Simone Biles press conference after withdrawing from women's gymnastics team final | USA TODAY
Simone Biles withdrew from the team competition after struggling on vault, ending whatever chance the U.S. women had to win their third consecutive Olympic title. They finished with silver, the first time since the 2010 world championships that the Americans did not win the team title at a worlds or Olympics.

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  • hellopanduh


  • Shaye O’Hagan
    Shaye O’Hagan

    😗 😴 How to win this war. SMILE,WERE ON CANDIDA CAMERA |

  • J Buckets
    J Buckets

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  • Rachel Wells
    Rachel Wells

    O....the maga tears 😢 |

  • Сергей Володьков
    Сергей Володьков

    The elephant in the top believes he is moving forward, but in reality it is obvious to everyone that for all his effort, he is going nowhere |

  • Amitha Mathew
    Amitha Mathew

    Yes thank God I have aways know it .I have seen lot and wanted for the right time to vote .President Trump came to my calling to vote from God My only father .. |

  • Jakobe Bilbrew
    Jakobe Bilbrew

    😘 😷 😝 There is NO 28th verse in "Acts 17: " There's only 27 verses.??? |

  • Doraemon

    Suni was the one still has her mask on throughout the conference!

  • J K
    J K

    Maybe Simone got paid off to withdraw, ironic how roc won … something to think about, plus when Simone did that one vault she was her normal self she just pulled out early, plus she ended up doing beam fine and would have won had she not lowered her difficulty, this might puss people off but I think it’s a total scam and I don’t believe she was stressed at all, she was jumping around cheering like no big deal on the sidelines and she handles pressure that’s what she goes and with no competition and no spectators plus going and doing g beam the most pressure event just fine days after her pulling out I think it’s all crap plus roc a Russian country who is known for fraud and cheating winning after Simone pulled out is concerning, if she really was feeling too much pressure than that’s fine but it doesn’t add up to me

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    Love Jordan so much! Haha. She is sooo needed in this moment.

  • Amanda Buxbaum
    Amanda Buxbaum

    Given that the V has a tangible effect on the nervous system of about 45% of the people who take it, this seems clearly to be a V adverse reaction. Simone was completely tough and resilient and able to perform no matter what until this very moment? Well the timing is clear. She is an elite athlete so she knows when something is not right in her nervous system. And she is right, something is not right in her nervous system. Hopefully it is temporary and hopefully it is as simple as the difference between the hardest vault that any female human can possibly do vs “only” A more ordinary elite vault, and that she otherwise stays healthy. It is OK for us to be aware of the adverse effects of the V. It is important that we keep track of the effects that it has on us. By doing this, we all remain safer. I had some significant dizziness and brain fog and clumsiness. And it seems like most people who also got the V had symptoms like this. For most of us , no one notices much because it doesn’t impact how people see us. When I stumble a little bit when I walk, anyone seeing me would think that I just stumbled on a rock. And the news is not alerted. Now we see Simone stumble on her vault. And we see her noticing her own disequilibrium and thus not wanting to compete in that state - and the stress of the media being all over it is big! We love you, Simone! Start with lots of vitamin C and high dose fish oil for that V adverse reaction!

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    The team pulled through and got silver with 3 team members! Pretty darn good! Congrats to Team USA, ROC and GB!

  • D Takahashi
    D Takahashi

    She focused on her mental health for three days. lol. She basically sat in the stands, tik tok'd and argued with people online that she wasn't a quitter. She basically makes the mental health profession look like a joke. The team doctors who approved her are nuts. She also confirms that she IS A QUITTER because if she is fit now to compete, she was fit then to compete.

  • Ann Chovey
    Ann Chovey

    Part of becoming a champion is knowing how to handle pressure.

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      It seems that she stopped taking amphetamine therapeutic drugs

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Aww sending Simone lots of love, peace of mind, calm and positive energy.

  • Adelina

    She should not get the team medal. She should be disqualified. Thank goodness they didn't disqualify the whole team when she left. AND she's there every day..why? Shouldn't she be seeking treatment? And they need to stop focusing on her, it's not fair to the the girls that are performing. And isn't all that spotlight what made her mental anyways? ALLEGEDLY

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    which in turn will affect your future competitions at the olympics

  • Sheila Kellam
    Sheila Kellam

    That is not easy 😕 God be with you,take care of you nobody else will

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Who won the gold on UB as individual event? Was it Sunisa?

  • Gail Joy
    Gail Joy

    Strug overcomes pain to win gold in 1996


    This shit is all rigged 😒

  • Joe Roscoe
    Joe Roscoe

    What an inspiration! So brave. Everyone can learn a lesson here...when the going gets tough...just quit. A real role-model to so many girls who will grow up to be quitters too. God Bless Quitters

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      yeah? That's so impressive. I don't get why people actually compete when you can just quit and be a real hero.

  • edcar61

    When you made a mistake and get behind the quit it makes you a loser.

  • Becky Morgan
    Becky Morgan

    God bless Dr Godfather on UZmilk for helping me bring my ex back

  • mala sutton
    mala sutton

    The real reason is not “mental illness” for Simone; I feel she couldn’t be her best off the stimulants she was on- perhaps she was going through some form of withdrawal and hence didn’t feel well.

  • Sunray 7
    Sunray 7

    Just Simone Biles presence in and at the Tokyo Olympics is better for the USA because that puts more pressure on other countries athletes and their performances somewhat

  • Jonathan Von Braun
    Jonathan Von Braun

    She is using mental health as an excuse for a below-standard performances that's an irrefutable fact!

  • Andrea Swanson
    Andrea Swanson

    Congratulations to Suni Lee! She did an Outstanding Job! She had to stepped up to the plate with the World on her Shoulders! I see her dad played a big part in her success! He stayed in her head reminding her to Just Have Fun and Don't Worry! I see this sport isn't just physical but mentally challenging!

  • da Vi
    da Vi

    It seems that she stopped taking amphetamine therapeutic drugs

  • Yayah Yisrael
    Yayah Yisrael

    Her teammates comments were pretty shady…👀. I wouldn’t have fought to wind for them either girl.

  • Lancaster LANY Bananey
    Lancaster LANY Bananey

    You dont need to have knowledge of the sport to see she quit. Id rather go out with an injury than to quit. That is weak, its the Olympics. Hell look at KERRI STRUG. She ACTUALLY injured herself and kept going! That is strength. You cant be so arrogant calling yourself the goat and wearing shirts that say "No Competition" if you apparently cant continue because you may hurt yourself. Wow. No-one else quit! Im sure SUNI wanted to quit when her dad was paralyzed the day before her competition and she kept going!


      U cud see she was so embarrassed especially when suni was winning godl

  • Melissa Wingfield
    Melissa Wingfield

    Who won the gold on UB as individual event? Was it Sunisa?

    • Melissa Wingfield
      Melissa Wingfield



      They haven't done that,on Monday

  • Anna

    Could someone tell me how it was possible that USA had only 3 girls and Russia 4 and they still had almost the same amount of points? Are there only 3 Best Results counting for Russia, because of the ascence of the fourth one in USA Team?

  • Richard Hardaway
    Richard Hardaway

    There was an Oscar-winning movie in the 80's based on the original Mercury astronauts call "The Right Stuff". If Hollywood ever remakes that movie and bases it on the black, female athletes of 2021 (Richardson, Osaka, Biles and Berry) they can title it "The Right Stuff. Not".

  • Mahesh Gupta
    Mahesh Gupta

    Why is wrote Tokyo 2020 in back wala

  • Debe Riggs
    Debe Riggs

    I understand the mental health aspect, but she cost her team the Gold.

    • Julian Villella
      Julian Villella

      If she says something's off and she can't do it, it's because something's off and she can't do it. She knows her limitations better than anyone.

  • Darrel Hall
    Darrel Hall

    siMOAN is no olympiad....NADIA OLGA and KERRI STRUG were olympiads....siMOAN IS A PATHETIC PAMPERED POWDER-PUFF....GO-HOME siMOAN

  • Sergio Camacho
    Sergio Camacho

    take a shot every time someone says "at the end of the day..." hahhahahha

  • LawRN

    Simone should not get a silver Medal! ?? She didn’t participate. That’s ridiculous! Since when do you win a medal for showing up and Quitting? Give that to Jade Carey!

  • Debbie Grasse
    Debbie Grasse

    This whole interview was about Viles. They should’ve interviewed her separately and let the three girls who won the silver have an interview of their own.

  • Inside the Casino
    Inside the Casino

    She can spin it all she wants. Put simply, she’s a quitter. It has nothing to do with pressure. She did fine at the last Olympics. She just was too afraid of looking like a loser after screwing up during the qualifying round. She listened to the press, and it hurt her feel bads. 😭Pathetic really.

    • Julian Villella
      Julian Villella

      If you're off your game, you can get seriously injured. She did the right thing.

  • Inside the Casino
    Inside the Casino

    She’s a quitter. It has NOTHING to do with the pressure of the Olympics. She did fine 4 years ago when she was winning. But the moment she doesn’t perform well, like in the qualifying round, she decides to quit. What? Is THIS the new “American way”? To quit when you fail? Pathetic. And to put the sad little spin on it like “it was the pressure”, makes it even more pathetic. She just didn’t like losing. THAT is why she pulled out.

  • Kansas Bashkir
    Kansas Bashkir

    Well aren’t you a special roll model. Sorry Miss Biles. You are not an Olympic athlete. You should have dropped out before you went to represent your country. You are a looser.

  • Bonnie Peng
    Bonnie Peng

    Jordan is so supportive of Simone, such bff goals ❤

  • Camila Florencia
    Camila Florencia

    The only this that is disappointing is the description for this video. It's incredibly disrespectful to the hard work of the ENTIRE team. Jeez.

  • Ruthie May
    Ruthie May

    You are no longer a positive role model to young girls. You're a loser!!!

  • Cadre Deux
    Cadre Deux

    Do you remember when Kerri Strug completed the vault with a broken ankle in the 1996 Olympics? That was courage.

  • DropSets ForEverything
    DropSets ForEverything

    From black girl magic to black girl tragic. I think she can get high with Sha Carri to "destress".

    • SelenaBEST

      @DropSets ForEverything your just a bitter talentless heathen hating on a black women that’s going through mental health. Seek the most high...

    • DropSets ForEverything
      DropSets ForEverything

      @SelenaBEST Triggered SJW.

    • SelenaBEST

      Stfu, how many gold medals heaven you won?

  • M V
    M V

    And... life goes on 😷

  • CPT E B Hammonds
    CPT E B Hammonds

    We're glad TOKEN quit because she wasn't good enough.

  • Turn Three
    Turn Three

    She should be ashamed of herself for bailing on her team like that.

  • Majin

    what's astounding then weak atheletes nowaday is the crazy idiots who think quitting is being brave lmao

  • Pang Lam
    Pang Lam

    wtf is wrong with the description "ending whatever chance the U.S. women had to win their third consecutive Olympic title" what a lack of respect to everyone

  • bahtaylah ammihud
    bahtaylah ammihud

    Simone spoke so assertive, respectful and graceful. She was ready for all the questions. Excellent job!

  • K 123
    K 123

    Announcer: Babe Ruth at the plate.. a swing and a miss! Strike one! And here’s the pitch - right in the pocket. Strike two! Ruth: Time out! Coach, I need a mental health break. Take me out.

    • Julian Villella
      Julian Villella

      Baseball is way less dangerous than this. If you're off your game, you risk a broken bone

  • zoegui

    I envy the people who don't understand where she's coming from. The way there are people so careless and selfish that don't deal with anxiety or stress, so they don't understand that what she did will hopefully set a precedent. Have you learnt nothing from the past year? WE'RE ALL REPLASABLE! No one cares about you as long as you do what you're supposed to do and those ignorant comments are proving it. We need to normalize backing out of things that stress us or paralize us because if you "power through" or "take one for the team" you can deal with permanent consequences. Many people have died at work due to stress, many athletes have been permanently injured due to not being mentally ready, stressed or anxious. IT'S A REALITY.

  • Sunray 7
    Sunray 7

    The scoring was tampered with, handicapped and changed. That is unfair to her and the country.

  • hosanna hosanna
    hosanna hosanna

    I personally feel simone biles should have had a conference for herself, this should be the 3 girls time, they are the ones who won the silver

  • Bud Knightz
    Bud Knightz

    I love how they all said even though they were stressed from the pressure they were proud they pushed through. Then Simone says it shows how strong a competitor she is because she didn't push through

  • 1lastpatriot11

    Why did she get a silver medal for something she didn't deserve. She should give it up. Also she lost most of her paying sponsors. HA H A HA. Serves her right.

  • Matthew Currie
    Matthew Currie

    She cost America the Gold and she quit over stress... that's what the Olympics are.. Stressful. She should NOT get publicity for quiting. She is NOT a role model. She Fucked US because she had a bad run.

  • Jhon Garcia
    Jhon Garcia

    U.S loves youll and appreciate your effort win or not we support you my fellow Americans!!!

  • Victorious Victory
    Victorious Victory


  • Mohammed Anas
    Mohammed Anas

    This is not a particular case,it leads all over west especially USA, The family system had been destroyed,the liberalism and the individualism is destroying human beings

  • Cathy Lagroone
    Cathy Lagroone

    I am pary for you and your friend and act god to help you and your friend 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 0331

    World Class Quitter!!

  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox

    Go woke. Hahaha

  • Nonetheless First
    Nonetheless First

    Uh oh had some brighter stars in the sky so we quit huh. Always making the situation about themselves. Let's just focus on the other girls.

  • doctor mcboy
    doctor mcboy

    another entitled RACIST black quits team usa. good news!

  • Robert Travers
    Robert Travers

    Screw her. She quit. She let her teammates down. She wasn't hurt. She had a bad exercise and rather than continue on...she quit. I don't care. I'm done with sports and that woke vomit.

    • Robert Travers
      Robert Travers

      @Julian Villella the woke part referred to the spin. The USOC stated she wasn't injured. She had a bad exercise. She quit That happens when everyone expects perfection from people who can only do their best at any given moment. It's other people's expectations that screw up the people they expect things from. Fame and glory have a price. She just paid it. She was retired. But those that do nothing imposed their expectations on her. She capitulated and came back.

    • Julian Villella
      Julian Villella

      So quitting to avoid serious injury when you know you're off your game is "woke", now?

  • Hostile Aks
    Hostile Aks

    Imagine if Kobe or MJ or Tom Brady was sitting there and you asked them about their team mate quitting. Real Goats

    • Julian Villella
      Julian Villella

      @Hostile Aks So people should just get hurt for the sake of a game? Grow up.

    • Hostile Aks
      Hostile Aks

      @ACgirl95 you clearly haven't heard of the ice bowl. Champions don't quit unless they are hauled off the field on a golf cart. The sacrifices they make and perseverance is what make them greats. She's not a great. She's just talented.

    • ACgirl95

      Imagine if Kobe or MJ or Tom Brady had mental issue and pushed through the game, they could lose a game. Now imagine if Simone Biles pushed through her mental issue, she could break her spine. Athletes’ well-being is more important than medals.

  • Mz_BongBai

    So proud of all of these young women. I definitely dont like the saying that these girls stepped up, because they did what they've been doing all along to get there and continued to do so and ended up with Silver which is Amazing. I wish Simome the best, but if she hadn't backed out nobody would be talking about or shining a light about her TEAMATES!!! Congrats to all!!!

  • Africa Steel
    Africa Steel

    black medal matter. LOL

  • Stephen Jendryka
    Stephen Jendryka

    Hopefully more people take after her and this brave decision, its 2021 and some people still think athletes are solely for our entertainment and nothing else

  • Ebby Trevino
    Ebby Trevino

    Because of just who they are I feel proud to be an American

  • Kristine Legaspi
    Kristine Legaspi

    Congratulations on Silver medals ladies. Good job Suni, Grace, & Jordan for stepping up well and Good luck to Suni & Jade on the All Around Finals

  • Aaron Loiitg
    Aaron Loiitg

    The curly daniel notably prick because line prognostically introduce aside a abandoned cucumber. needless, fantastic wax

  • Magnes Vestergaard
    Magnes Vestergaard

    black fragility on full display.

  • A Z
    A Z

    I love her so much. Respect. She is amazing as well as the other women who will do great. ❤️

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee

    take off the face diaper maybe we would take you as a critical thinker, and a good American, you have been controled by the folks who created the plandemic just a different branch

  • 4everCountry76

    United States women's team are a joke. Congratulations to Russia 🇷🇺.

  • 4everCountry76

    Kerri Strug had more heart than Vile Biles will ever have. Strug pushed through her injury to help her team win gold in the 96 Olympics.

  • Andrew NJ
    Andrew NJ

    Definition of choke artist. She should never have been team captain or an Olympic athlete if she could not handle the pressure.

  • unknown person
    unknown person


  • TheJanjan1234

    At the end of the day we did what we had to do

  • Jim E
    Jim E

    She simply didn't take this Olympics very seriously. She said several times before the Olympic s she just wanted to have fun this time. She was doing extra hard routines which were not needed to win but that she was capable of doing. Therefore when she got to the huge pressure of the Olympics she probably realized she was not capable of achieving those routine s without stumbling a good amount. Still that's no excuse for quitting on her team. Even if she stumbles a bit her technical scores are so high she probably would have helped the team win gold. Think if she would have landed the biles too in the Olympics she would have been given a huge score. Now, she is a disgrace. Your only courageous if you fight to the end and leave it out on field and get mental counseling later. She could have had a brief conversation with her coaches and talked about a slight ly easier routine that could have still won gold. Simone had that gold medal hangover that Nastia and others had. She wasn't prepared either mentally or physically for the next Olympics because she already had the fame, glory, and millions of dollars. The bad part though was she realized she was going to stumble a bit and embarrass herself so she just quit on her team. Her technical scores are so high you can't say she quit cause her team would do better without her. No she quit cause she's selfish and didn't want to stumble and show world how poorly she prepared for this Olympics.

  • Judah Jacovich
    Judah Jacovich

    You mean quitting. Like a loser. Because quitters never win

  • Jumpin Jack
    Jumpin Jack

    You had one job. One.

    • Julian Villella
      Julian Villella

      A job you know nothing about

  • Will Schieber
    Will Schieber

    Imagine quitting on your team like this lol, goat status GONE

  • Em-Performance

    Everyone has issues that they have to deal with and we are not all high profile millionaires. If athletes only competed when they felt like it, there'd be no champions or great performances. She a pro, focus on your craft or don't enter the event at all.

  • Double Cousin
    Double Cousin

    EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW HER!!!!!! None of us KNOW WHY SHE ACTUALLY QUIT!!!!!! Maybe she wasn't feeling well or there was something else going on 1. Covid (quarantine) affects people differently 2. The poor woman was under a lot of pressure 3. There was probably jet-lag 4. People named her the "worlds best" when she did good in ONE name someone that after a couple times THAT PROBABLY ADDED MORE STRESS!!!! 5. Maybe she was having a bad day...BUT unlike our bad days her bad days were/are on broadcast for the entire world to watch 6. Imagine getting all that HATE 7. Yes, I agree she was doing bad but she might as well get bronze than having everyone GIVEING HER HATE FOR QUITING...people aren't that DUMB We ALL DON'T KNOW WHY SHE QUIT BUT SHE WOULDEN'T CAUSE SHE WAS DOING BAD....there was probably something else that we don't know soooooo......STOP ASUMMING AND SAYING SHE IS A LOSER AND WHAT NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rocket guitar1
    rocket guitar1

    That's called quitting via ego

  • Aiiwolf

    Let's focus on the USA athletes who haven't QUIT. Who aren't afraid to fail. This is a sport. Let's go Suni Lee.... time for YOU to shine! Lets go.

  • Supreme Supreme
    Supreme Supreme

    gold medals will become a thing of the past for this house divided. salute to simone biles on her decision NOT TO COMPETE FOR THE GOLD MEDAL. She been there and done that so much,she lost some of her desire and for very good reason. i hope more black athletes abandon the Olympics.

  • Slayer Arken
    Slayer Arken

    It's good to know the Olympics support quitters on the tax payers dime... especially in recent years with all the weak minded woke racist 'individuals' ruining sports.

    • Julian Villella
      Julian Villella

      "I pay 0.00000000000000000001% of your salary, so put your physical and mental wellbeing at risk for me!"

  • Yellow

    She's still pissed at the Gymnast Association for not taking down Nasser sooner. She did an interviews saying; _"they (Association) did us dirty"_ She says they knew. _they had to know and wanted to find out who knew what...when and for how long"_ She said _"I have #### Followers on Instagram and I'm going to use my platform to talk about it"_ Well ...she is no longer springing onto vaults but into social justice. GOOD FOR HER👏🏿 I say.

  • Josh Lamb
    Josh Lamb

    This girl had GOAT on her clothing lol. Ask Michael Jordan or Tom Brady if they ever quit. Win or lose you give it your all.

  • 1ntsaismuag Vang
    1ntsaismuag Vang

    Simone Biles did on purpose. She knew she was gonna quit. Why she went to Tokyo for the biggest game show then decided to withdraw from game. Omg!...

  • 37375

    I think they call it “Team USA” and NOT “Simone biles USA” maybe the team captain should be the coach and not a contestant. These are humans and NOT animals like lions that have a male lion at the head of the pack. The team captain should not have so much power as to be able to Sabatoge the entire team. And maybe there should be a backup captain too. In any case these Olympian’s should have a mental evaluation to prove they are capable of such a responsibility. Olympian’s from other nations have allot of pressure on them to WIN and are shun in there own nations when they don’t WIN. Its NOT just Simone its the entire Olympic system. These participants have allot of pressure not just to represent but to WIN. And I think America should take the rains and point this out to other nations that is NOT about WINNING but celebrating human ability to be your best. Its NOT just about humans but the machines and devices we are building and testing. These devices we test in the olympics are to help humans perform their best. Biles should be ban from the Sport, She is unstable. She needs to take care of her medical condition. The Olympics should not be allowed to be a Stage for people who want to make a political statement or MONEY making stunt. What if Biles is BLM and just wanted to stick it to the Western Society Olympics ?

  • Debbie Oaldon
    Debbie Oaldon

    What an Amazing young lady!! Strong and loving to think of her teammates!! God Bless Her!! 🙏🏼❤️✝️🦋

    • Jameson Johnson
      Jameson Johnson


  • B. Small
    B. Small

    I think it's a generational thing. You don't drop out if you make a mistake.