Minecraft new 1.17 build hacks😉

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  • ChyanG Gamer
    ChyanG Gamer

    I really like that

  • ok and
    ok and

    If I hear this song again, I will literally commit humam genocide

  • Dylan Klebold
    Dylan Klebold

    If your gonna steal this idea atleast give credit to the original Creator

  • melon man
    melon man

    This song wanna makes me say "_SHUT THE HECC UP_" Literally loud, earrape and distorted..

  • KJ's Korner
    KJ's Korner

    I don't see why people hate this song. Honestly it's one of my favorite songs. Like I'll watch a video just cause of this song

  • Maitry Chaudhari
    Maitry Chaudhari

    How you get 1.17 in mobile can you share the link

  • Aleli Velasco
    Aleli Velasco

    How to get 1.17 minecraft in mobile because my minecraft is only1.12

  • ✨fishstickwoman✨

    How are they placing trapdoors on-top of each other and placing block underneath-

  • WiRoHat -
    WiRoHat -

    End rod: am I a joke to you?

  • TheReally Vilager Pocket camps
    TheReally Vilager Pocket camps

    I sick this song

  • A person 😀
    A person 😀

    I swear if I hear that song one more time I’m ripping my ears of

  • Cake

    The classic minecraft tiktoker package:annoying text to speech voice,into the thick of it as the background song and pocket edition Edit:dont heart my comment you freak

  • D4N13L

    If I hear Castaways or into the thick of it agin ima flip

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    I was just paying attention to the audio the whole time 0-0 IT LITERALLY SOUNDED LIKE IT SAID "It is the psycho b!tch" BUT IT SAID, "Into the thick of it" LIKE BRUH-

    • MikeyFnBrennan


  • Meral Duman
    Meral Duman

    This song is trash

  • Jose Luis Pinar
    Jose Luis Pinar

    This song is driving me crazy

  • ✨Avids✨

    How is this a “hack” it’s just a tutorial 😐

  • olin dsouza
    olin dsouza


  • brutisking


  • Vanquisheddog3

    Time to mute

  • Antonio Avila
    Antonio Avila

    This is stupid 😑 must have boring life 👍

  • Pintu Kumar
    Pintu Kumar


  • freejvaK11

    Everyone chilling until the clock gets struck by lightning

  • Hi

    6/10 I seen better

  • Afro E
    Afro E

    How in the fuck

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen

    I like this video🎥 👍⚡🔥

  • Ratest

    Good video. I also try on the video, watch and subscribe, if not difficult)

  • Ratest

    Good video. I also try on the video, watch and subscribe, if not difficult)

  • Hyda Gaeming
    Hyda Gaeming

    this song is worse than playing run on hard

  • Anthony’s Special Adventures
    Anthony’s Special Adventures


  • dragon man
    dragon man

    I am sick of this song

  • Theodor Frydahl
    Theodor Frydahl

    Am I the only one getting tired if into the thicc of it

  • Matt Spicer
    Matt Spicer

    Anyone else on a Minecraft video marathon??

    • MikeyFnBrennan


  • Voxualz

    these garbage tiktok ‘build hacks’ need to get OFF of my page

  • Slusher

    Good video, *But stop using this song.*

  • egymario

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  • Cyber ArrowYT
    Cyber ArrowYT

    Its not a building hack but it is a nice build

  • kirby drip
    kirby drip

    Why do these "build hacks" channels are always on pocket that version is shit

  • Narmil

    I would never have thought of this. The lighting strikes the rod and it burns down*

  • Raphael L
    Raphael L

    One point one seven

  • Hypergamer 999
    Hypergamer 999

    I used to like this song but its so overused that i will commit war crimes if hear it again

  • lazo TV 2000
    lazo TV 2000


  • : ̗̀➛𝑰𝑻𝑺 𝑨𝑲𝑬𝑴𝑰༊*·˚
    : ̗̀➛𝑰𝑻𝑺 𝑨𝑲𝑬𝑴𝑰༊*·˚

    If I listen to this song one more time I will eat my socks Edit: I'm going to cook them, wait

  • T3v

    Me hearing this song for the 69,420th time: Into the thick of it, into the thick of it, I'm fucking sick of it, ugh

    • angeliiq

      i see that 69 420

  • denki kaminari
    denki kaminari

    Whats song

    • denki kaminari
      denki kaminari

      @MikeyFnBrennan thank u

    • MikeyFnBrennan


  • SRed

    In tO tHe THicK oF iT Just kill me.

  • Pook Gaming
    Pook Gaming

    When he put the pink thing

  • Lgboyy


  • Smiles

    Yo thats actually cool

  • Ellee Draws
    Ellee Draws

    everybody gangster till the clock sets on fire

    • Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen


  • King Potato
    King Potato

    Worst build hack ever :D

  • The Calbinator
    The Calbinator

    The rod looks like that dangly thing in you mouth tho

  • Azzy's Gaming Music
    Azzy's Gaming Music

    Music killed it for me

  • DjCreeper Pepijne9
    DjCreeper Pepijne9

    Bro noone likes this music anymore bruv

  • TheSlicingSword

    This song makes me want to burn down an entire orphanage and smile while I see the children scream in fear and pain.

  • SketchyGamer321

    A grandfather clock

  • VisiblySimple

    Who remembers Minecraft pocket edition? I hate how they changed it to bedrock edition.

  • xLil_tentacion Xx
    xLil_tentacion Xx

    “1.17 buildhacks” yeah you could build such a clock before 1.17 with the bell and it look better than that shit

  • es el perro guerra
    es el perro guerra

    Minecraft pe Jajajaja

  • The Burrito Monkey
    The Burrito Monkey

    Yo cool! Now every time my useless fucking clock in the house strikes 12 I'm struck with lightning! Absolutely perfect for my house made entirely of fucking wood and cobble, I don't see anything wrong with this

  • Gregory Haynes
    Gregory Haynes

    I need the entire community to stop using this song also this was just a generic build not build hacks

  • HD

    So a lightning will strike his house every 10 seconds in thunderstorms because of the lightning rod? *G E N I U S*

    • Renu Sharma
      Renu Sharma

      @James' gaming where is mistake 🤣🤣

    • James' gaming
      James' gaming

      @HD it's ok

    • HD

      @Sam S Ah yes, a house with creative mode that will never be destroyed

    • Sam S
      Sam S

      You can just use this on creative then not that big of a deal

    • HD

      @James' gaming Sorry, misspelled

  • Grave eSports
    Grave eSports

    It's like "don't have ice? Just freeze some water" Dude wtf is hack in this 😭

  • Ruwu

    I didnt know i could hate a song from my childhoods show, i was so wrong

  • EmperorEnk

    If I hear this song one more time I'm gonna have a stroke

  • Oh my God
    Oh my God

    Im gonna build you a new sibling if you don't stop making this cringy #shorts

  • A Ticket
    A Ticket

    What is TikTok's obsession with fake nostalgia songs?

  • anime gacha life furry and lgbtq sucks
    anime gacha life furry and lgbtq sucks

    This song is stupid it's just a copy of erika

  • Ryzen342

    This song is just like the oh no no no song it’s getting repetitive

  • Davana

    this “build hack” is everywhere. Grow up


    First: it's too high for normal house Second: you choosed the worst song for Minecraft, you could use chug jug with you song, it will make ppl want to build that Third: nice build but it's not whatever is "buildhack"? Srry if I'm too old to understand that ART that little kids like, it's not something so useful bc it's using so much of space, you could better place 3 chests and above the middle chest item frame if it's called like that and put clock if you REALLY need that even if you have windows, and if someone say "ah he is maybe gonna build it in basement or mine" dude WHY THE FUCK is he gonna build it in mine or basement like what the fuck man You can waste your space much better like put chests, furnace, crafting table, anvils, put something that you really need Now if you really need or want clock you can put it in your left hand bro, you won't need shield when you are mining in one line or up or down you'll need shield only in caves, and in caves you won't need to know is it day or not, you need to survive I know that it's cool decoration but maaan clock can't save you, maybe in real life like to throw it on someone but in Minecraft it doesn't work like that.. and I'm not hater, I just said that it's not something you need in surviving game

  • Paul Barber
    Paul Barber

    Everyone chilling until the clock gets struck by lightning

    • boch


    • Nyah

    • ꧁Tøͥxîͣ¢ͫwølf꧂

    • Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen

  • Big mannn
    Big mannn

    Life hacks mean somethings that make everyday life easier, not this bullshit excuse of a hack

  • John O
    John O

    I swear if I hear this song one more time i am going to throw my phone at the wall

  • SprayJuice

    The song is cringe

  • The Cat Crafter
    The Cat Crafter


  • HarryHoo

    Yeah lets learn a build hack from a 7 year old who plays MCPE


    I used to think they were saying "into the pickle b*tch" lol

  • Jake Lopes
    Jake Lopes

    Imagine playing pe

  • 1KidStudios

    The Backyardigans cry in their bathroom every moment someone uses their songs

  • eurafakkj🖤🥀

    Antes de eu ter covid antes de eu ter covid

  • Melek Sude Mallı
    Melek Sude Mallı


  • Lior Malka
    Lior Malka

    As a resource pack creator for furniture, I’m underwhelmed.

    • ImAnAxolotl

      Please. You make mods and textures, this person had to work within the limits of vanilla.

  • Oddgear

    Im starting to think that people dont know what a life hack is or a build hack as they call it

  • - Lara Creates Stuff -
    - Lara Creates Stuff -

    People: Just talkin Me: Why do you need a spyglass-?

  • Dany

    The wrongs in this video: Not true Minecraft 1.17 build hacks Trash tiktok text to speech Bad song Cringe Overall 0/10

  • Cʜᴏx❦

    Bro can you make spilt screen?

  • you but dumber XD
    you but dumber XD

    It, it, it! U- bush push it going

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    this song makes me want to do a crime.

  • Pichula

    It's just for me that this "Into the thick of it" is getting annoying?

  • The engineer
    The engineer

    This blowed up my house :|

  • fat mario the third
    fat mario the third

    Tiktok ruined the backyardigans

  • Viraj D. Paradkar
    Viraj D. Paradkar

    What if the thunder got struck on the rod

  • Violet

    Please no more of this song

    • MikeyFnBrennan

      Haha fineeeee

  • Frenzo _
    Frenzo _

    Pocket edition makes me very mad for some reason. I used to play it but now I’m on pc.

  • ·D î x í ê·
    ·D î x í ê·

    I was just paying attention to the audio the whole time 0-0 IT LITERALLY SOUNDED LIKE IT SAID "It is the psycho b!tch" BUT IT SAID, "Into the thick of it" LIKE BRUH-

  • thess cruz
    thess cruz


  • Bridgeon

    I cant bare this song anymore. Send help.

  • DaichiIzHere

    Ok but. If I see one more shitty mobile video with this sound IMA die

  • Classified gaming
    Classified gaming

    Bro i hate this trend

    • Classified gaming
      Classified gaming

      I used in one of my videos but regreted