I'm NEVER Playing Valorant Again Because Of THIS
I love me some Warzone, but between the cheaters and hackers and uneven weapon balancing, I decided to try some new games. So today I tried Valorant. It has quickly become one of the highest pinging games on Twitch and it seems to be attracting a lot of people in the FPS Genre. I played as Jett because I heard it was an aggro player, and I was absolutely smacked on this play.

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  • PipBoy Fresh
    PipBoy Fresh

    Okay for the record, first time in Valorant and first time KBM 😂 controller player for life.

    • reRender

      Play csgo it’s way better than val

    • WAxFORM 7
      WAxFORM 7

      Yo slow moving is the meta in val

    • Yvng Bryan
      Yvng Bryan

      you can't run and gun lol you have to tap heads not like in cod

  • mitchel floyd
    mitchel floyd

    are you a saint benard?

  • banana split
    banana split

    u move too much just crouch

  • Fastgameknight

    Lmao lucky I was a cs player before valo

  • Josh Schave
    Josh Schave

    Bruh depends on what game. I try the beat for Back4Blood and did good. First time playing Splitgate I did amazing

  • Spikes Gaming
    Spikes Gaming

    I would actually love your valorant gameplay

  • Σωκράτης Γιοβανόπουλος
    Σωκράτης Γιοβανόπουλος

    Welcome to val bro


    In stead of that I played apex and got banned on my first game

  • Tizian Dombrowski
    Tizian Dombrowski

    I think U can have fun in Valorant but u cant push into your enemys as U can so IT in WZ

  • Nimble:3

    For me its backwards if i play other games i never played before i clap everyone idk why

  • Kiriki Shinigami
    Kiriki Shinigami

    Rip the power of friend ship I couldn’t survive no matter wat


    No for me it’s, trying a new game and getting hacked on.

  • Tasty Jason
    Tasty Jason

    valorant’s not a mobility based shooter. you have to walk around slowly otherwise, you’ll be heard from a mile away, all your bullets will miss and you’ll be instantly killed

  • Chrysalis

    VALORANT and other games like CS:GO require too much skill for the average smooth brained numb skulled COD player

    • Chrysalis

      @PipBoy Fresh I really don’t do normal jokes anymore, it’s too obvious

    • Chrysalis

      @PipBoy Fresh I realize that but I’m being completely honest when I say I was joking

    • PipBoy Fresh
      PipBoy Fresh

      @Chrysalis joke usually has a set up and punchline... That's just a rude comment..

    • Chrysalis

      @PipBoy Fresh lmao I was joking, I thought I made that obvious with the silly insults

    • PipBoy Fresh
      PipBoy Fresh

      Hahaha nice, being angry on the internet for no reason. This was day two on kbm, so kick rocks kiddo



  • Uuvy

    Pls keep playing valorant

  • Kopy varathan
    Kopy varathan

    You mean power of family

  • Banana bread
    Banana bread

    Split gate is a really good option, it combines good team matching with (drum roll) PORTAL 2

    • Banana bread
      Banana bread

      Good point

    • DiegoKindaCool

      Its more like a mix of portal 2, csgo apex legends and halo

  • The Master Minecraft Chicken
    The Master Minecraft Chicken


  • danvevo 11
    danvevo 11

    you dashed into the entire team and man didn't even have a shorty

  • oui

    laughs in trying out a new game that just released, and no one has any idea how to play

  • PuryYT

    Thats why u dont rush

  • shani yan
    shani yan

    As he dashes into the whole team

  • DogoBR

    This remember me wen i star to play saints row 3, i always do something wrong because the control are different in gta sa and saints row 3

    • shani yan
      shani yan

      abuse it. Infinity wards, other hand, doesn’t fix the issues. -cheaters -cheaters -cheaters -broken guns that’ll never get fix.

  • A Wise Man
    A Wise Man

    Whats worst? Getting clapped on by somone who has played less then you

  • Sachu

    Yoo, dont aim at the floor like in warzone, ttk is very low in this game you wont be able to flick

  • Spymaster 001
    Spymaster 001

    It causes I are not playing with the team

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      A short clip is on Trending. am done brou😶

  • Mil-mi 24 hind
    Mil-mi 24 hind

    Valorant is hot garbage.

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht

    As he dashes into the whole team

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    As he dashes into the whole team

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo

    Love your videos! They're so amazing. 🙏🙏Stay safe everyone

    • vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb

      This was a pretty fucking weak video ngl. Doesn't deserve to be trending.

  • BanhBaoThit

    why is this on trending

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo


  • Twines

    Boring clickbait :(

  • CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    "We'll use The Power of friendship" -every my little pony episode ever

  • DrkAsDeath

    Is this supposed to be funny? Or what? I don’t get it. Valorant is already horrible. He also dashed in like a moron. Day one. I knew not to do that. Like what video supposed to be

  • Nova's Night Funkin
    Nova's Night Funkin

    Title: "Valorant" PipBoy: "Valorant" Description: "Valorant" UZmilk: "Yeah this looks like Warzone to me" Hotel: Trivago

  • True Crime Queen TV
    True Crime Queen TV

    Love your videos! They're so amazing. 🙏🙏Stay safe everyone

  • brutisking


  • Micow ez
    Micow ez

    I think I’ll stick with Valorant because Riot games does have better anti-cheat then many platforms. Many updates coming soon. Bugs getting fix quickly so the players won’t abuse it. Infinity wards, other hand, doesn’t fix the issues. -cheaters -cheaters -cheaters -broken guns that’ll never get fix.

  • ༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻

    A short clip is on Trending. am done brou😶

  • Vantom

    So true!!!

  • TheWorld

    I get it. I do hope you keep playing Valorant though, it’s pretty fun

    • TheWorld

      @Doom Slayer 😂LMAO! I’m soooo wrong that you can’t come up with a decent response to any of my points and just try to handwave it with insults. Sad.

    • Doom Slayer
      Doom Slayer

      @TheWorld nope not at all everything you says is said like a real iron playing thinking riot does no wrong . Over priced skins and lack of content. Also using insults proves you have no real point besides blindly defend rotor tiller your last breath so have fun being block

    • TheWorld

      @Doom Slayer Sureee you were diamond, I also have wings Many of the things you are asking for are straight up idiotic. They’ve been introducing new agents and have been slowly been putting in new maps. Putting in new guns should take a while as it’s very well balanced as it is now. You simply want them to rush. This isn’t CoD. Calm down kiddo

    • Doom Slayer
      Doom Slayer

      @TheWorld none of these are out of the game . No support stunts the games no new guns also stunt it . Overpriced skins are the only support meaning other areas , ie: maps and agents , are lacking . Stop fanboying for riot . And yes I do play I was diamond before I quit due to lack of content besides skins .

    • TheWorld

      @Doom Slayer Yes it is. You’re complaining about issues outside the gameplay which itself is great. Also many of the things you’re talking about are just idiotic. Do you even play the game?

  • Michael Blais
    Michael Blais

    play scared with vandal you should do fine

  • Rafael Amaya
    Rafael Amaya

    This was a pretty fucking weak video ngl. Doesn't deserve to be trending.

  • jellybella

    I honestly don’t thing warzone is good…toxic players lmao..but dont get tilted in valorant, it’s just your first time playing. If you keep playing you can literally be one of the best players..

  • Ck Edit
    Ck Edit

    You should've use the power of family

  • Strike_GER

    You won't play it cos warzone is overrated garbage and valorant takes skill to compensate recoil patterns

  • young crusade
    young crusade

    If that's the worst thing that happened in gaming to you then quit gaming

  • Virexium

    The worst is still getting clapped even after years of playing it.

  • Dream Guy
    Dream Guy

    The thing i hate on Valorant is The balance and The Recoil because when you are Still and crouch The bullet Just goes random

  • Matthew Pee
    Matthew Pee

    Joe mama

  • Skelebean

    Valorant’s blooms insane

  • EvilD3mon_

    valorant is trash

  • Matija Stanojkovic
    Matija Stanojkovic

    It's beacuse you're playing valorant like cod

  • Iggy

    Actually it’s just playing Val in general

  • Foi Sia
    Foi Sia

    Nobody cares stop uploading

  • luis

    One shot is all it takes to kill you in valorant unlike cod games where you are a walking tank.

  • Mukkumu

    I now know why the insta lock jett's aren't usually that good

  • R3D M1ST
    R3D M1ST

    You fully exposed yourself after spotting the 1st enemy coming around the corner and failed to challenge them, better be prepared next time

    • PipBoy Fresh
      PipBoy Fresh

      yes. Thank you

  • Ashton Flores
    Ashton Flores

    If you playes any fps games that has a counter strafe mechanic in the game its not that hard to move into other games especially if you played Cs go

  • Tristen Shaw
    Tristen Shaw

    No it's not 😭 like no shit your not gonna be insane at every game you barley start expecially when people have already been playing for a while

  • Vylo

    The whole point with jetts dash is to not end up in a situation where 4 niggas lookin at you with vandals

  • alejandro rodriguez
    alejandro rodriguez

    Atleast they got one of the best anti cheats in the gaming world

  • tian simpson
    tian simpson

    Play more valorant! 😇

  • animeH God
    animeH God


  • Arthran

    To many smurfs in valorant

  • CausTinkY_47

    Controller player always get sh!t on in games like this coz of lack of aim assist

    • Tings

      Because its not meant for controller players, its a pc game and its optimized for kb & m

  • hakmed olarinde
    hakmed olarinde

    I played valorant for the first time couple days ago and I only got 2 kills after 4 hours of playing with a friend. But I enjoyed it so kept playing and now I'm decent at it

  • T3DR1C

    Wym worst thing? It makes sense you would get clapped in a new game

  • ImBuruu _
    ImBuruu _

    My guy actually dash into mid yikes

  • Aizars



    Valorant is so much fun! Something I never experienced in warzone

  • Reverse_Hdog

    As he dashes into the whole team

  • HYSM Femboy Lemonss
    HYSM Femboy Lemonss

    no it's when you try out warzone thinking it's fun and then realize you should stick with being a pro at the fps games you have experience on instead of being trashed on by rose skins

  • Tyler Bush
    Tyler Bush

    Valorant is so ew

  • SnowBlade

    "We'll use The Power of friendship" -every my little pony episode ever

    • cole walker
      cole walker

      Or anime

    • Crusty.cheet0

      Lmao true

  • Rickyupgrade

    I was dealing with a bunch of teamer in apex legends for the first time and so I hopped on warzone, three men shot out of one window to kill me. Deleted instantly

  • John Carter
    John Carter

    cause you're playing a tac shooter like you're playing cod LOL

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez

    Valorant is better

  • BlueHatter Gaming
    BlueHatter Gaming

    Just play GTA

  • Anubischild7

    Even worse than that is playing for honor

  • Finleyboy21

    Its actually playing league. Once your in its hard to quit

  • KD

    Trying bo2 for the first time

    • KD

      No like trying bo2 for the first time be like

    • vtoxxikv

      Really ?

  • Ralph Adriane Flores
    Ralph Adriane Flores

    Im actually getting used to valorant thats why im taking a break from tf2 bots

  • Krazy King23
    Krazy King23

    I don’t know about you guys but after I play a new game after the first round when I get clapped I immediately know how to play the game 🤣

  • Merrion Rivers
    Merrion Rivers

    What's worse is playing a new game and having hackers ruin the experience for u

  • Zach Types
    Zach Types

    You dashed mid, bro..

    • Zach Types
      Zach Types

      @bears arefast he must be lol.

    • bears arefast
      bears arefast

      @Tom Dickens r u 8 years old?

    • Tom Dickens
      Tom Dickens

      @bears arefast We are the best people in the world. Get wrekt, noob.

    • bears arefast
      bears arefast

      Fax. Cod players think they are the best people in the world

    • Micow ez
      Micow ez

      Cod players be like I can 1v5 them

  • Axl

    Valorant is basically just CS:GO mixed with Overwatch

    • Flame Cube
      Flame Cube


    • fortnite

      True, pretty addicting tho

  • Alex Kovačec
    Alex Kovačec

    Bruh warzone players thinking they good just becauae they win in warzone of all games. Thay shit so clapped that even my cat could win a game

  • Pedro Duarte
    Pedro Duarte

    In valorant you need to actually think you know?

  • Apple Dust
    Apple Dust

    Valorant is the equivalent of overwatch

  • Spahn

    Should play apex or even battlefield 5. Warzone has been dying. Get ahead before its too late!

    • Spahn

      @ExXoticVibezZ warzone has been broken since day 1, and has been getting worse. Apexxx was good for couple seasons atleast but not gonna lie it has dropped.

    • vtoxxikv


  • ne2rnas

    So basically jumping from one trash🗑 game to another.

  • Will Jordan
    Will Jordan

    Crosshair up my guy

  • Paul Hermosa
    Paul Hermosa

    You steal play valorant today what's your ID and username on valorant my username is pretzelsss11

  • potato head XD
    potato head XD

    As a guy who just downloaded BO4 and found a 345 lv with diamond kn, while I hadn't even unlocked loadouts, I agree

    • fruit

      @I like Bread he said bo4, not tf2

    • Rev

      @potato head XD warzone relies on accuracy and then KD last pretty sure when it matches you with people

    • potato head XD
      potato head XD

      @Rev I think it's because I have a good kd in warzone In BO4 and CW I get 20 kils with 50 deaths

    • TheWorld

      @Tyler Bush No. Thats exactly why SBMM is needed

    • Tyler Bush
      Tyler Bush

      That's skill based match making for you

  • Bullwhale

    My man is staring at the cockroaches

  • SINX 4KT
    SINX 4KT

    Getting shot in the back getting shot by 10 different ppl WORST THAN GETTING HACKED ON

  • Avto Gurgenashvili
    Avto Gurgenashvili

    Whats that games name

  • Prince Boago
    Prince Boago

    Every supervillians weakness