Brighton reject £40m bid from Arsenal for Ben White

  • David Brielmaier
    David Brielmaier

    How much do they think he is worth?

  • Sourav 782
    Sourav 782

    ben should reject arsenal.... leeds utd were better for him

  • Roz Sa
    Roz Sa

    Italian here. Let me get this right. Tomori...who was outstanding for my club this season cost us only 28m EURO, but Ben White is worth more than 40 million pounds?? There is no rhyme or reason to these valuations. Without tomori, we wouldn't have qualified for the champions league, and some player at brighton is better?? Who decides these ridiculous valuations?? In fact, Tomori cost us less than what arsenal paid for Saliba 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joon - young
    Joon - young

    harry maguire 2.0 easy money lol

  • RMN 94
    RMN 94

    Brighton could use that money to strengthen their whole squad, why have they rejected 40mil?

  • RMN 94
    RMN 94

    10 year ago he would have been a free transfer lmao

  • Ego Master
    Ego Master

    Why would Ben white want to join a smaller club?

  • jamal jamal
    jamal jamal

    Breaking news:Arsenal has appointed Mr. Bean as the sporting director.

  • DrDysfunctionaL88

    Clown business by both ends.

  • Salim Rehman
    Salim Rehman

    So who else going to make a bid for ben white Liverpool or Manchester United.

  • Haidi HD
    Haidi HD

    This is unlike sky sports news. It should be BREAKING news

  • Erwin Smith
    Erwin Smith

    Can't wait for them to sign Rudiger in 6 years.

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips

    To be fair to the lad that would be a huge step down! And shame on Arsenal for making these bids during the Euros and no doubt distracting a player

  • Infinie Studios
    Infinie Studios

    40 mil for Ben white What!, If Arsenal really did this, the people making the decisions is going to wreck this club even more. As fans we are in for more years of disappointments. This is what happens when you give your kids your credit card to use.

  • YanYce

    HOW MUCH ???? 40M for a mid-table player, ffs i just hope Edu 'll be fired

  • Kitchen King
    Kitchen King


  • J B
    J B

    Arsenal being Arsenal I thought the 40 million bid was for Gigi Buffon

  • Kitchen King
    Kitchen King

    Bid 50 get the man. Old school Arsenal.

  • ACM 1899
    ACM 1899


  • James M. Duffy
    James M. Duffy

    Can arsenal even buy a meal deal without tesco rejecting their £3 bid

  • Jim West
    Jim West

    Is that name acceptable in BLM times?

  • Sibo Niso
    Sibo Niso

    Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Saliba, Daniel Ballard is a international, Holding, Mavropanos is an international, Gabriel is an international.

  • surafel eyasu
    surafel eyasu

    40 million is too high..i dont understand..why they rejected it

  • ForkYou

    Wait why is Brighton rejecting this lifeline 😂😂

  • Sademian Dv
    Sademian Dv

    why Arsenal need another defender????? what is edu doing??? drink, going holliday dan post it in social media???

  • Justin Moakler
    Justin Moakler

    Why is no one talking about arsenal willing to cough up 40mil for White but wasn't willing to cough up a little bit more to.get Beundia?

  • Mat

    How tf can Brighton turn us down 😒, this is embarrassing

    • Jirayu Vijjakajohn
      Jirayu Vijjakajohn

      It's arsenal. What do you expect. Who the hell want arsenal

  • James McCarthy
    James McCarthy

    40m sound about right. How much more do they want? Arsenal definitely shouldn't pay more than 45!

  • Stanley

    Why buy another defender? What’s wrong with Saliba? Arteta needs to stop being so far up his own arse and just play the lad.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Didnt even know who Ben White was until few weeks ago . No way he is worth 40 mil. 20 mil max

  • Aiden O'Lone
    Aiden O'Lone

    This is depressing as an Arsenal fan, the amount of positions in more need of strengthening and the are willing to spend 40 mil on Ben White but are haggling over the Beundia deal even though we urgently need that position sorted out. Is Ben White the new Harry Maguire in terms if over inflated price for an English defender, I could honestly cry I never thought we could get any worse as a club 🤣

  • k

    It is as usual, buy and bench. Buy and loan him. Poor Arsenal ass

  • Ultragh Osu!
    Ultragh Osu!

    when you accidently click reject offer on fifa

  • Jo Hardoon
    Jo Hardoon

    40 mil for who?

  • Sam

    This is weird

  • C Chan
    C Chan

    40m lol couldn’t you buy Brighton fc a few year ago with that before the premier league. How much crazy can the football market go on for. He’s not even got an England cap yet once he get that he be 80m

  • smistry93

    Boring Boring Arsenal, we already had the third best defensive in the league, we need CREATIVITY FFS!

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox

    Honestly he's about 40m - 45m stones went for 50m few years ago and pre covid so

    • frederik zander
      frederik zander

      Are you taking the piss? Then I'm worth around 15m and I haven't kicked a ball for years

  • Kristian Gibbings
    Kristian Gibbings

    Brighton didn't reject arsenal white did😂😂😂😂

  • Kelly Karos
    Kelly Karos

    🤣😂🤣🤣 arsenal

  • Mohd. Fahd
    Mohd. Fahd

    Should have bid 40 million and 1 pound...

  • Colin Kelly
    Colin Kelly

    40m for a centre back who is a Euros blow in. Although Arteta is a better judge than most wits on here living in their mothers basement

  • Sumit Shrestha
    Sumit Shrestha

    Lots of club always get help from arsenal . Arsenal always help to Increase player price

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      Mike Tylers

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      aaron cupp

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      Peppy 054

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  • Flemons Dotson
    Flemons Dotson

    Arsenal should rather invest that money on bitcoin they be sure of profit in time that Ben white..loool

    • Andy Joseph
      Andy Joseph

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      Jasmine Harris

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    • Fabian Lawrence
      Fabian Lawrence

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      Felicia Samuel

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      Flemons Dotson

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  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams

    Can bid 40M for white but not 40M for bissouma???

  • ꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄

    This is like Leicester rejecting Man U's 80 mil for Harry Maguire

  • Devon Beckles
    Devon Beckles

    Who else thought it's a funny memo 🤣😂

  • Meister Pumuckl
    Meister Pumuckl

    Now keep in mind that that's more than Bayern paid for Upamecano lol.

  • Luqman Garba
    Luqman Garba

    Arsenal should be looking to get bissouma and not white cuz I believe we have enough cover at CB ... priority should be bissouma

  • Hooz gates
    Hooz gates

    English player are overrated, overprice and over hyped that's why they sucks at national level

  • Jack

    I suppose staying in the prem is worth more than 40 mil minus the cost of another defender when you think about it

  • @CFCMoi11

    This is why they're a laughing stock

  • Super Penguin 64
    Super Penguin 64

    This reminds me of when burnley rejected a 40M bid for tarkowski

  • Graded Gem
    Graded Gem

    Next offer, 40 mil and 1 pound 💎

  • Owethu Mkhondo
    Owethu Mkhondo

    That's my club no less than 50 million 💙

  • Teddy Long
    Teddy Long

    I'm happy that got rejected

  • MIND the GAP
    MIND the GAP

    Ben White? 😂

  • Lionel Oduol
    Lionel Oduol

    Arsenal made a 40 m bid... what?

  • Romit Chowdhury
    Romit Chowdhury


  • D J
    D J

    Typical Arsenal spending their transfer budget on a player they don’t really even need. Fight for 8th place at this rate.

  • AC Mills
    AC Mills

    Ben White is better than a mid table club, someone bigger like West Ham will fit him better.

  • KimZ

    Looks like another holding

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith

    No, ben white rejected s bid from arsenal 😂

  • Adedeji Silas
    Adedeji Silas

    Brighton was worse defensively than arsenal last season. He is not better than the defenders in arsenal so why waste that much money when you can get a good midfielder with that money. Arsenal really a clawless club......Need a reasonable coach.

  • Ajmal AJ
    Ajmal AJ

    Is Edu taking lessons from Woodward

  • aa 12
    aa 12

    Arsenal seems to have lost their way. They forgot the extra pound!

  • Neo Rain
    Neo Rain

    Why would he want to go to a dead club?

  • Andrija Bošnjaković
    Andrija Bošnjaković

    i think White is overpriced but regardless of that the fact is Arsenal is getting rejected left, right and centre which is humiliating but not a surprise.

  • physicalfitness

    never heard of ben white until her joined the England team

  • Jay


  • U Name IT!!
    U Name IT!!

    Plot twist: Arsenal had an Add-on stating "3 millions if Arsenal win the Premier League" which Brighton was pretty sure that they never gonna get it.

    • G -13
      G -13

      When u have 200 iq


    i swear if it was any other club they would have sold

  • Lionel Luke
    Lionel Luke

    I hope Mr Ek buys this club

  • Timmy Nguyen
    Timmy Nguyen

    Is Brighton planning to loan out youngsters to Hibernian now they are in a partnership?

  • Tan S
    Tan S

    Arsenal can't attract marquee players now, as compare to the likes of Big 4 teams

  • Diego Noriega
    Diego Noriega

    Isn’t 40 mill like 300% of Arsenal’s budget and what they currently offer 😂

  • Christiano Pulinaldo
    Christiano Pulinaldo

    Give chance to Saliba He has the potential to become a top cb


    Arsenal WAKE UP Its his team mate you should of bid for ffs Bissouma you know the quality player who we actually need

  • Laurent Gerxhalija
    Laurent Gerxhalija

    Now waiting for them to bid a further £1.


    I hate Arsenal so much man, why waste even £30 Million on Ben White when his TEAM-MATE Bissouma should be our first transfer. Spent the £40 Million on him, embarrassing transfer as usual

  • Jonny Mac
    Jonny Mac

    Saliba to be sold by pandemic pep.

  • mahad ibrahim
    mahad ibrahim

    Thank you brighten from an arsenal fan

  • Tactical manager baby Momma aka Jason Kreis
    Tactical manager baby Momma aka Jason Kreis

    Arsenal also wants Tyler Adams. Hope he stays at RB Leipzig.

  • Juri Han
    Juri Han

    wtf is arsenal doing they dont need a cb

  • The Pope
    The Pope

    Why are we paying 40 million? I wouldn't pay 1p for him.

  • weekend warrior prospecting
    weekend warrior prospecting

    We need a quality CB I'd be going for Koulibaly from Napoli and pay the man whatever he asks for!! Absolute Boss.

    • weekend warrior prospecting
      weekend warrior prospecting

      @Kai McCook I think you're missing the point. We need an experienced player not a youth likely to make mistakes.

    • Kai McCook
      Kai McCook

      Nah, Koulibaly's almost 30 now and if he was really that good he would've left Napoli by now and joined a big club. Ben White's not as good as Koulibably but he's younger and would make more sense as a long term investment. No point paying +£40mil for a player who'll need replacing two or three years down the line

    • كاي

      exactly brio. why we goin for ben white

  • Elu

    Arsenal's goal is to buy every center back in the world 😂 what a joke my club is

  • Alamo Cannon
    Alamo Cannon

    Take it before they change their minds !!

  • christian

    Which club is more stupid i can't decide

  • Waynz Fadi
    Waynz Fadi

    Why buying Ben white when we have saliba, gabriel, holding is there and chambers just sing a new contract.... why not deal with the DM and the AM position first, sad to say as an arsenal fan 2021-2022 season going to be the most embarrassing in arsenal history with these clown, arteta and edu in charge........

  • Gematria Jack
    Gematria Jack


  • yolo 1690
    yolo 1690

    Eye wiped at that price

  • Prkrtr

    Next Mustafi everybody. These players look good in smaller teams and cannot compete at the top. He is not strong enough as well.

  • JordanKnowsWell

    Rumour has it that Ben White didn't want to take a step down in his career, Respect.

  • Republic of England
    Republic of England

    Brighton said that Ben White can't swim and it would detrimental to his health boarding the sinking ship that is Arsenal.

  • Pooh Bear
    Pooh Bear

    £40m!!! What is wrong with football he plays for Brighton ffs! And hes not even their best player

  • Lewis Bush
    Lewis Bush

    Improved offer get ready for £40 million and a £1 again lol 😂

  • Wrath of Lich king
    Wrath of Lich king

    Next bid £ 40+1 milion

  • Visca El Barca
    Visca El Barca

    I heard Neil Maupay also wants a move to Arsenal.