When you watch Matilda as an adult
When you watch Matilda as an adult / Matilda (1996) out of context / Matilda memes
as someone who used to love roald dahl books and watched this like 10 years ago it was fun to go back watching matilda as an adult! honestly some of the jokes were kinda funny lol i was not expecting that... some of the scenes are kinda really meme worthy out of context

  • Charisee Ann Violeta
    Charisee Ann Violeta



    Moby bad word WHWhat

  • ¿Ėrrør¡


  • mary posa
    mary posa

    01:47 LMAOOO

  • Preachl💙

    *"Everyone is born"*

  • Rajohn Sarmago
    Rajohn Sarmago

    00 ()() OO - - U U

  • Neko_Nightstar

    I'm 32 years old and I still cannot call Charles Dickens by his actual name. There is still a part of me that tries to call him Darles Chickens. Every. Single. Time. Even in college. And I made my college professor laugh and say "I do the same thing."

  • •Gl¡tch-n-Madness•

    2:34, 1999 people are literally one year older then 2000 people

    • floopie


  • Sharebear79

    This movie was out when I was an adult and my daughter was a little girl! lol Cute fantasy movie!

  • —l_HuMaN-Playz_l—

    0:42 This me anywhere in the entire world

  • Moseso 329
    Moseso 329

    5:44 💀💀

  • afailurueditoruwu

    matilda is always like:Try me bitch I'm god

  • Allie S
    Allie S

    Matilda walked so Eleven could run

  • That Random Good Boi Dog
    That Random Good Boi Dog

    Matilda, math prodigy, grew up to be a beautiful, successful drug addict "They got us in the first half, not gonna lie."

  • George Papasimeonidis
    George Papasimeonidis

    This movie was good tbh and the acting was good. Ngl

  • Sandy Kario
    Sandy Kario

    7:20 NOOOO LMAO

  • Неаrт ♡︎
    Неаrт ♡︎

    but im not an adult i am teen

  • Saka !
    Saka !

    matilda does asmr not clickbait

  • Clemmie Mayhew
    Clemmie Mayhew


  • Niels

    "bye felicia"

  • Lori Meyers
    Lori Meyers

    After watching that cake scen as a 4 year old I was traumatized. That’s probably why I have a phobia of cchoclote cake…

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    Ili’s Games


  • Ili’s Games
    Ili’s Games


  • Ili’s Games
    Ili’s Games


  • Ili’s Games
    Ili’s Games

    😅aaaaaaaaa what

  • Ili’s Games
    Ili’s Games


  • Ili’s Games
    Ili’s Games


  • Oh-Jupiterr

    Are y’all letting me die of these edits I think I’m dying of laughter☠️😵 btw I love your edits💗

  • XtremeConditions

    "This is so uncomfortable to watch in the pandemic." Damn, I can see OP has a galaxy level IQ.

  • Aramis Y. Cajigas
    Aramis Y. Cajigas

    Ms. Trunchbull is an independent, single, never-married, fights like a man, do it herself, no kids, masculine, strong, empowered woman. Oh, now I get it! She's a FEMINIST!

  • Butter Butter
    Butter Butter

    Best part is the singular frame at 5:21 with a hand in a large chocolate cake

  • mergy101 Dalmatians
    mergy101 Dalmatians

    the best part of this is that matilda had those adoption papers for most of the movie. she was just waiting for the perfect opportunity

  • Jeremy Powell
    Jeremy Powell

    LOL "Schools @ Black Students" the person attempting jokes on this are clueless or have never been to school

  • Mis aUbreh
    Mis aUbreh

    This is my fav movie lol

  • bittersweetrainbows

    Love love love Matilda

  • UY Scuti
    UY Scuti

    Matilda's mom always looked a guy to me, so now I must know if her mom is actually a man

  • Kurin the Kitty
    Kurin the Kitty

    I never understood one thing from this movie & it's this If Matilda family was so mean to her Y did they even bother adopting her in first place Seriously You know you fricked up parenting when you're child sounds more smart, rational and mature than you

  • oglingfreak

    The clockwork orange XD

  • Mr Tonks
    Mr Tonks

    Use the rod beat the child that's my mottoooo

  • Anjolie Huntley
    Anjolie Huntley

    6:43 Asmr Channels Be Like:

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  • Lua

    wtf this has 14 MILLION views. Huh.

  • Alyssaツ

    1:48 bro facts 👀😅🥲😂

  • Greiyx

    Me: watches Matilda at the age of 5 Also me: using my AWESOME COOL UNIQUE magic powers that I got from reading a book to throw mums vase across the room and blame it on the dog

  • Isabella Swan
    Isabella Swan

    I love Matilda!

  • DisplacerKatSidhe

    These subtitles literally had my snorting! Would you be mad if I tweeted this at Mara Wilson? I feel like she'd love this!

  • hudsin7 idk
    hudsin7 idk

    3:47 relate rrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Weasley simp
    Weasley simp

    This girl belongs in Hogwarts ASAP

  • Rudra Gaming
    Rudra Gaming

    When the students name the moves you use to rekt your students…

  • Cacti Lyndon
    Cacti Lyndon

    3:18 atleast he cared on what matilda was reading🙈🙉

  • Leslie M
    Leslie M

    When the elderly lady goes “Okay b!tch” I fricken cried 😭😭😭😭

  • RomannaLovesCookies Animation&Arts
    RomannaLovesCookies Animation&Arts

    “Did you say ✨b U t✨?!” “Ma’am... She... She did...” “I’LL GİVE YOU TWO BAT!” “Oh then you will like the garbâg’e” “Like wha-“ *Calls the police* “POLICE I JUST ✨TREID✨ TO HIT A GIRL W A BAT AND SHE SAID “BUT” “Uhm... Ma- Ma’am... T- That’s... Not... a c- crime...” “WHAT TH” *Police ends call* “Sh✨e✨oot, she CLOSED THE ✨PHOEN✨” “Wdym stupid” “UHM! ✨YOUNG LADI✨, WATCH YOUR FILTHY MOUTH!” “I can’t close my mouth is connected with yours, looks like you didn’t so I can’t too” “0-0” “What you creep” “✨😡✨” “Les see if u can handle T H E JUUUUUUUUUUUDGWUUYE” “What” “JUDGE😈🤡💀 >:)” “😳”

  • King Sora
    King Sora

    8:03 oh I'm sure the minors are the first people he noticed 😐pewee pervert

  • Starfam

    Hmmm mantilla sounds like scp 343 we should contain her

  • Vanessa Lauren
    Vanessa Lauren

    I’m still lost. How did she make the cup do it? What gave her her powers?

  • Vanessa Lauren
    Vanessa Lauren

    This commentary ❤️🙃😂

  • Streety Sk8
    Streety Sk8

    this is offically the biggest pile of doo doo ive ever seen

  • Sruf

    The book was good. But thw movie was hillatious. You didn't even put in the part with "my mom's cake was better" after the kid ate enought cake for his entire life

  • Murshida Najnin
    Murshida Najnin


  • Pearl Clarke
    Pearl Clarke

    you chose books i chose looks 🚨FALSE STATEMENT DETECTED🚨

  • Youtuber vibe
    Youtuber vibe

    2:16 me seeing my face so ugly:

  • Youtuber vibe
    Youtuber vibe


  • Tails The Fox
    Tails The Fox

    0:48 first time im agreeing would this man

  • twavy_

    PLSSSS “i was born wasnt i”

  • aru isra
    aru isra


  • TTV_Ghoulzsツ


  • Ginny Hofheinz
    Ginny Hofheinz

    Matdila In A Nutshell:

  • Just Libbi
    Just Libbi

    1:25 Yes me all the time! life is not the same since the covid came!

  • Walter Ehren
    Walter Ehren

    The ending ducking killed me. "Mathilda, you know i never understood you. Not one little bit". And it just stops. Great

  • Stephen Fong
    Stephen Fong

    I did NOT recall the special effects for the flying child scene to being that bad but hey it was worth it. "Special effects is my passion" killed me.

  • SwaggyFrog


  • raven crow
    raven crow

    Trenchbull: but? Did you say but? ( Can't help but think of a similar word with two t's instead of one) 😂😂😂

  • minsu g☆
    minsu g☆

    the people born in 99 vs 00 is so true

  • 𝙶𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚊 𝙾𝚌𝚎𝚊𝚗シ︎
    𝙶𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚊 𝙾𝚌𝚎𝚊𝚗シ︎

    3:01 lol

  • BlooHoney

    ive never seen matilda on english........this is so weird, i hate this hahahah

  • Aulia Rizki Aribowo
    Aulia Rizki Aribowo


  • Aulia Rizki Aribowo
    Aulia Rizki Aribowo

    2:44 hluve

  • Aulia Rizki Aribowo
    Aulia Rizki Aribowo

    2:37 facts

  • Carolyn

    I died after 1:30

  • Toto imagination
    Toto imagination

    Me watching this video then goes to watch Matilda on Netflix

  • gemmania

    can u do clean verison>.?

  • SVinfiniteFrames

    3:18 same my dad 😂 Whenever I try to read or gain some knowledge from internet 😂 He always 🤣😂 say it's waste of time 🤣

  • Karam Bains
    Karam Bains

    4:18 is my favourite scene agahahahha

  • Cookies and Dreamy Cream ✌️
    Cookies and Dreamy Cream ✌️

    “My heartstrings” aAaAHHHH

  • Nahal Farahbakht
    Nahal Farahbakht

    everything you said was true🤣

  • Kags

    5:05 im 13 and even I cant do that in my head-


    Matilda is the true last jedi

  • Puppybomb Oki
    Puppybomb Oki

    0:28 the actual shade that’s about to be said deserves an Oscar 💀

  • lach8780


  • Lucy The Great
    Lucy The Great

    Newt: has legs *"IT'S A SNAKE!! IT'S A SNAKE!!!"*

  • Jacob Varney
    Jacob Varney

    Is no one gonna mention that A Clockwork Orange came out in 1971, not 1979 at 3:28 ?

  • SebyLeaf

    *2:49** Me when I try gymnastics*

  • DeNkI KaMaNaRi
    DeNkI KaMaNaRi

    “You chose books I chose looks!” Me:👁👄👁 huh you don’t look so great 😃 5:42

  • Yourboicris

    Bruh that wasn’t a correction they didn’t have youtube back than

  • Luke Brocklehurst
    Luke Brocklehurst

    I watched this movie during my Halo binge and hear me out; If Matilda had been born in the 24th/25th century,she'd have probably been a great candidate for the Spartan II program. She excels and stands out from other kids her age both mentally and physically,has a strong will and determination along with her seemingly inherent ability to over come adversity would mean she'd have been an almost perfect Spartan. Anyways,that's enough overthinking at 2am for one night....

    • derrick daniels
      derrick daniels

      Yes let's kidnap her and draft her into the military perfect use for such a bright young mind with potential for an aspiring future.

  • Joe gun
    Joe gun

    I never realized danny devito was the father I'm so proud

  • Froggi

    This is making me want to watch Matilda again

  • Fahim Anuar
    Fahim Anuar

    now i understand why her father was mad when she read the book

  • asmodeus

    Matilda was my favourite movie when I was a kid and now I'm like, "she was neglected."