This 30-Year-Old Terminator VFX BLEW OUR MINDS!

  • SirWrender

    To everyone saying "sorry, but the original shot looks better": Haha we know! Isn't that amazing though? It proves that nothing beats talent, craftsmanship, and a good eye when it comes to making art. The tools are secondary. I really wish I had more time time make a V2. I learned so much from my first attempt that I feel confident I could make it much better if I tried again. Still though, nothing but MAD RESPECT for the original artists!

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    • NinjaNezumi

      Wren, yours is better. The other one looks like Jell-O man. To answer your question, the original shot does not have the depressions go deep. They are very shallow and just kinda move around the bars. You guys have the bars make huge depressions into the body before reforming.

    • محمد Hex
      محمد Hex

      And am saying to every one saying @the oirginalshotisbetter" u make it.

    • davidhunternyc

      @YOBA MUST DIE! Though I understand your reasoning we all wonder what would happen if the Corridor Crew really sweated out the details. What would've happened if the entire team put their heads together and spent the time needed to make this effect seamless? Corridor Crew makes money by making videos for UZmilk. That generally means deadlines and hasty results. I believe the Crew is really talented and this video here is clearly meant to show the two different methods for addressing the same FX scene. The results are less important than the process. I agree with you about the lack of excellence in CGI in films today. The Corridor Crew addressed this in other videos. For instance, studios don't use plating anymore because they want to save on costs. Furthermore, FX studios work on severely restricted budgets and yet film makers expect miracles. Because of low pay and long hours burnout is high in the industry. On a bright note, the River Styx scene in the Mandalorian was breathtaking and ushered in a sea change in FX with StageCraft.


      This video proved why modern day CGI sucks! Modern artist are not coders anymore and limited to a popular tools, that are jacks of all trades but masters of none. In old days almost every CGI heavy movie had its own tools coded specifically for certain scenes to make them as realistic as possible. And despite limited hardware and less comfortable and productive software, those scene specific custom tools did their job better. And yeah the fact that artists was able to code also proves that artists back than was smarter and was capable of solving problems by inventing their own tools, nowadays artists dont know a sh*t about coding and whenever they face a problem - they are like helpless babies who cant solve it. Oh yeah, modern artists also really bad at knowledge of physics, they dont know how physics works, they only guess and imitate it poorly with modern software. And surely 100% CGI never looks good, you have to use practical effects as much as possible and combine it with CGI whenever you cant do it practically So - conclusion is - modern VFX artists need to learn programming, math and physics and freaking code physicially correc scene specific simulation software, and modern VFX artist also should learn how do all the effects practically and should be capable of doing it practically. All digital artist without knowledge of practical effects, without knowledge of math, physics and programming is like a crippled disabled man with one hand in a wheelchair... you need to have both hands and both legs to stay steady on VFX ground and be capable of doing everything right!

  • Sapientia Delphic Imperium R&D
    Sapientia Delphic Imperium R&D

    Why don't you guys shoot Moses parting tha red sea

  • pen of inspiration
    pen of inspiration

    T2 graphics are a masterpiece, way better than every effect on every terminator movie that came after. Problem with new tech is, lack of talent.

  • Eyemonster Studios
    Eyemonster Studios

    Hey Corridor Crew, care to comment on render times for these two guys? Engines?

  • Lewis Chacon
    Lewis Chacon

    I was born July 29th 1991 dammm

  • Denver Starkey
    Denver Starkey

    umm they are wrong uv mapping DID exist before T2 , t2 came out in 91 , 3dmax a program for 3d was created in 88 or 89.

  • Shane Hughes
    Shane Hughes

    I still think Terminator 2 and the first two jurrasic park films ended up with effects that you can believe far more than the recent sequels over the past decade. They seem to glossed over and clean to be believable. The CGI is almosg too perfect if that can make sense?

  • darren rutland
    darren rutland

    Can guy do a video where you undo the visual effects of a film by using vfx to show what was taken out?

  • Goi Dogoi
    Goi Dogoi

    It started with The Landmower Man.

  • Allirog Gorilla
    Allirog Gorilla

    Ok. Love the channel. A similar effect was done in an even earlier film ... the original nightmare on elm Street... freddy kruger walks through the bars of a jail cell in a dream sequence. I know they didn't use cgi back then but it was so flawless and convincing that for a film before cgi really made for an incredible effect.

  • Cyan Blackflower
    Cyan Blackflower

    I am 57 years of age. Can I presume you know what that "means"? What I'm attempting to say? 57. No. I never presume ANYTHING. Not anymore. If I consider, that when I was a kid and FYI -I have no biological kids that I am aware of. But I know kids very well because I actually WAS one once! Yeah, It's true...I think. Way back then, when the Bow & Arrow? ? Was THEE TOP SECRET GLOBAL GAME CHAnger...WEAPON!! BAAAH ! The word/term "MODERN" used in the same context...No not "text" Contex t.. FFS! Back then the term "Modern" actually was commonly used in differentiating the major changes in centres of power, or technological progress which always had blurry boundaries. Simply put: Back then "MODERN" meant "Not in Ancient Rome" In contemporary times? "Modern" now - at least to these guys - and many others, "MODERN" Means "Not before last month". I do not presume You the reader will find the many layers of humour here. While obsolescence may appear almost at conception, clearly wisdom and intelligence does NOT. One of the biggest flaws Humanity has in effect right NOW - Can be seen from ANY perspective outside the one you are likely using on a daily basis. "Wake up DUM FUK! LOOK! SEE! ? !! With astonishing velocity we move!! BUT...Look You FOOLS!!The wagon is in front of the Horses Man!!

    • Cyan Blackflower
      Cyan Blackflower

      BTW - I'm just goofing around and "fuckin' witcha!" 2 day -I love the video- u got my sublike-a-bel and I KNOW you Can Unnastan DAT - for what it may be worth 2 u. Whaah! It's AwL tru, every wurd I sed.

  • wajietaus

    18:39 why did textures came back from inside->outside to instead filling up outside and slowly moving towards inside? Cause when you think about it there should be a point when face is no longer deformed but steal bars are still somewhere in his head.

  • Craig Feather
    Craig Feather

    Original way better after all these years..... I guess a big budget and lots of time is the way to go....

  • Fizz Crisostomo
    Fizz Crisostomo

    What a coincidence I just finished watching T2 then your vid just showed at my recommendation 😳. Btw great vid keep it up

  • Nikhil Mathew
    Nikhil Mathew

    And don't get started about recreating Tom and Jerry or Disney movies of 1930s and 40s today :)

  • Leo Renegade
    Leo Renegade

    You guys say "literally" ALOOOOOOT!

  • sidharth roy
    sidharth roy

    Sir.James Cameron is lit🔥

  • Azzy

    Peter is extremely well spoken. Really a pleasure to listen to people who can speak like they're reading from an interesting script.

  • MonkeyShaman

    The timeline when the resistance won by making non Jell-O based AI illegal.

  • MrBodies07

    Guys, I wanna see the hybrid shot you talked about at the end

  • Nicolás Plaza
    Nicolás Plaza

    dude: "Patrick Stewart" me: lol *hit like button*

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez

    35 years ago they could by using a 32MB of RAM computer :v

  • Gomgom Plays
    Gomgom Plays

    “Hey Sam, you shooting something or…” Actually yes

  • Povilaz

    This is fucking gold.

  • Angel X. Moreno
    Angel X. Moreno

    Most amazing video I've seen. The research is super nerdy and entertaining. Love how it added details of appreciation to an already appreciated and amazing scene.

  • Geoff Pedder
    Geoff Pedder

    lol. yeah not so easy is it guys

  • Egg Sample
    Egg Sample

    next level challenge: the 3 of you cannot move out of your computer room for non cgi pictures. do it all cgi that look better than the competition.

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield

    Still can't beat the original

  • Ese Güerito
    Ese Güerito

    Is anyone else confused how anyone could dislike this video???

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  • Amrik Singh
    Amrik Singh

    Terminator 2 was incredible

  • Speed Killer
    Speed Killer

    original is definetly better

  • Texan Range
    Texan Range

    I love this stuff

  • johnrduartesgv

    Why dudes voice sound like a 12 year old boy still waiting for puberty to crack his voice. I literally thought it was s voice over since these guys work on videos. Kinda sad, since I realize that's a grown man with a little boy's voice.

  • Antonio Sartini
    Antonio Sartini

    what about using liquid sim with high viscosity?

  • KY SA
    KY SA

    considering they did this scene in the 90's one have to say it's like a million times better then yours ... so there are 2 questions left; how much time was put into that scene back then compared to yours and how much would those people flex you with todays tech :D

  • Henry Bartsch
    Henry Bartsch

    What does you being as handsome as Sir Patrick Stewart have to do with Terminator 2?

  • DonElitED

    1:33 this bs was added in extended edition and ruins the movie!

  • Jovi Prevot
    Jovi Prevot

    At 8:58, shout out to Sir Patrick Stewart... haha weong name again guys

  • Eduardo Alejandro del Corral Lira
    Eduardo Alejandro del Corral Lira

    Personally, I like the old school approach. That said, these guys are both incredible.

  • Smoke Dog
    Smoke Dog

    👉Hey👈 You guys should recreate the original Terminator scenes!

  • OctoMan PC's
    OctoMan PC's

    To think they did those FX back in the day on a Nintendo 64 lol

  • munnamusa shippuden
    munnamusa shippuden

    Hey Corridor Crew or any other expert here in the comment sections... The algorithm to reconstruct the 3d object that you are taking a picture of...? What is it? Like what are you using for it...? Can you tell it, if its not proprietary or untellable?

  • Sam Lives Here
    Sam Lives Here

    21:32 I feel like approach would be using VBDs and having the mesh part and encase the bars instead of just stretching back but this was sweet

  • WR3ND

    Fun factoid I heard: A fair bit of Tron was "rendered," as it were, manually by hand on paper and sent off to be entered into a computer to then draw the corresponding images.

  • Me No Other
    Me No Other

    The old Movie Magic tv show explains they’re WHOLE Process. You just need to copy that, with today’s Blender and movie tricks

  • magazinekitchen

    The thumbnail for this video looks like Jamie Kennedy as the T-1000 going through the bars. LOL!

  • Mars Barz
    Mars Barz

    time 20:43 Creepy eye

  • Wolfgang Quixote
    Wolfgang Quixote

    Please combine the old and new techniques like you suggested at the end. It would look AMAZING! Photo-real face with realistic hair and physics? nom!

  • Andrew LaMonica
    Andrew LaMonica

    What if you had 2 head meshes on top of each other for the shot so 1 can reform and the other can follow the bar?

  • PBJJ Studio's
    PBJJ Studio's

    Hate it when they rate a movie R cus of people cursing.

  • doomie77

    Flux Movement - you OneWheel?

  • Johnny Rebellion
    Johnny Rebellion

    You guys are both geniuses. To me T2 is still a new movie. I do not understand the downvotes.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton

    They both looked terrible, but ok I suppose for a couple of hobbyists.

  • Ciaran Kreidler
    Ciaran Kreidler

    love peter’s flume hat i want one

  • thatanimator

    blender x)

  • makot ktjm
    makot ktjm


  • Lord Samich
    Lord Samich

    20:45 The T-1000's hair is actually metal though.

  • Emiel Bressington
    Emiel Bressington

    The sound for that effect was a can of dog food slowly coming out after the top of the can is opened

  • Steve Schritz
    Steve Schritz

    “How about we recreate these shots with modern VFX software.” The modern VFX software: invented to make T2

  • liquidcactus

    The part where Arnie tries to smile was cut from the original version. THANK SHIT for that it was soo bad

  • Cryptonio

    u guys suck, they did that 30 years ago

  • OG Hopper
    OG Hopper

    Sir (Patrick Stewart) lmao. Just can't get that name out of his head

  • GamingOutLoud

    The smile scene wasn't in the final cinema production. I think it was a good choice to cut it out. The extended version with this scene (and some other additional scenes) makes the movie "slower". I can't belive, that peter has never seen this outstanding movie. You have missed the crack noise, while walking over the roses ;). James Cameron Movies are all about perfection, using unique tools and love to details.

  • Grean Hare
    Grean Hare

    I don't know that using a lattice was the best solution. Also, corrective smooth might have helped with some of the roughness.

  • Alberto Mora
    Alberto Mora

    6:21 what just happened with compression there?

  • Shehan Pavithra
    Shehan Pavithra

    New one not like liquid guy its like sand guy in spider man🤗

  • Lyle Mera
    Lyle Mera

    Best fixion movie of all the Times i still think an alien stend by James cameroon while he did this movie where all scenes r just amazing

  • MultiPleaser

    Can you fix the latest three UFO videos that have been released lately? They suck so bad. The perfectly focused ocean waves just below the airplane that is taking the video (so there's no haze from miles of atmosphere) with a poorly rendered, out-of-focus, trapezoid, is laughable. The blurry, black sphere cruising over the ocean. It falls into the ocean like a drop of liquid, then "drops" up and out of the ocean like reverse video, then pops out of existence like they got tired of rendering it. Then there's the poorly rendered black trapezoid in front of clouds. The clouds are clearly zoomed to, they look many miles away. A bit blurry and hazzy. But the "space ship" is clearly added afterwards. I'm sure you could do a billion times better!!

    • MultiPleaser

      @Gabriel's Logic They can easily debunk those junk videos.

    • Gabriel's Logic
      Gabriel's Logic

      @MultiPleaser they will debunk your comment then very well. Great reasoning!😂

    • MultiPleaser

      @Gabriel's Logic I've seen them on tv about fifty times in the last six months. Plus, I just described them pretty well.

    • Gabriel's Logic
      Gabriel's Logic

      How would they know what videos you are talking about..... :/

  • MultiPleaser

    Movement never looks right in CGI. Seems like that would be the easiest, since it uses simple equations of motion we learn in week 2 of high school physics. I had an animated ball, or bullet, going through a viscous substance, like air. This was done on an Apple IIe in 1986 and it looked much more realistic than anything in the movies.

  • Los Brendon
    Los Brendon

    Original way better...

  • terrypussypower

    8:57 The actor playing the T-1000 terminator is called *ROBERT PATRICK* not *SIR PATRICK STEWART!* Jeez!

  • Crimson Caper
    Crimson Caper

    Wren, do you realize how many times you said Sir Patrick Stewart instead of Robert Patrick? Only a few times but hey who's counting, right? Just sayin'. 🇨🇦👊🏼🤙🏼

    • Lamster 66
      Lamster 66

      I want an answer Make it so!

  • Blalack77

    It's like Johnny Appleseed vs the chainsaw.

  • Lawrence Porter
    Lawrence Porter

    The tech you have 'today' is still shite compared to what the movie studios have.

  • LordThunderPro

    That is how it is with programming too.

  • Fatian Berisha
    Fatian Berisha

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • JaXu

    How could wren not use ovdb or the collision deformer for this?

  • MandellaJ

    Star Wars did do it, governor Tarkin.

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels

    The guy hasn’t seen T2. That’s strange.

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels

    Is this kid a prodigy? I like him.

    • Gabriel's Logic
      Gabriel's Logic

      His name is Peter.

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels

    James Cameron is/was huge protectionist. He’s one of the best there is at making movies.

  • Mr THC
    Mr THC

    Why not tell us HOW they did it?

  • Aeolus Captain Fantastic
    Aeolus Captain Fantastic

    I can make you do what ever I want someone is joining the porn industry without consent

  • wickedtoast

    no offense guys but the old one from 30 years ago looks better haha

    • terrypussypower

      Considering the fact ILM had many artists and technicians working on this shot for weeks on end, and these guys had a couple of days, it SHOULD look better from back then! It’s not all about the technology.

  • Larry Nguyen
    Larry Nguyen

    Very insightful and cool! and I really liked how they showed appreciation for the pioneers of vfx

  • Laboratorio Ciencias
    Laboratorio Ciencias

    aja.......... unos nadies copiando algo de hace mil años........ ok ....... y si ahora cualquier idiota lo hace, el merito lo tuvieron en esa epoca. Si se la dan de entendedores y grosos hagan algo nunca visto payasos de mierda. una cagada elvideo no lo miren.

  • Aneroit

    You are crazy guys! Craziness is good! Respect to both you and original artists!

  • NFA Review Channel
    NFA Review Channel

    My favorite movie. I've probably watched it 200+ times over my life so far (37 years old). It started me on my love affair path with firearms, which launched my side business from the Fire Dept, which enabled me to buy 3 supercars and enjoy a personal arsenal worth north of $300K. All because this one movie, shot so well, enamored me in such a way at a young age, it set me on my path. Firearms to me are much more than a weapon. The balance in engineering, the way the slide moves like butter on a well worn Beretta 92 FS, the way all the parts come together with such precision to control a tiny explosion resulting in sending a projectile downrange right where you want it. Satisfying on so many levels. Thanks T2. What movie inspired you at a young age?

    • NFA Review Channel
      NFA Review Channel

      @Shelby Parks love all of those movies!

    • Shelby Parks
      Shelby Parks

      The Shining, Silence of the Lambs, T2, Jurassic Park, and Twister fostered my love of movies as a kid. I’ve seen them all probably literally 50 times or more a piece.

    • NFA Review Channel
      NFA Review Channel

      @Taco Monster “I don’t remember asking you a God DAMN thing!” - Jules Waiting 🎣

    • Taco Monster
      Taco Monster

      Guns shouldn’t be allowed into the public and should be taken away. Should be more like England without the need of firearms they are doing perfect. And now we wait ladies and gents 🎣

    • NFA Review Channel
      NFA Review Channel

      @Gmork I feel this comment! Yes that park scene engrained how fragile we are and how ignorant we can be as a group. Scary. Plus… Metallica rules!

  • Sebastian Quilisch
    Sebastian Quilisch

    can i use loupedeck to open specific sotwares or games or browsers?

  • FrstSpctr88

    Dunno, I don't think it should have been so jelly-like

  • Attila Bagota
    Attila Bagota

    19:23 Szerintem bénább lett, mint az eredeti...a robotnak minek forogna a szeme, mielőtt átmegy valamin is? Annak előre néz egyfolytában, mereven, érzelem mentesen, mivel nem érzi, hanem érzékeli a változást és kiadja a megfelelő részeinek a mozgást, alakváltást, majd azok szépen vissza is állnak...a többi része minek is mozogna??? :-))) I think he's been more paralyzed than the original ... why would the robot's eyes turn before he goes through something? It looks forward to it all the time, rigidly, emotion-free, because it doesn't feel but senses the change and releases the movement and deformation to the right parts, and then they stand back nicely ... the rest of it would move ??? :-)))

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Can't take anyone in the industry seriously if they haven't seen such an important film like T2.

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose


  • Eliseu v. Morgado
    Eliseu v. Morgado

    it`s amazing what they did back in the day, both of you get close, but not so close... I believe they spent a little more time on it then you guys ;)... thanks

  • Richy Notman
    Richy Notman

    Can not believe you haven't seen this,the movie is a masterpiece and still blows all the others out of the water....go fucking watch it!!!

  • Shoeb B
    Shoeb B

    You guys made it look like it's a rubber by bouncing.. It's a metal and the viscosity should have been considered and that's why even after 30 years you guys could not beat it with new tools.

  • Shoeb B
    Shoeb B

    We want to see Doug

  • Hibari215

    8:59 look at this handsome man, Patrick Stewart

  • RoUseD VidEo
    RoUseD VidEo

    Sorry guys, that shame to spend that much time to watch your wideo and in the end you work is worst than old movie with the new technology. How to be creative is not something you will learn at school :)

  • Rishabh Ramesh
    Rishabh Ramesh

    Bro wtf