Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 11: The Candy Man Can!
Today we begin building our mega base!

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Gaming, Minecraft

  • Elizabeth S
    Elizabeth S

    is impulse not including boatem meetings?


    I'm full, but watching impulse be basically iwilly iwonka makes me want to be hungry 🙃

    • OCTOPUS🐙

      Can we get an impulse version of pure imagination in this chat pls

  • Tahlia Johnson
    Tahlia Johnson

    Me showing my friend a picture of impulse's mega base without telling her it's impulses's Her: Yeah idc Showing her 5 mins later and saying that's it's impulse's Her: Wow! I mean, I wouldn't have played Minecraft if it wasn't for him! That's really good! You should have showed it to me earlier!

  • The Weeby Webhead
    The Weeby Webhead

    Does anyone know the name of the timelapse music at 11:56? It's so catchy, but it's also a pain in the but to find.

  • Ola k Ase
    Ola k Ase

    This has been a wonderful episode (already subbed) :)

  • ProfessorVoid7

    I love the roleplay the hermits incorporate into their videos. It's quite fun for the viewers, really

    • ProfessorVoid7

      These standoffs might become a legit Minecraft game that a lot of people play.

  • Arianna Luce
    Arianna Luce

    "charlie... whos charlie?" me: CHARLIE SLIMSICLE

  • Chriswer82

    Best. Time-lapse. Music. EVER.

  • Siem Van Erp
    Siem Van Erp

    anyone else agree that the entrance of the factory looks like a face😂

  • Siem Van Erp
    Siem Van Erp

    impulse is so kid friendly

  • Jackie Hamilton
    Jackie Hamilton

    you can practice crystal pvp on pvplegacy

  • Josh Renall
    Josh Renall

    Oh I thought Impulse's base was Charlie and the chocolate themed. I have only wever seen it in other hermits videos. Have started to watch Impulse's season this year. Started this morning.

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli

    I switched my robot off

  • Sandy Drew
    Sandy Drew

    16:50 - 17:06 so what this is hermitcraft and hermitcraft = I don't give up crap about the backside.



  • Mike


  • _Shaey_

    that first 3 and a half minutes was so cringe xD

  • Mr. Brick
    Mr. Brick

    I mean, there is a new movie coming out called candyman... could be about impulse

  • The 88th DJ
    The 88th DJ

    The door looks like an a

  • Doodle Dust
    Doodle Dust

    The only downside to this video is that (I assume because of the title) UZmilk feels the need to show ads for that stupid Candy Man horror film plz send help 😭

  • Happy Beans!
    Happy Beans!

    Because he mixes it with love!

  • Jay Smart
    Jay Smart

    Impulse’s base front door: nothing Everyone: i or a?

  • Mr_H

    *Impulse aggressively trying to convince us he didn't put those amynethest machines everywhere*

  • Mr_H

    Naming the old man Charlie was a nice touch. Continuity wise that'd make you the man after Charlie was selected in the first willy wonka film. Cool

  • 08lewisP

    Impulse.., are you the ceo of apple cuz u name everything i”something”

  • Poopie Doopie
    Poopie Doopie


  • Julien Plasa
    Julien Plasa

    Are the Idimpy bars just retextured items or is this a plugin

  • Madison Murphy
    Madison Murphy

    The fact that after "cue the rocky music" I immediately went "BADABAAAAA BADABAAAA"

  • Hank Hamlin
    Hank Hamlin

    Bruh, he made the whole thing up at the start of the video...

  • Checker Aj
    Checker Aj

    I liked the video because, he lost most of his experience points again.

  • ThatOneLeaf

    Gotta love how impulse pulled a Grain (not misspelt his name is obviously Grain smh) by only doing the front of the base, be funny if it lasted all season lmao

  • * Футбольчик *
    * Футбольчик *


  • Mathias Bech-Jansen
    Mathias Bech-Jansen

    Impulse making a Grian and only building the front side of his base/not doing the back

  • Lauren H Jenquin
    Lauren H Jenquin

    Just do not eat all of them Candy Bars at all. You will need them. so you are trying to make Candy bars like Willy Wanka bars.

  • Yeet

    It kinda looks like lmanburg from the dream smp

  • Kaleb K Johnston
    Kaleb K Johnston

    I recognized the mustard and ketchup.

  • Zoey Perks
    Zoey Perks


  • Dominic Stower
    Dominic Stower

    The candy man is a horror movie

  • GiftingHorses -
    GiftingHorses -

    17:40 I recognize that logo, you're building a 'The Incredibles' base this season?

  • Reuben Bolo
    Reuben Bolo

    You should put the poppy's in a composter for bonemeal

  • Rachel Falder
    Rachel Falder

    16:10 twas cub!

  • Kevin plaza
    Kevin plaza

    Can u actually eat amythis or is it changed texture

  • Immortalpear 896
    Immortalpear 896

    If i has I nickel for every time mumbo has sat on a lollipop I would have 2 nickels Which isn’t much but it’s strange it happened twice

  • Amokra

    Impulse: Let's get building Video: goes straight to World of Warship commercial Me: What a building montage O.O

  • Bentley The Puppy
    Bentley The Puppy


  • Felix Cukavac
    Felix Cukavac

    Impulse literally broke 10000 full bastions just to get one wall

  • Flash Ninja
    Flash Ninja

    illy wonka

  • Flamez

    Does anybody know his montage music I would like to know

  • Charlie T
    Charlie T

    My name being Charlie….

  • Tyler Bird
    Tyler Bird

    His front door is SUS


    any noticed it was the dude was called charily

  • Brooke Neal
    Brooke Neal

    Impulse: **making a mega base** Mumbo: "Are you challenging me???"

  • Preston Gamer
    Preston Gamer


  • K S
    K S

    Make a shop selling iDimpy bar, design it to look very nice and call it iCandy (eye candy) as oppose to iSoar

  • Grapaper

    I have a feeling an eco vs industrial war is coming up later in the season..

  • ProfJeffy

    You're door looks like a white version of the Incredibles logo xD

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    So, the timeline is: Willy Wonka-Charlie-Impulse? Nice!

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    “That was even better than the amethyst shards I’ve been eating”

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    Also like this so impulse sees this anyway into the comment ask grian for help I’m pretty sure your one of the people grian thinks have awsome reteraining ability and he needs terraining for his mega base and you seem to need base detailing

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    Pls like so impulse sees this so anyway into the comment you should add more stone bricks

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      The candy is not candy. What do you know that crystallized candy…

  • lifeisfakenews

    i bet page 15 of the book is some kind of legal thing

  • KariFaeVT

    I'm guessing the recipe for the iDimpy Bar is Sugar, Cocoa Beans, Milk, Amethyst Shard

  • Turner Fry
    Turner Fry

    The firework chimes should be used to an entrance to a shop like the wind chimes they use irl so when you walk in it goes off

  • Colt the bolt
    Colt the bolt

    That build is insane Nice job impulse

  • Beanieful

    Sooo... he's not going to check the remainder of the 15 pages in Charlie's book?

  • Gabe Kranenburg
    Gabe Kranenburg

    Were'd his levels go ?

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor

    The candy man can, Willy wonka can!

  • Kicki

    What is the song from the timelapse at 12:20?

  • brokeman

    ohhhhhhhhhh that was delicoussssssssssss

  • Artemis Penguin
    Artemis Penguin

    You could make every separate building some sort of shop space the other Hermits can use. That way, your making diamonds, which you can use to make more buildings, which you can use to charge more, which you can make more diamonds! EXPLOITS!!

  • Jacob Seal
    Jacob Seal

    And they say this series isn’t moded

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    "Charlie and the chocolate factory"❌ "Impulse and the Idimpy factory" ✔️

  • The red spy
    The red spy

    The candy is not candy. What do you know that crystallized candy…

  • Abbigail Clark
    Abbigail Clark

    How is he able to eat the amethyst shards?

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      nice prison

  • eric Nielsen
    eric Nielsen

    That chicken should be called The Chicken That Lived.

  • Miah Noullett
    Miah Noullett

    the two pillars look a bit suspicious..

  • aiM-9x

    Does Impulse's mini iron farm work on bedrock?

  • Andrew Hutchinson
    Andrew Hutchinson

    Absolutely love your videos, started playing Minecraft with my girlfriend and got our own little hermitcraft type of server going with a bunch of old friends!

  • demonelephant

    Inpulse: builds best wall I've ever seen "It is still a bit plain.."

  • Octops64

    The storage isn't adequate, but you know what is? Tango

    • eric Nielsen
      eric Nielsen


  • mps

    16:16 it was the man in the chicken costume

  • Irene-Anne

    dat groovy time-lapse song! caught me dancing

  • Ludwig Naversten
    Ludwig Naversten

    Hmm charlie and the choclad factory

  • Philip Knudsen
    Philip Knudsen

    Looks like a prison

    • eric Nielsen
      eric Nielsen


  • Ethan Caminsky
    Ethan Caminsky

    So similar to MooPop

  • Cosmo Days
    Cosmo Days

    Dies clips back and he already has another 465 levels

  • Jonas Paben
    Jonas Paben

    I like how you are taking a Willy wonka theme this season impulse

  • maimas

    Timelapse music at 12:00?

  • Matt Cornias
    Matt Cornias

    nice prison

    • Shadow Cosmos314
      Shadow Cosmos314

      I appreciate your compliments, Matt!

  • extremawesomazing

    Dang catchy timelapse music.

  • Idan Zohar
    Idan Zohar

    Hey impulse, congrats on 1 mill!!!

  • kavya jain
    kavya jain

    Congratulations on 1 million

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Make a shop next to iSoar for the candy bars and call it iCandy. Make it a pretty shop so it goes along with the eye candy pun.

  • SkullCaptain GamingHD
    SkullCaptain GamingHD

    Congrats on one million impulse!

  • Glitch was taken
    Glitch was taken

    No make golden gates

  • 19 adhyayan das
    19 adhyayan das

    how hermit craft works: punching wood starter base shops mega farms larger shops mega base minigames end of season

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    ayyy 1 mil congratz!

  • Brandy Schmidt
    Brandy Schmidt

    charlie is grian's real name...

    • eric Nielsen
      eric Nielsen


    • Shadow Cosmos314
      Shadow Cosmos314

      Really!? That’s awesome! Maybe Grian is the old owner of Impulse’s candy factory.

  • kiwicrafter

    I used to like watching Hermitcraft but now they are making up non vanilla items. I am a vanilla guy and this nonsense puts me off.

  • Daniel Whyte
    Daniel Whyte

    Film 1 who can make a sunrise srinkinkle it with do cover it in coclet and create a miracle or two the candy man the candy man cann

  • Daniel Whyte
    Daniel Whyte

    Willy wonka vibes anyone

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