The Football Show: Analysing Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea as the Blues reach the Champions League final
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As part of Thursday's 'The Football Show' Rob Wotton, Eddie Newton and Mark Schwarzer analysed Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea squad and their performances against Real Madrid as the Blues set up a Champions League final showdown with Pep Guardiola's Manchester City.

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  • D Toepfer
    D Toepfer

    the big difference between torres and werner is that werner always keeps going. running, putting himself into positions. trying to be part of the game even in 90plus min. torres often looked disappointed and mentally abcent (except this one very important time vs barca...) if things didnt go well for him. and i think that is the most important thing for us supporters to never give up.

  • Des Chelsea
    Des Chelsea

    In Kante we trust...

  • Kilo saavedra
    Kilo saavedra

    Lampard had got everything wrong it wasn’t the team it was the coach!

  • Dimi Odufote
    Dimi Odufote

    Good mic

  • John Griffith
    John Griffith

    No one is talking about how shitty the sound quality is on those airpods.

  • Peter Uttley
    Peter Uttley

    Sorry, but Kai Havertz has never been an 8... he's played 9,10, hybrid of both, and RW...

  • Sen Sahir
    Sen Sahir

    Man city will win UCL this year

  • A Lunatic
    A Lunatic

    One word kante

  • Kriss V
    Kriss V

    Foden (Next messi) will destroy(1 goal, 1 assist) Chelsea.

  • john honai
    john honai

    There should be a football tactical analysis from these pundits , i don't know if it's possible due to television rights.

  • Dixon Kee
    Dixon Kee

    Solid team, but to be fair, every other teams in Europe underperform this year.

  • Glyn Sutton
    Glyn Sutton

    How lucky I am been following chelsea since 1968 saw us win the cup v real Madrid with Osgood all the ups and downs now I get to see us again v man city

  • عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques
    عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques

    Both teams man city and chelsea are a incredible players just the score depends Who Attaquing players are right firing for this Day

  • NäköKulmaPulma

    Christensen Will score his first Chelsea goal in UCL Final and make the difference. Mark my words.

  • Alex Olley
    Alex Olley

    These pundits literally know nothing... Havertz was poor against Madrid and so were Chelsea in the attacking 3rd, wish they would give time to people who know what they are talking about.

    • Livinus Okoz
      Livinus Okoz

      You are the one who knows nothing

    • Vivian Rawden
      Vivian Rawden

      Lol why are u talking about???

  • Khin David
    Khin David

    Lampard was the PROBLEM. Not the SOLUTION.

  • Leesi Monday Nagbi
    Leesi Monday Nagbi

    Congratulations to Chelsea.

  • Gerry Freeman
    Gerry Freeman

    This is a fluent Chelsea side Much respect to this group of players Playing for each other... I think we are in for a great final Chelsea since 68. Blood brothers

  • Tarzan Malaya
    Tarzan Malaya

    Now everywhere is blue. Huh. Red downgrade to lower cup. Hahaha

  • PresentTime

    It shoulda been Pulisic mount havertz, timo coulda been the one out I wish we drew saved this performance for the finale, Pulisic needs to start either this past game or the game before I woulda rested him in FA cup nightmares of FA cup final last yr. I’m sorry, not trying to negative imagine if timo missed a goal I coulda scored he woulda still started the next game, he didn’t stay onsides just a brain fart he played well but why rest Pulisic if your not gonna start him yesterday havertz looked in form, mount timo have been run in to the ground but mount we need to play as much As possible, a great engine he may be top 5 in form player in EPL. I think we need to give Pulisic more mins if we want to get the best of him,while he’s in form while maintaining health u want him to remain healthy in his head and body he sure looked it yesterday, due to fact he could be a deadly combo w. Mount, as shown in game. I believe in TT but cmon!

  • me 007
    me 007

    Please anybody here that can help me come to the Uk? I need a good job to help my family......please help!!!

  • Kevin Phiri
    Kevin Phiri

    As long as we have a N’Golo Kanté, we will always have a chance.

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin

    Kai elbowing Ramos, he can dish it out but can't take it.

  • Richie Rifle
    Richie Rifle

    Blues Bues Bus

  • David Elias
    David Elias

    For me tuchel Coach of this season

  • Don Costellolo
    Don Costellolo

    We need more punditry from Eddie! Insightful and knows what he's talking about

    • Don Costellolo
      Don Costellolo

      @Ugwunna Odinye 😂😂 To be fair He can play there.

    • Ugwunna Odinye
      Ugwunna Odinye

      He said Havertz was a no.8

  • Usman JJ
    Usman JJ

    Mendy saved two fking goal man we would have lost it if it was the 🐍 haha

  • Always Chelsea
    Always Chelsea

    I literally injured one of my finger while punching the wall after mount scored while celebrating 💙💙💙

    • Usman JJ
      Usman JJ

      haha I broke my headphone when Drogba scored that Penalty fuking hell that was the feeling

  • Narigo (onepiece101)
    Narigo (onepiece101)

    I must say that each and every player from Chelsea are excellent in the position that they hold...if they keep this up I have no doubt they would win it all...

  • mandy dandy
    mandy dandy

    Chelsea another non English football Team lmfao I love how you English are vanishing from football TV & your streets

  • Ian Squires
    Ian Squires

    Still no one mentioning how important Azpi has been since TT arrived? How are these man paid to analyse football and just stating the obvious.

  • karabo marata
    karabo marata

    Chelsea won’t be a walkover like Spurs was with Liverpool

  • Lauren Reeve
    Lauren Reeve

    Every silver lining has a cloud at 11.25 that’s what he said 😆

  • Ononso Orizu
    Ononso Orizu

    Eddie looks like he is doing community service

  • Colin Hughes
    Colin Hughes

    Eddie Newton legend Chelsea Player Mark also fantastic 👏 Goalkeeper Great 👍 Pundits ,Respect

  • Ghazeeman

    Prettt great set of pundits you have there

  • Damon Bradshaw
    Damon Bradshaw

    Y are they saying that haverts was put over pulisic? This was always tuchel plan to do. Pulisic was always going to be the nail in the coffin for Madrid

  • Raykibb

    I am so happy for the Blues!!! Tuchel has been a master.

  • Gearoid Collins
    Gearoid Collins

    Eddie's proper depressed

  • Sharni

    Chelsea is very overrated team I can say

  • StormCrowYo

    Haverz, Pulisic, and Werner would all benefit MASSIVELY by letting go of the stress. All 3 of them are far too quick to drop their heads on a mess up, and that does nothing positive for a player or team. The best players in the world will laugh off a bad shot/pass/touch, and look to seize/create the next opportunity. And as soon as these 3 enjoy the game, and learn from the errors as opposed to dropping heads, they will take the team to new heights. I have to say, those 3 are a bit of a confidence issue, and hopefully they find their self-belief soon. Up Chelsea!!

  • Shahan Naseer
    Shahan Naseer

    This makes sense - The Covid Rates 12 times worst in Turkey . This lead to infections coming back to UK - UEFA They cancelled the match in Dublin in EUROs because Covid to Wembley - The Govt should make very difficult for supports to travel to Turkey . This but the vac program back and could result in 4th Lockdown - In Same way if United v Arsenal should moved neutral ground in UK . We need stop spread covid variants around from Hotspots - they have 3 weeks to do this - GOVT and LEAGUE PRESSURE

  • Godot

    Some say that Kante sleeps on a treadmill

    • KingArtoriusTV

      sleep running? Lmao

  • Oladmeji Akogun
    Oladmeji Akogun

    Madrid needs Kante

  • Onyx Core
    Onyx Core

    Bye Bye Chelsea , Good Luck next year

  • Carlito Gio
    Carlito Gio

    Havertz and Pulisic and improving game by game. Happy for Werner and over the moon for Mount. Shout out to Azpi and the humble assassin Kante. MENDY A BEAST Good job boys

  • Junior bakayoko
    Junior bakayoko

    We are in final . C'mon chelsea. Iam more than happy

  • kevin madden
    kevin madden

    Calm down Eddie!

  • Sahil

    Jorginho and kante were on fire

  • John Nugent
    John Nugent

    Love listening to semi-literate pundits.

  • Habeeb Ladan
    Habeeb Ladan

    UZmilk is trying to get us to break and pay for premium with 20 seconds unskippable ads but we won't

    • Lord Enel
      Lord Enel

      @Danny Wang nope I’m good 🚶🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

    • Danny Wang
      Danny Wang

      Trust me its worth it. You'll consume youtube in a complete different way since youre able to have it running in the background. You listen to this video in the background while switching to any other app you want

  • Niky Hassan
    Niky Hassan



    Jorgihno deserves much praise for holding that midfield for Chelsea since tuchel arrival

    • Ayanda Sibiya
      Ayanda Sibiya

      Jorghi is very fragile and his tackles can hold your teeth to a red card. Kova way better

  • Sylvester Njinkeng
    Sylvester Njinkeng

    Well done Chelsea

  • Bantu Phiri
    Bantu Phiri

    Werner took his chance brilliantly

    • Bantu Phiri
      Bantu Phiri

      @Paul Casey yep

    • Paul Casey
      Paul Casey

      Should he attempted scorpion kick?

  • Aditya Pimple
    Aditya Pimple

    Chelsea's dominant performance but Sky Sports spent half this discussion obsessing over Werner not scoring. Also over-looking his involvement in the first game.

  • Robert Ingram
    Robert Ingram

    The Real Madrid fans deserve “Hazard Pay” for risking their lives watching this pitiful performance

  • George Bamete Jnr
    George Bamete Jnr

    Chelsea confirmed front 3 now should be Pulisic, Kai and Mount.

  • D VDV
    D VDV

    I must say their enthousiasm was really off the charts!! 😐

  • Simplo Simplo
    Simplo Simplo

    What a boring punding bruh😪😪

  • Fakebba s Jarju
    Fakebba s Jarju

    Kante, world cup champion surly he will grap this one

  • mr Portsmouth
    mr Portsmouth


  • Da Boi
    Da Boi

    Tomas Tuukel

  • War Child
    War Child

    I swear Jorginho is the most underrated player in the world

    • War Child
      War Child

      @Jay5ive Yes, he is the first player in the history of football to make an error. Football fans are the worst

    • Ricky Gervais Said Hi
      Ricky Gervais Said Hi

      @Jay5ive Jude Bellingham maybe ? Between him, Gilmour, Kova and Kante I reckon we could sort those two central midfield positions out ? If we could cash in on Jorginho this summer, that’d be ideal in my opinion... But Ofcos Tuchel would be the right man to make that call, lets see what happens...

    • Jay5ive

      @Ricky Gervais Said Hi who do you think is a good replacement for Jorginho

    • Ricky Gervais Said Hi
      Ricky Gervais Said Hi

      @Jay5ive Hey, there’s deluded football fans everywhere Liverpool has them, United have them and Ofcos, we at Chelsea have some too Having said that i don’t think he was the worst player on the pitch today He made one horrendous mistake, which tbh happens to the best of them... But he definitely ain’t underrated We paid something like £60 million plus for him He’s nowhere even close to being worth that much... at best he’s worth like 20-25 mil..

    • Jay5ive

      “ I SWeAr JoRGinHO iS tHE MoST UnDerRatED PlaYer IN ThE WOrLd” watch the arsenal game you idiot

  • rmzidann

    Hazard has been a totally unprofessional player and person for Real Madrid. One Benzema or Kante is worth more than 3 worthless Hazards!!!

  • Josef Pejov
    Josef Pejov

    Torres and Werner is not the same situation.. Torres was so out of his depth that he never came to chances..

  • Shady Nation
    Shady Nation

    We are Chelsea we have no fear 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿

    • farid dannish
      farid dannish

      absolutely 🤗

    • Ruma Dey
      Ruma Dey

      I agreee


    I have a feeling Man city will bottle it

  • sandeep sharma
    sandeep sharma

    Team will suffering by timo in future games specialy how chelsea improving day by day and enjoying on the pitch..

  • Greg D
    Greg D

    Werner's goal was a thing of beauty. Poetry in motion. It no doubt has inspired many people to take up football.

    • Gilbert Lucero
      Gilbert Lucero

      Hear hear!

    • Leigh Kelly
      Leigh Kelly

      Who cares about his hundreds of missed sitters when he scores amazingly skilful headers like that 🤗

    • A4

      A fine player he is, very clinical and a great finisher, that goal would never be recreated by someone like Ronaldo or Messi, legend of the game, his goal justifies his 50 million pound price

    • elvin mani
      elvin mani

      Unlike your sarcasm which is a masterpiece.

  • Ali

    Chelsea will be no where near where they are without Kante

  • Oluwatomi Popoola
    Oluwatomi Popoola

    Also Kai is underratedly strong 💪🏾 watch out for him in the years to come. People forgetting he's only 21

    • Matthew Osas
      Matthew Osas

      No excuse for any player selected for a competitive match

    • Oluwatomi Popoola
      Oluwatomi Popoola

      @Matthew Osas Ramos was clearly not fit and he's 35 lol. Even Kai bullied him all day

    • Matthew Osas
      Matthew Osas

      Did u see kante tackle on Ramos as though he was a push over

    • John Kelvin
      John Kelvin

      Sergio Ramos was no match for him. That battle was worth waiting up for that game.

  • Oluwatomi Popoola
    Oluwatomi Popoola

    Kante doesn't need a Twitter man's already following you. What a beast!!!!

  • Samsung Saracen
    Samsung Saracen

    TT manager of the year Ngolo player of the year

  • Jonas Molapisi
    Jonas Molapisi

    I'll comment on Mount's level when he is 25..

    • Joseph Barker
      Joseph Barker

      Don't bother your opinion doesn't count even though you think it obviously does

  • justin white
    justin white

    timo is a great factor in the team only a fool would drop him at the moment he doesn't lack confidence he's just anxious

    • Jay Williams
      Jay Williams

      @bright frimpong no it’s because he was bought to be a ruthless finisher and not a distraction to defenders for other players to get goals so he’s been rightly criticised for missing sitter after sitter.

    • bright frimpong
      bright frimpong

      @Eric Penner the only reason people look down on it is because of the hype that was around him.

    • KingArtoriusTV

      He's doing what Bobby Firmino is doing at Liverpool but we praise bobby for it and rant a Timo.

    • Farah Abdallah
      Farah Abdallah

      @Eric Penner and he won us more penalties

    • Eric Penner
      Eric Penner

      I would hate to see Werner dropped. 12 goals and 13 assists in your first season is not bad at all. His pace and work rate are superb - absolutely deserves his place in the side.

  • Kishor Lal
    Kishor Lal


  • Matthew Forbes
    Matthew Forbes

    the audio quality is terrible

  • Mr Emeng
    Mr Emeng

    Chelsea will win

  • Russell Nee-Owoo
    Russell Nee-Owoo

    Nobody mentioned kai smh

  • Srikkanth G
    Srikkanth G

    I might fall asleep watching this.

  • SK Law
    SK Law

    Tucel will be sacked in the second or third year, no matter how many matches he would win! Just like Mourinho, Conte, Ancelotti…………🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Kai havertz 29
      Kai havertz 29

      @SK Law why would roman be that stupid to sack him even when tuchel is getting good results smh Get a brain

    • SK Law
      SK Law

      @Rubbles R I just tell the facts! Mourinho, Ancelotti, Conte, all had won PL, FA CUP, for Chelsea! So what?

    • Rubbles R
      Rubbles R

      You’re pathetic

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards

    A lot of praise for tickle, but Isn't he just doing what di mateo did?🤔

    • Joseph Barker
      Joseph Barker

      This is TTs 2nd champions League final in a row mate. So no it's not the same

    • Mark Thacker
      Mark Thacker

      Tuchel has one of the best records in the league for his first games, better than when pep came to city and klopp to Liverpool. Di Mateo was a poor manager, we were very lucky in 2012

    • PissMenn

      Di Mateo barely created chances, unlike Tuchel

    • Gabriel Sierra
      Gabriel Sierra

      No cause Di Matteo was mainly luck that got them the UCL win. Tuchel has a tactic and it’s too superior for the rest.

  • Aslam Bakar
    Aslam Bakar

    I Love Chelsea fc

  • Matthew Hardwick
    Matthew Hardwick

    All this talk of Man City winning the Champions League ... Chelsea have been quietly building something special of their own under Tuchel's guidance. It's impressive what he's been able to do in a short amount of time with this team.

    • Pelumi Nova
      Pelumi Nova

      @T-H-E-O ✔ Tuchel already beat Pep and City twice. Holding my beer for the finals...

    • Kevin Phiri
      Kevin Phiri

      @T-H-E-O ✔ We fear nobody 💙

    • Matthew Hardwick
      Matthew Hardwick

      @T-H-E-O ✔ I thought the same thing in 2012 semi final against Barcelona and the final against Bayern Munich in their home stadium. We will take on the challenge without fear

    • Piers Awramenko
      Piers Awramenko

      @T-H-E-O ✔ didn't smoke Chelsea in the FA Cup lmao

    • T-H-E-O ✔
      T-H-E-O ✔

      Bad news for u, current City squad has been polished for the past 4 years. They’ll smoke Chelsea in final.

  • The Kiseki Nut
    The Kiseki Nut

    If we ever go in to nuclear war, Kante will be the best defense. He'll just intercept the missiles.

    • Gusde Putra
      Gusde Putra

      If you have to explain a Joke, There is no Joke! - The Joker (Batman The Animated Series)

    • Tatyana De bruin
      Tatyana De bruin


    • NäköKulmaPulma

      Anyone heard of humour?

    • Nazi Sadrul
      Nazi Sadrul

      @Zeo so true!!

    • Zeo

      @TheCynic indians usually lack sense of humour

  • janne olsson
    janne olsson

    Kanté is probably the best midfielder in the world. He is unbelievable good.

    • Chaotic Stop
      Chaotic Stop

      @T-H-E-O ✔ 🤡

    • A4

      Best French midfielder that’s for sure

    • T-H-E-O ✔
      T-H-E-O ✔


  • janne olsson
    janne olsson

    Kanté is probably the best midfielder in the world. He is unbelievable good.

    • KING

      @Polar Vortex yeah de bruyne has the vision, passing and shooting. Kante has the defending, physicality and is always everywhere

    • Mirza Mujcinovic
      Mirza Mujcinovic

      @Polar Vortex I agree with you. They are both amazing players

    • Polar Vortex
      Polar Vortex

      and DeBruyne? They would be my top two picks.

    • J B
      J B

      His physical ability is world class, I feel like when we usually rank how good players are we focus on their technical ability over their physical and mental, Kante needs to be recognised as one of the best midfielders right now

  • Yung Pastey
    Yung Pastey

    Jaysus speak up eddie kid

  • Thecursed Ond
    Thecursed Ond

    congarts city on their first ucl cause chelsea has terrible attacking fowrds

  • It’s about winning More
    It’s about winning More

    Chelsea are stronger under tuchel,looking forward to this final against another manchester club,its going to be one hell of a game but chelsea got the balance right,,the trophy comig home!

  • farid dannish
    farid dannish


    • Rehan

      @T-H-E-O ✔ u dont have to worry, u wont be meeting in the CL since u wont quality for it

    • T-H-E-O ✔
      T-H-E-O ✔

      I don’t trust you

  • Mr. Fly yo!!!
    Mr. Fly yo!!!

    Wow this could not have been more boring

    • dyllan mazarura
      dyllan mazarura

      One guy looks like he just been on a bender all night or just a spliff before coming on live and the middle guy just looks confused 😕

    • dyllan mazarura
      dyllan mazarura

      As Chelsea fan, out of all the legends we've had they chose this two. Wtf 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Victor Omoseh
    Victor Omoseh

    Chelsea is winning the champions league

  • Randy Flamethrower
    Randy Flamethrower

    Douchel the fraud will hand UCL to City

    • dyllan mazarura
      dyllan mazarura

      Is it a trend to be stupid/dumb on the Internet nowadays. Like are people getting gold 🏅for being that stupid.

    • dyllan mazarura
      dyllan mazarura


    • Songiso Songiso
      Songiso Songiso

      We all saw that in the FA cup

  • Rajeev Verma
    Rajeev Verma

    Whatever hapoens just dont sack him💙🔵

    • Ses

      Its annoying, man. If he has a bad run then you plastics will want him out. Even if that happens lets be patient for once and back him.

    • Precious

      He will be out after next 2 years

    • A4

      18 months from his appointment and he’ll be at a job center plus

    • Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ
      Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ

      @Rajeev Verma Crazy though how many great mangers Chelsea has sacked. If you want a sure sacking and an easy payout as a manager just go to Chelsea.

    • Rajeev Verma
      Rajeev Verma

      @Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ yeah man I know😂😭

  • Empire Joshvir262
    Empire Joshvir262

    Ucl is Chelseas to lose

  • ツLeo

    Chelsea are gonna get trashed by Man City. We all know this.

    • blue dragon
      blue dragon


    • Mr C
      Mr C

      @dyllan mazarura haha my bad bro

    • dyllan mazarura
      dyllan mazarura

      @Mr C How am I praying for your downfall when I'm a Chelsea supporter. Was I even talking to you or the person who made this stupid post. Has the Internet made people stupid, am I missing something here.

    • dyllan mazarura
      dyllan mazarura

      @Mr C huh? 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Mr C
      Mr C

      @dyllan mazarura keep praying and praying for our downfall

  • Chief Wiggum
    Chief Wiggum

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Arsenal are a small club

    • farid dannish
      farid dannish

      @T-H-E-O ✔ Good Ebening Small club HAHAHA

    • farid dannish
      farid dannish


    • Tecio N
      Tecio N

      Arse-anal knocked out Europa to good ebening. Arsmall

    • Paul Pattaya
      Paul Pattaya

      @T-H-E-O ✔ Are you just pissed off with the fact liverpool did not go out and spend money having won the PL. I see a lot of negative messages from you. 😁😁😁

    • Paul Pattaya
      Paul Pattaya

      @No place for racism 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jetstream

    Why is nobody talking about how good Werner’s goal was

    • Enwema Favour
      Enwema Favour

      @Leigh Kelly 😂 same here

    • FW

      @Ash Mills r/whoosh

    • FW


    • Leigh Kelly
      Leigh Kelly

      There was a brief moment when I thought he might head it wide 😄

    • Leigh Kelly
      Leigh Kelly

      @Ash Mills it was obvious to me you appreciated the joke 😆

Dunkey's E3 2021
1.9 mln
Dunkey's E3 2021
1.9 mln