WHY German coaches are the best | Tuchel, Klopp, Flick, Nagelsmann
Where do the best coaches in the world come from? Well, take a look at Hansi Flick, Jürgen Klopp, Julian Nagelsmann and Thomas Tuchel. They were the top four coaches in Europe this year according to UEFA, and they also all come from the same country: Germany. In a phenomenally successful season, between them they won the Bundesliga, the Premier League, Ligue Un and the Champions League, along with several domestic cup competitions. And even more success looks to be on the cards this season for Bayern Munich, Liverpool, RB Leipzig and Paris Saint-Germain. So why are German coaches dominating the European game right now? Kick off! takes a closer look.

Report by: Philipp Engelhardt
Editing: David Jacobi
Interview: Charlotte Potts
Camera: Fred Rotkopf / Marwan Khafaji

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  • Sergiosaukka

    I agree totally, Germans trainers are really good, discipline, organizing and tactical skills. But German players...oh my God how bad they are. 0 skills,0 creativity,0 Art and 0 improvisation.,all that with hard mobility. They have won some tittles thank the excellent trainers.

  • Geißenpeter

    Einstein isn‘t German.

  • Marco Vecks
    Marco Vecks

    Carlo Ancellotti : Hold my beer

  • linksversiffter Minecraft Kommunist
    linksversiffter Minecraft Kommunist

    Wir sind halt einfach krass

  • Tavaine Clarke reality tv
    Tavaine Clarke reality tv

    White woman breathe of black man and turn off into white man

  • Nurcholis

    The France become world champion because of their colonialism, the German because England beat them 5-1

  • Kalsaume Satungiamata
    Kalsaume Satungiamata

    Except Loew

  • Rytham Debnath
    Rytham Debnath

    You forgot Rammstein and scorpions.😳

  • Mystical Wanja
    Mystical Wanja

    look at the big german companies and youll find the same structure

  • Arpan Mandal
    Arpan Mandal

    Tuchel won ucl with Chelsea 🎉

  • Ellis Aryee
    Ellis Aryee

    Aragones brought tikitaka not Guardiola

  • Vybe Samurai (Christoph Bauer)
    Vybe Samurai (Christoph Bauer)

    already looking forward to flick as national trainer hehe

  • Vybe Samurai (Christoph Bauer)
    Vybe Samurai (Christoph Bauer)

    more title than defeats.. BRO stop right here it's enough haha

  • BSP



    tuchel too won ucl now ..!maybe german coaches are wanting make cl there own

  • Tzzq

    2019 Klopp CL Win 2020 Flick CL Win 2021 Tuchel CL Win lol

    • Abbey Momin
      Abbey Momin

      2022 Nagelsmann cl win

  • linusjumps

    German quality

  • Ich Lukalion
    Ich Lukalion

    Whos here after Tuchel won with Chelsea?

  • Robert Barnes
    Robert Barnes

    Yikes!!! German managers need to be aware of some of the images that force their way into our consciousness when they start screaming in impassioned German at 85 dB. Its been done before, and the memories aren't comforting.

  • J 2
    J 2

    RB shouldn’t be mentioned. It’s not a Football club at all.

  • ebere ogbuka
    ebere ogbuka

    Watching after three days Tuchel won the champions league with Chelsea 👋😃😃

  • Mwann

    And tuchel just won the champion league for chelsea

  • Tobias Peters
    Tobias Peters

    And now 6 months later, Tuchel wins champions league with Chelsea 😂

  • TheZackzable

    how fast it changes...not

  • Victor Udobong
    Victor Udobong

    "Work with what they have" that's the summary of Tuchel at Chelsea's 2021 Champions League run

  • denodavito

    Unpopular opinion: Rangnick is overrated

  • Manter R
    Manter R

    3 5 2? Noone plays that anymore!!!!! Thomas Tuchel: "Hold my beer."

  • Mr.Worldwide 🇨🇦 🇩🇪 🇷🇸
    Mr.Worldwide 🇨🇦 🇩🇪 🇷🇸

    I tell you why I’m raised in Germany and i know German people very well Most uneducated people don’t know that Germans are very emotional people and always think ahead.what i like the most about Germans is that they are leaders.They will support you always no matter what.There is no favouritism like in North America.I’m in Canada since 2014 and I’m a Canadian now.But i tell you that people are jealous here if you are different then them.At my workplace they only support lazy people and snitches.That’s why i miss and love Germany.The bosses and Managers are way different.

  • TheVisserthree

    And Germany still hasn't replaced the current worst coach for its national team. 😂

    • Fylib Klaus
      Fylib Klaus

      We have. Flick will replace Löw after the European Cup.

  • আমি ছট্টূ বলছি বে
    আমি ছট্টূ বলছি বে

    Tomas tuchel is now the third best german manager ....just won CL

  • yilmanbabilonia

    I think they forgot to mention Karl Marx and Engels.

    • DW Kick off!
      DW Kick off!

      no superior football coaching qualities, but as rumour has it they both had a strong left foot

  • Lovely Sharma
    Lovely Sharma

    tuchel now😂😂

  • rammo

    Ralf Rangnick inspired all this Coaches with His Idea of tactic

  • Liebes Wölkchen
    Liebes Wölkchen

    Coming back to this after Tuchel won the Champions League :D

  • Awemany

    Hmm🤔,there is a similarity between them

  • swingingmonk

    Great video. I would just say, yes, Guardiola was and is more successful than Wenger, but Wenger and Arsenal were doing the ticky tacky passing triangles before Guardiola and Barcelona were, in my opinion.

  • leow78

    Best Coaches of the past: Ottmar Hitzfeld, Otto Rehhagel & Jupp Heynckes

  • mostafa hosseini
    mostafa hosseini

    Please tag channels of bvb and psg

  • Bhargav Damor
    Bhargav Damor

    Again here after Tuchel’s Chelsea Are European Champions 💥👏🏻

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez

    Klopp, Flick and Tuchel. Nagelsmann? ... Loading

  • chilli_ joe
    chilli_ joe

    And now tuchel has even won the Champions league!🎉

  • Max

    2019: Jurgen Klopp 2020: Hansi Flick 2021: Thomas Tuchel

    • Tzzq

      @Hanna R i hate munich but this would be crazy

    • Hanna R
      Hanna R

      Soon to be ➡➡ Nagelsmann with Bayern 🧡❤


    And now Thomas Tuchel.

  • Schäfer G.
    Schäfer G.

    Best coaches? Idk, Italian and Spanish are pretty good too

  • Carlos Enrique Gonzalez-Islas
    Carlos Enrique Gonzalez-Islas

    God! In which world we live that Germans are examples of charisma???

  • Braxton Bardzik
    Braxton Bardzik

    I see a low key Real Madrid job for flick

    • Tzzq

      No he is the new National Trainer for Germany

  • Anish Mehra
    Anish Mehra

    If only 1 of them can help the national team

  • dave crook
    dave crook

    It's all down to Jimmy Hogan

  • dave crook
    dave crook

    i can see similarities between Tuchel & Nagelsmann, but Klopp is a one-off who happens to be German - just as Fergie is a one-off who happens to be scottish or Pep happens to be spanish, Jose portugese... none of them are part of a national cohort of managers & coaches.

  • Juan Mercado
    Juan Mercado

    A german coach should coach england national team. They are strict and don't give sh*t about player's ego. England needs a german coach to manage the ego in that locker room. A german coach would throw the phones of player's taking selfies before the match.

  • Bharat Khadka
    Bharat Khadka

    best video keep up.

  • Panzer Peace
    Panzer Peace

    Christian Streich the best Coach in the World - the 4 ok - Streich is Ferguson for real !!!!

  • Panzer Peace
    Panzer Peace

    In England das Wetter einfach engstirnig, auf der Insel sieht man die Welt 🗺 eher als Blase ! England und Fußball ⚽️ 😂👮🤣😅😂🤣

  • Nikhil Singh
    Nikhil Singh

    Latest to the list.... Edin Terzic

  • Pauly B
    Pauly B

    How many think that Hansi Flick will be the one to replace Joachim Low?


    Edin Terzic is the next one. Mark my word.

    • Intensive

      He is Bosnian

  • Jonny Jeans
    Jonny Jeans

    why you talk bullshit about germans?

    • Steeler 1954
      Steeler 1954

      @ManuelB1b3r great asshole comment , congrats!

    • ManuelB1b3r

      yeh, noone likes nazis lol

  • Kraut4Kanzler

    germany has lots of people so a lot of smart people

  • Arch Dee Burney Channel
    Arch Dee Burney Channel

    Imagine Bundesliga with Flick as Bayern coach, Klopp as Dortmund coach, Nagelsmann with RBLeipzig, Rose with Gladbach and Tuchel with Main05 💗

  • innit

    Only Italy comes near: Sarri, Allegri, Conte, Macini, Gasperini etc.

  • innit

    Jogi Löw ist heutzutage besser als alle 4 zusammen.

  • Qahir Makhani
    Qahir Makhani

    German coaches have been great for most of my lifetime (31 on Sunday). Hitzfeld & Heynckes were amazing. Beckenbauer was also the first to win the World Cup as manager & player.

  • M A
    M A

    German channel hyping up German coaches. Nothing much to see here.

    • blue eyes
      blue eyes

      rightfully so

  • Royden Gomes
    Royden Gomes

    It’s the German mentality for perfection!

  • Antonio Ferrer
    Antonio Ferrer

    Portuguese coaches like Mourinho, F. Santos, J. Jesus, Abel Ferreira, Leonardo Jardim, A. Villas-Boas, Paulo Fonseca, Manuel José, Pedro Martins and many others have, (mostly in the last 12 years, won 2 Champions League, 3 Europa League, 2 Copa Libertadores, 2 African Champions League, and league titles in England, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Portugal (of course), Greece, Ukraine, and many other smaller leagues and cups + The Euro and the Nations League. In 2016/17 there were 6 portuguese coaches in the Champions League, which, I´m not sure, but may be a record for coaches of a single country in the UCL. Not bad for a country 6 times smaller than Germany. Taking nothing from the new generation of german coaches which are a truly exceptional bunch too.

  • robin_123

    Next one in row is Marco Rose

  • guitarbones

    Respect for all those German names being pronounced flawlessly 👌🏼

  • Jeremy “jbeeeee” Basset
    Jeremy “jbeeeee” Basset

    Interesting seeing how Tuchel is probably the most prominent German manager right now

  • Steve Veasey
    Steve Veasey

    and then there is David Wagner..

  • HarrySahne

    Look at PSG. Tuchel had control. All the stars listened to his ideas and what he wanted to see on the pitch. Look at PSG in CL semis and their embarassing perofrmance, not controlling themselves, throwing strategy and teamplay over board and trying to solo everything and just get a red card while letting their frustration get the better of them.

  • Joker

    Here after chelsie reached in final

  • Jonas Hans
    Jonas Hans

    we all know who the best german coach is Peter Neururer

  • elduuude

    Good video. I think it could be quite easy to have a stronger team, perhaps even be a contender. Bring back Thomas Müller, leading the offense. Just import as many Bayern mechanisms as possible instead of developing own ones. Neuer - Kimmich, Ginter, Rüdiger, Halstenberg - Gündogan, Goretzka - Müller - Gnabry, Berisha (Havertz), Sané (Werner). 4-2-3-1. Back to the old system, plus Bayern's "Gegenpressing". And Mergim Berisha has the perfect profile as the new nr 9. And if that does not work, Kai Havertz has proven lately that he can be a centre forward as well. As long as Löw plays without a number 9, he will fail. The whole mess started as soon as Klose and Gomez had disappeared. The old system did not work anymore (Werner clearly had the wrong profile as nr 9 in that system), including Thomas Müller, who needs a nr 9 in front of him. Berisha seriously looks like the new Klose to me. Can score, can pass, strong in air, good game intelligence. I hope Löw saw him in the Champions League this season... Müller back without a nr 9 would just fail once more. Jogi must realise that.

  • Definitiv nicht Sönke
    Definitiv nicht Sönke

    I remeber when nagelsman came in the League, barely out of his puperty, its so crazy What he has achieved as a Coach at that age

  • Matteo0607

    You did forget Adolf

  • Patijat

    Otto Rehhagel best german coach of all time.

  • 燕北山前萬梅山莊主人

    And they are all Swabians.

  • Frank Petersen
    Frank Petersen

    Volker Finke is the best coach ever!

  • ThiloNorris

    "the simple truth is that you dont have to be a good player to become a good coach"

  • MrFlomc

    A huge Influencer you are missing is Wolfgang Frank, who installed the back 4 and pressing in Mainz in the mid 90s. Jürgen Klopp was hugely influenced by him

  • dedy permana
    dedy permana

    Wow, there are 20 in coaching team

  • V R
    V R

    Christoph Daum was an evpert at absorbing lines i heard

  • Vesty Steiner
    Vesty Steiner

    tiki taka is nothing but a catalan copy of total football

  • Vesty Steiner
    Vesty Steiner

    tiki taka is nothing but a catalan copy of total football

  • Michael Fellner
    Michael Fellner

    I actually strongly believe that the strength of german coaches comes with our german attitudes everyone assists us. As i always say nowadays, i think the players nowadays are more skilled but the old generation was smarter. The new generation needs a good lead to show them what to do, they have to work well as a team .. and this is what german coaches can give them / a team. There is a lot of talent out there but most are so inconsistant .. and if you dont have a team, if you dont get a hype its not worth much and you go down. Tuchel is a good example imo. PSG wasnt really led by him as he wants too, the characters in the team are difficult .. yet now at Chelsea he has players with talent, players that listen, players that work, players that run the extra meters to try and help their team .. that seperates Chelsea from PSG even tho the talent in that team isnt as big as with PSGs team.

  • Edis “TendenzN1”
    Edis “TendenzN1”

    Tuchel psg Chelsea

  • Elite Comment
    Elite Comment

    Germany has best coaches in the world but dosen't have decent national team coach ... WOW!

    • MW 1701
      MW 1701

      Let me see.2008 Euro Silver Medal, 2010 WC Bronze Medal, 2012 Euro Semi - Final, 2014 WC Winner, 2016 Euro Semi - Final , 2017 Fifa Confed -Cup Winner, yeah realy bad.

    • doenermitallem

      Your account name is wrong. It's a dumb comment.

  • xkabu x
    xkabu x

    Swiss people: They took Einstein from us!

    • MW 1701
      MW 1701

      He is German , born in Ulm / Germany. Yes he worked in Switzerland, but that does make him a Swiss.

  • Moritz

    Cooles Video

  • Mr1X

    Fun fact, all of them are way better than Jogi Löw.

  • xxRD04xx

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how good he pronounced all the german names and words

    • doenermitallem

      @xxRD04xx Hast recht! Woher sollte man wissen, dass ein Journalist namens Engelhardt von Deutsche Welle Kick off!, welcher deutsche Namen perfekt ausspricht auch Deutscher ist? Das ist schon überraschend. :D

    • xxRD04xx

      @doenermitallem woher soll ich das denn wissen du Pusteblume

    • doenermitallem

      Er ist ja auch Deutscher du Knallfrosch!

  • Danny Blue
    Danny Blue

    Now Tuchel is about to join these legends

    • Phil Mias
      Phil Mias

      He should be! He just won the UCL for Chelsea

  • Marty E
    Marty E

    People throwing around names here, not knowing where they come from. Di Matteo is Swiss I believe. Simeone and Pocchetino are from Argentina and Klinsmann, as schown in the video, is not from the States.

  • Phil

    Thomas Tuchel ???

    • DW Kick off!
      DW Kick off!

      Yes, why not? The German in the CL

  • Hamiisii M.
    Hamiisii M.

    Daniel Farke too

  • Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi
    Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi

    Im still surprised that ragnick is still not hired by a german team they he could revolutionise leverkusen or eintract

    • DW Kick off!
      DW Kick off!

      Some say Rangnick at times has problems being just one (though important) wheel in a bigger machine of a football club, they say he wants to be all the wheels:)

  • Felix

    Tuchel is a tactical genious

  • Dom Oetker
    Dom Oetker

    Vietnamese Coaches are better!

  • Amethyst

    "German coaches are modern" Well.... everyone except jogi, our national coach

  • merch

    But they're not the best. Klopp is not the best coach in the Premier League, I'm a Liverpool supporter so no bias here. I mean Flick is good because the other teams are so awful. He should never have been able to win the title after Kovacs was sacked. The best coaches seem to be Spanish or Italian.