The Kid LAROI - Not Sober (feat. Polo G and Stunna Gambino) (Official Video)
Official video for "Not Sober" by The Kid LAROI feat. Polo G and Stunna Gambino

Listen to The Kid Laroi's "F*CK LOVE 3: Over You":

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Directed by Steve Cannon
Produced by Nolan Riddle

  • Rahim khilar
    Rahim khilar

    feel like everybody is sleeping on Stunna that guy is talented

  • chivan

    I gave this song to my girlfriend to listen and she probably love Laroi more than me now bruh

  • Nivesh Mhatre
    Nivesh Mhatre

    He is not looking down his energy is in all of us cause energy never dies

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    Lil bibby just chillin lol

  • Aditi Rajawat
    Aditi Rajawat

    Coolest I've ever seen.......... Thanks 😊😊


    Listening again 😃

  • Clumsy cow
    Clumsy cow

    I assume there will be more to come out of this duo I hope

  • Upload Account
    Upload Account

    3:02 anybody else notice the Juice WRLD hoodie ):

  • Bitucapontocom


  • Chicascupcakeisderpy

    Raps a bit of beat...still fire as hell as usual

  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed

    cooley ray

  • xoWave

    Best song of 2021

  • Deje de meterse en asuntos ajenos Thx
    Deje de meterse en asuntos ajenos Thx


  • Klein Feimi
    Klein Feimi

    Everything is so perfect until the guy in the end starts to sing at this point i reset the song

  • Harvey The Young
    Harvey The Young

    haan looking like that one kid that doesnt wanna be in the group project

  • dark motherboard
    dark motherboard

    3:12 that lil kid on the bottom left singing the chorus aint getting no blunt or alcohol tho🤣

  • syno_tr3yy

    This guy really 18 and has a song with polo g, juice wlrd, Justin and lil mosey. Proud of u

    • syno_tr3yy

      I was gonna say that my bad

    • Harvey The Young
      Harvey The Young

      and miley cyrus ;)

  • daze aokun
    daze aokun

    The voice is beautiful and transparent

  • BaconSTAR


  • Deez Deez
    Deez Deez

    Polo and laroi should make more songs together 🔥🔥🔥

  • Carlos

    I hope now that u are famous u don't go gone for years and make less music

  • ◢ Shive ◤
    ◢ Shive ◤

    feel like Stunna Gambino made the song go bad

  • Hello You
    Hello You

    Rabbuki atina fi Dounia akhirati adhabanar

  • Light

    "I watched my bestfriend change colors like a tyedye" yeahhh felt this too hard.

    • Hrudh D
      Hrudh D

      Shoutout to the ones they still with me, those are my guys

  • Trayvon Garnett
    Trayvon Garnett


  • Sicko Gamerz
    Sicko Gamerz

    This doesn’t sound like him ngl

  • chhay short
    chhay short

    This song will be very nostalgic when we grow older 😘

  • Xeno_Xay Gaming
    Xeno_Xay Gaming

    Yo the is man went through SOMETHING


    proud of you laroi

  • Big KD
    Big KD


  • Ellie Adams
    Ellie Adams

    Same bro 😭

  • Abd Alrahman
    Abd Alrahman

    All men have wives or girlfriends.. but I do not have I want a wife or a girlfriend😔

    • shylah and fam
      shylah and fam

      Sad bru

  • Eʅαʂƚιƈ Hҽαɾƚ
    Eʅαʂƚιƈ Hҽαɾƚ

    Wish Juice was her to see Laroi now. 😱🥰 He reminds me so much of Juice, his style. 👏

  • Trakegotbandzzz YOO
    Trakegotbandzzz YOO

    Bruh. this is Justin Bieber 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jesse Arteaga
    Jesse Arteaga

    Here 4 stunna Gambino🔥🔥

  • Juqua Eisom
    Juqua Eisom

    Stop saying he a legend look up the definition of that word first before yall start throwing that word around

  • kozart lexx
    kozart lexx

    Not matter how hard I try 🥺🤞🏽….

  • Corey Closterman
    Corey Closterman

    Man I got to be honest when I first saw what he looked like I was like fuck no there no way he nice but lesson learned. Don't Jude a book by the cover. I love his music and he is actually good and got lyrics plus a voice that just gets you hooked. He talented af so sorry Larousse shouldn't have doubted you lmao

  • Sandeep Toor
    Sandeep Toor


  • Madurai Vashishtha
    Madurai Vashishtha


  • Technical dil ❣️
    Technical dil ❣️


  • Technical dil ❣️
    Technical dil ❣️


  • Technical dil ❣️
    Technical dil ❣️


  • Technical dil ❣️
    Technical dil ❣️


  • Technical dil ❣️
    Technical dil ❣️


  • soham


  • Chetan Dhakal
    Chetan Dhakal

    Sorry rising superstar 😎😎

  • Chetan Dhakal
    Chetan Dhakal

    Rising star 😍😍😍

  • FadedOnTop

    Is that bibby


    but what a great theme 🖤💫 I am fascinated by all his music ♥ ️✨

  • Matt Jester
    Matt Jester

    @Hunyaa I gave you my all an this the thanks I get? Still can't believe all the things I did, I still can't believe that you could leave like this, traumatized from the shii I seen in my life, everything you see right now is the highlight, no matter how hard I try, memories still livin' deep in my mind, I seen my best friends change colors like a tie-dye.

  • BagChaser Greg7⃣0⃣0⃣
    BagChaser Greg7⃣0⃣0⃣

    Peep lilbibby

  • mina ouague
    mina ouague

    Cooool !!!

  • Ewan Jones
    Ewan Jones

    3:12 and on is so great

  • Dorothy Olsen
    Dorothy Olsen

    They musicians are so excellent and sexy!!!!!!!!!!❤️🇬🇧🐰

    • Pizza


  • Mahamoud Muse
    Mahamoud Muse

    Can anyone remember that one a boogie song that sounds like the hook?

  • Libonthung Kikon
    Libonthung Kikon

    This is dope until you notice the guy in the right wearing a black jacket😂😂

  • angan jak
    angan jak

    Wow can collabration and stray kids

  • Riso king
    Riso king

    This shit hitting different 🤦

  • Stormy Wilges
    Stormy Wilges

    i like this song but it aint the best one i think that without you is better

  • Jessica Hernandez
    Jessica Hernandez

    All I Seeee is The Kid Laroiiii. I Love You. Muah.XOXO

  • Fernando Luna
    Fernando Luna


  • DJ Kenny RecK
    DJ Kenny RecK

    *Im 47 Hiphop has been flowing thru my veins since the first time I heard it back in 1983 when I was 8yo ...I made it my career in 1994 became a Dj/Producer we have so much in common both born in 1974 in NYC ...I really thought Hiphop died in 2006 when Nas came out with that track however I've been hearing some pure Hiphop coming out from these young cats & respect to them cause some of them that I kick it with are doing their homework by studying & learning where it all came from with respect for the old school on the other hand you got some or should I say most aren't respecting the old school they are disrespecting, you know who they are the mumble rappers that sound like they got a sack of quarters stuck in their throat. Records like these are responsible for keeping hiphop alive & all you aspiring rappers/djs/producers learn the old school first listen to how it all began and how it evolved to where it is today cause you will be rewarded with the spirit of hiphop & possibly become legends to the future like my heroes are to me today!!! Man this record gets played over and over in my crib it reminds me back in the 90s when I heard something real it never got played out no matter how many times I played it, that's how you know you have a classic.... The Kid Lardi you got yourself a classic !!!! *

  • Tommy Vertes
    Tommy Vertes


  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    Kid LAROI fixed his teeth lol

  • Justin

    sounds a lot like roddy ricch to me

  • Royalty Prez
    Royalty Prez


  • 주형

    폴로지 진짜 ㅈㄴ 잘하네

  • gaming Doss
    gaming Doss


  • gaming Doss
    gaming Doss


  • Gerald Solomon
    Gerald Solomon

    the song that made me vibe and contemplate at the same time

  • Cruizyyy

    god song ong, juice mad proud 💜

  • Nadosh Lifestyle
    Nadosh Lifestyle


  • ✰smileyycammy✰

    BHAHA LOVE THE DRUNK 🥴 PEOPLE I’m not drunk sorry 😢 bi***ch JK I LOVE YAH

  • Vpruthu

    RIP Juice WRLD

  • Mystic Frost
    Mystic Frost

    "i see my best friends change colours like a tie dye" :(

  • nakira whitest
    nakira whitest

    “I seen my best friend change colors like a tie dye”OMFG that caught me❤️🔥🔥

  • Clifford Myers
    Clifford Myers

    Kid laroi is talented bro makes good music keep grinding


    Stunna gambino rlly rocked this one


      Bru he was so good

    • YSN Dylan
      YSN Dylan

      @IPass Reality nah Stunna was fire

    • IPass Reality
      IPass Reality

      No he didn't bro don't lie to yourself...


    This song is 🔥

  • fathi baro
    fathi baro

    Stunna tho

  • Apichit Inthong
    Apichit Inthong

    difference oops!?

  • I Love Yuo
    I Love Yuo


  • sailor

    I never get to say bye bye

  • Árni OG Brynjar
    Árni OG Brynjar

    I have that loop ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Dayvon Johnson
    Dayvon Johnson

    I ain’t it was a white boy that made this song shit fire🔥🔥🔥💯

  • BlazingKrisBoy 7564
    BlazingKrisBoy 7564

    It's crazy how I was a fan of this guy when he was on like 200K subscribers and everyone would complain how u derrated he is and now he's one of the biggest artists in the world, he's like the new Justin bieber started off really young and is blowing uo rlly quick

  • i James
    i James


  • Chirag Bhati
    Chirag Bhati

    Hi my name is Chirag Bhati

  • Bridges Gaming
    Bridges Gaming

    I lost my dad back I’m 2019 and I saw him get carried out into the ambulance and the next day after me and my siblings were picked up from school by my dads friend and my mom they pulled us into a church and broke the news. A few months ago our grandma got cancer and died. I only have one grandma left and no grandpas because they died before I was born. If you read this thank you for letting me get that off my chest

    • Mausy

      Stay strong, brutha. 🙏

    • xvera

      Rip man 😓 Stay strong 💪 and Love yourself♥️

  • Marewa K
    Marewa K

    This kid from Sydney should know he want get a normal welcome home. Either be a stupid A HIT. but hes still a kid.

  • Bethany Long
    Bethany Long

    I cannot believe how young! They are so talented and clearly have been through so much already.


    80%: oMg tHe fIrSt SoNg 15%: something else 5%: I don’t know the first song- Edit: Also, how did this get so many likes-

  • Sergio One
    Sergio One

    Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, professionally known as the Kid Laroi, is an Australian rapper, singer and songwriter. Born in Waterloo, New South Wales, he originally gained recognition from his association and friendship with Juice Wrld while he was on tour in Australia. Wikipedia

  • Sergio One
    Sergio One

    Nice. Did he grow up in the PJs?

  • Daniel Quagliaro
    Daniel Quagliaro

    “I feel better when I’m not sober” 3rd Kid Laori song I’ve heard, n still killin it 😉

  • Dancik

    With you my bro from Canada 🇨🇦🌹

  • Josué lima
    Josué lima