POV everyone is given a mark that defines their status. Red=average Gold = famous

  • Erin Joo
    Erin Joo

    I thought purple was for royalty...?

  • captinknight211

    Tanjiro and yorichii : haha loser

  • Yamariahna Eve Godfrey
    Yamariahna Eve Godfrey

    Haha I have blue circle like moon shape in my shoulder .. but im poor heheehe

  • Nilesh Sundesha
    Nilesh Sundesha

    Can someone explain what’s happening in this video and what is that mark

  • Nor Elianis Norkhairani
    Nor Elianis Norkhairani

    What is this Watpad plot?

  • Mango

    Wtf is this?

  • André Fonseca Miguel
    André Fonseca Miguel

    Now I want to watch the movie

  • please_stream_paintthetownLOONA

    Um I don't really understand, can anyone explain?

  • Jose Lupian lua
    Jose Lupian lua

    Dud plot twist right thier

  • Cleofe Alcantara
    Cleofe Alcantara


  • Nidhi Misra
    Nidhi Misra

    ILY Eliana

  • Sk1mz3yy


  • Park Y/n
    Park Y/n

    It's same drama with Eugene from Indonesia... -_-

  • Destinee Lancaster
    Destinee Lancaster

    The "what.. " tho

  • Sheik S
    Sheik S

    Find the good status

  • Mada Mada
    Mada Mada


  • John Rutherford
    John Rutherford

    Wtf does this mark mean and where does it come from it’s looks like someone just painted your face

  • _Unknown Human_
    _Unknown Human_


  • AgentJones09

    Wut is this mark? This a new trend?

  • ♡Cookie_Swirl♡

    Pt 2

  • TobiDean

    Hahaha....I have Gods mark on my forehead...I am His and His alone

  • Querty_ Cupcakee
    Querty_ Cupcakee

    Its means royalty pov

  • Mrsaw 305
    Mrsaw 305

    The dumbest thing I ever watched

  • Mahogany Silk
    Mahogany Silk


  • Mahogany Silk
    Mahogany Silk

    It is royoltie

  • baby palermo
    baby palermo




  • I Am A Revolutionary
    I Am A Revolutionary

    That’s why you should personalize your color you should love your color

  • Braffacan

    What color is what, I'm color blind

  • Lazexloopz

    Plot twist: Her friend put blue eye shadow on her the night before when she was drunk and she just woke up and pretended that was her mark 🤣

  • kalysta gutierrez
    kalysta gutierrez

    I'm bout to be riiiiiiiiccchhhhh!!!

  • find the other half of my pfp guys
    find the other half of my pfp guys

    *Now this is some real life Gacha sheit right here-*

  • Max R
    Max R


  • Sean

    Why does this have such an uncomfortable feel to it?

  • Amazing Talent
    Amazing Talent

    That 'what' made her realize that she screwed up 🤣

  • just some guy
    just some guy

    Is this based off a book?

  • ro ro
    ro ro

    Movie name?

  • xXCalebrineXx

    Wut is this, I don’t get it, is this some sort of thing I don’t know but others do?

  • William Stiles
    William Stiles

    This is stupid

  • Mama Nuri
    Mama Nuri

    I'm sorry idk why u laughed 😂😂😂

  • Icansa

    Nyesel banget nyembunyiin wkwkwk

  • Josalynn Green
    Josalynn Green

    Divergent who!

  • Rihanna Arouna
    Rihanna Arouna

    Divergent looks different 😳

  • Tk Fiander
    Tk Fiander

    Skin color doesn't matter its what counts on the inside. Be proud of your true colors.

  • NOT SLICED bread
    NOT SLICED bread

    You know there is a one second moment in your brain where your so angry you could kill them I wouldn't shake it of I would kill them

  • Emma Shippey
    Emma Shippey

    This is the SECOND time I've seen this script played today and I am experiencing le angry.

  • Lord Snail Animates
    Lord Snail Animates

    What in the gacha?

  • Jayla Branch
    Jayla Branch

    I am blue because I am hufflepuff and hufflepuff stands for loyalty and royalty

  • Himma Alya Kannajma
    Himma Alya Kannajma

    ngikutin kak angelica bukan si?

  • Anonymous Potato🎃
    Anonymous Potato🎃

    Why not just uncover it then

  • Khloe Komanisi 🎀
    Khloe Komanisi 🎀

    Am I the only one who doesn't know what this mark thing is about 😐

  • Snowy Cynder
    Snowy Cynder

    huh would be a nice movie idea

  • GroovyNipple

    I don’t get it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Presley Jane
    Presley Jane

    I guess it's correct! She is really is royalty!

  • Goat InAHole
    Goat InAHole

    Really nice idea, hope to see it on Netflix soon

  • Taylor Castillo
    Taylor Castillo


  • Linkario86

    In China it's called "Social Credit System"

  • xkanna10cion

    Is it me or the “ just trust me” went so demonic😭

  • The Gay One
    The Gay One

    I’m related to royalty actually. Practically everyone in the uk is tbh. I suppose I’m quite closely related coz I’m half German but it’s honestly not that rare at all

  • Urwomansfantasy

    🤪🙄 looks brown to me, 💩 brown.

  • minimochi

    This reminds my of house of night series. By P.C. Cast and her daughter.

  • Akane Owari-
    Akane Owari-

    Stolen idea.

  • Mow XD
    Mow XD

    คือไร ใครรู้ ;p

  • dantito moraldua
    dantito moraldua

    I actually got a mark and it was bluesh greenish

  • The  editor
    The editor

    She be like :wha?

  • Zandeliis Santana
    Zandeliis Santana


  • John DeBaggis
    John DeBaggis

    I know her, first time seeing someone I know on UZmilk Trending. Good for her, she's a sweet person in real life!

  • Warren Kakwitch
    Warren Kakwitch

    I hope I get blue

  • Midoræ Kun
    Midoræ Kun

    I like how her face made the: "Why tf did you want me to cover it" face

  • Loli4lyf

    blue = lesbian👌 edit : 👌

  • Kamrin Ramsaran
    Kamrin Ramsaran

    I’ve only seen two of her short vids but I like them

  • Kiddos McBride
    Kiddos McBride

    Meh? I'm confused

  • Cheesy Chelsea
    Cheesy Chelsea

    Why y’all keep doing these and saying “cover it up” like why do you need to?-

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B

    Is this from a bigger show or something?

  • Apple Kiwi
    Apple Kiwi

    Plot twist: they copied off of someone 😐

  • Afro Gaming
    Afro Gaming

    The ending tho

  • PrettyPrincess

    Both royally have to get married

  • crytaglia

    ... *w h a t*

  • Cain From Vault-Tec
    Cain From Vault-Tec

    This is meant for kids

  • Ririka Chitose
    Ririka Chitose

    Plot twist: She's colorblind

  • Shalek the Wise
    Shalek the Wise

    What is tik tok doing to people

  • Farhana Riyaz
    Farhana Riyaz

    Why cover it up its blue:Royalty

  • lexi_cringe

    I love the way how she said 'what?'

  • Kaiden Tregear
    Kaiden Tregear

    Omg matching royalty

  • Ayush Soni
    Ayush Soni

    Can someone tell me the name of the background music

  • AmirulIrfan_2009

    I have red on my face but is bigger

  • RawrGaming

    Lesson: Never trust anyone.

  • wilbert Extract
    wilbert Extract

    Should we call khaby lame?

  • Jhi’s makeup
    Jhi’s makeup

    Either someone else copied her or she copied someone because I saw a TikTok just like this on TikTok literally the same but different people in it

  • Dániel Benjámin Andrási
    Dániel Benjámin Andrási

    What the hell is this all about....like did I miss something?

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    "Blue means royalty" Her: Wipes off makeup Them: Wow you're a failure ?

    • Benochops

      Yo my man dont steal other peoples comments

  • SRQ

    I dint understand

  • Kurt Jacob Gianan
    Kurt Jacob Gianan

    That's unexpected

  • meliodas

    : blue means royalty : Me takes off the makeup in one millisecond

  • Shreoshi Saha
    Shreoshi Saha

    Why is everyone getting a mark ? Can anyone explain 🤔

  • Gabe

    How do I see my Mark?

  • sheesh

    your good at acting but this one was cringe ngl

  • vaibhav thathola
    vaibhav thathola

    Wtf..... Who watches this shit...... Whyyyyyy gooooodddd whyyyyyy