Manchester United ● Road to the Europa League Final - 2021
Man United started this season in the Champions League. Eventually they relegated to the Europa League after finishing 3rd in the group. Manchester United look really stronger going in to the Final. They will play against Villarreal. Will we see another EL masterclass by Emery or will OGS win his first Major trophy?
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  • Eveleen Slattery
    Eveleen Slattery

    Who noticed that the thumbnail was from pes

  • Mark Capili
    Mark Capili

    I don't know why they're so good and so bad at the same time

  • Fr0ggy

    2:12 Legends says he’s still flying.

  • outlaw_officel_bmw_77

    uefa game match 6 man utd lose ha RP are better couse they scored under 3 mins

  • Johannes Klingborg
    Johannes Klingborg

    You met villareal 🤦‍♂️

  • Karlo Djak
    Karlo Djak

    Jesus craist

  • FBI

    As Roma's goalkeeper was trash

  • Andrea Capetta
    Andrea Capetta


  • Chronical 423
    Chronical 423

    3:07 I will never not laugh at the commentator mumbling Jesus 😂


    How Manchester United got knock out still baffle me

  • Fatima Lamrani
    Fatima Lamrani

    مين جاي بعد خسارة اليونايتد نهائي الدوري الاوروبي

  • Leo Boguszewski 5
    Leo Boguszewski 5

    martial scored twice

  • Balshem Books
    Balshem Books

    Thanks for showing the champions league group stage

  • Fogleman Moises
    Fogleman Moises

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  • tamara formoso
    tamara formoso

    In the first matches it was champions league

  • Anda Undo
    Anda Undo

    Gini doang grup neraka 😏

  • SJ C
    SJ C

    2:12 Can we just talk about how rashford just went flying

    • PhenomOP

      Seems he gave everything for that shot

  • ꧁やiͥzzͣaͫGod꧂

    Manchester united beats a great psg, a milan that should have won, kessie's gol was regular, and a roma that pointed everything on uel, and they loses versus villarreal

  • Mossab Ali
    Mossab Ali


  • Anthony LD
    Anthony LD

    Did anyone réalise how Marcus fell 2:05

  • Hashim abbasi Abbasi
    Hashim abbasi Abbasi

    Man utd have been kicked from Champions League😂

  • Gohan3 Kalab
    Gohan3 Kalab

    I tell you a joke "Number 7"

  • David Onyebuchi
    David Onyebuchi

    Many people love man utd but the club hasn't see any success since 2013

  • Qarabağ Azərbaycandır
    Qarabağ Azərbaycandır

    PSG 1-2 MU MU 5-0 Leipzig Bashakseir 2-1 MU MU 4-1 Bashakseir MU 1-3 PSG Leipzig 3-2 MU RS 0-4 MU MU 0-0 RS MU 1-1 Milan Milan 0-1 MU Granada 0-2 MU MU 2-0 Granada MU 6-2 Roma Roma 3-2 MU 14 match 8 win 2 draw 4 lose

  • Bo Kate
    Bo Kate

    Please make video chelsea road to europa league 2019

  • Deandre Watson
    Deandre Watson

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  • Hỗ Trợ Vay Ko Lãi Suất VAYTIENNGAY๏PRO
    Hỗ Trợ Vay Ko Lãi Suất VAYTIENNGAY๏PRO

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  • Dom Toretto
    Dom Toretto

    Bye legend

  • หงส์แดง แชมป์
    หงส์แดง แชมป์



    The biggest win in Europe this season it was against AC Milan Correct me if I wrong

  • Floortje Harmsen
    Floortje Harmsen

    I heard that they won 11-12 on penalty's.

  • Floortje Harmsen
    Floortje Harmsen

    I think Villareal are gonna win in the Europa League Final

  • Pierre Labriel
    Pierre Labriel

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  • Cesta The Goat
    Cesta The Goat

    Semifinals Without De Gea at Rome: 10-2 for Roma

  • Laola Salsabila
    Laola Salsabila

    Segini doang grup neraka wkkwwekekke

  • Laola Salsabila
    Laola Salsabila


  • Jr Murray
    Jr Murray

    Lol rashford vs Leipzig

  • Andrzej Soszka
    Andrzej Soszka

    Ale przecież psg grało w Lidzie mistrzów

  • Ali Nurul Huda
    Ali Nurul Huda

    Gini doang grup neraka

  • David Pertejo
    David Pertejo

    Spectacular team. Next season a strong candidate to go very far in champions league

    • Frazzless


  • matteo G
    matteo G

    spoiler: they lost it

  • Ram Mahulikar
    Ram Mahulikar

    Wtf man utd did not win the europa league

  • Edwon Rodrigues
    Edwon Rodrigues

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  • Miles Enunwaonye
    Miles Enunwaonye

    3:00 commentator said “Jesus” 😂😂

  • Yak Rider
    Yak Rider

    they can win a sunday league final

  • Jay Mchelsea
    Jay Mchelsea

    How Utd did not qualify for the champions league knockout stages is a mystery

  • ルイ美豚


  • KrazyKingGamer

    Mancester united players be like:uh ref i fall down can i get the penalty

  • Ashish Ashish
    Ashish Ashish

    De Gea is old ok his is old But he has more experience than Henderson.

  • Ashish Ashish
    Ashish Ashish

    Henderson is young but still is good we cannot rely heavily on him to save everything.

  • Shara Regina
    Shara Regina

    Road to Lose.. 😁😁

  • YxngTino15

    This video hits different now

  • Johnny Lema
    Johnny Lema

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  • Hyfzan

    Man u was pretty unlucky to get knocked out of the Cl

  • Zaka Yahya
    Zaka Yahya

    70% hasil penalty

  • Daniel Masis
    Daniel Masis

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  • Jyah Raman
    Jyah Raman


  • Luka Pesic
    Luka Pesic

    What that (h) means

  • Waikit Choi
    Waikit Choi

    And lose

  • RI one
    RI one

    Road to nothing

  • Carlos Leyva
    Carlos Leyva

    El Villareal vengo al Granada y a la real sociedad que perdieron ante el Manchester United.

  • Mj Josephs
    Mj Josephs

    Whos here after that de gea pen

  • Raja Rimba
    Raja Rimba

    Road To Naib Juara

  • Kelly Price
    Kelly Price


  • Evan Medcraft
    Evan Medcraft

    Here after they bottled it lmao

  • Julie Julie
    Julie Julie

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  • Machhani. mMaengagh
    Machhani. mMaengagh

    Psg vs manutd was the day that de gea got really good

  • Knax_Efe

    3:13 i believe i can fly

  • Michael Raad
    Michael Raad

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  • เจษฎาพันธ์ โอนากุล
    เจษฎาพันธ์ โอนากุล

    เส้นทางสู่รองแชมป์ ยูฟ่ายูโรป้าลีก

  • Zayed Nabi
    Zayed Nabi

    Manchester United: Road to De Gea not saving 11 penalties and missing his own.

  • Candela Mary
    Candela Mary

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  • Carlos Tevez
    Carlos Tevez

    Road to losee

  • soccerson

    MU lose!!(I'm City fan)

  • Gogo sexa
    Gogo sexa

    Change the title to man United road to home

    • Owl gamer
      Owl gamer

      we fucked up big time

  • Martabali Martabali
    Martabali Martabali

    Kanal zòr

  • Ketulusan Hati
    Ketulusan Hati

    Sedih ngeliat'y klo ternyata stlh d final kaga juara

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson

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  • Olix games
    Olix games


    • RuZeNuS


  • George

    In the the 2016/17 season we had easier fixtures in the eul

  • Centu s
    Centu s


  • Hamza Abubakar
    Hamza Abubakar

    no United will lose

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  • Tanjir Galib Ayman
    Tanjir Galib Ayman

    kepa is better than de gea tbh

  • Alan Koh
    Alan Koh

    Road to Shame

    • Owl gamer
      Owl gamer

      yup we got fucked

  • Ozil Nob
    Ozil Nob


  • cdertx ewsdsa
    cdertx ewsdsa

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  • Martin Flaherty
    Martin Flaherty

    It’s a little sad for u to put effort into this video only for untied to lose the finals

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

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  • พีรากร พลเพชร
    พีรากร พลเพชร

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    Elvis Elmer

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    Teri Sims

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  • Jess The GK
    Jess The GK

    Well, it’s another loss for Ole 😳😳😳 4 semi final defeats and 1 final defeat! Wow... 5 losses and 0 wins...

    • Matthew Nolan
      Matthew Nolan

      @only one if u want to speak Japanese go to Japan we are talking about football here

    • Jess The GK
      Jess The GK

      @Ross Barkley 6 finals? What do you mean? We’ve won more champions league trophy’s than Man U have won 😂 I don’t know about 6 finals, but yeah!

    • Ross Barkley
      Ross Barkley

      Yep didn’t Koop or Liverpool go like 6 finals without a win tho be careful what u say (ps can we have no salah at villa for free)

  • تحيا فلسطين
    تحيا فلسطين


  • تحيا فلسطين
    تحيا فلسطين

    القم من عمك فياريال

  • Ronahjhae Peart
    Ronahjhae Peart

    Now this is dumb knock out psg to lose to verilla 🤦 I'm not a psg fan but jess

  • Maeve Karla
    Maeve Karla

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  • Maik Langelaan
    Maik Langelaan


  • mintyXaly

    Man united got beaten in penalties by VillaReal yesterday... LMAO

  • Fiamma_dawood

    Immagine getting to the final And losing 😬😬😬😭