Doomsday - Derivakat [Dream SMP original song]
Betrayal breeds revenge.

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Written & Produced by Derivakat
Art by Beauty_fer

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  • Derivakat

    Lyrics: Bastion of sanctuary This is the day that everything will fall A look of fear caught in the lightning Your judgement day is coming once and for all An anthem of death sings out a cry A whispering voice invading your mind You’re stuck in the web and caught in the lie All corrupted, so corrupted Uncertain fate and doubt in your eyes Can you escape, who will survive No way to remain with all of your lives Is this justice? This is justice Last defender, no surrender Raise your shield and cry for help But no one is coming, no, no one is coming Walk through fire and straight into hell Your doomsday is calling, your doomsday is calling Betrayal breeds revenge You sought out your own end This is what happens when you turn your back on a friend Waste your last amends You’ve spent your life condemned Condemned to your cursed doomsday A countdown to revolution Thrown to the wolves and watch your hope dissolve The crows are calling for disaster A twisted happy-ever-after to behold Watching as hell rains from the skies An angel of death standing on high A warrior beneath in the enemy lines You were once trusted, once trusted You’re all out of luck and all out of time With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide So lift up your head and face your demise Is this justice? This is justice Last defender, no surrender Raise your shield and cry for help But no one is coming, no, no one is coming Walk through fire and straight into hell Your doomsday is calling, your doomsday is calling Betrayal breeds revenge You sought out your own end This is what happens when you turn your back on a friend Waste your last amends You’ve spent your life condemned Condemned to your cursed doomsday

    • Tristan

      Should Put Giant Wither On The Back To Make It Fire

    • Fate Khant
      Fate Khant


    • UsernameError101

      Yes, very neat

    • The Demon Follower
      The Demon Follower


    • UsernameError101


  • a person somewhere on the world
    a person somewhere on the world

    I really love how she did lines that represents everyone individually "Watching as hell rains from the sky"[Dream] "Angle of death standing on high"[Phil] "A warrior beneath in the enemy lines"[Techno]

  • Riccardo Lasagni
    Riccardo Lasagni

    Wai- wa- wait a sec, u are saing me that this is ALL ORIGINAL? WTF chill u are screwing me up

  • Violett Wolf
    Violett Wolf

    Gosh sad-ist has To make an Animation To this masterpiese

  • TechnoRex45

    I feel like technoblade would be the God of war, Philza would be the God of peace, and dream is the God of chaos because war can be chaos but at the end of the war there will be peace.

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Techno And Ph1L:actual justice Dream:tOmMy

  • Raven Lyra Peteros
    Raven Lyra Peteros


  • ProPotatoAim69

    Watching as hell rains from the skies - Dream An angel of death standing on high - Philza A warrior beneath in the enemy lines - Techno

  • MRmiss13


  • theawesome48fan hunter
    theawesome48fan hunter


    • theawesome48fan hunter
      theawesome48fan hunter

      L'manburg has ben nuked

  • Renato Alvisto
    Renato Alvisto

    Ah yes, the song of how Khorne, Sephiroth and Michael Myers destroyed a country. (i really had no one to compare Dream to) (Jokes aside, this is AMAZING)

  • LightingSun God the one
    LightingSun God the one

    I just realized before they say lighting they added lighting in the back round I don't know why I just realized that.

  • pro

    everybody thinks philza's lore doesn't matter in the plot but this breakout technoblade is planning might turn into something

  • Deidra Sledge
    Deidra Sledge

    bro all of your songs are amazing it's all just awesomeness!!!

  • Clever Balloon
    Clever Balloon

    Lo-Fi beats to burn down the nation who has wronged you to:

  • AnTizx

    POV: you said *"dream's speedruns are fake"*

  • Medic Olkie
    Medic Olkie

    *You raised your shield and cried for help *But nobody came...

  • DD106


  • Jack

    I don’t watch Dream smp because it’s scripted, But I love the music.

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      DreamSMP is like a tv show

  • Puppyplay s
    Puppyplay s

    why is this so underrated

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Idk,there was not enough members reaction

  • S.A.F Point
    S.A.F Point

    I don't know why,but this song reminded me of Berserk

    • Adrith Manvik
      Adrith Manvik

      One word: GRIFFITHHHHH

  • Spitting Cat
    Spitting Cat

    I love Derivakat songs and this is my favourite so far

  • Z Zanimuri
    Z Zanimuri

    To me, best part of this song is the fact that you don’t need context in order to enjoy it

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      But better with

  • Luka Phoenix
    Luka Phoenix


  • Tannis Manha
    Tannis Manha

    This is as fire as L'mantree

    • Tiger_Amulez


  • TheMadLad

    jeez this is so badass

  • People of Dundee Society
    People of Dundee Society


  • Lightning Shadow
    Lightning Shadow

    Dream, Philza, Techno arrives at lmanburg lmanburg: why do i hear boss music?

  • Arpit Rajiva Ibakkanavar
    Arpit Rajiva Ibakkanavar

    this song was so good that some random doods in minecraft recreated it

  • Arpit Rajiva Ibakkanavar
    Arpit Rajiva Ibakkanavar

    this helps us remember that, the doomsday war wasn't a war, it was a massacre, the stood no chance, the just fell to the blade.

  • Ren


  • Debkalpa Pal
    Debkalpa Pal

    Technoblade got out

  • Heysian Popnley
    Heysian Popnley

    with techno out, we can hear this playing over las nevadas

    • mclub0

      @Debkalpa Pal What's Nevadas gonna do? Gamble Techno out of existence?

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      You know that will be difficult,L'Manberg was a village with lots of memories Las Nevadas is a megabase compilation alnmost 6× time of L'Manberg......also Las Nevadas needs a flag

  • {Mauttz}

    Why do I have te urge to count the amount of clock tiks this song has

  • Yunobeat

    i love this song so fckn much

  • Keward

    вау 😍


    "An anthem of death sings out a cry" This is when Philza was forced to kill Wilbur "A whispering voice invading your mind" This is when Technobalde's voices inside his head control him. "You're stuck in the web, caught in the lie" When George and Sapnap despise Dream

    • Chasedibrhim


  • Cass DoesCrafts&Art
    Cass DoesCrafts&Art

    Holy shit I hadn't seen this one yet, it's so good!!!


    Wilbur is doing a good thing for a bad purpose. He wants POWER over everything But Dream, is doing bad thing for good purpose. He wants CONTROL over everything

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      Wilbur isn't doing anything good, he just wants power, there's no good thing. Dream has no good reason. He's admitted that all he wants is utter control over everyone and everything, and to make Tommy suffer. He isn't doing a good thing

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      @ALAN JOHN CHANDRA Dream character analysis:Descend to chaos


      @Debkalpa Pal Dream's desire was descended from Control to Chaos. He wants to kill every person who wronged him excluding George and Sapnap.

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      was doing*,but later it became less about unity and peace and more about manipulayion

  • Christiana M
    Christiana M

    "This is what happens when you turn your back on a friend." Actually so true. I sympathized with L'Manburg during Doomsday, but in the end, they did betray everyone, and they deserved what they got. They weren't the same close family that they had started out as that would stick together no matter what. Strangely enough, Tommy still decided to support L'Manburg until the very end, even though he was one of the people who they betrayed.

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      I mean honestly they betrayed and hurt everyone, exiled one of the founders for an alliance with the person they had formed the country to be free from, they hunted down and tried to execute someone who had been their friend, who had fought with them, and the only pogtopian who didn't forget the mission as soon as they beat schlatt. The mission was to destroy Lmanberg. Betrayal breeds revenge. Lmanberg was so corrupt. They got what they deserved

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Probably because it was his home,even if ur country puts you in jail,you would still probably defend it

  • Josiah Natan
    Josiah Natan

    "Walk through fire and straight into death" -I prefer the real line "Walk through fire and straight into nether" -The real line "Walk through fire and straight into hell" -Perfection

  • Debkalpa Pal
    Debkalpa Pal

    Guys did u see the details of the tnt falling

  • Abyss

    When three quiet kids finds the bullies’s hideout

  • Hamideh Bagheri
    Hamideh Bagheri

    coolest song i ever heared

  • Shatter Realm
    Shatter Realm

    This song has been out for a month and a half and i have listened to this song every single day since... THIS IS A CRIME... MAKE IT STOP--

  • citizen of L'manburg o7
    citizen of L'manburg o7

    This is so powerful

  • Todd Burch
    Todd Burch

    Damn I need to get into the smp series

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Watch EvanMcGaming series

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother

    When you're at the point where you dislike c!Dream, c!Techno, and c!Philza because they destroyed lmanburg but also like them because... yes

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      They destroyed an incredibly corrupt country that had wronged them time and time again. Dream is an unlikable monster, I understand him, all he cares about is controlling everyone and making Tommy suffer, but Techno and Phil got justful revenge. Lmanberg was too corrupt to go on, and in the end most of the original members left, leaving about 4 people actually fighting hard against Techno

    • mclub0

      What... the fuuuuck?

  • Haycomb _
    Haycomb _

    "They speak eleven languages... they can hide in plain sight... they could take out an entire country in one night and you'd never see them coming." - Buckey Barnes

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal


  • Mark Freeze
    Mark Freeze


  • El Efejota
    El Efejota

    I want that image for an animated wallpaper

  • Fedora Turtle
    Fedora Turtle

    Third time watching this and I've just now seen all of the withers in the background. Terrifying.

  • The  Hunters
    The Hunters


  • Holly Thomas
    Holly Thomas

    Philza, you killed Wilbur, why?

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      He didn't want to, Will shouted at him to, and literally blew up an entire country

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Request go brr brr

  • pastor guy
    pastor guy

    Dont mind me listening to this at 3am on repeat for 3 hours

  • void bennett compooter
    void bennett compooter

    i dont know if im the only on who noticed the withers

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      U are the only one,thnx I did not see it

  • Nili

    mooom im in love with all of her songs 💖✨

  • N.T.F Team Beta
    N.T.F Team Beta

    Good job👍🏿

  • BeatrixGaming


  • Moon

    Pretty sure betrayal breeds revenge and this is what happens when u turn ur back on a friend is techno reference,cuz Tommy betrayed Techno.

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      Its a reference to a lot of people. Tubbo betrayed Phil and Tommy, Tommy betrayed Techno, all of New Lmanberg betrayed Techno, Karl betrayed Quackity, Techno betrayed Dream sorta, by not coming to his aid when dream called in his favor, Wilbur betrayed all of Pogtopia, Schlatt betrayed Wilbur, Hannah betrayed the resistance, Tubbo and Fundy and Quackity betrayed schlatt There are a lot of betrayals and many of them led directly to doomsday

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      And also Dream tellling Tubbo an idiot for betraying Tommy

  • Amaya Tinsay
    Amaya Tinsay

    Hahahah you don’t know how many fucking times I’ve listened to this

  • • ¥ Crystal Melly ¥ •
    • ¥ Crystal Melly ¥ •

    Dream looks hawt-

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      DrEaM sTaN This is a joke btw

  • DownwindFish

    i hate the DSMP but i can make an acception for excellence

    • Chasedibrhim

      @a person who may or may not exist yeah

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      Honestly it's storytelling is excellent and the acting is incredible

    • Chasedibrhim

      Why you hate it

  • MRA The Imperfec10
    MRA The Imperfec10

    Dunno why, but I imagine that "Walk through fire" as Niki burning L'Mantree and burn everything in it's path Also that second verse is really giving me chill. Like, "Watching as hell raining from the sky", that's just crazy

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Whenever I watch doomsday again,that tnt falling I picture thanos' ship firing

  • Cassidy Myers
    Cassidy Myers

    I literally saw an animatic of this song. Did you claim it and take it down??????? It was AMAZING!!!!!!

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      Nah, she says in the description it's fine to use in animatics and stuff with proper credit

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Which channel was it?

  • Charlee Lynne
    Charlee Lynne

    Still can’t believe this is from a Minecraft server * so beautiful 😫 *

  • Logictech0keeper

    amzaing video

  • Rayofhope17

    This song reminds me of the girl who betrayed me and my friends ngl (btw the song is amazing )

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      Did you and your friends get revenge or smth? Because this song is about revenge after a betrayal

  • lui gamerboy
    lui gamerboy

    This song in the nutshell:Let l'manberg fall their doomsday is near

  • Anthony Rosales
    Anthony Rosales

    I see a homeless teletubby, peppa pig but violent, and a grandpa.

  • Some Nerd
    Some Nerd

    \Will voices ever be on spotify? also EPIC SONG GOOD JOB

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    time is ticking.. say goodbye to L'manburg guys

  • Eden Tague
    Eden Tague

    I had to say my favorite song and the artist. I said the casino royale forgetting about this but I don't think school would've liked this anyway.

  • ˙˖୨Magic_World୧゚̟

    Funfact: this song could also just be used as a revange song and not related to dsmp 🙂

  • Laura Fůrst
    Laura Fůrst

    Can we talk about the line "Angel of Death standing on high. Warrior beneath in the enemy lines" GOOSEBUMBS like holy shit its so good

  • Fernary

    i just finished watching doomsday live and this song hits hard

  • Bianca Cole
    Bianca Cole

    Some kid in the future: Father, why is my sister named daisy? Dad: Because your mother loves daisys the kid: oh okay thanks father Dad: No problem, Doomsday - Derivakat [Dream SMP original song]

  • -colton-

    It makes me feel like I'm there in the war, I love this

  • Enderman_LMAO

    My phone screen cracked at dream face, and it's epic

  • ThatSandSoft

    You can't hear picture The picture:

  • fazelavahundred

    This is such a banger!

  • Fortnitedrame20


  • Suicidal Sadist
    Suicidal Sadist

    "crows calling for a disaster" voices and 4 am:

  • Yo Queen
    Yo Queen

    The melody for “no one is coming” and “your doomsday is calling” is literally most my favorite thing.

  • EisaPlayz

    MCC? Team Of Three and Ranboo Because Yes

  • Aanya

    "raise your shield and cry for help, but no one is coming, no, no one is coming" gave me literal chills i love the way it was put together with the music in the background really sets the energy. (this is probably going to damage my ears its on so loud help)

  • pandacat 55
    pandacat 55

    I love how Techno has an axe, the very thing the Butcher Army decided to use to fight him with. Dream has TNT showing how powerful and psycho he is. Philza just has a sword, being the most "normal" Although his wings make up for the "normal" weapon. Just my stupid analysis on the art.

  • Kate Serna
    Kate Serna

    hell yes, if you put on headphones it’s even better

  • TenthSgtSnipes

    After listening to this a bunch, I like that a lot of the lyrics are vague and have multiple meanings. And that they apply to multiple characters. It’s clear this is from the perspective of the trio towards both Tommy and Tubbo, the “last defenders”. While a lot of people point out turning your back on a friend could be Techno to Tommy, I’ve always seen it as Phils line. Man gets treated like garbage by his friends throughout the whole arc, and it’s one of the main reasons he helps destroy the nation. Techno is very much “you sought out your own end” to Tubbo and his “butcher army”, but it can also be Dream for the same. The army was created to take them both out and plans were enacted for each. The betrayal can apply to any of them, though it is easier to associate it with Dream since he seems to fit in the least, and this was his main motivation, the betrayal of their “peace treaty” if you can call it that. Both Tommy and Tubbo wronged the 3 of them, and so many lines apply to multiple things. But it always comes down to those 2 parties.

  • Kataliea

    I don't even watch any Dream content or any SMP's, but these songs are such bangers that I can't help but replay them over and over again

  • Payton Kraft
    Payton Kraft

    "I'm the king of hell, and I'm here to take you home."

  • Payton Kraft
    Payton Kraft

    I'm making oc's and here's what runs through my guy's mind: "I've tried being the hero, so let's be the bad guys." "Fight. Not like you did anything else."

  • axolotl

    why did I think the less visible withers in the sky were like, frog footprints😭

    • Galaxy Marlin
      Galaxy Marlin


  • Luna Yami
    Luna Yami

    I like your songs

  • Gabrielle Goodwin
    Gabrielle Goodwin

    If the doomsday war was an actual historical event, it would be remembered as a massacre. These people are terrorists, through and through. I love c!techno and c!phil as much as the next guy, but you can’t deny they had so many other options. They chose this path, they have to walk it.

    • Gabrielle Goodwin
      Gabrielle Goodwin

      You made a lot of points, and I’m in the car. So I’ll just address one point for now okay? Technoblade and the gang weren’t a small tribe of people isolated from society who were targeted for financial or political gains. He was a soldier who joined their side, and because of his extremist political views was sent over the edge. Itd be more like the Nazi’s slaughtering of socialists, still bad but for a different reason. A political difference rather than a bigoted one

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      If the doomsday war was an actual historical event, it would probably be something like an indigenous people's uprising. A small group who was oppressed, locked up, maybe befriended before being shunned, and then everyone was shocked when they rose up and took revenge on their oppressors. Dream is a monster, yeah, but Techno and Phil were certainly in the right here. Lmanberg were the real monsters here. Besides, no canon lives were taken, it just cannot be a massacre by any definition. Lmanberg was an incredibly corrupt government that locked up people who had done nothing wrong, exiled their own founding fathers for a chance at an alliance with their original oppressor that drove them to make a new country in the first place, and tried to murder one of their biggest friends and allies because he didn't forget the lie they had recruited him on. Pogtopia asked Techno to help them destroy Manberg and called him a criminal for doing just that. There was no other option. Talking it out would neve work, Techno tried that once and they just continued on. Once, a LITERAL BUTCHERS ARMY had came to his land, pretended to want to talk, then threatened his horse until he agreed to be executed. The entire point of the writing of New Lmanberg was to set them up as the clear villains so that people would understand that Eret and Wilbut were right, that it really was never meant to be. In the end, the only people who actually fought in doomsday were Tommy, Tubbo, Jack, and Sapnap. Everyone else, even founding members of the country abandoned it, after seeing how terrible it was

  • Prit Deshmukh
    Prit Deshmukh

    In middle there should been technoblade becausw he faugth everybody.

    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal

      Nope Ph1LzA and Techno got there chance for destruction and served justice to L'Manberg Dream declared the massacre at Community house,and instead of justice,wanted power

  • Im A Nerd
    Im A Nerd

    a few people have said it but something thats really interesting about the dream smp is that for every character, there are real arguments for them being good or evil

  • Mineblox

    HOLY shit its so good :)

  • Just a joker
    Just a joker

    Delete this please

    • a person who may or may not exist
      a person who may or may not exist

      Lol why would she ever do that?

    • balxnced2


    • Debkalpa Pal
      Debkalpa Pal


    • UaeLover 150
      UaeLover 150


  • Sider

    7/27 WYSI

  • Idiot Vibes
    Idiot Vibes