I Survived 500 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.
This 100 days of hardcore minecraft was a ton of fun to film, other than the power outage.... But we got a lot done, and still have a lot of things to do. So drop a like on this video if you want a 600 day video!
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Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea
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  • Aiden Callas
    Aiden Callas

    What would be cool is if you dyed the beds in the tower black or grey

  • Chez Toastyz
    Chez Toastyz


  • Mc-Deaner

    Yo bro a little thing. You can smelt a golden sword and get a gold nugget (not sure if it's a nugget or ingot). But you can get more gold. (:

  • Jestem Nie wiem sam
    Jestem Nie wiem sam

    When is the next 100 days coming out can't wait for it

  • Szymon Pajewski
    Szymon Pajewski

    We are waiting for another hundred

  • Paige Kates
    Paige Kates

    It is possible but you need grass

  • Charles Winter
    Charles Winter

    Two words: Drowned Farm.

  • Jack Forbes
    Jack Forbes

    You need to have 4 spruce saplings and make them in a square together then it makes the grass

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    Yes please 600

  • Abhiram Govindaraju
    Abhiram Govindaraju

    Plz make 600 Days, I enjoy the Underwater Series!!

  • Mr. Leo
    Mr. Leo

    i cant wait for 600 days

  • Shreyas Motoori
    Shreyas Motoori

    Who else is hyped for 600 days!! Paul I spent so much time watching all the 100 days videos because I like them keep up the Minecraft work!!

  • Evil Bad Guy Studios
    Evil Bad Guy Studios

    2 years later... 'I survived 2.465 million days in hardcore minecraft, in an ocean only world'

  • Georgiana Scornea
    Georgiana Scornea

    The lil'base of water and my favorite coulour is yellow

  • qwala bot
    qwala bot

    Please like this if you love cookie god and paulgg viedos

  • Justin Gullekson
    Justin Gullekson


  • Marcial_MC_YT

    It scare me when you make joke at day 404

  • ATXψ

    Did anyone see that he missed a water temple or whatever

  • Angus Zhang
    Angus Zhang

    Plz do 600 dayz

  • Bubbses Reload
    Bubbses Reload

    I just noticed that im not subbed

    • Bubbses Reload
      Bubbses Reload

      Im subbed now

  • Yashaswi gaming
    Yashaswi gaming

    I want 600 days

  • Bubbses Reload
    Bubbses Reload

    1000000 days would be nice

  • daniel pesce
    daniel pesce

    drink a bucket of milk to get rid of the miners fatigue

    • game maker tutoriales
      game maker tutoriales

      That would work but he can't get cows in this world

  • Andrew Giles
    Andrew Giles

    For dirt to turn into grass there needs to be at least 1 grass block

  • Get deleted 100
    Get deleted 100

    You could use beds to get ancient debris to

  • eliminate

    does he have more than 1 ocean biome in his world? and stronghold and buried treasure?

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller

    Ah yes... the 500th day... peacful music while watching mobs die in the new grinder

  • Yeet Dude Bro of Death
    Yeet Dude Bro of Death

    600 days pls

  • jona kristoffersson
    jona kristoffersson

    600 Days

  • John McKenna
    John McKenna

    John is a fish

  • Tejasvi Thakare
    Tejasvi Thakare

    we need 600 days pls

  • Eva Poon
    Eva Poon

    600 to 700 to 800 to 900 to 1000 would be cool

  • Drake Malmquist
    Drake Malmquist

    If you do another video the only reason your getting miners fatgue if becouse theres still a Elder gurdian in there kill it and no more miners fatgue

  • Official gamer Vihaan
    Official gamer Vihaan

    Grinder the grinder as I could grinder the grinder the grinder hahaahahaahahahahahaha

  • CaRp3at

    Is that warm ocean or what?

  • Vinod Bandaru
    Vinod Bandaru

    Yeah I want 600 days video

  • Sheena Virani
    Sheena Virani

    i just realized this is the paul from hi 5 studios

  • Mushie

    600 days nowwwwwww

  • NTH_ isaac
    NTH_ isaac

    Did he die

  • Evil TNT
    Evil TNT

    Day 666 he dies

  • démocho

    what the seed

  • Unknown-_-Dino

    We need a 600 days

  • Ollie Allen
    Ollie Allen

    600 days???

  • Kiki Krijger
    Kiki Krijger

    Why do u want potsooi iets poo

  • DonCargo Brothers
    DonCargo Brothers

    How make this ? Superflat or maybe somthing else?

  • Khawaja Mahd Farid
    Khawaja Mahd Farid


  • Anainas Santiago
    Anainas Santiago

    More like you grind-ded on the ded grind-er, get it?

  • Pranav Yashika
    Pranav Yashika

    21:00 u could have just killed the elder guardian and would have been able to mine lol

  • HakuHashi Originals
    HakuHashi Originals

    tip for ya paul: find an island with grass, you can silk those

  • XTLKazuya

    1:59 don't do that! I thought my thing actually crashed!

  • gangsta my g
    gangsta my g

    Pls do a 600 day vid

  • Morella Továr
    Morella Továr


  • Jacob Cohen
    Jacob Cohen

    Dude we need a 600 days

  • Andrew Antoon
    Andrew Antoon


  • The Dog Cooper
    The Dog Cooper

    600 days?

  • Jackson Rosenthal
    Jackson Rosenthal

    Bild a water breathing thing

  • Jackson Rosenthal
    Jackson Rosenthal

    Bone meal the dirt

  • Fallout 4 Nube
    Fallout 4 Nube

    I am a god at fallout 4

  • Ha Lol
    Ha Lol


  • Mind blowing roblox
    Mind blowing roblox

    i have been following the day since day 1, I'm an OG fan. I really hope you see this

  • Wojciech Pabisz
    Wojciech Pabisz

    use milk in ocean monument

    • Wojciech Pabisz
      Wojciech Pabisz

      and use shaders all the time

  • Elise cloudsten
    Elise cloudsten

    Make 600 Days pls

  • reema

    Make a freakin cobblestone generator dude

  • Henrik Jansson
    Henrik Jansson

    how do you make it just water?

  • Jigar Parmar
    Jigar Parmar

    We want 600 days

  • Bunkership Sverige 2018
    Bunkership Sverige 2018

    you could maybe use bamboo as fuel, not sure if it works

  • Nicκ GœS / Bs
    Nicκ GœS / Bs

    600 days PLZ

  • CBT 2.0
    CBT 2.0

    Last time I watched was 300

  • Kendall capia
    Kendall capia

    And you bone meal Next to the podzol

  • Kendall capia
    Kendall capia

    This video is hilarious

  • Heitor Bueno
    Heitor Bueno

    Where is 600 days?

  • nath9491 nath9491
    nath9491 nath9491

    get 1000 experience (challenge)!!!

  • Meg Foged
    Meg Foged

    You have to tame the llama to get it to not despawn (I also recommend putting your own carpet on it so you don’t kill it on accident)

  • Kanen Price
    Kanen Price

    Are you making another one

  • Tommy Blackstone
    Tommy Blackstone


  • NastyPanther

    Add some coral blocks to the tank

  • Briton McAlexander
    Briton McAlexander

    Imagine he goes on to make like a 1300 day video only to die in the middle of it :(

  • sempre

    Hey Paul!Why don’t you make a lodestone and connect an compass to it so you will never get lost from ur base?

  • Patricia Mansfield
    Patricia Mansfield

    I thank you should do a sponge bob house in survival and finish the game that would be awesome 100 days

  • Patricia Mansfield
    Patricia Mansfield

    Get to the nether and get ancient derberi

  • Tracy Yuan
    Tracy Yuan

    Try to make a zombie piglin farm for your 600 days! I heard you can get tons of xp. Btw, slabs as floors prevent mob spawning.

  • mccann93

    So basically he’s actually going to visit cookies island

  • Carson Hayter
    Carson Hayter

    You have to tame the llama so it doesn’t despond

  • Melissa Burkard
    Melissa Burkard

    Please don’t take offence. I have a better fishing rod. No mending lol. Unbreaking lll, luck of the sea lll, luri lll lol.

  • Melissa Burkard
    Melissa Burkard

    You should’ve named him (eee RRr R or

  • Rayden Cross
    Rayden Cross


  • McKendan Outdoors
    McKendan Outdoors

    I can’t wait for 600 days

  • Eric Larocque
    Eric Larocque

    Yes yes yes yes please please 600 days

  • Yoni Davidov
    Yoni Davidov

    7:55 joks on you i dont love pizza

  • Harrison Bradshaw
    Harrison Bradshaw

    Hey Paul, try turning an ocean monument into a giant library or dungeon or something 😃

  • canned chezz nut
    canned chezz nut

    Technoblade fans Potato bubble Potato dome

  • Duns Swe
    Duns Swe

    "I Survived 69500 Days Of Mincraft, In an Ocean Only World." Day 69420: 😮 OHHH

    • Keegan B
      Keegan B


    • Keegan B
      Keegan B


  • Seymour Gale
    Seymour Gale

    Hey guys ... Read more

  • Jamie O'Connor
    Jamie O'Connor

    600 days 100%

  • Antonia Castillo
    Antonia Castillo

    600 look good

  • Baxter Graham
    Baxter Graham

    Put. Bonemeal on the bad gras

  • Mr Kraken
    Mr Kraken

    Why you don't use the shader while playing the game instead of using in the end of the vid

  • Yong-Jin Soh
    Yong-Jin Soh

    redesigning the base will be cool

  • Rebeca Costea
    Rebeca Costea

    You should make a guardian farm that gives you prismarine shards with that you can make dark prismarine and normal prismarine