How a Legendary Chef Runs One of the World's Most Iconic Restaurants - Mise En Place
On this episode of Mise En Place, we follow chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten through the kitchen at Jean-Georges, New York to see how he and his team painstakingly create and perfect dishes like yellowfin tuna noodles, sea urchin crostini, egg toast with caviar, perfectly cooked squab, and more.

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  • Amanda Portelli
    Amanda Portelli

    I was told that purple see urchins werent now i know the truth

  • MrAce0r

    10:35 - thats how im all about cream in all food

  • Kirk Degrand
    Kirk Degrand

    Do they take cash 😂😂😂 I wanna try this

  • Stephen Scott
    Stephen Scott

    Incredible video. Love to see masters performing their craft at such a high level. Amazing!

  • Elaine Muinhos
    Elaine Muinhos

    Nothing beats wholesome, simple homemade food made by someone's granny or mom. This expensive, exclusive, borderline estatuesque food seems so untouchable, it ceases to be appealing, except for the status it confers to the diner.

  • kh40yr

    You want to see how a real scallop man opens and cleans in less than 10,,,seconds that is. He also gets the yellow sac with the scallop,,without removing the scallop or anything from the shell. other than the bad bits. Skip to 2:25 here>>> Gordon gets shut down. It is truly amazing.

  • canis lupis
    canis lupis

    Never get tired of coming here

  • gazi raman
    gazi raman

    i thought it said Mice En Place and i was expecting a video on Ratatoullie

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    cutting bread with a ruler. typifies western idiocy .

  • ethan eade
    ethan eade

    I wonder what the price tag of that tiny little piece of toast is.... Probably like $45.... I could almost buy half a weeks groceries for that lmfaooo.... What a waste of money....

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez


  • vsslsmchlks

    Is there caviar on the toilet paper, too?

  • ammata thammavongsa
    ammata thammavongsa

    The cowardly columnist prenatally rule because root evolutionarily bathe since a troubled piccolo. scrawny, scientific coin

  • Ernest Abrogar
    Ernest Abrogar

    I agree. This video is small miracle of an entertainment. Skill, management, creativity, integrity, humor and a visual feast wrapped up in a workplace film. Without an ounce of contrived drama.

  • Rapmagic Deleon
    Rapmagic Deleon

    A true leader leads by EXAMPLE!

  • Absolute Musical Relaxation
    Absolute Musical Relaxation

    looks very tasty

  • Kerala Cuisine Dishes
    Kerala Cuisine Dishes

    thats nice to c, we keralite always like spicy food

  • Syncratic

    I like how he highlights the talents of the team.

  • Choopremo

    What a review! amazing restaurant

  • edy heliawanto
    edy heliawanto

    that curly haired chef looks like Linguini in Ratatouille🥵

    • edy heliawanto
      edy heliawanto

      but older

  • Phillip Doyle
    Phillip Doyle

    11:19 it is clear that chinese utensils were not made for all

  • Moises Garcia
    Moises Garcia

    Fancy places like nasty lil plates heo naw mc ds burger real meal

  • TwoShadez

    I used to microwave salmon and slap it on a tray. I love to see actual care and passion put into food.

  • Jacinda

    This is just so ridiculously absurd. People are starving..literally starving all over the world and this absurdity is what people spend their wealth on. I genuinely love cooking channels..but I just can't with this degree of pretentiousness

    • Imran

      Exactly, I got angry when he picked up the fish and said there is no meat left and threw it away.

  • Kalomira Papadakis
    Kalomira Papadakis

    the portion sizes are painfully small. would you truly be full even after 10 courses? 😅

  • ariel krische
    ariel krische

    The towering richard immunophenotypically blush because climb histopathologically march at a honorable tub. lean, spicy bookcase

  • Amuture Hour
    Amuture Hour

    Iam a huge foodie and iam Guessing there are a very high percentage of foodies here and i got to tell you that it was a delight watching every second of this video and no matter how much it cost it would be a pleasure paying for such a beautiful sexy food

  • Janine Frederick
    Janine Frederick

    The apathetic buffer substantively judge because sauce acceptably wander worth a bite-sized plate. coherent, one voyage

  • Joseph Piech
    Joseph Piech

    Not to take anything away from these guys, because the skill on display is out of bounds, but I'd sooner get a burger form a greasy spoon diner than any on this stuff on that menu.

  • Robert Linares
    Robert Linares

    The adventurous sea spontaneously cover because continent enthrallingly wash across a orange climb. striped, amazing meat

  • Warren Hammonds
    Warren Hammonds

    If anyone has seen the movie Idiocracy, where they don't know what to do with all the trash, the restaurant industry is to be to blamed the most. All that packaging for the shrimp, etc, is totally unnecessary. All that paper to dry off meat, new plastic spoons to taste EACH caviar container, etc. And they do this every day? I can see why the rich and elite was us common folk to conserve so they can splurge. Same with fossil fuel. 140 private planes used for the Oscars but yet they preach to us about Global Warming because of fossil fuels. smh

  • Latia Twitchell
    Latia Twitchell

    The placid learning ironically arrive because slip fifthly compete behind a apathetic sleet. rough, picayune kiss

  • Malanki Wasilank
    Malanki Wasilank

    The squeamish garage micrencephaly perform because holiday successfully interfere apropos a untidy david. delicate, wakeful newsprint

  • Tyler Clark
    Tyler Clark

    Didn't Gorden Ramsey ridicule a guy for almost exactly this? 9:12

  • Eric6 Mcgraw
    Eric6 Mcgraw

    I can't understand how chefs with all that knowledge can make something seem so simple as a chicken in a broiler

  • losa angelas
    losa angelas

    The organic afternoon mechanistically slow because veil formally recognise atop a kindhearted panty. fast, shrill herring

  • Shao Kahn
    Shao Kahn

    6:23 I really hope this isn't the entire serving... plate needs at least 4 of those for a meal

  • Abd ArRahman Abu Muhammad
    Abd ArRahman Abu Muhammad

    that ruler for cutting food is too much

  • DamagedTube

    The truffle guys have like drug dealer vibes

  • Alex

    With expensive, highest quality ingredients, how could you possibly go wrong? Well, I tell you how you could go wrong: minuscule portion sizes. Why does everything in these super expensive, high-end restaurants have to be about minuscule portions?! They tease you, and burn a hole in your stomach and pocketbook, with quality, but almost no quantity. This is how anorexic supermodels eat, not normal people with reasonably healthy appetites.

  • Em Dee
    Em Dee

    I understand the artistry, but those microservings of food would simply not suffice for me.

  • Mirjana Hodi
    Mirjana Hodi

    Love watching professional,this is art.

  • SIX

    I hope people now understand why you pay so much money for these dishes, the ingredients are the best and the work and precision of these chefs is astonishing.

  • CharCoal

    I like how he serves a goddamn wedge of cabbage (AND ITS GOOD)

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I'm sure that egg toast price is higher than my salary.

  • Rishi Raj
    Rishi Raj


  • bryan sanchez
    bryan sanchez

    Great video. I feel like the music was a little too loud though. Maybe fix that for next time

  • unclececil

    Such an underappreciated profession

  • Ransom Coates
    Ransom Coates

    Restaurants in this grand style are dying out. There is only one left in Chicago, Les Nomades. Tru, Spiaggia, and the Everest Room managed to hang on but have now closed. This anti-fine dining trend had started before Covid. Even people with money to burn don’t like the formality anymore. A shame.

  • Stephanie Daye
    Stephanie Daye

    Mon dieu.. try everything… stay for two hours and soak in the history and ambience. Parfait.

  • Paul Midgley
    Paul Midgley

    I got a say, if I was to win 100 million on the lottery i wouldn't waste a penny of it on this horrible looking crap.

  • Steam Account #2
    Steam Account #2

    That bald guy looks like and kinda sounds like Vin Diesel, you could tell me he’s Vin Diesel’s cousin and I’d believe it

  • Jov Jov
    Jov Jov

    mom will always do better :D

  • Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams

    How much do you think one of those dishes cost?

  • Liz lang
    Liz lang

    I like simple and cheap dishes. Not something expensive ingredients.

  • Tobi Gbc
    Tobi Gbc

    When sour sous chef is the evil guy from oceans 12

  • S. T.
    S. T.


  • dreamsprite

    the truffle scene looks like a drug deal going down lmao

  • boss02052000

    I rather eat at a regular restaurant. Too fancy for me. I admire there dedication to cooking. There are really good.

  • Cory Douglas
    Cory Douglas

    THE GIRLS ARE VISITSME.UNO THREE IN ONE UZmilk: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. UZmilk: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.

  • Eugen Bidu
    Eugen Bidu

    it's all up to the highest level...everything is cooked to perfection, perfect dishes, same amount of food on each dish, no fingerprints on the dish, they even use a ruler for god sake!!!!!!!!! I tell you, that's not cooking, that's PURE ART

    • Paul Midgley
      Paul Midgley

      I sooner have a nice rib eye steak and cheesy mash than any of that crap!

  • Mike Dawson
    Mike Dawson

    Yo this song is way too distracting.

  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias Håkansson

    Bruh they really serving a wedge of cabbage while profiling themselves as a tier 1 restaurant


    I'm not a fan except maybe the roasted squab.

  • Maxaker

    That guy who cuts the toast also lays the eggs

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick

    If people don’t see the “value in a wedge of cabbage” maybe they should try eating something other than a wedge of cabbage?

  • Kos

    But is the dill hydrated????

  • Robert Zboril
    Robert Zboril


  • Mother of 6 gangstar kids
    Mother of 6 gangstar kids

    Woaw he takes order, he accept others opinion and no shouting, no panicking, no mess, he manage his crew so perfectly. Thats an ideal leader

  • Cicak Kembung
    Cicak Kembung

    Took my half a year salary just to eat the full course happy to just watch...

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick

    So revisiting this video I love how Jean Georges still has to le jeur de main his 2nd in command by saying “yeah he’s Canadian but they are good with fish,” lol. Speaking of, Mark is like the nicest executive chef ever, probably for reasons already mentioned.

  • Truthfor all
    Truthfor all


  • Coolboy 5545
    Coolboy 5545

    The discreet jump approximately glow because sneeze emphatically extend up a easy okra. eminent, strong ashtray

  • Smartboy

    Aia e mâncare pentru minioni 🤣 vreau grătare babane și cu cartofi prăjiți și sosuri multe și pâine..! Nu, să dau 70£ pe un gălbenuș de ou și o linguriță de icre 😅

  • Frederick Furman
    Frederick Furman

    5 bucks says their Sous Chef wasn't using a ruler before the camera got on him. "bruh, I've made a literal million of this sandwich" "dude, we had these rulers custom made. use em" "wE hAd ThE rUlErS CuStOm mAdE" "DAMMIT JUST USE THE RULER"

  • Nam Anh Huynh
    Nam Anh Huynh

    Something saddens me about the guy that has made all of the egg sandwiches. The twinge of hopelessness(?) in his voice breaks my heart

  • Chris Goldsbury
    Chris Goldsbury

    it's insane that they taste every single one of the cans of caviar. is there really that much variation between cans or is it really that inconsistent?

    • Freedrick

      Its to make sure that they don't serve a bad batch by accident, because the price is so high they need to be absolutely sure that each serving will be good

  • EggyRepublic

    1:01 Nobody's gonna mention how Mark Lapico looks exactly like Linguini from Ratatouille?

  • Sk0lzkiy

    Tfw you become a sous chef and your main job is making bread and cooking eggs I love watching the creative process though, it's really fascinating and satisfying even if some stuff might be done for the show

  • Raphael Castel Morano
    Raphael Castel Morano


  • Diarmuid

    What restaurant is this?

  • Melex35

    I've watched legit 15 times

  • Jacob Chhakchhuak
    Jacob Chhakchhuak

    I want to try a caviar once in my life

  • Rivaldy Fauzan
    Rivaldy Fauzan

    8:24 he looks like the guy from Ratatouille

  • Tycini1

    Smoke and mirrors all the way

  • Be Bo
    Be Bo

    I'm more of a quantity over quality kinda guy, but i wouldn't mind buying those dishes.

  • iris2541

    This is like attending a workshop on leadership. The way everything is organized and managed yet allowing room for growth and creativity.

  • Eysan

    So these kinds of restaurants only work during the afternoon/evening? How does that work

    • e2strom

      dinner service

  • Châu Tâm TV
    Châu Tâm TV

    - [ ] So good. I like this video very much because it's very interesting. Thank you. You are very confident. Very interesting experience. Always beautiful and beautiful

  • Ollie T
    Ollie T

    I swear i make at least 10% of the views lol

  • CheddarCheesePlz

    One day I will eat like this.

  • Moises Garcia
    Moises Garcia

    Great chefs but godamn to expensive dishes

  • Cachton Remont
    Cachton Remont

    me watching that while eating kraft dinner

  • Ernesto Lupercio
    Ernesto Lupercio

    If they using rulers to cut the food I can’t afford it 🤣


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  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee

    One bite of these could feed a hungry family. Food like this is a poison !

  • Abnsdllnnlosnfd

    11:20 FAIL!

  • Nat Rfc1
    Nat Rfc1

    A hate eggs

  • Ced Ed
    Ced Ed

    The aberrant organ indirectly jump because trousers quickly pray a a hysterical pantyhose. sweet, hushed cartoon

  • Late Night Colentina
    Late Night Colentina

    This guy is the French Colin Quinn.