Bending Wood

  • Дмитрий Кор
    Дмитрий Кор

    Соединение не долговечьное, а так прикольно.

  • Jock Seethe
    Jock Seethe

    My retarded ass thought that he was going to eat wood when he whipped out that plate

  • Michael Tilton
    Michael Tilton

    Wood workers and artists and mathematicians!


    A Wood Bender... 😃

  • Jeremiah Butts
    Jeremiah Butts

    Cool idea

  • chrispysaid

    Oh okay so, the answer is wizardry then.

  • Robert Collett
    Robert Collett

    I like it, do they make a clamp that you can use to let it sit and dry all the way?

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    is THAT how you use that half-circle thing

  • CoD Jhay YT
    CoD Jhay YT

    Congratulations 👏👏

  • Вадим Кузнецов
    Вадим Кузнецов

    ... точно таким-же способом я загибаю профильную трубу!!!

  • Andrew Barclay
    Andrew Barclay

    Yeah u missed out the part when u have to hold the joint in place for a couple hours since u used cheap nasty pva glue try mitre mate. Its an apoxy resin. Dries in seconds👌

  • Budi T-Jo
    Budi T-Jo


  • Culturally Hispanic 2.0
    Culturally Hispanic 2.0

    Why did he wet the wood though

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    Not gonna lie, that is god damn awesome. please keep making more like this, even if I won't do it irl it's satisfying

  • yolanda booi
    yolanda booi


  • Steve Bloyd
    Steve Bloyd

    That's just amazingly slick !

  • the viking christiaan
    the viking christiaan

    For more

  • marti Farmer
    marti Farmer

    Just amazing. Ive got to try this

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi


  • ilikeutubejustfine


  • Richard Garvin
    Richard Garvin


  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    is THAT how you use that half-circle thing

    • Sebastian Garcia
      Sebastian Garcia

      It’s called a parabola lol

  • kongpipop kaewkiyoon
    kongpipop kaewkiyoon

    ตัดขาดไปแล้วนี่ ทำได้ไง

  • Corey Cox
    Corey Cox

    Wow that was cool I've never seen that before that was awesome

  • Juan carlos Gonsalez Arteaga
    Juan carlos Gonsalez Arteaga

    Que arte tan hermoso , Dios le da sabiduría a todo ser humano solo que unos lo aprovechan y otros no

  • Juan carlos Gonsalez Arteaga
    Juan carlos Gonsalez Arteaga

    Que berraquera

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Always wondered how they did those kind of corners

  • Rosie Jambo
    Rosie Jambo

    😮Brilliance!!~A Master👑 Craftsman!!🤗💯%!! Thank you for your wonderful 'Vidz'!! Rosie 🦓 (Stay 🦋 Safe ALL)

  • Debi StevensCreed
    Debi StevensCreed

    Wow thats awesome

  • Fadingecho

    This is why women should stay away from woodwork folks!

    • El Ojo
      El Ojo

      Uh why?

  • Trista Anderson
    Trista Anderson

    Thanks bad ass

  • D She
    D She

    Love that. Now let me watch it a few times more...

  • Faustino Martinez
    Faustino Martinez

    Com agua caliente en menos tiempo tarda en doblar.

  • Margaret Burnham
    Margaret Burnham


  • Dndrcnyt

    İlk sahnedeki tahta ile kesip işlem yaptığı tahta farklı, aldatıcı bir video olmuş beğenmedim 👎

  • Bruno Pulieri
    Bruno Pulieri


  • Naruto

    Me you cannot bend wood this guy yes you can my mom yeah you can he bent me like a pretzel

  • Alejandro Fonseca
    Alejandro Fonseca

    Si hago un cuadrado como empato al final .

  • Bulwark AC
    Bulwark AC

    I was thinking why don't you put the wood into a corner with something heavy pushing on the insides to hold it while it dries? If you don't have a square jig.

  • Joseph Tremel
    Joseph Tremel


  • Brett Mitchell
    Brett Mitchell

    Always wondered how they did those kind of corners



  • Billi Waqar
    Billi Waqar

    Good work


    What a fucking genius

  • 艺 慧
    艺 慧


  • Kare Lybeck
    Kare Lybeck

    Avatar the last wood bender

  • Heimdall

    Not the strongest joint but good looking for sure

  • Xander Yusuf
    Xander Yusuf

    That was actually pretty nice

  • Walter Green
    Walter Green

    How to make a hockey stick 👍

  • dbltrplx

    That right there is bad ass

  • Erick Gomez
    Erick Gomez

    So cool

  • davecpgh

    That was some of the best wood porn I've ever seen!

  • Ron Jaime
    Ron Jaime

    Genius level

  • ronron291

    Fucking wow

  • Chez Quow-Williams
    Chez Quow-Williams


  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor

    That's pretty cool 😎 ! Thx for the upload

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    Elvia Avila


  • nelson sanroman
    nelson sanroman

    Buena idea. Gracias por compartir ☺️

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  • Scott Richard
    Scott Richard

    Coolest trick I've ever seen. And I'm a 50 year old former carpenter... awesomeness 👍

  • מושי ק
    מושי ק

    😄💛👍⁦🖐️⁩🙏 ⁦♥️⁩🧡💚💜💙

  • BoringBar

    But hey let's party the first quite useful vid i saw of this channel

  • sIyceth

    is THAT how you use that half-circle thing

  • Scarlett Violet
    Scarlett Violet

    Awesome!!!Love it!!!!😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

  • Richard S.
    Richard S.

    Way, Way Cool....haha 😄 🤣!! Well done sir ...haha 😄

  • Demond Animations
    Demond Animations

    Tips from a master 😎

  • Matthew Behne
    Matthew Behne

    But even though it's wet. Don't you need to bend it while it's wet and then kind of let it dry before you glue it?

  • Top to bottoM
    Top to bottoM

    Mathematics mathematics everywhere 😯😯

  • Nayo Silver
    Nayo Silver

    Esas manitas tan regordetas y suavecitas no son las de un verdadero carpintero......mas bien son las de un licenciado o un contador que hace cositas nomas por hobby jaja

  • German Faller
    German Faller

    Just glue?

  • Jay Scott
    Jay Scott

    This planet doesn’t deserve you sir

  • The Original Chefboyoboy
    The Original Chefboyoboy

    you can steam it and bend it, too...

  • MyDick IsWayBiggerThenYours
    MyDick IsWayBiggerThenYours

    Fucking boring ass video.

  • Shaun Torpey
    Shaun Torpey

    Builder taught his wife so she can tiktok.



  • mercytoday

    Wow! Thats a really cool technique

  • CrazyGuyTrey

    I know nothing about wood working but thats cool as fuck

  • Sean Ritchwood
    Sean Ritchwood

    Best video on a thread of 100 plus moronic tik tok!

  • Atreus

    Thats too wood to be true!! Just kidding.... nice treeck tho ;)

  • Reaper Productions
    Reaper Productions

    Bender your skills are remarkable. I would like to hire you to kill the avatar

  • jam see
    jam see


  • Don’t mind me
    Don’t mind me

    Hmm..... I think it’s cool 😎

  • Vũ Nguyễn Hữu
    Vũ Nguyễn Hữu

    Get the flock ouddahere! That's killer!

  • MultiMaker Studios
    MultiMaker Studios


  • lngbrdninjamasta

    This is so awesome! Now I want to do this x4 on the same piece of wood; making a rounded square

  • ProDoggy

    This is a new way of bending wood bending

  • Mister Guy
    Mister Guy

    That's beautiful!

  • Henry Cartier
    Henry Cartier

    Ohhhh I hate you for teaching me this ..Freaking genius ..That you. Are..Thank you..

  • Suraj 18M
    Suraj 18M

    What the point of all this while you can simply cut and glue them together

  • Mattie

    my mouth the entire time --> O

  • Jer Bear
    Jer Bear

    I dig it 🤙🤙

  • M Light
    M Light

    This is very clever! I would add a biscuit for joint strength.

  • avengedflyleafful

    Anyone notice that when they cut the straight line across from the curve the jigsaw went clean thru the wood? O.o"

  • Smart N Sassy
    Smart N Sassy

    Dude! You are amazing!

  • loute29372

    That's one of those custom touches the customer will never appreciate unless they watched it occur or you point it out to them. I would look at that and think "holy shit how did this God of lumber achieve this". A homeowner would glance at it and think"cool".若

  • Spock Spock
    Spock Spock

    Needs a four-penny for aesthetics.

  • Phillip Gage
    Phillip Gage

    Whoever is reading this right now, I pray your struggle comes to an end. I pray your season changes to harvest. I pray your blessing falls like rain, and I pray you dance in it like King David.

  • Mitch D
    Mitch D

    It's a very weak joint. So what is the purpose?

  • Steve Krumbah
    Steve Krumbah

    Beautiful I’m going to give it shot wish me luck

  • JollyE


  • Eric Porter
    Eric Porter

    Now hold it till it dries. No clamps.

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung