i tested a 5 minute craft and my girlfriend got mad

  • ewan ek
    ewan ek

    That's skittles not m&m bro :)

  • Yem Boi
    Yem Boi

    They were skittles

  • Neetu Behl
    Neetu Behl

    They are skittles

  • [as]

    They are skittles 🤣

  • julia a
    julia a

    Is skittles u need to us

  • Crystallation W
    Crystallation W

    You burned it

  • Nicolaie Mateiu
    Nicolaie Mateiu


  • Ifrica Phillips
    Ifrica Phillips


  • Denisse DeLeon
    Denisse DeLeon

    They are skittles

  • Veronica Obereiner
    Veronica Obereiner

    There not m&ms there skittles

  • Nischal Khadka
    Nischal Khadka

    U have to put oil maybe one video for me trying again this process but wait u have to put oil with skittles

  • Isabella Meade
    Isabella Meade


  • Ella iM a CoW
    Ella iM a CoW

    Those r skittles

  • Emma-Lee

    It’s skittles

  • Naresh Kamat
    Naresh Kamat

    They actually used skittles not m and ms

  • Jaren Brinkerhoff
    Jaren Brinkerhoff

    two problems that make me mad they are SkItTlEs!!!! and they stored they kernels and skittles together you just let them sit in the same pan

  • Marion Michaels
    Marion Michaels

    Their Skittles

  • Samantha Mosley
    Samantha Mosley

    “If my girlfriend Found out I used the stove she would put me in timeout” me-👁👄👁

  • Cecilie Salomonsen
    Cecilie Salomonsen

    Fasadevask mamma hvordan

  • Yolanda Oviedo
    Yolanda Oviedo

    Bro those are not m&ms those are skittles

  • Sarah Geddes
    Sarah Geddes

    Those are skittles


    Doug: why are they cooking the plastic with the m&ms Me: isn’t that skittles

  • Tony Valencia
    Tony Valencia

    That is disgusting

  • KayLee Smith
    KayLee Smith


  • Maria Rubio
    Maria Rubio


  • Thomas Koncinsky
    Thomas Koncinsky

    Stupid those are skittles 😤

  • Natalie Herron
    Natalie Herron

    There skittles

  • Coff33 bean_not_found
    Coff33 bean_not_found

    Im so scared for u .,. Are u scared of ur gf XD

  • Sienna Shannon
    Sienna Shannon

    Skittles not m&m,

  • Tilly Pachacz
    Tilly Pachacz

    You didn't stir it

  • Jenny Pham
    Jenny Pham

    That is skit olds

  • LysaLife

    I think I know why it tasted gross 🤢. Bc he used butter instead of oil

  • Lily Kleeman Kleeman
    Lily Kleeman Kleeman

    The m&m are actually Skittles

  • Amelia Skinner
    Amelia Skinner

    It’s not chocolate fool lmao

  • eas Alarm youtube_fan
    eas Alarm youtube_fan

    Its not m&m is skittle noob

  • Ayesha Aijaz
    Ayesha Aijaz

    You need skittles

  • Matthew Cruz
    Matthew Cruz

    It’s fucking skittles


    Thats skitles

  • Wisan Newmai
    Wisan Newmai

    To look taste 🤤

  • Roberto Avila
    Roberto Avila

    Not Eminem's is skittle🙂

  • Addi Ward Ward
    Addi Ward Ward

    Oh my god you’re so you’re not M&Ms there skittles

  • Sewraj Thumadoo
    Sewraj Thumadoo

    It's not m&m it's skittles


    Yu didnt stir

  • Trinitee Roach
    Trinitee Roach

    They are Skittles

  • 7 boy list
    7 boy list


  • Savita Jindal
    Savita Jindal

    Those were skittles

  • Tameika Smith
    Tameika Smith

    It's Skittles

  • Tracy long
    Tracy long

    Fun fact There not m&ms there skittles

  • Gabrielle Alissandra Laguerder
    Gabrielle Alissandra Laguerder

    Ok thats weird

  • Adianna Ridley
    Adianna Ridley

    It is skittles

  • Matthew Cruz
    Matthew Cruz

    He is stupid it is skettles

  • Karima Rahaman
    Karima Rahaman

    West of candy

  • Vaisu Vaisu
    Vaisu Vaisu

    But that was a lot of oil

  • Aubrey lipphardt
    Aubrey lipphardt

    Him what are they doing with that plastic bag of M&M's why are they cooking the plastic with the M&M's did they know humans aren't supposed to eat plastic if they eat that they're going to get really sick wait they put popcorn kernels with the M&M's they're making chocolate popcorn that looks so good I have to try to see if it actually works!! My anxiety level just went up 100

  • Yan The pringle
    Yan The pringle

    Your Girlfriend is gonna kill you for what you did with your pan

  • Melanie Melody
    Melanie Melody

    M&Ms? Aren't those skittles skittles don't have blue in the original

  • bomb gamer
    bomb gamer

    Wow skitles are m&ms

  • Tony Agustin
    Tony Agustin


  • Anthony Tennis
    Anthony Tennis



    Is skittles

  • Pavana Santhasa
    Pavana Santhasa

    Huh u r a mad

  • •lemon kitty cream•
    •lemon kitty cream•

    Skittles not m&ms......

  • Nadia ul
    Nadia ul

    Those were supposed to be Skittles

  • Cathey Santos
    Cathey Santos

    That's actually popcorn kernels with Skittles

  • Catyhuertaramon@gmail.com Huerta
    Catyhuertaramon@gmail.com Huerta

    It's oil with skittles

  • Sandy Rojas
    Sandy Rojas

    It's Skittles

  • carlos javier rosa lopez
    carlos javier rosa lopez

    How old is he three wise his girlfriend go to put him in timeout

  • hitanshi

    They are skittles

  • Kids Barajas
    Kids Barajas

    It was supposed to be Skittles

  • Baby Coshi
    Baby Coshi


  • Baby Coshi
    Baby Coshi

    Please do not try this guys

  • Angel De los santos mendoza
    Angel De los santos mendoza

    Beep beep!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King

    There’s skittles

  • nikita victoria beck larsen
    nikita victoria beck larsen

    It is skittles and not m&m

  • agnes hayes
    agnes hayes

    I love it

  • Shakeela_love Elai
    Shakeela_love Elai

    It's not mnm it's Skittles

  • Shakeela_love Elai
    Shakeela_love Elai


  • Zemkkk kkkghhjb Jn hbbjjkpnfvc. CMCM. C. Nisar
    Zemkkk kkkghhjb Jn hbbjjkpnfvc. CMCM. C. Nisar

    There skittles there’s an s on them

  • Aleco Josbjdndjdndjhjdmdhjdidmdhdndbdbdnd e
    Aleco Josbjdndjdndjhjdmdhjdidmdhdndbdbdnd e


  • Marlie Lopez
    Marlie Lopez

    They are skittles

  • Queen Lynn
    Queen Lynn

    Those are skittles not M&Ms LOL

  • Cynthia M♡
    Cynthia M♡

    That was skittles

  • •It’s mia - roblox•💜🤩
    •It’s mia - roblox•💜🤩

    There’s actually popcorn like that!

  • hailey tje
    hailey tje

    No m&m its skittels

  • An Animation Profile
    An Animation Profile

    he doesn’t know what a skittle is

  • K.Storey

    Those are skittles

  • David Chachua
    David Chachua

    Its skitels

  • Linda s
    Linda s

    Pro-dex is Skittles Broly

  • Mimi Mic vibes
    Mimi Mic vibes

    Always finish watching the vids first

  • Tesa F
    Tesa F

    Ummm there not M&M there skittles and it kinda wired how she puts him in time out

  • Like Helping
    Like Helping

    It's skittles not mandms

  • {Nagatoro}

    it was skittles tho......

  • keravikakkar 3611
    keravikakkar 3611

    Try it with skittles

  • Roudha Yousef
    Roudha Yousef

    It’s s’s not m’m

  • The green monster Gacha
    The green monster Gacha

    Why are you still with your girlfriend?(This is my moms account)

  • Alex tv
    Alex tv

    Wait so basically your own GF is your mom 🥺

  • Mollie Flinkman
    Mollie Flinkman

    Him: wow m&m i have to try it Me: bruh its skittels

  • Jeremiah Branch
    Jeremiah Branch

    Why you let your girlfriend put you in timeout

  • Tammy Perdroza
    Tammy Perdroza

    I think you should not be what your girlfriend because she's really mean no offense I'm sorry I said that but it's true don't show your girlfriend this sorry I just want your life be good you're my favorite to talk her to watch

  • Joeylynn nicholson
    Joeylynn nicholson

    You were supposed to mix it and it is skittles