Avocado face mask time!!!


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  • Ramit Singh
    Ramit Singh

    Please do a mango 🥭 and we will do 1 million likes

  • Andi Brewer
    Andi Brewer

    That is disgusting 🤢🤣

  • Ïtz Jxyden
    Ïtz Jxyden

    She actually got 1m likes!

  • Itzz Anna
    Itzz Anna

    Please do a blueberry and strawberry with a little bit of cinnamon face and I will give you 2 million likes

  • Zairah Conover
    Zairah Conover

    Please can you do a griffin math and I gave you 100 light and we did it we give you 100 likes like a 250,000

  • ꧁BTS💜  and Art lover 😊
    ꧁BTS💜 and Art lover 😊

    I also comment that made a avocado face mask but 🥺😣😖😞..............

  • Melek Berra Zurnatzi
    Melek Berra Zurnatzi

    🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 1mio

  • Sari Toijonen
    Sari Toijonen

    a v a c a d o s f r o m m e x i c o

  • Padmavathi Pappu
    Padmavathi Pappu

    Person: do that face mask and we will give u 1M Her: Gets a frickin 1M Me: 👀

  • Abhijit Das
    Abhijit Das

    Try orange please

  • Florence Ammu
    Florence Ammu

    do a potato mask pls.sis

  • Annabell Delreal
    Annabell Delreal

    Girl! You got the million likes and hopefully more in the future!

  • Ayesha 60
    Ayesha 60


  • Marli Coetzee
    Marli Coetzee

    Can you pls do a m&m mask and we will give you a million likes❤

  • Abiha Haroon
    Abiha Haroon

    Can you make cotton candy face mask

  • Abimanyu Rajata Nareswara
    Abimanyu Rajata Nareswara

    Forbidden guacamole


    Please do mango 🥭🥭 we will give million like

  • slimegirl fun
    slimegirl fun

    please do a kiwi mask and we will give you 10 million followers

  • Asthetic galixy
    Asthetic galixy

    Everyone:ooo so satisfying when she puts it on!!! Me: PFFT LOL *weezed*

  • Kamila Balderas
    Kamila Balderas

    Can you do a banana one I’ll give you million in my

  • Jose Christy 008
    Jose Christy 008

    Can you pls pls do biscuits mask wilk give you 1.5M likes pls belive and do it pls

  • mushtaq ahmad
    mushtaq ahmad


  • Aditya Kakde
    Aditya Kakde

    Your voice is very beautiful

  • Shreesa Singh
    Shreesa Singh

    She actually got a mil likes

  • Tanushri Hariharasudhan
    Tanushri Hariharasudhan

    Well...at least you got a million likes

  • ᴀɪsʜᴀ Kᴀᴅᴀʏᴇʀ
    ᴀɪsʜᴀ Kᴀᴅᴀʏᴇʀ

    Pls do a ice cream mask and with three different types of ur fav ice cream flavors mixed together in the mask and we will give u a million likes

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre


  • GloNelle

    Please do half chocolate half gum and we will give you 1M likes

  • Robinson Barcelo
    Robinson Barcelo

    i love avocado

  • jesal kothari
    jesal kothari


  • metta_robloxgamer

    She is adorable

    • metta_robloxgamer

      Are you sure?100 billions like are to much..and btw no one get billions likes

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      Pls do mango mask then we will give 100 billions like

  • Dek wi
    Dek wi

    Stroberyy pless

  • Sivan1315

    Just because of the phrase "Avocado from Mexico"🤣🤣 (I'm just kidding)

  • simple shusma vlogs
    simple shusma vlogs

    You don't know to put face mask 🙄

  • Lisa Lomile
    Lisa Lomile

    Pls do a watermelon face mask and we will give you a million likes

  • Ashley “IsabellaEM” Middleton
    Ashley “IsabellaEM” Middleton

    When I literally clicked on this it exactly had a million likes

    • Ashley “IsabellaEM” Middleton
      Ashley “IsabellaEM” Middleton

      Imma like it to tho cause she deserves more then a million

  • ikhlaq ahmed
    ikhlaq ahmed

    Do blueberry mask and we will give 200 million likes

  • Trishka Scott
    Trishka Scott

    I had a staring competition with my doll and,I won 😁I won....

  • Michaela Wartner
    Michaela Wartner

    PLS DO A ✨ sweets mask✨and we give you 1 million likes!😍😍

  • Britt Van Spijkeren
    Britt Van Spijkeren

    Make a confetti 🎉 maks and we gif you 2 million like’s

  • Esha Abid
    Esha Abid

    Mango mask

  • Nadeya


  • Thenmathe Anand
    Thenmathe Anand

    Pls do charcoal and wasabi mask 😊😊

  • PetrasAnimal Kingdom
    PetrasAnimal Kingdom

    I don’t know why it’s so exciting when she dose these masks because it just falls on her face ever time 🙄

    • Kapila Hambir
      Kapila Hambir

      Fh8d jjfvjiyfh and get the lovely bi man from

  • AIM channel
    AIM channel

    Pls do mango mask then we will give 100 billions like

  • mahlimy hmar
    mahlimy hmar

    Please like you take game you and like by ago one

  • mahlimy hmar
    mahlimy hmar

    Crow please don't do it unlike regular point like I saw it

  • I'm a Cup!
    I'm a Cup!

    She was literally ready with her swim suit she knew that's it's liquid! Lol

  • Aanshitha M
    Aanshitha M


  • Michaela_czELLa

    Pls do a 🥕carrot🥕 mask and we will give million likes🥕🥕🥕😍😍😍

  • elle schnapp
    elle schnapp

    A perfect 1 million

  • Lucky Rana
    Lucky Rana

    Do a chocolate face Mack we will give you 1 million like s

  • lily ✯ᴗ✯
    lily ✯ᴗ✯

    The fact she got 1m likes-

  • Sankeertana Rajakonda
    Sankeertana Rajakonda

    Pls make a tea powder face mask and we will give million likes and we will subscribe

  • Razak Ajmila
    Razak Ajmila

    Pls pls 😞 orange mask

  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma


  • Pinky pink 🤍
    Pinky pink 🤍

    Pls do a sugar mask and we will give you a million likes 💎🥺

  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma

    Please do a watermelon face mask

  • Ash Enid
    Ash Enid

    Wait- it actually got a million likes......

  • M123💟

    Please do a hot coco and marshmallows face mask 😆

  • Parveen Banu
    Parveen Banu

    Make leman face mask we will give you 2 mil likes promise

  • Jennifer Haque
    Jennifer Haque

    Hey...use charcoal and strawberry mixed mask plz................🥺

  • maddi wilson
    maddi wilson

    Plssss do a flower face mask and everyone has to give you 1m likes

  • Kris Vanlerberghe
    Kris Vanlerberghe

    Pls do a strawnberry mask and i will 1 million likes

  • מישל בר
    מישל בר

    Pls Do a tomato face mask and we will give you 1 million likes

  • Ashwini patil
    Ashwini patil

    Make a apple mask l will give you 1M like

  • Алиняш

    Давай активированный уголь

  • Gayatri Chakraborty
    Gayatri Chakraborty

    Do a rainbow face mask and we will give you a million like

  • Brandan Hutsell
    Brandan Hutsell

    Do p look dirt

  • Anna Kowiel
    Anna Kowiel

    " Pls make A putty masc,'

  • Annedrea Brin
    Annedrea Brin

    I love how she said "Avocado from Mexico"

  • MafiaTrooper20x7


  • DR JAYAPRADA Pellakuru
    DR JAYAPRADA Pellakuru

    Do a chocolate mask and we will give u a million likes 👍😉😌

  • Katie Berger
    Katie Berger

    Please do a please do a plastic mat face mask and we will give you a million lights I'm not joking actually a million likes 😃😃😃💯💯💯

  • toki. mel
    toki. mel


  • Lunapuppy123

    And we’ll give you 1 million likes!!!

  • Lunapuppy123

    Plsss do a Banna face mask!!??

  • Genie Rose Isanan
    Genie Rose Isanan

    Wow it's real

  • Sujit Kumar
    Sujit Kumar

    Pls do banana face mask

  • Roshitha  home things
    Roshitha home things

    Grass mask plz 1m likes

  • GTMA Shorts
    GTMA Shorts

    Next time can you do a Nutella mask if yiu haven’t done it?

  • Im Mclovin it
    Im Mclovin it

    I hate you

  • Mancheela Krishna
    Mancheela Krishna

    Pls make a flower face mask

  • Scott hargrave
    Scott hargrave

    Please do a pair mask and we will give you 2 million likes

  • Pretty_Italian1

    At least you got a mil🤷🏽‍♀️

  • {lay~lay}

    There you go 1M we love you 😍

  • Tëddy Bëar
    Tëddy Bëar

    The fact that she got 1 mill likes agian is scaring me

  • Maddie page
    Maddie page

    She actually got 1 million likes

  • Ronii Sherlin
    Ronii Sherlin

    U got the million likes

  • Makenna Pack
    Makenna Pack

    Bruh she got 1 mil likes?!

  • Abigail Miller
    Abigail Miller

    Can you do a slime face mask for a million likes???

  • robert seger
    robert seger

    When she had the avocado 🥑 in her hand it looked deducting

  • Kulcha Tours Jamaica
    Kulcha Tours Jamaica

    Can you make a pineapple face mask

  • ellie gunkel
    ellie gunkel

    Please make a sunscreen face mask

  • Mrs.toxic_Beautiful

    Do banana and you will get 2 million likes

  • Bre Edits
    Bre Edits

    The fact that there’s 1 million likes

  • Cheriah Joseph
    Cheriah Joseph

    Hi can u do a ciniman facemask

  • Lucero Perez
    Lucero Perez

    Is no one going to take a minute To say that the comment said “and we will give you a million likes” and you look and it says 1M. Also the sound lol🤣

  • Autumn Aesthetic
    Autumn Aesthetic

    Wow they were serious about the likes

A Year Later ...
1.8 mln
A Year Later ...
1.8 mln
A Year Later ...
1.8 mln