What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone?
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  • harryfromwork


  • Sylbhann

    our summers are always above 47 Celsius so, not like this is hot, just how it is *cough phoenix arizona cough*

  • Thomas Alexander Truszkowski
    Thomas Alexander Truszkowski

    If I'd get stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert I'd be the happiest man on Earth.

  • Kris Steele
    Kris Steele

    Mad respect for him 🇺🇸👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • awad ali
    awad ali

    i remember when it was hotter in the uk than the sahara desert

  • hirbod

    Between mars and Sahara imma chose Mars though 😁

  • Blind the Rapper
    Blind the Rapper

    A marathon in the desert with just a backpack and weak flares so you're hard to spot. Why??

  • Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
    Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh

    This has been told so many times, nothing new to hear or see here...

  • Jaggs

    Does this shit need to be here?

  • hayder salam
    hayder salam

    here in Iraq it maybe reach 51 Celsius easily :)

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Do a vid “What would happen if you were stranded in Antarctica”

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    47 degrees isn’t that bad here in Australia we get 47 degrees at least 10 times a year

  • Mauromz

    My names Mauro to

  • Omar Damm
    Omar Damm

    This is a movie that I would like to watch.

  • Count Grishnákh
    Count Grishnákh

    Holy shit

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      14:31 For a British comparison it's like running a marathon in Manchester and ending up in London.

  • роском надзор
    роском надзор

    Why didn't he just found the road by following hes own footprints?

  • 97warlock ismyname
    97warlock ismyname

    ive been playing guitar 35 years. Im ok. I felt uploading to youtube would get me some gratification, or a pat on the back I was so desperately craving. But after a few years of just dissapointments, I gradually stopped wasting effort trying to upload to youtube. I think I have a total of maybe 15 comments on 30 videos over the last 10 years. Dont know why my videos suck so extremely bad that no one will even watch one , I thought even if I sucked really bad, out of hundreds of people maybe a few might like something ........ nah in 10 years, Ive gotten under 100 views. Im watch youd call a UZmilk Flop, but far less that that.

  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV

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  • David Cammalleri
    David Cammalleri

    But doesn't our body lacks the enzymes to process drinking blood??

  • Choco

    So…so you’re telling me they haven’t put trackers on them yet?

  • David Nally
    David Nally

    Was it worth it?. There is a reason why we don t live alongside deadly creatures, and there is a reason why we shouldn t abuse our bodies by running inthe Sahara Desert.

  • JimmySmith

    I don’t know if he was a survivor or an idiot.

  • Mende3 Petrov
    Mende3 Petrov

    Trying to find road where trucks and cars would probably pass what else u can do

  • KingofRetro

    Me being a weeb: looks like Zoro got lost again

  • George Andrews
    George Andrews

    How did he fuck his navigation so bad he had the sun and a compass

    • ARMY FAN #1
      ARMY FAN #1

      @George Andrews you also need to have a brain in the army. Which you don’t seem to have as you seem to think it’s possible to see in a massive sandstorm

    • ARMY FAN #1
      ARMY FAN #1

      @George Andrews how did he know he was south? Because YOU saw the map? He didn’t have any idea where we was, how far he was from the race trail, or which direction he had to travel.

    • George Andrews
      George Andrews

      @ARMY FAN #1 He new he was at the bottom of the course when he got lost. He traveled roughly south . That is with the sun in front of him at mid day in the northern hemisphere. So the finnish was NNE. Sun over his right shoulder. I have sailed the oceans with a secstant. You need to know this stuff in the army.

    • ARMY FAN #1
      ARMY FAN #1

      What??? If you’re in the middle of nowhere then you have no idea where to start traveling

  • Jarno Saarinen
    Jarno Saarinen

    I probably would of died and been reincarnated as an African! Cause I am never going there!!

  • Matt Posko
    Matt Posko

    Doesn't sound too bad.

  • Hadi AL Halbouni
    Hadi AL Halbouni

    So he drank the blood of the bats and didn't get any form of COVID-19

  • Zak

    14:31 For a British comparison it's like running a marathon in Manchester and ending up in London.

  • Ganja Trooper
    Ganja Trooper

    Why is this not a movie?.

  • Juan G. Anderson
    Juan G. Anderson

    Real john wick in John wick 3

  • Recraw7

    Surviving in the Sahara would be extremely hard alone; Thankfully, you can learn how to be a more sufficient survivalist than ever with skillshare.

  • Anonymous Commenter
    Anonymous Commenter

    I honestly have no idea how one day I would be living with my family in America and wake up the next suddenly stranded in some desert

  • Dan Olofsson
    Dan Olofsson

    I think this is the most entertaining video/store you have created/told. A movie should be made about this story. Since Tom Hanks is getting older it could be interesting to see Colin Hanks in this role.

  • Jerry Yao
    Jerry Yao

    Damn, what a champ

  • gistmania VEVO
    gistmania VEVO

    I was there for two weeks twice and believe me it was hell

  • bmoneybby

    My friends and family: We should go on a fun adventure. Me: Nah, I'm good..

  • 章ウ一

    If I was stranded in the Sahara alone, I'd enjoy its leather seats, sturdy industrial design language, its ample space, towing power, terrain navigation capabilities and enjoyable cruise.

  • Ynnel?!

    I'd have tea with Sting

  • DryTry

    47 degrees me: just another day in my country..

  • SupremeMangoKing

    imagine play hide and see in the sahara

  • Bob Abooey
    Bob Abooey

    Over hyped story. You made it sound like he was gonna be lost in 'the middle' of the desert.

  • SocratesAth

    "...to phhhound the surface with inthhhense thermal radiation that can qhhhuickly give you..." I mean, dude, drop the clickbait voice and just speak normally.

  • C'est moi
    C'est moi

    To begin with you will never find me there and I guess it was too early for GPS. But Epirbs for boats did exist at that time.

  • turki111

    Only arabs whom have strong faith can pass through this desert The rashiduns Umayyads Fatimids Passed through this desert

  • Tom Marshall
    Tom Marshall

    Great video no , rubbish chat in between. Nice one, I gave a like

  • Merrick Decker
    Merrick Decker

    Well, first I'd ask myself: "How did I GET here?" Then I'd ask myself: "How do I work this?" Then I'd ask myself: "Where IS that large automobile?" Then I may tell myself: "This is not my beautiful house!" Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again, after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground To be serious now: This is a crazy story of survival. Prosperi is quite the adventurous spirit!

  • Nico Autia
    Nico Autia

    Very interesting video, but very clickbait-y title... this is one man's story, filled with multiple events of bad luck. Probably not what would happen (nor any recommendation what you should do) if you were stranded in the Sahara alone.

  • Totally YEETED
    Totally YEETED

    The one man that survived was the cameraman.... Because cameramen survive everything

  • ii_MjwD

    9:50 wait i thought he was Chinese

  • Imhere123

    Step 1 lay down Step 2 become the sand

  • a7medane

    Watching this make me want to drink water

  • james adolfo
    james adolfo

    do a vid "On what happens if you were stranded in America alone

  • Bruce Shaw
    Bruce Shaw

    These people are just plain stupid , what were they trying to prove I have no sympathy with madness .

  • Richard GG
    Richard GG


  • Charlie He
    Charlie He

    Go SW towards West Africa, wishing that either Boko Haram, ISIS, or some remnants of Al Qadae will abduct me for ransom...

  • T1Oracle

    That's not a race. That's a suicide pact.

  • Comrade

    bruh.... they should make a movie about this

  • MiSTaH bOmBAsTiK
    MiSTaH bOmBAsTiK

    All signs point to dude actually being a real-life vampire...

  • Wyn Williams
    Wyn Williams

    Tough bugger :) two main easily avoided mistakes he made (not waiting out the sand storm and not waiting out rescue while making an SOS and a temp shelter) drinking his own urine made things worse but apart from that really tough guy :) I don't think I would of lasted more then a couple of days

  • somedeveloperblokey

    Next week on "REAL LIFE LORE": What if you awoke to find yourself walking along the bottom of the Mariana trench? Clickbaity AF.

  • M Z
    M Z

    “Bone chillingly terrifying!!” 😂 super dramatic

  • RJ

    For why?

  • Louis P.
    Louis P.

    So he did everything wrong when dehydrated. Did what ALL experts tell you not to do. He drank his urine (WRONG) he ate food (WRONG) he drank animal blood (WRONG) yet he survived longer than almost anyone else could have??? Yep, makes you wonder that’s for sure!

  • Louis P.
    Louis P.

    Afraid he’d be buried alive yet not worried it would obscure the trail??? Hmmmmmm

  • Louis P.
    Louis P.

    STOP WITH CELSIUS and just say the temp!!!!

  • Sienna

    Me who can barely survive 60 degrees fahrenheit: Welp... I'm dead

  • Harsh Nagpal
    Harsh Nagpal

    Wow 😍😍

  • Maxwell A. Gaming PS4
    Maxwell A. Gaming PS4

    The part of finding the Oasis and not being able to drink it must have been one of the worst tortures you could feel.

  • majrminer

    0:45 - just a nice day in Arizona.

  • Ross Chippendale
    Ross Chippendale

    Hears about this ordeal a few times, it never loses the sheer impact of what that Man experienced. It has to be one of the most encouraging feats of how much we Humans can over come.

  • Victor Espino
    Victor Espino

    So I still won't know what to do. Aside from keep going and drink your urine.

  • Gamez Killer20t
    Gamez Killer20t

    We all know the real reason why he’s still alive because of using skill share.

  • Windows Vista
    Windows Vista

    Clickbait, the location was in a far less remote area of the desert.

  • Tina Cho
    Tina Cho

    I'm glad he didn't eat the "fresh goat droppings" not that urine or bat blood is better

    • _____________

      Damn Tina you are beautiful!!

  • Jahar Chakraborty
    Jahar Chakraborty

    India can also have 40 to 45 degree celsius in summer

  • Jahar Chakraborty
    Jahar Chakraborty

    India also have 45 degree celsius in summer

  • PortaTerzo

    That sounds like a movie synopsis.

  • Richard Raucina
    Richard Raucina

    After drinking a gallon of bat blood, he was likely Covid 19 immune. I would have stayed at the oasis.

  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan

    this being along lost in a desert and being alone lost at sea are perhaps the most painful thing to ever happen to a man💔 Rest In Peace to those people who died on this very painful situation

  • M B
    M B

    If you r stranded in the Sahara desert without water, you are dead in less then six hours. Do not get stranded there.

  • ThePhilosorpheus

    Sounds like a beautiful biblical story. Also, it may seem crazy that he returned to the desert afterwards, but when you fall in love with the desert, the pain becomes familiar, and in a sense, even pleasant. Its all about rediscovering the fundamental poverty of the human bodily condition, which is also where our spiritual richness manifests more clearly. In the desert, same as in the sea or any rough scenario, you feel small, and you discover that which is greater than you. The first Christian monks are known as the "desert fathers" because they endured this kind of suffering as an ascetic exercise in spiritual growth. I recommend looking them up.

  • Pe Fu
    Pe Fu

    laughs in phx arizona

  • Viktor C
    Viktor C

    whats the ambient music towards the end of the video?

  • justgeorge247

    Rip to all Ultramarathon runner who died in Gansu, China.

  • Markus Orison
    Markus Orison

    Damn, the most I've ever had to get is 7 liters of fluids intravenously.

  • supercow1225


  • Space Dog2112
    Space Dog2112

    This better be a movie if not dibs

  • HenryManson

    #1 Sweating ... #3 getting out of the Desert

  • ahmetsercan soydan
    ahmetsercan soydan

    I would fucking die

  • Vram1974

    How do you travel south while having a compass?

  • Sirisha Velavan
    Sirisha Velavan

    not only was he physically fit, he was HELLLAA SMART