Apex cucks Warzone
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    • csx2002

      Is Apex Next

    • Adriel Chavez
      Adriel Chavez

      Apex esta mueeto has un video de eso

    • That random kid
      That random kid

      Bro apex is dead this is non canon

    • Tiffany Burgdoerfer
      Tiffany Burgdoerfer

      Respawns from the Gulag

    • Lil Cheese
      Lil Cheese

      Stickers irl?

  • Lionel Axelle
    Lionel Axelle

    He kill Fortnite and warzone now he gonna kill apex leagend

  • DrogonFaint

    When people cock a double barrel shotgun really made me *C R I N G E*

  • 「M24」PAIN FF
    「M24」PAIN FF

    It would have been more sad if price said "Bravo 6 going dark"

  • Saad Lakho
    Saad Lakho

    wait he has a double barrel shotgun... and it has a cockback? *logic has left the chat*

  • Prince SilenceTeddy
    Prince SilenceTeddy

    Why this scene reminded me General Shepherd.

  • Sumvs

    Taking down a downed enemy with one shot? Ridiculous!

  • Rizal Hafiz
    Rizal Hafiz

    Idk why his vest at the beginning look nothing

  • Jian Bruce
    Jian Bruce

    Whats wrong with eastern Europeans

  • White GhostLP
    White GhostLP

    Apex isnt even good 🥲

    • some kid on youtube
      some kid on youtube

      Warzone isn’t either

  • Axolotbad

    I guess so. I stopped playing fortnite and warzone and now im into apex.

  • pro bot
    pro bot

    but apex is dead

  • Bagheerie

    FoRtNiTe DoUbLe PuMp AcTiOn

  • Gianluca

    Now apex is dead...

  • crossshadow x1
    crossshadow x1

    Dead by daylight next lol

  • Therion ΤρολλpelDänger
    Therion ΤρολλpelDänger

    Meanwhile APEX is dead for a week 🤣

  • Mario Ruiz
    Mario Ruiz

    Then battlefield comes in

  • Francis Dy
    Francis Dy

    Thing is.. Apex cucked itself with shitty servers

    • some kid on youtube
      some kid on youtube

      EA made the game what do you expect

  • no name:)))
    no name:)))

    Next game died: apex:)

  • Hawk Cyber Gear
    Hawk Cyber Gear

    WTF did I just watch?😂

  • Grant Lemirande
    Grant Lemirande

    Do one on GTA V next

  • Taminaion

    Why do i keep watching this... its like the 20th time now

  • SilentVirus317

    I died when he putted on armor plates

  • ScoreBunny the fire pokėmon
    ScoreBunny the fire pokėmon

    Poor war zone in now apex

  • ferment

    the bugs in apex are annoying af especially as of recent

  • Night Slayer
    Night Slayer

    Next Step take-two Interactive stocks.

  • midp0int

    I watch this everytime I see it in my feed

  • DILF Unboxing
    DILF Unboxing

    Now make Splitgate cucks Apex hehehe

  • WunderJäger 000
    WunderJäger 000

    Apex would be good rn, but fuck the new operator... he is literally wall hacks

  • lol_ lobster_dark
    lol_ lobster_dark

    Apex is ass

  • Sleepy Man
    Sleepy Man

    Had warzone played dead for a few minutes until they went back in their homes, he could've survived....

  • Kurikara99

    Halo multiplayer is the only one for me

  • recent-nowt4

    Cod isn't the game to join in on br

  • Rogue Raccoon
    Rogue Raccoon

    And the fact COD modern warfare is barely gonna add anti cheat software but are too late cause the damage has been done

  • Southern Pennsy Railfan
    Southern Pennsy Railfan

    Apex sucks

  • Luv Life
    Luv Life

    It’s cap doe

  • dreed138

    Apex cucks apex

  • Clay Aiken
    Clay Aiken

    Now do rainbow 6

  • Aea aea
    Aea aea

    Why is bad have eastern europeans?

  • Meme boi
    Meme boi

    F apex

  • GF88

    ALL FPS is nasty these days

  • Simon Ghost Riley
    Simon Ghost Riley

    Next: Splitgate cucks Apex Legends

  • Miguel Osorio
    Miguel Osorio

    TF 2 FOREVA!!!

  • Conmon115

    Kudos to Meat Canyon for voicing Captain Price.

  • Whale

    Be mad at me all you want but I still like fortnite and war zone but not apex. Like I said you can be mad at me if you want

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia

    But apex is kinda trash tho

  • Ricardo Florian
    Ricardo Florian

    Battlefield 2042 cucks Apex

  • Hayden Big Sorrel Horse
    Hayden Big Sorrel Horse

    It literally died 1 year ago

  • Solid EXC
    Solid EXC

    meanwhile apex servers.... to be continued

  • MumboJumboZXC

    Warzone went down, implying he had a squad mate still alive

  • mr i like Memes
    mr i like Memes

    Apex is the best

  • Elliot R. Witt
    Elliot R. Witt

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that he cocked a sawed off?

  • YaBoiDiamondFire

    Plot twist: Warzone wins the gulag and goes to live a happy life on a tropical island with the boys

  • Tinpotnoob

    Apex cucks apex

  • Broken Lot Productions
    Broken Lot Productions

    man I remember the apex cucks fortnite video... old times

  • elmo_is_watching_ya

    Stop watching soldier a red spy is in the base!

  • Esteban Quintana
    Esteban Quintana

    Lets goooo Apex Legends. Seriously wz is sh*t

  • jůňœ më
    jůňœ më

    When you say no cap but mean cap 😂

  • EmiCubed [GD]
    EmiCubed [GD]

    I said it with Fortnite and i said it with This one too, what is APEX? No one remembers that game anymore

  • Tazio Nuvolari
    Tazio Nuvolari

    Now i waiting for guy cucks apex

  • Drifty Seta
    Drifty Seta

    Who said you can’t enjoy all the games 😩

  • Vúpyéwz - Neon Zaws
    Vúpyéwz - Neon Zaws

    I loved this! Never show in my home again, please

  • Demoman

    But tf2 never dies

  • Luke Mastrocovi
    Luke Mastrocovi

    Is there gonna be more of those furry ones?

  • NostalgicGaming

    At least warzone has content

    • NostalgicGaming

      @Frank Hengen YES! tones of fun shit! That's what I'm talkin bout Frank!

    • Frank Hengen
      Frank Hengen

      And hackers op guns game breaking glitches no anticheat

  • Mansquatch Gaming
    Mansquatch Gaming

    Thank God the last scene was showing apex is literally no better lmao

  • TNT_ DynamiteYT
    TNT_ DynamiteYT

    Soon ever game will die once

  • ElPinchiBear

    "goodbye, Captain Price..."


    See you in gulag

  • Emperor Eevee
    Emperor Eevee

    Apex was playable like 30 mins ago and Respawn dropped an update that broke it. This video saw into the future.

  • Сережа Крамер
    Сережа Крамер

    MV rất hay, i like it 😷💖✋

  • Prince Darius Lina
    Prince Darius Lina

    There's uhhh...Valorant

  • bink

    Best secuel

  • King sbk
    King sbk

    Lol infestd in what?

  • blackvlyledto

    And then he just came out of the gulag

  • Kevin Lara
    Kevin Lara

    Finaly fortnite and warzone are avenge

  • Aaron Coleman
    Aaron Coleman

    Love how apex gets infested

  • Ulrich Jelen
    Ulrich Jelen

    it would be great to see the gulag scene and he would won and be like i will get revenge or something like that. But anyway it's still a great video keep up the good work😍

  • Lino

    In Game bugs and Server issues are probably going to kill Apex before any other game does.

  • Gohan B E A T Z
    Gohan B E A T Z

    Apex legends. Never heard of it.

  • Olo Boontiee
    Olo Boontiee

    Where is tf2?

  • Yana Kovalova
    Yana Kovalova

    Now apex pls

  • Abel Refasa
    Abel Refasa

    Tbh I like them all

  • Old shoe
    Old shoe

    Hopefully Minecraft ain't next

  • Adriel Chavez
    Adriel Chavez

    no debia morir estaba plaqueado

  • Ike Kawon
    Ike Kawon

    When the animation ended I suddenly started smelling grilled cheese. I live alone and haven't bought bread or cheese in almost 3 weeks. I think you have me a stoke.

  • Vicente ferrada lagos
    Vicente ferrada lagos


  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox

    00:24 did he just cock a double-barrel shotgun?

    • jůňœ më
      jůňœ më

      Not nearly as big an oversight as saying no cap when he meant cap

    • jpeg



    apex has more cheaters than warzone lol

    • jpeg

      Why are you mad that warzone has more common cheaters

  • Lonelyy Clone
    Lonelyy Clone

    Warzone players coming to Apex is probably going to bring along their hackers lol

  • Vardan Saghatelyan
    Vardan Saghatelyan

    Apex is worsted that call of duty war zone

    • Auston Solomon
      Auston Solomon

      And have you even played apex?

    • Auston Solomon
      Auston Solomon

      *Apex is worse than Call of Duty War zone

  • Burak Efe Uyar
    Burak Efe Uyar

    Now the next thing is titanfall2 cucks apex

  • Mr Frost
    Mr Frost

    ehhhh these stopped being fun a long time ago

  • TGMozart 12
    TGMozart 12

    Should’ve thrown a tomahawk

  • SpaceWhale

    Am I the only one who has never encountered a cheater in warzone

  • No body
    No body

    PUBG -The Indian guy

  • Two Minutes Until Midnight
    Two Minutes Until Midnight

    I hate both of these games but Apex is trash

  • TGC

    Infested cheetos and eastern Europeans LOL

  • DR.jack Bright
    DR.jack Bright

    the only game who compare the master piece what is apex is valorant

    • Desmo

      eww no csgo is miles better than valorant