The Funniest Bloopers From FEAR STREET | Netflix
You've seen all three Fear Street movies, now get a new look at the cast in this blooper reel having fun on sets of Fear Street! All three movies are out now only on Netflix!


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The Funniest Bloopers From FEAR STREET | Netflix

After a series of brutal slayings, a teen and her friends take on an evil force that's plagued their notorious town for centuries. Welcome to Shadyside.

  • Netflix Film Club
    Netflix Film Club

    Which blooper is your favorite?

    • Gimena Graciella
      Gimena Graciella

      when kiana pushed olivia to hard at the wall

    • Marzipan

      when she

    • Twisted track
      Twisted track

      The snake looking into the camera acting

    • Nathan Yang
      Nathan Yang

      I like Kate one because her face

    • LA tx
      LA tx

      Kiana and Olivia sex scene injury 😂

  • Annagh Ward
    Annagh Ward

    If they tried to irish accents then there bad

  • SyaH

    The song used in this blooper was Make You a Believer :

  • ㅈㅎ

    Marry me kiana

  • Nation

    Cringe plot cringe acting cringe actors

  • Scurry:)

    I love this cast

  • alani


    • alani


  • GAB


  • Sarah Karolyne Da Silva Nunes
    Sarah Karolyne Da Silva Nunes


  • Anime Freek
    Anime Freek

    I watch the bloopers to remind me the movie isn't real so I can sleep at night 😂😂😂

    • TeTro - Telugu Troller
      TeTro - Telugu Troller

      Try to do the same for THE CONJURING series.

  • Die Jamie
    Die Jamie

    Love these movies

  • Jaap Boogaers
    Jaap Boogaers

    How much fake blood did they use? it needs to be alot

  • Makayla Good dagger
    Makayla Good dagger

    1:26 the “Hey now!” was kinda hot

  • JM 31
    JM 31

    i’ll be 40 and watching the trilogy with my kids, reminiscing about how in awe i was with the whole trilogy and how i spent my 24th year watching the trilogy 7 damn times and its not even october yet

  • Me rn trip is that you only ogs will know

  • aaron Botello
    aaron Botello

    😂😂😂 this is funny

  • Keira Cube
    Keira Cube

    put more olivia and kiana scenes!!!

  • K E Y A N A
    K E Y A N A

    0:59 😂

  • liv !
    liv !

    “i saw… whats her name?” “satan” it perfectly cut well HAHAHAHA

  • Hudson Mckee
    Hudson Mckee

    I need to know the name of this song

  • Nicole Herrera
    Nicole Herrera


  • Polly ThePengiun
    Polly ThePengiun

    I want another fear street with just like mini movies of the other killers. Specifically Ruby Lane.

  • Hazel Ramos29
    Hazel Ramos29

    1:24 she is so cute 🥰

  • Rosario Angel
    Rosario Angel

    we need part 4,5,6!!

  • Røbby

    Watching them have fun together really bout to make me cry sorry I'm suffering from post series depression right now I really like these movies 😔👍

  • nqvzf

    i forgot ruby lane is an actual person

  • J Fort
    J Fort

    Mind if u add me in your movies? AHAHAHAHAH jk here is my audition :

  • darkyxy

    “I saw - what’s her name?” 🤣🤣

  • Cheese It
    Cheese It

    I loves fear street so much I hope they make a part four but I don’t think they will

  • Shendo Lef
    Shendo Lef

    i like ziggy

  • Dylan S.
    Dylan S.

    Everyone is talking about the failed kissing scene, but no one seems to be talking about Ruby dropping her knife. I can just imagine her showing up and singing her song, and then dropping the knife by accident, and then all tension is immediately lost 🤣.

  • Itz cookie cookie
    Itz cookie cookie

    I already loved this movie but this makes it better

  • q × t i e
    q × t i e

    #fearstreetgay #cindyxalice #deenaxsam #ziggyxsheila

  • shydneep


  • Sonic

    Did they used the same mall which used in Stranger things S3 ?

  • Rebecca Gray
    Rebecca Gray

    Netflix, you are so stingy with your bloopers 😭

  • BaconSavageNoob

    wow racist hes wearing green face

  • Itz layan
    Itz layan

    This is a sign. Please turn to God before its too late. He doesnt want to see you burning in torturous fire. Spread the word!!

  • Guilfowrd Keniseli
    Guilfowrd Keniseli

    There's gotta be a part 4 with new characters

  • PasDeTn SansLacoste
    PasDeTn SansLacoste

    One day I will live that life. 😁

  • Clint

    I’ll say it again FS cast is perfect

  • Clutch Edits
    Clutch Edits

    Ruby lane laughing is the best thing in this video for me

  • Bracky Frazier
    Bracky Frazier

    Y’all did Kate and Simon so dirty 😭✋🏽

  • - sympathicmoe
    - sympathicmoe

    1:07 the sound- replying it over and over again

  • sam

    I really love Simon.

  • migalaxia

    Es sadai sink

  • Jasmine Parsons
    Jasmine Parsons

    I saw.... wHaTs hER nAmE

  • 3-6 TUTIC tiago , mile
    3-6 TUTIC tiago , mile

    How know what's the name of the músic that says "look at me now" , please i want to listen it . Thanks

  • Gertha L wilcox
    Gertha L wilcox

    If the knife actually broke in the real movie kate would have ran

  • Local Scorpio
    Local Scorpio

    wait in those innapropiate scenes.. did they make sounds orrrr?

  • Mason DeLong
    Mason DeLong

    Sorry what the girl name in the red ribbon

    • mikqelsvn.bvrmans

      Shes marcella i think(the actress' name).

  • Helena Penna
    Helena Penna

    Whats song?

  • paola Lara
    paola Lara


  • J Lester
    J Lester

    So, every other person on the planet is now gay. At least that's what "Hollywood" wants you to believe. Don't get me wrong, I get it, but two chicks or two dudes getting busy with each other on the same team just isn't happening on every street corner in real life.

  • jimmer tubigan
    jimmer tubigan

    That so stupid for me beacuse Emily Rudd (Cindy) is dead now in Fear Street and i'm so shock and angry on this director and the killer and i wish to Emily a please comeback and ressurected again in Fear Street and continue to fight against all killers please comeback pls pls pls 😭😭🙏

  • Imani Scott
    Imani Scott

    Jesus loves you 🙏🏽❤️ and this video was Hilarious 😂

  • Sorry I’m a anti romantic
    Sorry I’m a anti romantic

    I SAW! wait what’s her name?🤔

  • Adyson Coon
    Adyson Coon

    Am I the only one that thinks Sadie looked uncomfortable when the girl that played Sheila was hugging her-??

    • mya . . .
      mya . . .

      no just you.

  • kink

    i cried watching this bye

  • Noah Zaharia
    Noah Zaharia

    "we did it" casually just finished kissing...i am not ok!!!!

  • julia rehwald updates
    julia rehwald updates

    why is nobody talking about the “hEy nOoow 🤠” scene at 1:23 And then the first scene “Knife broke” she sounded pissed aha I also really like the “are you you or are you you?”

  • Doctor Senpai Here !
    Doctor Senpai Here !


  • Angelecx_Is_Lost

    Oh god my 2nd favorite horor movie so frikin SWEET

  • beebee

    omg im dying to watch it but my mom restricted the movies *dies*

  • Samuel snyder
    Samuel snyder

    Can't have a movie without bloopers.

  • 2_burber


    • mikqelsvn.bvrmans

      Kiana pinned liv to the wall but it was bit too aggressive lol

  • Aimen Rizvi
    Aimen Rizvi

    Sadie should film stranger things now

  • Chloe Skrezyna
    Chloe Skrezyna

    1:19 look at cindy!

  • sssuperblack -
    sssuperblack -

    after i watch some sort of scary movie i always look for funny bloopers like this, it just really calms my nerves and lets me know that (besides being an actor and making thousands of dollars) these are actually real people who live normal lives just like the next person

  • Nowelia Blake
    Nowelia Blake

    Hey everyone Jesus loves you

  • lamaspotaxia

    0:48 Ruby omg

  • Samuel M.E
    Samuel M.E

    I saw ... *what’s her name*

  • Михайлова Диана
    Михайлова Диана

    2:46 though 🤰🏼 i might be pregnant

  • Modlen Gwynne
    Modlen Gwynne

    1:07 1:06

  • Val

    Best films that Neflix produce 🛐

  • Lana Robertson
    Lana Robertson

    2:43 not him just casually almost being set on fire


    JORDYN IS SO CUTE (rubys actress)

  • moonbae16

    Love this cast

  • Alyssa Van Rossem
    Alyssa Van Rossem

    0:59 😳😳

  • فصفيصة

    I like this movie🖤🔥


    This series is outstanding, the actors (French chefs kiss) . Absolutely phenomenal, usually I can predictct things, but I really didn't see that coming in 1666.

  • Lewis Simmons
    Lewis Simmons

    Wait how did the knife break?

  • Dylan Mccargow
    Dylan Mccargow

    These films where so good they must have taken a while to film such a good plot and a cliffhanger to the end

  • emalee no last name
    emalee no last name

    i love these movies

  • GrayPot

    “It’s really easy to work with people that you think they’re your friends” anyways time to start murdering them

  • Queen margaux B. Peralta
    Queen margaux B. Peralta

    Kate: shouts* Ryan torres: broke something

  • Avery Rodriguez
    Avery Rodriguez


  • Insight Zoid
    Insight Zoid

    what's the music in the background

  • Kaytlen ;)
    Kaytlen ;)

    It's crazy how they can go from looking like they're being brutally murdered, to 'the knife broke'

  • TocaxBella

    When kate died she looked like a cutted bread

  • Kirztenj08playz Blink army
    Kirztenj08playz Blink army

    olivia and kiana after making out with cameras and infront of 20 people:We did it! *ClApS cuteLy*

  • KateEqualsBread

    Julia Rehwald literally choking about to get in the bread slicer: 2 seconds later: Knife broke...

  • tinypenguinturtle

    I love how deena hurt Sam and then there just cussing like???

  • ꧁-Funzeh-꧂ 🇵🇸
    ꧁-Funzeh-꧂ 🇵🇸

    This is more funnier in 2x speed lol

  • Assiste Familia kk
    Assiste Familia kk

    até os erros são atuação 😭 até quando Brasil

  • Assiste Familia kk
    Assiste Familia kk

    imagina ter que ficar sério nessas horas ksksks

  • camigame33 proo
    camigame33 proo

    1:04 me rei mucho OMG jajajjaja

  • joey bones
    joey bones


  • 감사합니다


  • Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미
    Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미