Kanye West Gets Emotional About ‘Losing My Family’ at Album Release
Kanye West celebrated the release of his 10th studio album, ‘Donda,’ in Atlanta on Thursday. His estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, showed up with their kids to celebrate. Kanye’s old friend, Jay-Z, also showed up as the pair released a surprise collab.

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  • ももsincerely

    Where the fuck is his face at?

  • K. ToTi
    K. ToTi

    He sees it as “losing” his family so obviously this was the ratchet kim’s doing. I mean no sympathy for him, there’s a reason why no one else married her.

  • TDItaly98

    My parents’ divorce lasted 14 years... Fuckin Italian bureaucracy. Anyway, I hope that they can still be their best selves for their children

  • He's

    MARANATA!!! 🎺🎺🎺 WHAT DOES MARANATA MEAN? MATTHEW 4:17 /ROMANS 10:9 /JOHN 8:58 Matthew 24:39^ And they have no care until the waters came and took them all away; so will be the coming of the Son of man. COME INTO THE ARK, YOU ARE ON TIME MY FRIEND: THERE IS STILL PLACE. MARANATA !!!

  • Tierra Charnea
    Tierra Charnea

    Kanye said make sure y’all tell my mom I love her.. that’s the vibes I get! Like he is losing hope and I pray that he can find his strength and do what’s right for God in Jesus name!

  • Ryan Derek
    Ryan Derek

    He may have divorced his wife and lost that family but saved his soul

  • Big White
    Big White

    Kids are most important

  • AB365

    0:20 Doanda :( trashy reporter says Donda incorrectly :( I just died inside

  • d '__'
    d '__'

    This man Kanye is so strong. Like so strong despite what he’s been thru

  • unknown

    Sending love to Yeezy❤️❤️

  • KK Beazley
    KK Beazley

    Kanye can put on a show I'll tell you that and you can feel there's emotions throughout the whole event it was amazing!!! R.I.P DONDA!!!!!!

  • Sabina By Sabina Photography
    Sabina By Sabina Photography

    People can say what they want about Kim but she’s definitely shown that indeed she unconditionally supports him. Has his back. Extremely loyal. It can’t be easy living with Kanye given his medical condition. I hope they can work it out. I don’t think Kanye will ever receive the same level of support, friendship, loyalty and love from anyone else like Kim does. I think Ye knows that. We are all human, we don’t always make the right choices. I think Kim has a big heart. Very compassionate.

  • Mrs. Jimmy Two Times
    Mrs. Jimmy Two Times

    When your partner has untreated mental illness it feels almost like a love triangle.

  • Daniil Zubkov
    Daniil Zubkov

    Thats literally all he wanted, a family. Mom rip, dad wanted to abort him, Kim and kids split up, and then beef with homies… shesh, no wonder why! At the end of the day. He got to the God and started to love him. That is what I also felt when I spoke to God. Literally has everything. More money than many of rappers combine. But at the end of the day, can’t buy you a loved family for surre

  • Innocent Gwandure
    Innocent Gwandure

    For those who wish them a reconciliation it’s nice and easy but once there was a divorce ideas before unfortunately the make up will feel like they are forcing it and surely some love got lost and will never be the same,so if that’s what they want then they go for it to avoid toxicity tomorrow

  • Susan Long
    Susan Long


  • saliem mesfin
    saliem mesfin

    For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son who ever believes in him shall not parish have everlasting life .

  • saliem mesfin
    saliem mesfin

    The true peace is in jesus not in this world not having money or house happiness is having jesus in ur life because he the way and the truth and the life.

  • saliem mesfin
    saliem mesfin

    U need jesus people repent for his kingdom accept him as ur saviar and lord his coming soon .

  • samsam

    The fact that the last heartbeat of his mom was heard in the listening party 💔

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz

    Que pena, el es un gran padre q realmente ama sus hijos y esposa. Su enfermedad mental incontrolada lo llevo a esto. Una pena q no hubo mejor solucion. Espero q vuelvan, son muy potenciales juntos. What a shame, his a great father who loves his children and wife. His uncontrolled mental illness led him to this. What a shame that there wasn't a better solution. I hope they come back, together they are very powerful.

  • Doll Love
    Doll Love

    7yrs later Kim become a baby mama hahah

  • Kimora Lee
    Kimora Lee

    What’s the song at 00:01

    • MP3


  • León Pink
    León Pink

    Very sad this track wasn’t in the recent drop… still a 10/10 tho

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    Shame love unconditionally wasn’t on the album 🙃

    • S.C Beats and Production
      S.C Beats and Production

      @eliza t ik

    • eliza t
      eliza t

      @S.C Beats and Production he probably isn't gonna drop that

    • S.C Beats and Production
      S.C Beats and Production


  • Darryl Dawson
    Darryl Dawson

    Worst feeling is not waking up to your kids daily,it hurts your heart frfr

  • isa

    The part “im losing my family” what donda song is it?

    • isa

      @Homie R Dawg so dissapointing.. hope he will release it another time. Thanks for the reply

    • Homie R Dawg
      Homie R Dawg

      It’s not on the album

  • Semi Homemade
    Semi Homemade

    I think Kim is only being supportive for attention because KUWTK is about to end and she needs attention else where and this is it.

  • ! מאור
    ! מאור

    Am i the only one who cant find this song in the album?

    • აარევატტე Dilina
      აარევატტე Dilina

      It didn’t get released

  • SA 826
    SA 826

    what song is this called?

  • Thato Seth
    Thato Seth

    The only thing i heard is watch the throne

  • Mandingo

    cant believe that this song wasn’t in donda

  • Kimberly Navarro
    Kimberly Navarro

    Ritual to once and for all say goodbye to his guilt over sacrificing his mom & put that to bed. While renewing his allegiance to the "illuminated ones" so that he can get his kids & his life back. He's been a lot of trouble, running his mouth of, not coloring inside the lines. That's why media made him "crazy," so they could take his kids away and get away with it, while teaching him a lesson. My guess.

  • Amber Hope Official
    Amber Hope Official

    It wasn’t going to work anyway

  • The OneSmoothWolf
    The OneSmoothWolf

    Kanye always makes me cry he’s so Important to me you have no Idea what this mans been threw His mother was his best friend his Inspiration his heart and soul and he’s trying everything to get her back to feel closer to his mother If you don’t understand that then you don’t understand emotions He wants his children to know how great there grandmother was when he was younger he was so hungry to get his mom everything she deserved cause she gave Kanye everything he ever wanted she supported his dreams she was a great mother RIP Donda

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony

    i'm a swiftie, Hi

  • Jalloh Red Og Og
    Jalloh Red Og Og


  • Sterling Sinclair
    Sterling Sinclair

    I only find this fascinating because of the audacity of it all, and because this whole thing seems like a massive mental health, case study. People can confuse genius with insanity and vice versa...this shit is serious mental health issues, not being brilliant. In my opinion. Rich AF and still severely depressed and sad.. it's crazy to think this, but even though he has all that money and fame I wouldn't want want to be him.

  • Jay Goodman
    Jay Goodman

    The Ray.J video was prediction of future😒

  • Manuel Calderon
    Manuel Calderon


  • Lucila Eluney
    Lucila Eluney


  • milk keato
    milk keato

    Why did they divorce

  • Marc J
    Marc J

    Good to see Ye and Jay back cool

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    Bipolar Disorder is a really horrible mental illness.

  • Maria Margiannis
    Maria Margiannis

    Feel sorry for him

  • BeLinda

    I really love Kanye and Kim...hoping for the best outcome for the two and their children!!!🙏

  • Cassandra King
    Cassandra King

    What a bunch of nuts 🌰🔩

  • Anthony Hall
    Anthony Hall

    Has this guy forgot where he came from 🤔

  • Michaela McLean
    Michaela McLean

    😂🤣😂🤣 hes so crazy lol id divorce his ass too 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Shaun the Sheep
    Shaun the Sheep

    what a drama queen he is .

  • Lucie Towlson
    Lucie Towlson

    As long as he's a good dad and can be civil with his ex Kim vice versa that's all that matters. Good for Kanye on his album cant wait to hear it 🙌

  • Amanda Gold
    Amanda Gold

    Their both so narcissistic!

  • George Cumella
    George Cumella

    Does none of you realize this is a publicity stunt!

  • Online Money With CM
    Online Money With CM

    “ told him stop all that red cap we going home” 🤣🤣

  • Amhale

    The main cause of divorce is marriage

  • Gabriella Mccarthy
    Gabriella Mccarthy

    *THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* DATEUS.UNO UZmilk: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' UZmilk: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #で本当に恥ずかし、正直!

  • msolopa ganz
    msolopa ganz

    4kidz there is no turning back just go home you cant ignore the sound of your kids yelling at each other playing around that feeling is waayyy special that super hot model

  • Abdulrahman Mohamed
    Abdulrahman Mohamed

    What is the song name at the start of thr video?

  • Tyler Parker
    Tyler Parker

    The album sounds dumb so far. To me at least. Im not hearing songs when i listen to it.

  • Kobe Dior ♪
    Kobe Dior ♪

    Imagined if he played “Hey Mama” 💔

  • Evangelist Rafael Maldonado
    Evangelist Rafael Maldonado


  • Sofia

    Overpaid overrated

  • Deborah Perry
    Deborah Perry

    Stop making stupid ppl famous.

  • I T B M I B I T
    I T B M I B I T

    whats the so g at 0:12 ? The Devil on my shoulder song???

    • CIA

      Download Shazam

  • Marcy Darcy
    Marcy Darcy

    I love how this was in San Francisco and I don’t even know 😫 my city 🌃 💙🤘🏼

  • DJ G.O.J.
    DJ G.O.J.

    Still not out yet

  • Monique Pargas
    Monique Pargas

    Losing his family and quickly moving on

  • FaithinChrist


  • Freedom News Network
    Freedom News Network

    Really sad Kanye is hooking up with JZ the Luciferian devil, when he was going well when getting away from those demons 🔥🔥🔥

    • CIA

      Lmao ok🌝🌚

  • Douglas matoke
    Douglas matoke

    @ Kanye. Bro whatever you can do find time and ponder over these thoughts: a woman is given to you, given to a man as wife by God- and the man is entrusted to nurture the woman. And then children come as a blessing. The man's most important responsibility is to guide the woman and the children without tiring and without succumbing to challenges- and keeping the family together becomes the man's measure of success. Kim loves you. The children love you. Bring the family back home (to your bossom) to be under your wings of protection. TGA(TheGreatAdviser)

    • Nimrodess 7
      Nimrodess 7

      Stop sounding as if they need to depend on him for protection

  • MEBOOM Jennings
    MEBOOM Jennings

    Best support system = no family Sad for the kids that are the ones going to miss out

  • mama salama
    mama salama

    How many degrees is there in Atlanta??

  • Carol Adonis
    Carol Adonis

    I feel sad for kanye . I pray you find yourself and find your true spirit . You seem to be ani only child . Co parenting is not bad .

  • Ralph Brathwaite
    Ralph Brathwaite

    A unique true talent... Take a while a actually listen to him, he can blow your mind... I'm 62 years of age and know this kind of talent comes once every couple of lifetimes.

  • d Wal
    d Wal

    Kanye is dealing with all his demons. Hope he gets better.

  • Remus Pierre
    Remus Pierre

    Incredibly sad

  • Eternal Light
    Eternal Light

    KANYE,,,THIS song is beautiful but also sad,,,LOSING your family is always hard.

  • Qisreale Trulth
    Qisreale Trulth


  • XY Charizard Y Chaizard
    XY Charizard Y Chaizard

    I pray they don't get divorced they have a beautiful family kanye get you're wife and family back

  • Jude Kraft
    Jude Kraft

    Damn I can’t stand Kardashians I’m sure Donda didn’t approve their the definition of satan

  • ItsSniperLyfe 62
    ItsSniperLyfe 62

    Bro Kanye really destroyed his career by running for president to the point to where he has to walk around fully masked up , so embarrassed he can’t even show his face to the world.

  • Jake Shake
    Jake Shake

    This songs gonna be a banger at casinos

  • Div Matip
    Div Matip

    Kanye west is the best king

  • Div Matip
    Div Matip

    Kanye is the king

  • Sebastian Ododa
    Sebastian Ododa


  • a

    kanye filed for divorced not kim.

  • HolisticHealingBy TiamatCollective
    HolisticHealingBy TiamatCollective

    Got a new album to listen to when I'm crying and depressed thank you for fueling our emo love stories since 08 Kanye bro

    • Fetty Boy
      Fetty Boy

      Kanye is the emo boss🖤.

  • HolisticHealingBy TiamatCollective
    HolisticHealingBy TiamatCollective

    Man I'm crying so much....

  • dreamy

    ah yes, kanye being kanye

  • kendra cortez
    kendra cortez

    honestly.. god bless their family. i hope he is able to heal his mind and heart, as well as kim

  • Hyacinth Seymou
    Hyacinth Seymou

    I almost cry, seeing Kanye crying over losing is. Family, not a fan of his but i felt it Hush Kanye

  • Kyle George
    Kyle George


  • Christina

    Ufff 😮‍💨

  • Johnny Meckins
    Johnny Meckins

    Do you and your sisters enjoy destroying men KIM : Yes its really fun to see

  • Greg Valdez
    Greg Valdez

    Not really a fan of either of them but divorce sucks I hope for the best.

  • Pardon Nkomo
    Pardon Nkomo

    It will break my heart to see my family falling apart! I just don't want to see that happening to anyone. I remember my mom once wanted to leave my dad and there were fighting all the time, those moments almost got me thinking life or death. Stop being self centered when there are kids involved!!

  • J Supr3me
    J Supr3me

    J SUPR3ME UP NEXT !!! 😤🚨

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres

    That's what he gets lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • CEW MO
    CEW MO

    This deep af

  • Tellaure Test
    Tellaure Test

    Heart breaks can really produce great music