Overhead but every other turn a Different Skin Mod is Used
Holy cow the last video did really well, so you know Imma hit you with a part 2! This video is the overhead song from the Whitty mod, but every other turn results in a different skin mod being used. I hope you enjoy. Join the discord! discord.gg/tE72wfx
Whitty minus mod: gamebanana.com/wips/54129
Whitty Red Pants: uzmilk.info/number/hNh516Kqpn6gYtM/video.html&ab_channel=MKTMMG
Whitty Gumball Mod uzmilk.info/number/ZJibzI2wbn-lf9s/video.html&ab_channel=MashProTato
Whitty TrollFace mod gamebanana.com/skins/189105
Bomby mod: uzmilk.info/number/q95tt3tprIRinr0/video.html&ab_channel=Interpainter
Whitty Clay mod gamebanana.com/skins/192037
ZigZag whitty mod: gamebanana.com/skins/192322
OzJack mod: gamebanana.com/skins/191892
Whitty but Bad uzmilk.info/number/ebeg25uEeK-FeZQ/video.html&ab_channel=Supercario
Boyfriend over Whitty: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/18160
Fun Sized whitty: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/16424
Dream mod gamebanana.com/gamefiles/18259
Everywhere at the End of the Funk gamebanana.com/gamefiles/16645

  • Leönel Alejandro Gutierrez
    Leönel Alejandro Gutierrez

    Darwin 0:30

  • Allen Va
    Allen Va

    What if dream use as a mod skin

  • s u n n y ø r a
    s u n n y ø r a

    Hold on- I thought the everywhere at the end of funk mod decreases ur arrows-

  • Theo Souris
    Theo Souris

    If the person who makes all of those JoJo Part 5 mods is watching, Whitty should definitely be Fugo, and angry Whitty surrounded by weird energy should be Purple Haze with virus clouds coming out while Fugo has a breakdown in the background.

  • faris wahyuardiansyah
    faris wahyuardiansyah

    Ada darwing

  • NinetalesAnimations YT
    NinetalesAnimations YT

    Who is the purple cat?

  • FireFox's Foxy
    FireFox's Foxy

    Therapist: thin whitty & red pants whitty isn't real he cant Hurt you Thin whitty: 0:18 Red pants whitty: 0:23


    1:50 bf is trying to remenber how to rap 1:53 the rap is back

  • Zoey Marcelo
    Zoey Marcelo

    1:22 there is 1 imposter among us

  • kaan Berat
    kaan Berat

    I like this video :)

  • Em abass Ismail
    Em abass Ismail

    You say every other turn a mod skin is used and its only whitty’s turn they turns into different skin mod is used ._.

  • SebasProGamer

    ⬅⬇⬆➡ 🏳

  • not jaiden
    not jaiden

    This is just the skin changes every time it’s Whitty’s turn

  • El presidente
    El presidente

    Gacha game 🤢

  • Mohammed Abdi
    Mohammed Abdi

    The minus mod is like the they are actually the icons on the bar isn't it

  • Moonrise Howler
    Moonrise Howler

    I love how you put Dementia before the end to look like Boyfriend got his hapiness back

  • Random dead channel with a profile pic
    Random dead channel with a profile pic

    Fnf but bad mod works good with whitty

  • Aaron Alvarez
    Aaron Alvarez

    0:18 name ?

  • liliana caballero
    liliana caballero

    1:17 que yo recuerde ese mod sonaba como babab haj aks

  • Dam

    how did u miss on overhead normal bro

  • Ryan Andhika Perdana
    Ryan Andhika Perdana

    yea timebucks

  • Blackberry Lagunes
    Blackberry Lagunes


  • Crimson Jay
    Crimson Jay

    0:17: Girlfriend: adios 😐✌️

    • Aidan’s Life cam
      Aidan’s Life cam

      Helllo Crimson...

    • Aaron Alvarez
      Aaron Alvarez

      sabes el nombre del mod ?

  • Ruvyzvat or ruv
    Ruvyzvat or ruv

    0:18 no one gonna talk about him sticking up the middle finger?

  • Chardonneret sauvage
    Chardonneret sauvage

    good pro

  • BreadzRoblox

    Is tall boyfriend blessed or cursed..?

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    Влада Мичурина

    Нсоптмрж оо шщлэ8 ...

  • Player among us
    Player among us

    0:39 BFB

    • Profiley

      Yes bomby from bfb

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    Татьяна Бахтина

    Круто его сын

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    Мамкин Ютубер

    Миров груш ушедшего во ко 4ннгш😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱❓❓❓❓😱😱😱😱😱😱🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • Benedek Ádám
    Benedek Ádám

    a mod is moded?

  • Garry Paje
    Garry Paje

    I did not see that comeing tall boy friend

  • Dylan Uceta
    Dylan Uceta

    Overhead is hard

  • KoolKyson21

    god i remember when this was the only whitty song and it replaced bobeebo

  • Kevin Holt
    Kevin Holt

    Ooh, I love they clay looking one. I also love that despite the whitty but bad version is called bad, the animation/art is so good.

  • ¿Spooky?

    Why does minus whitty in the thumbnail looks like he's pulling out the middle finger

  • Mary K
    Mary K

    Clay Whitty can’t hurt you. He doesn’t exist Clay whitty : 0:47

  • Chardonneret sauvage
    Chardonneret sauvage


  • Irene Pires
    Irene Pires

    The fake GF : ⚫🔻⚫

  • Stealth_Assassin

    wheres the roblox skin mod

  • Felipe Sayes
    Felipe Sayes


  • Ryan Stulzer
    Ryan Stulzer

    0:58 clicking all buttons

  • A. •-
    A. •-

    The guy who created Whitty made such an a well job, good songs, good designs and great battle

  • oof

    My mom:*turns out WiFi Me: 1:43 *triggered*

  • PsyCh0P4th

    holy sh8 some of these characters givin me glashbacks

  • Krgelfrlfrer Rel
    Krgelfrlfrer Rel

    BFB/ BFDI fans ~ what why he there

  • Troll Tips
    Troll Tips

    How to turn overhead in balistic *place in x2*

  • พีพี เล่นเกม
    พีพี เล่นเกม


  • Ann Karen Damasco
    Ann Karen Damasco

    The bomb body makes me explode

  • Ali Jaish
    Ali Jaish

    I love the trollface mod

  • anger of stick5 ygastar popo
    anger of stick5 ygastar popo

    Eres el mejor 😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖🤭🤭

  • anger of stick5 ygastar popo
    anger of stick5 ygastar popo

    Eres el mejor

  • SMToon Türkçe
    SMToon Türkçe

    *Imagine Drunk Whitty is a mod*

    • q_ eds
      q_ eds

      Im pretty sure it exists now

  • engineer with sentry
    engineer with sentry

    I like how minus whitty is flipping the middle finger in the thumbnail

  • Damien Ray
    Damien Ray

    1:42 dream🙂

  • Khan F
    Khan F

    👍 good

  • lukethepro45

    Basically the title: Overhead but when it’s Whitty’s turn a Different Skin Mod is used

  • Donovan52Plays ꪜ
    Donovan52Plays ꪜ

    tall BF is the definition of CURSED

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    Imagine being a bomb with social problems, and a boy and with blue hair and a girl with brown hair comes from the alley and challenges you to a rap battle lol

    • aster

      Stop stealing comments, saw the same one on this videp and it was a few days before yours. Make smth original ffs

  • Astrum Deus
    Astrum Deus

    1:21 *°_°*

  • Malik Eldurssi
    Malik Eldurssi

    Tricky vs Whitty epic fight

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      When the rtx option is disabled



  • Miro Nyström
    Miro Nyström

    depressed boyfriend is like the sadest thing i'll ever see in my life

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    Bettina Osdautaj


  • ghost DJ
    ghost DJ

    whitty is cool

  • Lisandra De Cárdenas
    Lisandra De Cárdenas

    0:32 *THE AMAZING WORLD OF FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN* 1:23 that's a boyfriend slender

  • Yveltal

    0:50 who is that character as Whitty?

  • superkoopalogan

    1:23 This must be boy friends dad

  • superkoopalogan

    0:29 gumball

  • Moipalospanas XD
    Moipalospanas XD

    TimeBucks the tall boyfriend must have been his dad

  • Moipalospanas XD
    Moipalospanas XD

    0:42 BFB MOMENT

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      ;____; 0:33

  • unknown

    0:38 trollge like: BRUH LOOK AT THEIS SHORT DODE ✈✈✈✈

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      When you mod a mod:

  • unknown

    I like trollge

  • Aslan Arthur Avelino A. D. de Mendonça
    Aslan Arthur Avelino A. D. de Mendonça

    No inglis

  • Davidexe110

    1:37 el super admi

  • Tmubz

    1:44 my dad yelling at me for not punching the bully back

  • николай скригун
    николай скригун

    When the rtx option is disabled


    I really like the amazing world of gumball mod

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    Radd Edwick


  • Girish Chandra Tiwari
    Girish Chandra Tiwari

    My pc will love bad

  • Kevin

    0:30 quite accurate i’d say


    Am I the only one who likes low quality bf more than the og edit: the part starts at around 1:00

  • mga pusa memes XD
    mga pusa memes XD

    If bf didn't skip leg day 1:22

  • Newton Newton
    Newton Newton

    I hate gumball

  • kracc bacc fan
    kracc bacc fan

    1:41 what is that mod?

  • Matt's World
    Matt's World

    When you mod a mod:

  • pico

    ;____; 0:33

  • Naninokuni o
    Naninokuni o

    boyfriend vs boyfriend but the old one broke up whit the girl friend or he would not be in a alley

  • Tricky

    0:58 why You Pressing all arrows


    Never knew badly drawn whitty could spit bars. How r people modding mods!?

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    Therapist: Long Boyfriend doesn't exist, he can't hurt you. Long Boyfriend: 1:22

  • Penyelamat kuota
    Penyelamat kuota

    1:22 when you argue with your brother

  • omid seyedi
    omid seyedi

    1:02 idk why but I think whitty looks better in this mod

    • omid seyedi
      omid seyedi

      I know that ghost slayer 101 is gonna comment this

    • omid seyedi
      omid seyedi

      And I also like that part

  • Mikaila Sumner
    Mikaila Sumner

    Like wtf is dream doing here

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      girlfriend just disappears

  • Ex-UwU Ksifans Friday Night Funkin' y Piggy
    Ex-UwU Ksifans Friday Night Funkin' y Piggy

    Tall boyfriend....That's a creepy thing

  • Candra Vertius
    Candra Vertius

    This song reminds of my cat after my cat dies

  • K Jayanth
    K Jayanth

    Nice game make more related videos

  • Dark Slayer
    Dark Slayer

    1:22 boyfriend's big brother

  • Bub Alternate
    Bub Alternate

    Therapist: BF's Dad Doesn't exist, he can't hurt you BF's Dad: 1:22

  • Terezinha Oliveira de Barros
    Terezinha Oliveira de Barros

    Eu comecei a jogar muitas coisas do lixo