Hermawan
      Dany Hermawan

      @Kurosaki Ichigo nice english there.. u are from the unknown place i bet


      @Kurosaki Ichigo no bro... U are not doing correct bro... Try to understand.... David de gea is only a goal keeper dont troll him... Troll trashford... He missed the open chance

    • Kurosaki Ichigo
      Kurosaki Ichigo

      @ROCKY BOSS yeah,I'm was trolling 👍


      Are u trolling him or just praising him??

  • Philip Quist
    Philip Quist

    Hahahahaha so glad united lost

    • Anas Nazeer
      Anas Nazeer

      @DIRECTIONER FOR LIFE awww keep crying ha ..


      One day even you will cry when your team will loose

  • Hanny Sayang
    Hanny Sayang

    1-1 coy

  • SC Electrical
    SC Electrical


  • guntor clement
    guntor clement

    Since utd love to much penelty the refree them 10 penelty in a is that..always runner up.

  • Its Fabio
    Its Fabio

    We love united, lose or winning❤

    • iconicmesii

      @Its Fabio trashford the main reason

    • Shashwat Tiwari
      Shashwat Tiwari

      @Its Fabio the team is shit. the management is shit.the players are below average. you don't play dickheads in a world class team like united. I felt so sad for SAF as he came on guiding players even though deep down he knows they're complete shit. It is the shittiest United with bang on average players.

    • Its Fabio
      Its Fabio

      In my opinion, there are 2 factors that made Man utd lose, 1 ole inexperienced at the final site, and a down in de gea performance

    • Anggri Defentri Putra
      Anggri Defentri Putra

      but mu never winning again since Ferguson Lol