The Current State Of Tarkov And Why I've Stopped Playing
I get asked why i'm not playing Tarkov much anymore, this is why!

0:00 Intro
0:18 Why I've stopped playing
4:22 The current state of Tarkov
9:33 What you'll see from me now & when I'll be back
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  • wildmonkies Jr
    wildmonkies Jr

    Pestily making this video is just proving my point of stopping this wipe BS or at the very least make it optional to wipe when a update comes out. I only play during the summer time due to school and all, so when a wipe happens typically end of the semester for me, I only get enough time to get to about level 25, some decent money, and about half way through the quest line to the gamma container. It pisses me off that when it comes around to wipe and I have to start that shit all over again and this guy has it as a full time job being sweaty like jesus christ, the only people happy about wipes are those who have nothing better to do than play games every second get. Not only that the fact he can do all that other shit with challenges, play styles, and in a way free play is kill it for me. I play a raid here and there only for the adrenaline rush but don't even bother with the game because it wipes to often.

  • sgtkururu5

    Currently rocking a -0.15 fence rep cause I had no clue about the scav rep until a week or so into playing

    • sgtkururu5

      I just started recently :o loving your videos and guides btw!

  • Charske Vlogs
    Charske Vlogs


  • Salem Broheim
    Salem Broheim

    The healing/medical gameplay is so dumb. For a game that prides itself on being brutal and realistic, you can dump a full mag into a guy, he turns around and 1 shots you, and then lies in a bush doing surgery on himself, fixing all his broken bones and severed arteries, and then gets up and strolls out of the map. It's so fuckin dumb. This game exists to give the tryhards a boner about themselves about how tacticool they are, nothing more. I'll pass thanks.

  • Todd Manship
    Todd Manship

    I appreciate that you can give constructive criticism.

  • OdinsGuard_TTV

    thank god

  • Daniel h
    Daniel h

    U do U man!

  • derek l
    derek l

    I like how he frames it in a positive way, but its clear this game is on its last leg. And the gameplay has become a stale version of COD which requires tedious leveling of skills. Instead of the unique experience that even an old ass buggy mess of a game like DayZ offers better than tarkov atm.

  • Jonspu

    Crossbow in tarkov would be a SICK!

  • Wallus

    Bsg pls listen to the community

  • Emilien deRuyter
    Emilien deRuyter

    i literally just got tarkov 😢

  • CrankiLP

    "Why is stopped playin", one day later streamin Tarkov...

  • james Daniel
    james Daniel

    the content in escape from tarkov is so dry im chafing

  • I_R0M_I

    I've stopped playing this wipe too. I'm around 1200hrs, this wipe quit about lvl25. Didn't enjoy some of the changes, lack of new content etc.

  • Joshua Fortner
    Joshua Fortner

    I stopped playing shortly after I bought the gamma. They released the scav karma patch and between that and the rampant hackers I felt like i couldn't ever get ahead in the game. I never knew if I was learning a lesson or just getting screwed over. Every match was stressful and typically ended in me getting domed out of the blue.

  • Digger Nick
    Digger Nick

    I gave up on the game a while ago and didn't even try it this wipe. There's just no point, siht has been stale for me, and I don't think that any new maps, weapons and doodads will fix that issue. After you get accustomed to the game (which is not that difficult if you focus on particular maps or find profitable routes that you can run again and again) it just turns into a run of the mill arena shooter with some extra hoops. Accumulation of knowledge is nice to some extent but even that and all the other systems of accumulation/progression serve only to streamline the process of getting into fights. Pick some gear, load into a map, go around looking for those adrenaline fueled fights, repeat. Tasks and levels are a weak carrot on a stick that I'm only doing for the completion's sake (if im doing them at all), and once you're done with them there's nothing left to do outside of plain fighting and personal meme challenges. Just the fact that wipes are required to keep things fresh is an indicator that something is seriously wrong here when it comes to long term play.

  • Zuggaguz

    I played tarkov for one wipe and I dont think the game is ever going ever going to be finished and that's the worst part of the game. The game is going to be the same couple a years from now on only minor updates and probably one new map added to the game. Once you play a wipe you have basically seen the game and then its a repetition of itself. I got lucky and got in at a time when they put new expansion to the woods so that map improved a lot but otherwise new content is really far and between. Also its really player unfriendly, the game requires hours and hours just to learn how to use the inventories and other UI mechanics even when I had someone to show the ropes straight from the get go. When playing a new map as a new player the most time of becoming good at the game is outright memorizing the map layout because otherwise you don't know where the hell you're going in the game. I mean they are either locals (scavs) or trained ex military personel so it wouldnt be unreasonable for them to know where they are at any given time so it wouldn't be unrealistic to have a map where you could check for your location with a gps or something along those lines. When playing this game casually on the weekends its not worth the effort to waste time on learning the maps and mechanics to just enjoy the gameplay itself. Worst part of the gameplay at the time and probably still is the audio of the game for me in a hardcore game like this. There was veritas video about it how the audio works in the game and its outright stupid only because they cant define textures for the surfaces in the game and let steam audio handle the rest so you instead get this crap audio if you're inside a building. Eventually I think someone will make a game with the same concept and use a different engine than unity and that will be a game worthwhile playing and it still would be finished sooner than this game :D

  • MarekUtd

    Good on ya for being honest about your feelings mate. You're a legend!!! Keep up the good work mate.

  • Eric Scionti
    Eric Scionti

    editing here isisck

  • Daniel

    my fan boy friends kept wanting me to play this broken game and it was so lame

  • SlimBleeder

    Play more RUST plz =]

  • Changed Later
    Changed Later

    Kinda curious how you would do in Rust… hint hint

  • Littletweeter

    not played in like 2 years. its just shit nowadays its a real shame

  • Zzz Zzz
    Zzz Zzz

    Tarkov gets extremely tedious and boring extremely fast

  • Blackeous kniteous
    Blackeous kniteous

    Play hunt showdown 100xs better

  • peter paul
    peter paul

    100% agree and understand you brother! i said the same stuff over and over and over again the last 4 months: no REALLY new content since (nearly) 2 years, really bad made map updates recently (factory) and tons of annoying bugs, glitches and not logical stuff made me quit this game. playing since january 2018, running 3 accounts (me and my sons). i simply deinstalled it because it frustrated me way too much. i totally get you 100% therefore and will have your back also in future - no matter what game you play. its fun watching you, whatever you play.

  • Ant Sanchez
    Ant Sanchez

    Idk how you’ve played it as much as you have, I don’t watch streamers but idk how y’all do it. The games been stale for me since reserve got released. The game needs some depth behind the mechanics. More than tasks. I really think a plot line or in game lore would help and go a long way, as well as a voip and customization. There’s a lot to add, but it doesn’t feel like they’re adding anything other than weapons and slight QOL tweaks. Best of luck dude.

  • Tyler Sabourin
    Tyler Sabourin

    Is it true that you've officially adopted Aqua? It's heart warming to see a lost soul like him with such a positive, strong, experienced *8000 hours* father figure.

  • MightyPo0TV

    do what makes you happy man!

  • SteeM

    Play Intruder its great fun!

  • Rick Williams
    Rick Williams

    I'd be bored if I played the game 24/7/365 too. Some of us have normal lives and the game is just fine.

  • xxxxxxxDIMAxxxxxxx

    All what you day it's right.. But when I see at minute 06.35 YOU START KILL Pepole at reserve , when they try to extract with scuv .. Omg... You that person??? Really you do this she..t??? Really?? You really su..k

  • Jonathan Finney
    Jonathan Finney

    Exactly why i haven't touched it in 2 weeks

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    and then enjoy it.


    comment for you algorythm

  • GetYourGameOn

    Do what makes you happy …But don’t ever forget what it once was like and what brought you to the position your in now and if your allowing the newly pampering aof life to make you act a bit new..Remeber this is what u wanted and now I have it ..If you act like you don’t want it then people that helped make you what you are today will move on..yeah it sucks but that’s how it is…remebr eventually this hobbie turns into a job and you can’t let the smell of it becoming a job turn you away because you want it easier…if your ready to dwindle away into the shadow then that’s fine what makes you happy…But know this..You will give up a lot..Don’t Fix it if it ain’t broke..your tinkering with a perfected method..Be warned

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      3 years later you realise the game isnt fun with streamers like yourself stomping everthing on the map for "show".. Thumbs up, you killed the game and now you whine..

  • Ink Slinger2
    Ink Slinger2

    The game is meant to be hard but that does not mean it should get boring to play its always the same over and over

  • Davis Luong
    Davis Luong

    You are what changed it to the way it is. The golden boy with the inside loop with the content creator.

  • Mr. Reality
    Mr. Reality


  • kaischok uncut
    kaischok uncut

    Thank you for being you.

  • dave

    Come over to the world of SCUM, bb.

  • Daniel Kline
    Daniel Kline

    Thanks for helping people understand that content creators are human too. Power to you man :D

  • Reznov

    EFT is dying Foreal

  • xX LG_SPOR Xx
    xX LG_SPOR Xx

    Cry about it 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Anton Van Heerden
    Anton Van Heerden

    I also. Stopped playing. Its just the same old stuff. Found now apex. Having fun playing it.

  • Ivano Bottari
    Ivano Bottari

    because you rushed the lvl 71

  • LS3D

    117 PMC's in 3 hours!? Master Chief *grins*

  • Josh Does
    Josh Does

    I stopped playing it too its kinda boring. Was really repetitive felt like i was working a job not playing a game. It's too brutal and not fun enough.

    • Josh Does
      Josh Does

      no content either

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    one of my favourite games of all time but for now I'm enjoying other games. To anyone who is starting to not enjoy the game, I suggest you give it a break!

  • Bkdroi

    Really loved early wipe this time around but yes no new content made it dry up fast. I loved having no gear and roubles when in past wipes I would have millions and millions. Game changes are good just no content.

  • Ed H
    Ed H

    Nobody I know who played tarkov is wasting their time anymore with the game. We are all in Australia and we are over the cheaters the dsync and the lack of content . It's a shame cause it's a great game . But atm we see Nikita's dream as nothing more than pie in the sky .

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      Hell yeah Pest

  • Neo

    3 years later you realise the game isnt fun with streamers like yourself stomping everthing on the map for "show".. Thumbs up, you killed the game and now you whine..

  • Max Buckley
    Max Buckley

    But you haven't stopped playing.. Last video was uploaded yesterday 👍 click bait.

    • Max Buckley
      Max Buckley

      @Parasite k.

  • Jimi P
    Jimi P

    You should play Factorio.

  • Kronin

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!! !please stop supporting Nikkita brother.

  • Nathain Galt
    Nathain Galt

    "wipe every 3 months was better". Maybe if you can play as often as you do.... between cheaters and working 12 hours a day, wipes crushing AF.... Gave up on Tarkov because it's just not fun anymore. Same gofer missions only harder or convoluted. Same pain in the ass jaeger missions that sit unfinished. investing time is an investment... that disappears when they feel like it. When it's good it's damn good, unfortunately the good bits are getting further and farther between.

  • NiBy

    im surprised at how people manged to not get bored at all. I love this game but haven't played in over a year because im still burnt out, and my hours are nothing compared to streamers and dedicated fans.

  • Spenny

    Didn't even last a week!

  • Dizzeke

    as someone who cant play one game for more than a month because i hyperfixate, and i leave games for months at a time and come back for a week maybe etc, i have no idea how youve done it this long pest. i would watch you play other games too, don't throw away hours of your life doing something you aren't enjoying anymore. I havent been able to bring myself to even open tarkov since before the end of the last wipe.

  • CaptainBlastoff

    Holy fuck editors chill out with the skitzo shit at 7mins

  • Hightree

    Tarkov would be my favorite game, If Nikita added a way to see the people you queued in raid with (Like your friends name above their head during raid.) I know it removes a level of skill, but it would make group fights more focused and it’d be cool probably. Like two people could team up on a mega chad with much more coordination. Your teamwork could add a new layer of gameplay possibly. I know it’ll never be added. It’s not very realistic, But a man can dream.


    Boring game, was amazing first couple years, i had some fun! But its the same shit over and over and OVER again

  • Mason

    Yeah I'm waiting for tarkov to actually release and be the one seamless open world game it initially set out to be.

  • cheefadareafer

    Between the abundance of hackers to the bullet lag and dogshit servers i dont blame you

  • 35k31

    Why not try Hell Let Loose?

  • Schmiddty

    I dont think the auction house and flea market should be locked behind a level req. People late to a wipe or people who dont grind one game for 10+ hrs a day have absolutely 0 chance once the year+ vets meta game their way to the best tier gear and end game stuff. Its already hard enough to make some solid money if youre a new player or if you show up late to wipes, if you manage to not lose it all, you should be able to spend it. Most of my friends who are new, never played eft at all usually lose all their money before they even get to lv 20. Even before when it was locked behind lv 10 my first time i had no money.

  • Ledge Online
    Ledge Online

    Hell yeah Pest

  • Maximilian Drozdowski
    Maximilian Drozdowski

    I got false banned a few days ago 🙁

  • Reollim

    you’re an absolute fucking g pestily. you might’ve got your start covering tarkov but we’re all here for you now mate. play whatever makes you happy and everyone’ will be around for the ride. lots of love!

  • Oliver Holmgren
    Oliver Holmgren

    I've been building my hideout IRL. You'll have loads of fun with your shed. None of us own you, do all the good stuff that you are excited about. When you get a break, I can highly recommend the northern flinders!

  • Nailbombx

    So in other words! He beat the Game! ;)

  • DarkTimePatriot

    im done with tarkov for a while.. to many bs bugs and hacks.. same ole shiat.. and resets.. let the game go on with out reset.

  • sean FERGUSON
    sean FERGUSON

    do your own thing my fellow king.

  • FBz ooNEvINoo
    FBz ooNEvINoo

    You do you! your fan base won't leave you

  • Living Like A Human
    Living Like A Human

    Please take care of yourself pest

  • Siduo Zhang
    Siduo Zhang

    But streamers like him are exactly the people who pushed for this rushing level to reach end game gears. And now he comes back and says people do this make it boring, how laughable

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis

    You do you Pestily I'll still keep up with whatever you do

  • MrStance88


  • Grafas

    Tarkov dead 6min wait 12 playeer in Europa… fuck this, i have 3090 and not have 140fps….

  • JoeYy C
    JoeYy C

    This dude is looking ruff. I look the same and it sucks.

  • Jake Shaw
    Jake Shaw

    I mean tbf when you play as much as you do/did make sense you would get burnt out. Do what you enjoy.

  • Swinton

    good pest, you needed to stop playing your better off in another game fr

  • Stonersbliss

    Live your life man. It's your life to do as you wish, not ours. We'll be here no matter what. You as a person from what I've seen is what brings me back.

  • Shane Ward
    Shane Ward

    imagine making a 15 minute video on why YOU quit a game.....the narcissism is reallllllll

  • douglas haislet
    douglas haislet

    Love and support you whatever youre doing brother

  • Herb G
    Herb G

    More Hunt is only a good thing 🤩 Not to mention Souls

  • Bobby Baggs
    Bobby Baggs

    Hell yeah brother you do you! I recently had to take a break from something that I really love and enjoy just so I don't end up hating it and getting burnt out. Thanks Pest!

  • Dr. Decker
    Dr. Decker

    Tarkov is shit,.. always has been

  • Dr. Decker
    Dr. Decker

    finally discovered you are an old man and tarkov is shit?

  • Olyoxenfreetv

    "... why i've stoped playing" oh and i still play around 20 hrs of tarkov a week and it's dry bc i played this game hours on end for years... lol

  • Killjoy

    Well seeing as how you’re the one that ruined the game you could at least suffer along with everyone else.

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams

    As a casual player...I hate that the wipes reset my quests and base. I cant grind everything every wipe. Makes me and my buddies not wanna play

  • nivle9195

    Time to Jump onto Squad Pest!

  • Tally Love
    Tally Love

    If either of the editors see this, how do you get that fly-by B-roll footage?

  • domen

    Too many promises and never going with them... Always changing the future of the game and focusing on maps and stutters should be a priority

    • C11ENBO

      "Too many promises and never going with them" What promises were not carried out? "Always changing the future of the game" Wat have they changed which wasnt in the roadmap?

  • Eric Funk
    Eric Funk

    Pestily has to be the most well rounded, mature streamer on the planet. I’m with him tho, after 1000 hours over 3 wipes they just need some new content.

  • annoyed chef
    annoyed chef

    WORD. You do you. Fuck the negative viners.

  • Joshua Rodeck
    Joshua Rodeck

    How could you dislike this video…smh

  • roflex2

    Your eyes are pinned

  • Eternal Frost
    Eternal Frost

    The content is best when u enjoy what u doing man, a change of pace is welcome in your life. always fun to watch u play something anything as long as u having fun man. Tarkov is fun and hard just wish there was a way to play it more casual or even pve with friends. i cant spent 24/7 on it and learn it all. STill a wonderful made game though. good luck with the road u take man stay awesome and keep having fun in what u doing.