do you know what a demisexual is?

  • Jared Stark
    Jared Stark

    Aka normal woman

  • TheOne Emperor
    TheOne Emperor

    What a load of attention seeking crap

  • Nextlife Dreams
    Nextlife Dreams

    Wowowow Wait So many people here say it's 'normal relationship' People! You call it normal but it IS ACTUALLY RARE NOWADAYS. THERE'S NO MORE 'NORMAL' RELATIONSHIP

  • R T
    R T

    Just shut up

  • Suhana Rao
    Suhana Rao


  • jms0313

    Says she’s not into clubbing as she shows a video of her clubbing


    You are so messed up. You idiots. It is call love.

  • baka!


  • FisnikC

    New inventive way to feel special and different from everyone else

  • J R
    J R


  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez

    Aw your so special

  • Immanuvel Gonsalves
    Immanuvel Gonsalves

    She just described a normal relationship.

  • TeamKayenne

    It's getting ridiculous with the labeling. The thing she described is love and affection. But nooo..she needs to label it and turn it into a statement.

  • Divyanshu Jadon
    Divyanshu Jadon

    I am a human being, i eat food when i'm hungry

  • MD Zaid
    MD Zaid

    I am a Human.

  • Kishan

    I need to come up with my own sexuality. With everyone making up stuff I can't lag behind...

  • ITCHYhead

    I'm not demi whatever it is but yes why would I kiss any stanger n have sex Or even start relationship instantly with strainger, at least I should knw her.

  • Rakesh Servar
    Rakesh Servar

    You mean a Normal guy

  • SlicKDaddY

    a normal person

  • Gordo

    That’s stupid

  • Imran Malik
    Imran Malik

    Shut up

  • Sigurd Boisen
    Sigurd Boisen

    I'm asexual

  • L K
    L K

    Hmm it’s simply how some people enter a relationship and some do it the other way. It’s not a whole fck diff sexuality. Some people would say „it’s normal“ YOU ARE NORMAL!!! you need no special attention.

  • Nayana Kochukannan
    Nayana Kochukannan

    Omg so this is it. Now I know what I am

  • Sen Lkr
    Sen Lkr

    This Generation 😂😂😂😂 Who knows wat terms they will come up with UrbanSexual Rural sexual Megasexual

  • Sean Mapson
    Sean Mapson

    Why is everything about what the individual feels 😂 why not to improve the world instead worrying about your feelings.

  • Anirudh Sharma
    Anirudh Sharma

    Same here

  • 74th Artillery
    74th Artillery

    stupid word

  • Anthony Banks
    Anthony Banks

    Please stop making up shit like this. Your attracted to someone u love so what ?

  • Jackson95

    So your a weirdo

  • Andrew Cahill
    Andrew Cahill

    Turn it in

  • Aaron Shanker
    Aaron Shanker

    So technically just being a normal person with self worth? That's not demi sexual that's a regular person.

  • English for Sri Lanka
    English for Sri Lanka

    I just found out that Im a demithingamagic.

  • Nitin Jaswal Application Developer
    Nitin Jaswal Application Developer

    Ah it’s something new

  • • Rose The Alien 👽 •
    • Rose The Alien 👽 •


  • Findyification
    Findyification normal people?

  • akshay chaurasiya
    akshay chaurasiya

    Why do we need labels for everything, this generation is hopeless

  • Bruh Moments
    Bruh Moments

    I’m semi bisexual it’s true look it up

  • Mikołaj Sławiński
    Mikołaj Sławiński

    Bro I found out now that I'm demisexual xD. Didn't think that's an "identity" or something until now. Just thought that I really need to know someone before starting smth serious.

  • Steven Espinosa
    Steven Espinosa

    So she's like every other girl lol

  • Dormir Issy
    Dormir Issy

    No it is just called not being a hoe.

  • linh Lê
    linh Lê

    I bend myself backward with the amount of freedom these mofos had for bullshitery

  • Log


  • M Y
    M Y

    That is some BS for I have Bad personality you know what I mean if you meet demisexual person and you welcome People

  • RageVl

    semisexual, saringansexual, kage bushin no jutsu sexual, expecto patronum - sexual

  • cklovely1

    It’s called being in a normal relationship…

  • fmj 556
    fmj 556

    So dumb!

  • James mikro Mikro
    James mikro Mikro

    I don't give a fuck about

  • Dave Roberts
    Dave Roberts

    Don't know about the demisexual but this is the people should be.

  • karthik munna
    karthik munna

    Respect 🤝

  • Hulnn

    can we just make it simple, ugh so manny sexuality and they are keeping diagnosis their self

  • Deepanshu Singh
    Deepanshu Singh

    You are just a hypocrite nothing else

  • Hail Kol
    Hail Kol

    Money and high and car helps

  • ToxicCity

    With looks like they you better stop being so picky 💀

  • Ryuken Hayirou
    Ryuken Hayirou

    We're the same gurl...high five

  • judith nault
    judith nault

    Y’all failed to understand the point. Most people will have crushes throughout their lives, whereas Demis CANNOT have crushes nor have they ever dreamed of being intimate with someone they do not share a special bond with. What defines a normal relationship in my opinion is you’re attracted to your partner, you love them but you can still find plenty of other people sexually attractive, even develop short lived crushes on celebrities. Demis simply cannot feel sexual attraction outside of their relationships.

  • Jacob bing
    Jacob bing

    That's just normal things I dont wanna have one night stands i wanna be in a committed relationship that I have a deep bond in. I dont see how thats usual

  • topopops

    Nobody cares

  • Martha Mendoza
    Martha Mendoza

    I feel u are very confused. God made you a woman and that's what you are?

  • Worship

    That's basically a...normal relationship..

  • Aaron Bown
    Aaron Bown

    Ugh. A whole generation that doesn't understand that labels are for soup cans and cereal boxes.

  • Leper Messiah
    Leper Messiah


  • Zee Ze
    Zee Ze

    That pretty much sounds like 90% of people!!

  • Molly Brolly
    Molly Brolly

    So you DO realise that this is how a LOT of people feel right???.... Back in yo day, it was called ' Waiting for the right one '..... STOP SNOWFLAKES, JUST, STOP!!!!....🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • sCORXH

    She just increasing the numbers, it's all the fookin same

  • Skayada

    i don't like this

  • Bronson Sports
    Bronson Sports

    Wtf is going on in this world making normal things complicated

  • chirom brainson
    chirom brainson

    Me to sis

  • 7days


  • Strangerthingsaresaid

    It's called being picky and having standards. Stop labeling everything with stupid names.

  • Lewis MacPherson
    Lewis MacPherson

    No. Stop. Don’t try to intersect yourself. You’re just a normal person. Ugh😩

  • Ilya Kogan
    Ilya Kogan

    Should be called. "How to sneak into the LGBTQ community"

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    I am a pansexual who is attracted to kitchenware

  • Holy Molly
    Holy Molly

    So now we have 198.5 genders categories huh..

  • Aditya laxman
    Aditya laxman

    That mean your an Indian girl

  • a little skeptic
    a little skeptic

    So a normal person who isnt in the shallow pool of hookup culture. We don't need a new word for that. If anything it should be called common sense

  • Anime God
    Anime God

    I’m an attack helicopter sexual.


    Pfff im done with americains

  • Steven Nelson
    Steven Nelson

    So you have made up a word for someone who is genuinely picky when finding a partner

  • Jake McFarlane
    Jake McFarlane

    I am getting desperate like her, thinking if I could ever have a relationship. Life sucks

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight

    Seriously why do people today have to complicate woman animal object... You love with your heart and mind..nothings changed since noah was a boy

  • Far Lord
    Far Lord

    "Especially this generation" yeah this generation suck

  • bideo gaems
    bideo gaems

    Demisexual: someone who REALLY wants some attention

  • claimand

    I've never felt attracted to someone, so I just joke saying I'm in love with a horse.


    This girl is proving that brainless humans, evolving backwards exists...

  • Nicolaus Thothmes
    Nicolaus Thothmes

    Even though that should be a normal thing, I promise she's capping. The reason she's on this wave is because she banged many Chads and they dumped her. Now shes a pick me for providers. She's girls will say anything.


    Do you know what roast beef is? It is beef that as been roasted.

  • ehtisham farooq
    ehtisham farooq

    The f*ck is wrong with this many sexualities are there now?....why making everything complex. U r a girl ur r attracted to guys....if ur a guy ur attracted to girls...for gays its vice versa.....but except that every thing is bull shit....its kinda of a turnoff that people have become so delicate about everything.

  • Jamie .
    Jamie .

    No one gonna mention "seggsually"? What the hell is wrong with people these days. SMH

  • Teyo shariff
    Teyo shariff

    More stupid nameless. Doesn't she know the whole definition of attraction is emotional feeling

  • Kevin Ric Balberab
    Kevin Ric Balberab

    Your just an introvert.. Losr

  • yacine bn
    yacine bn

    Alhamdulillah (thank god) i'm muslim .. what if i told you to seriously think what will happend after you die and why you're in this world .. i know all media and everything is about sex and sexuality and like its so over the edges .. but don't you ever sit with yourself and SERIOUSLY think of why you exit .. search for your creature with an honest heart and he will guid you and give you the right moral compass that you need This comment is maybe for the old souls like for the people who feel that there is something wrong in this kind of clips