My New Home Tour!

On my ten year anniversary of living in the city of angels, in the ultimate shopping spree I BOUGHT A HOME! My absolute dream sky castle in the city I love - Los Angeles. And this is the empty home tour! (before I DIY everything, of course lol)

From broke b*tch tips to buying my dream home, it is all 1000% thanks to you. Thank you. I love you so much, more than you'll ever know. For my home, my life, my dreams...thank you. For all of it.

Dream forever.

3,440,000 kisses!
Amber :)


  • Switzer

    Congrats!! So awesome!! Fyi - Can do without you saying 'Oh my God'. Maybe say, 'Oh wow!' Instead.😉

  • Nataly Lia
    Nataly Lia

    It looks like an apartment

  • Paula Maddox
    Paula Maddox

    I watched the video on mute

  • Helena Inguscio (LunettaSplendente92)
    Helena Inguscio (LunettaSplendente92)

    Please keep the bidet and USE IT!!😂🤣

  • Chrissy Chase
    Chrissy Chase

    Dont be stressing out George...Yes he wants to be in every camera shot

  • Emjayyy

    Amber i am so genuinely happy for you. When I tell you that the beautiful way you’ve manifested greatness in your life has inspired me and allowed me to genuinely be on a journey of healing. I believe I can genuinely achieve anything. Thank you. Congratulations and thank you for inspiring dreamers ✨🤍✨🤍✨🤍✨

  • Noxtis

    So many portals in this house 😅😰

  • Katarina J
    Katarina J

    Wow that is like my dream home congratulations girl!

  • The Glamorous Southern Belle
    The Glamorous Southern Belle

    AMBER CONGRATULATIONS BABY!! You so deserve alllllllllll of this!!💕💗👏🏾🥂

  • Yolo Vee
    Yolo Vee

    ahhhh if I only knew what to do with my life... if I only knew.....

  • Ashlee Rogerson
    Ashlee Rogerson

    It may be a retaining wall. Be careful it be holding up the roof. Make sure you don’t knock it down before you find out if your allowed or not.

  • Ashlee Rogerson
    Ashlee Rogerson

    I love white because it’s clean but is am getting into Navy and Gold. Remove the carpet. If you have more than one room make one for your bedroom and another set it up like a store and display all of your accessories. A topless kitchen is the most amazing thing in the world. Only cabinets on the bottom and the top is All windows.

  • ttundefined

    Your house is gorgeous congratulations 🎊

  • Courtney A
    Courtney A

    You are going to have to take a day off every week just to shine all your mirrors haha love the house & view at night

  • Koala

    This is my first time watching her videos in 4 years

  • Janai Coleman
    Janai Coleman


  • Neiiko

    You could do a steam room. Extra and beneficial 🤤

  • Farah Er
    Farah Er

    There is things that the hall video is about : the chandelier, the vew and the mirrors. Congrat bae you are the best...

  • Carolyn Phapakdy
    Carolyn Phapakdy

    Congratulations Amber! :D

  • Me Smith
    Me Smith

    Nice cut off denim shorts. Another Goodwill Haul or a DIY project?

  • Me Smith
    Me Smith

    This basic B is so FAKE!

  • Me Smith
    Me Smith

    I am sure Amber loves watching herself use the toilet in her bathroom of mirrors.

  • Me Smith
    Me Smith

    Her apartment of mirrors is as annoying as her.

  • Senior Wishes
    Senior Wishes

    I love you amber 💋 I’m so proud of you and this is amazing! Yassss Carrie Bradshaw

  • a b
    a b

    Congratulations girl 👏😃

  • Alexa L.
    Alexa L.

    Versailles style with Greek art ceiling and chandies 🐆✨

  • Laura Van den Eynden
    Laura Van den Eynden

    imagine the wood room being an at home library 😫

  • LNHT

    💖💖💖 congrats Amber! As Jimin once said "you nice, keep going" You really deserve it! 👌🏽🔥

  • Emily Davies
    Emily Davies

    Why do you say house when it’s an apartment?

  • Kenshaable

    The "Movie room" with the wood ..I thought it would be your dressing/ craft room you know, with all this space and shelves. That apt is so you.. T'hats amazing

  • Hà My
    Hà My

    You deserve it honey

  • Abby’sRandomShit

    YOU GO GIRL!!! So so damn proud of you!!!! KEEP GETTING IT BOO BOO!

  • EnNa Ox
    EnNa Ox

    Omg you should make like a series when you renovate your house

  • Kay T
    Kay T

    Mirrors 🪞 covering everything, secret sex dungeon and booty cleaner. Definitely custom for Princess Amber! Congratulations 🎉 gurl!

  • Bianca Sanchez
    Bianca Sanchez

    Congratulations 🎉!!! So proud of you ❤️

  • Chanel Bag
    Chanel Bag


  • stark industries
    stark industries

    Congrats girl!

  • LifeofBrea

    I would love to see a series where Amber cooks. Like broke b items it could be called “Amateur cooking with Amber”

  • sean mares
    sean mares

    Your beautiful

  • Michelle Monraz
    Michelle Monraz

    You weren’t playing when you said this house was meant for you lol

  • Jessica Lee Swosinski
    Jessica Lee Swosinski

    This is going to be epic, watching Amber design everything. I'm a mirror freak too, im drooling. Uhhh.. Happy for you.

  • Jeanette Moseneke
    Jeanette Moseneke

    That night 🌙view is STUNNING 😍 Love from SA 🇿🇦

  • Marcus Sullivan
    Marcus Sullivan

    I’m so incredibly happy for you Amber!!!

  • Aya LHASNI
    Aya LHASNI

    16:55 are u crazy that's like a little hide away room ... Live it like it is

  • Aya LHASNI
    Aya LHASNI

    14:26 that suppose to be a library

  • Grace Baloyi
    Grace Baloyi

    So happy for you Amber here's to more blessings love! 💖💖

  • knitsforthesoul Podcast
    knitsforthesoul Podcast

    Those mirrors everywhere!!!! OMG 😆

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia
    Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Normally I would feel jealous at wealth of youtuber but this time im genuinely happy for her mah girl work so hard to get this far

  • Abagail s.
    Abagail s.

    Is it kinda like a penthouse

  • Dinara Ryskulbekova
    Dinara Ryskulbekova

    Congrats! Love you xoxo😘

  • Rawan Hisham
    Rawan Hisham

    You deserve the world ❤️

  • Alize “Chana” Rocha
    Alize “Chana” Rocha

    Congratulations 🎉 you inspire me so much! I love you! A true Cinderella story!

  • Sk Xyz
    Sk Xyz

    Her dog George was more exited to show us the new house...😍😍😍

  • Emily Tugwell
    Emily Tugwell

    Imagine having the clean all the mirrors 😨😨 otherwise very Amber!! Ngl, super jealous!!

  • Destem Mohenjo
    Destem Mohenjo

    Your grand piano should be placed next to the fireplace in front of that floor-to-ceiling window @ 5:07 !

  • Karla Ramirez
    Karla Ramirez

    OMG AMBER I HAVE A LITTLE GREY CAT IM LOOKING TO GIVE AWAY & SHE LOVES JEWLERY IDK IF YOU WOULD WANT HER. Her name is Sasha but we call her, Versasha cuz she’s just boujee✨

  • Genesis Cruz
    Genesis Cruz

    I am in love. Congratulations on your accomplishment God Bless it 😍

  • Nora Hosseini
    Nora Hosseini

    You deserve everything you have and I am so proud of you 🤍

  • 99 Fox
    99 Fox

    Imagine having to clean all the mirrors ? 😩😭

  • alyssa kujawski
    alyssa kujawski

    all black marble PLEASEEEE

  • Inayaa Vintage Indian Movies
    Inayaa Vintage Indian Movies

    Please change your bedsheets. You can buy beautiful bedsheets in different colors.

  • Mea Lynx
    Mea Lynx

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏💋 girl I'm proud of you😄

  • Addie Your local baddie
    Addie Your local baddie

    So.. many.. MIRRORS

  • Yeira LeGrand
    Yeira LeGrand

    That is literally Palace of Versailles' Hall of Mirrors

  • Nour Gouda
    Nour Gouda

    21:33 you could've put the E ballon beside em but okay.

  • Mykie Diaz
    Mykie Diaz

    Omg the amount of spirts you could have in your house 😨

  • Mikayla Pagan
    Mikayla Pagan

    #vortex house

  • Honest-_- Racquel002
    Honest-_- Racquel002

    Love the view

  • Lalaricecake

    Amber you are so deserving of all of this! Congrats

  • Kays World
    Kays World

    Yes To The Pink Marble Bathroom

  • M&M Motives
    M&M Motives

    Congratulations on your new home and while you are relaxing, READ: Apartheid's Insanity and Stupidity by Mateu Nonyane....available on AMAZON and TAKEALOT. Thank you for your support.

  • Lilly Star
    Lilly Star

    YESSSS! You deserve this Amber! This is so inspiring! 🥺 thanks for sharing! 💖💖

  • Karrisaxo

    So beyond happy and proud of amber with how far she’s come. I’ve been watching your videos for the last five years, I’m tearing up like it’s me who bought the house. Congratulations!!

  • Cheyenne Diedrich
    Cheyenne Diedrich

    Your house is AMAZING!! Don’t let Sam and all his friends play H&S and other crazy games! 😂

  • I'mNotMe

    Omg that house is completely amazing 😍

  • Georgia Thomas
    Georgia Thomas

    I starting watching you when you only had 3 videos up. I am so proud of you. I feel like your my big sister and taught me about clothes and makeup and hair. You absolutely deserve this 🤍

  • Jessica Desire Love
    Jessica Desire Love

    Sooooo happy for you! You’re so inspiring

  • Jaelyn Bethoney-Rose
    Jaelyn Bethoney-Rose

    Her bar should be like a makeup station or where she displays her nice bags.

  • Nikyta Nahid
    Nikyta Nahid

    REA : How many mirrors do you want ? Amber : Yes.

  • faith xinyang
    faith xinyang

    this is the first ever video i have watched of u anD AAAAAAAA OMG I ALREADY LIKE U 😭💜 I COULD FEEL UR EXCITEMENT AND I LIKE UR ENERGY SO MUUUUUCH!!! HSJDNDMDN so gorgeously chaotic. very happy for u!

  • Hannah Miranda
    Hannah Miranda


  • C B
    C B

    Congratulations Amber!!! I am so happy for you!!! Your home is beautiful and it is perfect for you.

  • The Loner Stoner
    The Loner Stoner

    So proud of you!!!!🤩😘🤗🥳🥳

  • Joanna Stoeva
    Joanna Stoeva

    Can't wait for the decoration tour,aaah🤠💖

  • Candy Cruise
    Candy Cruise

    Huge so big so beautiful house Congrats to you Amber wish I have a house too with my kids too ~ Black and Gold Silver color nice your house is just like a Cinderella

  • Nasmina Sayaz
    Nasmina Sayaz

    You should get a cat😍😍😍

  • Nasmina Sayaz
    Nasmina Sayaz

    She is so thankful for us🥺

  • Anisa feka
    Anisa feka

    The best thing following a UZmilk for many years is seeing them grow✨✨ So proud of you 🌸🥰

  • Zita Balogh
    Zita Balogh

    mirrors, white marble, and chandeliers

  • Anna Vazquez
    Anna Vazquez

    Love it! Congratulations ❤️

  • Belisse Rodriguez
    Belisse Rodriguez

    The view!!! Espectacular!!

  • Kyra Murdock
    Kyra Murdock

    are you able to change the fence thing on the balconies? cause you should get like a solid one (maybe even clear!). it would aesthetically pleasing and just in case so you dog doesn't slip through😱

  • jessica M
    jessica M

    Wait it's not a house it's an apartment??

  • Denise Erbe
    Denise Erbe

    with these mirrors ur gonna have a shit ton of spirits in ur home and theyre gonna be so confused

  • Diana Negroiu
    Diana Negroiu

    Imagine the dog jumping off the balcony after you accidentaly leave the door open 🤡

  • Anna Collado
    Anna Collado

    Congratulations on your new home. You deserve it 😘. Doe the cabinet in the dining room maybe you can turn it into a fancy China cabinet. I love all the renovations you will be making. I love love your mirrored paradise 😍

  • L

    How do you lock your front door when the front door is an elevator? 🤔

  • Riddhima Rawat
    Riddhima Rawat

    I hope you don't have anything to do with spirits because you definitely have a lot of vortexes lol

  • Joy Kent
    Joy Kent

    Imagine a little kid coming over putting their hands everywhere. The cleaning for those mirrors would be a full time job......

  • W S N A
    W S N A

    Congratulation on ur first home and its beautifulllllllll happy for u.

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