100 Days - [Minecraft Nether]
100 Days in Minecraft's Nether is quite the challenge. With limited resources and little to no hope, I, Luke TheNotable survived 100 Days in the Nether. I hope you enjoy!

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Thumbnail Art - Maeder

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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

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    • Chhuanawmi Khiangte
      Chhuanawmi Khiangte

      Do 200 days pls

    • Wolfe Starships
      Wolfe Starships


    • yuRp

      U can make nether rich with nether rack

    • neon yellow
      neon yellow

      But the nether is good

    • tankmen

      Good soldiers follow orders

  • Fear&Determination

    2:40 "Ayyy here's the baby! LesgooOOOOO-"

  • Brainy Brick Builder
    Brainy Brick Builder

    He should have made his tools netherite

  • Huntley Bonner
    Huntley Bonner

    They killed the weather when I was five

  • NasserGaming

    What do u use to edit

  • Merola Tarnowski
    Merola Tarnowski

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  • Alina Martin
    Alina Martin

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  • VizzLit

    They- You can't even survive one day in hell........ Luke- oKaY GUys I'vE gAIneD ImMortaLIty iN hEll


    10m Bnx h f j dn an fb hhhhhh Vs jx. Mw. B. V d b ej


    Ks bsn. Ks. Bdks bdk. Ka. Dnba dbh jhhhhhh

  • highdefended

    oh it’s….it’s……MENDING

  • odyff


  • Ataki Braveheart
    Ataki Braveheart

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  • Ewan Cockburn
    Ewan Cockburn


  • Ewan Cockburn
    Ewan Cockburn


  • Ewan Cockburn
    Ewan Cockburn


  • Shadow Apex
    Shadow Apex

    Please do getting Rick Sanchez in one day

  • Rodimus &Knuckles (&Knuckles)
    Rodimus &Knuckles (&Knuckles)

    Yo why isn't this on Netflix

  • aadvik is live
    aadvik is live

    Please make 200 days of duos Minecraft

  • Blake Faunce
    Blake Faunce

    Will we get a 117 drops on halo infinite when I comes out?

  • Jacob

    Wener shot

  • Holden Ashley (DestinyGamer09)
    Holden Ashley (DestinyGamer09)

    Whats the seed?

  • Ted McCorkell
    Ted McCorkell

    Ha I was 7yers old but I trnd 8yers old

  • Mason Melvin
    Mason Melvin

    Nether is one of the best series u done

  • TotallyNoOwl

    You can craft clocks lol

  • Frederik meyer møller
    Frederik meyer møller

    I never knew you could bread hoglings. I guess you can say it was a very notable moment

  • qwertyu sdfghj
    qwertyu sdfghj

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  • The best at video games
    The best at video games


  • Alan Tanner
    Alan Tanner

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  • Slippery Snake Law
    Slippery Snake Law

    "where 3000 day" -monkey

  • DaBearsfan206

    This guy can be really funny and really efficient. You can learn a lot from him.

  • Becky Watkins
    Becky Watkins

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  • Liz Johnson
    Liz Johnson

    Please do 3000 days

  • Al Asmr gaming sounds
    Al Asmr gaming sounds

    7:48 gold

  • KrekerInGaming ITA (KrekerInGaming[ITA])
    KrekerInGaming ITA (KrekerInGaming[ITA])

    Survive in the nether but you have a time limit before you go back to the overwold

  • Aperture Lucas
    Aperture Lucas

    Can you do one with the END

  • Mcnabb Mildred
    Mcnabb Mildred

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  • Teodor Mirkovic
    Teodor Mirkovic

    Wtf 7:48

  • Ewan Stewart
    Ewan Stewart

    He has got so much better that carative 100 days was a really good idea

  • Harrison Arnott
    Harrison Arnott

    15:30 bedrock has had coordinates for ages now lol

  • Mom Masse
    Mom Masse

    Luke you know we can skip whats the point ediding ?

  • Luke Cartin
    Luke Cartin

    14:53 joke didn’t age well ifykyk

  • Mohammed Bilal Ismail
    Mohammed Bilal Ismail

    An you do 100 games of hypixel bedwars plz

  • Bowl


  • jovolotch

    Green... GREEN

  • w117 117
    w117 117


  • Rebegea Alexandru
    Rebegea Alexandru

    Hey! You should try satisfactory.

  • jkl trj
    jkl trj

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    "Clocks Are rare you can't craft them " Me laughing in bedrock edition

  • Genevieve Gumafelix
    Genevieve Gumafelix

    well a lot of people always drop there sword even me even im a kid and wait how did you know that im a kid when you said ''kids''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ataki Braveheart
    Ataki Braveheart

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    Why u alex?

  • idk

    Where is 3000 days?

  • Lana Tomažič
    Lana Tomažič


  • Cole ServentiColeS
    Cole ServentiColeS

    “Wiener shot wiener shot wiener shot, wiener shot.” Luke the Notable- 2021

  • fahrenheit016

    This is freaking awesome, keep on rocking!!

  • Nico Guidone
    Nico Guidone

    after 100 days, you should reward yourself with 1 day through the portal , to farm materials or whatever you want to do.

  • Ethan Hart
    Ethan Hart

    20:15 thought that was a fly on my screen

  • Mr dino
    Mr dino

    You just need a iron pickaxe mine netherite

  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar


  • mohammad ahmad
    mohammad ahmad

    Play fortnite season 7 100 drops

  • Jonathan Reilly
    Jonathan Reilly

    100 hardcore days in VR!!!!!??????

  • Taelah Anderson
    Taelah Anderson

    In the noether

  • azazgg 01
    azazgg 01

    7:48 - 7:49 : UEGH

  • Rem

    A petition to make the 3000 days

    • IwanLad

      He is making it tho…

  • TheTiltedGamer

    If you use silk touch and smelt the gold things you get ingots instead of nuggets

  • noodle master
    noodle master

    Are you going to do more fortnight

    • IwanLad

      Fortnite is shit

  • CODEX 0.3
    CODEX 0.3

    Luke you should try surviving 100 days on hardcore minecraft in the amplified world with only the lowest reder distance.

  • lit times
    lit times


  • gamer

    Luke play chapter 2 season 7

  • nami sann
    nami sann

    Man, stop roasting my mom.

  • KORBIN Lingwoodock
    KORBIN Lingwoodock

    200 days please please please

  • QuoteSTRIKE

    How did u get the water bottles

  • daniel combs
    daniel combs

    luke i think ur going to far with this minecraft thing

  • myatmyat777 myatmyat777
    myatmyat777 myatmyat777

    We need more tors in Minecraft

  • myatmyat777 myatmyat777
    myatmyat777 myatmyat777

    How to you survive In the neather if no Day or night So why did u know is day2

  • Heather Sesker
    Heather Sesker

    I ate a op apple the Eder dragon sill killed me

  • Sindhu suresh
    Sindhu suresh

    100 crore subscribe please

  • Zafri_Adam

    Wait the minute how did you get wool on nether?

    • IwanLad

      String. 4 string : 1 wool block

  • Heather Sesker
    Heather Sesker

    If you name a sheep jeb_ the sheep will cage colers

  • HiIDoStuff

    7:48 luke is notable but im jumpscareable

  • Base Bald
    Base Bald

    Gotta continue this series

  • Alex's Craphole
    Alex's Craphole

    You could argue this is the hardest Minecraft Hardcore vanilla challenge. Also, what happened in the other attempts?

  • pigwigis ,
    pigwigis ,

    nobody noticed how he has hardcore hearts when he went in creative first

  • IgotBlues2who Trejo
    IgotBlues2who Trejo

    What time is in the nether?

  • RandomRoblox Player
    RandomRoblox Player

    The BEST LUCK is spawner next to your favourite wood biome, a bastion, and a fortress AND a family of striders

  • Gankslicks

    waiting for a new halo video day 91

  • Justin Bryan
    Justin Bryan

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  • Aliegha Walls
    Aliegha Walls

    I love your vids

  • A lonely ghost Shadow
    A lonely ghost Shadow

    But bedrock has coordinates 😭

  • Jake and Sophie
    Jake and Sophie

    At 24:06 you turned males into females lol

  • Yxng_Itxchi07

    8:31 Itachi: Im not the only one?

  • pucia mateu
    pucia mateu

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  • Jacob Bagley
    Jacob Bagley


  • Parishon Fagan
    Parishon Fagan


  • Joey Miller
    Joey Miller

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  • Jacob Bagley
    Jacob Bagley

    Plz do 200 days

  • Bernice Smith
    Bernice Smith

    How did you know what day it was if you can not sleep 🤔

  • Y Qiu
    Y Qiu

    Question is, would he then go to the overworld after?