I Built a DRAGON in Minecraft Hardcore (#44)
Today I BUILT A DRAGON IN MINECRAFT in my Hardcore Minecraft Lets Play! I built a giant ender dragon in survival minecraft and it took a long time!

Watch the series from episode 1:


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  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis

    Kabbabo sholaba

  • Ziggi

    These builds rivals philzas builds in his hard-core world who knows maybe even better

  • Godtear 10
    Godtear 10

    Why did he build to dragans

  • MDSK

    Wait i thought dragons had 2 legs and 2 wings not 2 wings 2 arms and 2 legs. Imagine being able to control 6 things

  • Aaryan Jain
    Aaryan Jain

    10:03 tell me that is not a alligator or crocodile black coloured

  • Salvindar Kaur
    Salvindar Kaur

    next build please make a city being destroyed by godzilla


    Whats your favorite youtuber? "Wadzee" What content does he does? "Pointless Building" 😳

  • Gab Alfonso
    Gab Alfonso

    Anf an overworld dragon

  • Gab Alfonso
    Gab Alfonso

    Make a nether dragon too

  • Owen James
    Owen James

    It's gonna be sad when the desert runs out of sand because I love that segment

  • Duma

    he should add something to get the gold to the piglins like a bunch of hoppers (i suck at redstone)

  • Oliver Opseth
    Oliver Opseth

    This is sick

  • naveen Nani
    naveen Nani

    your the king of mincraft

  • Avyukt’s Art and Craft
    Avyukt’s Art and Craft

    U should have made a portal for the dragons eyes and covered the outside and some of the inside how u like it

  • aarti khajuria
    aarti khajuria

    And make a ender dragon Farm

  • aarti khajuria
    aarti khajuria

    Make the dream SMP in your hardcore world that would be amsome

  • Jonah Gabriel
    Jonah Gabriel

    Some suggestions for you to do, you should make the arm look like it’s pushing off the obsidian town and make a dent in it. Also you can build a health bar. Also you can build yourself on the ground shooting it. The last thing you can do in make white stained glass going from the end crystals to the dragon so it looks like it’s getting healed. Otherwise good build! Hopefully you see this!

  • HisLittleWaffle


  • Anos Voldigoad
    Anos Voldigoad

    From my view that big dragon killed ender dragon 🐲 and take over the end

  • Adhe Yetty
    Adhe Yetty

    Nether vs the end

  • xD Monster
    xD Monster

    you should’ve put it facing toward the nether transformation and then built a wither facing the dragon, the dragon launching a fireball and the wither launching a wither skull

  • Like your own comment Nerd
    Like your own comment Nerd

    *No squids we're harmed during the making of this video*

  • Alex Truong
    Alex Truong

    This guy is a mad man

  • Lord_Pika

    'Now this, is a thick dragon' 8:50

  • MrNoorm11

    waittttt so there is a alive dragon and a skleton of one on the ground

  • Daniel Giovanniello
    Daniel Giovanniello

    Alright, now you just need to make a White Dragon, a Green Dragon, a Blue Dragon, and a Red Dragon. Then you can summon the Queen of Chromatic Dragons, Tiamat.

  • Darkest Dreams
    Darkest Dreams

    So an idea, Mr. Wadzee. You have a destroyed desert. What if that was turned into a nuclear wasteland? Just a thought, seeing as a lot of it was destroyed. Give it a thought if you'd like.

  • Kakakaka Chan
    Kakakaka Chan

    What is The dragging Name

  • ILLEGAL Gaming
    ILLEGAL Gaming

    I was seeing your video when i am afking in my mob farm


    Next video buying mojang

  • Avyukt Daga
    Avyukt Daga

    10:09 it looks like an alligator lol

  • Jacob

    Imagine fighting this dragon in minecraft. Wadzee that video was amazing can't wait for your next build

  • Luk Tjepkema
    Luk Tjepkema

    Try using dripstone for teeth

  • Entity303

    Grain:hmph not that bad hehehheh

  • Graysen VanderKant
    Graysen VanderKant

    It would be cool if he left like holes in the dragons wings in my opinion.

  • Smokey MC
    Smokey MC

    The time of day changes 2 time soooooooooo I think it is fake even in the timelaps the time of day does not move

  • Fnaf Person
    Fnaf Person

    With how he builds, he would fit in perfectly with Hermitcraft

    • MDSK

      No they are not worthy of WADZEE

  • DontStopGamin4263 On YT
    DontStopGamin4263 On YT

    I wish I could build that good! Honestly I can’t even correctly build one of those roofs that are on villages, that’s why I never have a like...normal...house roof...

  • Charlie Wade
    Charlie Wade

    14:13 #FloatingGodzilla

  • Jacob Brisson-Quintin
    Jacob Brisson-Quintin

    Bro how do u do that i cant do a 2d dragon

  • Ty Blechman
    Ty Blechman


  • LocalPlatypus

    I love watching your videos while I AFK by my zombie spawner.

  • 11Drop

    at 11:16 he said that he does everything in survival

  • Chicken BEe BOb
    Chicken BEe BOb


  • Invisguy With Toxic boiii
    Invisguy With Toxic boiii

    The head was a giant lol

  • Conner Diers
    Conner Diers

    Donkey from shrek is enjoying this build wayyyy too much

  • ElliottSuperS


  • StuffIsCool


  • MCBluePlays YT
    MCBluePlays YT

    I'm making a 200x200 pyramid on my hardcore and oml i thought it would be easy, I don't know how you even do these stuff

  • Coconut lord
    Coconut lord

    wad zee Says :it looks kinda dumb right now Me :it looks like a chicken all this at 10.50 in the vid

  • no one
    no one


    • no one
      no one

      at 1140

  • Scottles

    How many days has he survived in the hardcore world???

    • Els Eijpe
      Els Eijpe

      44 days

  • Lucky Star
    Lucky Star

    I am subbed and liked and I made a world called ‘ wah wah army Wadzee’

  • andrew altonji
    andrew altonji

    birb alert 10:46

  • andrew altonji
    andrew altonji


  • imnotakoreaboo

    petition for the dragon to be a secret layer that you enter from the mouth

  • Xraven 121
    Xraven 121

    I love how instaid of going from Minecraft to fortnite. He went fortnite to Minecraft

  • RJ's RoPlay
    RJ's RoPlay

    WadZee can you make a ship pls!!!!👉👈

  • Xraven 121
    Xraven 121

    He should keep making these till episode 69

  • Clipsy_slayer

    Add like dragons breath coming out it’s mouth

  • Ben Sims
    Ben Sims

    make the head a bit smaller

  • mitsiou

    I came for more pointless building 🤣

  • Constantly Soap
    Constantly Soap

    Make a secret base in the dragons body

  • Sky Light
    Sky Light

    I love the way wah army

  • Wrigls Bot
    Wrigls Bot

    He is in hardcore so he cant die

  • Стася Козина
    Стася Козина

    The relieved buzzard optionally stir because colombia ultrasonically muddle save a sneaky agreement. zonked, clean siamese

  • Sebas Lara101
    Sebas Lara101

    This vid kinda sus ngl

  • Manasvi Chauhan
    Manasvi Chauhan

    YOU ARE JUST CRAZY. Anyone don,t think to do this suprer challenging tasks. salute to you 👏👏👏👏

  • Lucifer Yt
    Lucifer Yt

    This is an amazing build but what would of made it better is if you made the tail wrap around the broken pillar so the tail isn't just floating there BUT this is still an amazing build better than anything I've ever built keep it up💯

  • Mihir Desai
    Mihir Desai

    10:26 looks like he his make Godzilla

  • CElleN8

    to be honest ..the crack in the wing was cool... battlescarred XD

  • EmeryGrey

    danger noodle with wings flying danger noodle oh n o

  • Nico _desb
    Nico _desb

    you should have done this dragon in the end dimension, it will be lot better

  • Eterner Gamer
    Eterner Gamer

    10:40 be like a black bird taking out its tongue. And the bird has only 1 leg 😂 without feathers

  • Goyam Jain
    Goyam Jain

    Make a craked egg on the ground so it looks like that thing just hatched out (Cause u already made a skeleton of the dragon, so we can say this is the baby dragon?)

  • szfiroz 44
    szfiroz 44


  • Wonder Valtryek
    Wonder Valtryek

    You forgot to destroyd bones

  • aileen delincoln
    aileen delincoln


  • krish sharma
    krish sharma

    make sand farm

  • Genowefa Pigwa
    Genowefa Pigwa

    Man that looks good with the stone. But it's even better when it's done.

  • Pra nish
    Pra nish

    Fun fact: The dragon is up floating I the sky and it's skeleton(bones) are buried in the ground🤣😂

  • jigar patel
    jigar patel

    yes it is awesome


    he is doing so much hard work just for the viewers, i love his builds and he is so creative

  • Donrick Tuazon
    Donrick Tuazon


  • Vaughn Siegfried Fuertez
    Vaughn Siegfried Fuertez

    Next episode: whats up guys welcome back to my channel, so for todays video i built the whole earth and in the next episode im gonna build the entire solar system

  • xx x
    xx x

    Looks like a special pigeon not a slug

  • MrGamer

    This man will lose his world because he wore elytra

  • Slerp

    You should make a bastion in hard core Minecraft (45)

  • Orbyx

    ...No more water checkpoints?

  • Hunter Parratt
    Hunter Parratt

    Jesus loves you!!!!!!

  • skyegaming forever
    skyegaming forever

    "So.... I want to fix the tail" ZELDA MUSIC STARTS.........Five seconds later...........DOOM MUSIC BEGINS.............Two seconds later............ZELDA MUSIC RESUMES

  • Bradley Thoms
    Bradley Thoms

    anyone else from 44k subs or less?

  • Boudewijn van Oene
    Boudewijn van Oene

    You made a Dragon by the end en now make a bastion by the nether

  • VenusKing

    wadzee: bridges diagonal me that plays bedwars: *Cringe* hes slow bridging

    • VenusKing

      @[Nighty!] no not bragging. any decent bedwars player can speedbridge lmao

    • [Nighty!]

      and? are you bragging? what about you trying to build the entire end/nether dimension in the overworld and vice.versa from scratch in survival? or just do/recreate something what wadzee has done.

  • ltzPandaYT

    G i i

  • The Great Rocket YT
    The Great Rocket YT

    why would you put a dragon skeleton *and* the dragon that was supposedly killed in this build? i think the dragon came out great but it just doesn't make sense...

  • dani6780 dani6780
    dani6780 dani6780

    wow the black concrete makes the blackstone look not black

  • Nolan Reese
    Nolan Reese

    bruh WadZee needs to be on the hermitcraft server. WadZee Hermitcraft season 8!!

  • Hudson Roth
    Hudson Roth

    make's entire body, eehh. makes rough sketch of head "applause"