Miley Cyrus and Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Live on the Stern Show
Miley Cyrus and Metallica rock the SiriusXM Garage in L.A. with a LIVE performance of “Nothing Else Matters during their interview with Howard Stern.

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  • Michelle Dudley
    Michelle Dudley

    Absolutely lovely and perfect at the same time❣️that's wonderful entertainment.... thanks for the show

  • toocool 4u
    toocool 4u

    Is miley turning into courtney love?

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith

    My Bestfriend/Cousin Died in May 2016, In Aug. I was hit with High Voltage Electricity and a year and a half later my Fiancé Kiki was murdered. I can't wait too see Heaven because I've walked through Hell.

  • JRK Channel
    JRK Channel

    Shouldve done it this way instead of the soulless production that was released..

  • Frans joseph manurung Frans
    Frans joseph manurung Frans

    Il remember that

  • Frans joseph manurung Frans
    Frans joseph manurung Frans

    I know that album boombast 90s. Era i buy that album was highscool and they come to jakarta show 1993...

  • Frans joseph manurung Frans
    Frans joseph manurung Frans

    1991 decade album..this is best album 90s parade.

  • Frans joseph manurung Frans
    Frans joseph manurung Frans

    Yeeessss!! Coz i know...👍👍👊👊👊👊

  • Mark d
    Mark d


  • Sandra Chavez Jordan
    Sandra Chavez Jordan

    Un clásico que nunca muere! temazo!, genial en la voz de Milie

  • Jeff Judd
    Jeff Judd

    Damn good stage act

  • Dima Maryn
    Dima Maryn

    А все таки класний в неї голос! ❤️

  • Bea Blu
    Bea Blu

    No!!! Nothing else matters...

  • iAmHereitsOkay

    Oh helllll no.

  • nippe

    Gary moore les paul

  • güzellik abidesi
    güzellik abidesi

    Bu kadar iyi olmamalı ya

  • Rollyn Steve
    Rollyn Steve

    I Love Miley Cyrus...

  • TheBaddestOgre -
    TheBaddestOgre -

    Nice job Miley! They all did fantastic considering Lars' rythm is horrendous!.😅.

  • Colleen Ford
    Colleen Ford

  • Kai Taidhg
    Kai Taidhg

    She could totally cover Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks with that smokey sweet voice. And Metallica...🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Kenny Dresden
    Kenny Dresden

    This is honestly incredible…..

  • Tracy Harper
    Tracy Harper

    Love this!


    and people were mad she covered it on the blacklist

  • yeah ray
    yeah ray

    Okay, respect for Miley.

  • Benie Rose Cenia
    Benie Rose Cenia


  • Swavesh Subron
    Swavesh Subron

    WTF Metalica...She fucked up the song...stick to your own kind of music girl.

    • Nick D
      Nick D

      105k people disagree

  • L2P3K9

    Amazing guitarists too. Congrats Miley and band.

  • Tracy Peters
    Tracy Peters

    I love this!!

  • Just Reel N'
    Just Reel N'


  • Kel Vin Tan
    Kel Vin Tan

    oh my lord this is beautiful

  • daniel t
    daniel t

    Embarrassing butchered version of a great song.

  • Mr Ghost
    Mr Ghost

    Sorry couldn't finish it, she ruins the song for me. Out of all other better female singers why her? Maybe Lana Delray? Idk? Haha

  • Martín Chávez
    Martín Chávez

    She is the new Queen.

  • Lori Lorena
    Lori Lorena

    Omg Lars still looks good, he was my favorite ❤️❤️

  • HandCuffs911

    A great song and awesome musicians! Way2Go! 👏👏❤

  • Samuel Franco
    Samuel Franco

    No No No No Estragou a música

  • R. Krenn
    R. Krenn

    she won the lottery

  • adam2aces

    That was awesome... so greatful

  • Lost Child
    Lost Child

    Miley absolutely works with Metallica! Fusion

  • Dian Carlo
    Dian Carlo


  • Wayne Brown
    Wayne Brown

    MC is so hot its silly at this point....


    This just touched a deep part of me. All types of beautiful!!❤❤❤Miley's talent is.mind blowing.. Metallica is Legendary!

  • Kimberly Rudolph, CAP
    Kimberly Rudolph, CAP

    This was freaking awesome!!

  • moises antonio
    moises antonio

    Simplesmente maravilhosos todos vocês a música um verdadeiro hino atemporal para todas as épocas valeu metálica valeu cirus maravilhosa beijos para vocês todos da Rubia de Campinas no Brasil

  • Ramon Enrique
    Ramon Enrique


  • Tabitha Suntheimer
    Tabitha Suntheimer

    Love you Miley!!!! ❤️🔥❤️🔥God she is so strong. Love her new sound.

  • Tabitha Suntheimer
    Tabitha Suntheimer




  • Stephanie Lovley
    Stephanie Lovley

    Wow that was great

  • Carol Gillis
    Carol Gillis

    This is killer.

  • Fredrick Richards
    Fredrick Richards

    Miley B Bassin. Yes gawt!

  • Jennifer Young
    Jennifer Young

    She’s giving me Tina Turner vibe….

  • Adam Znavor
    Adam Znavor

    still my favorite song to play on guitar and think about.

  • Сергей Жердев
    Сергей Жердев

    and i love it

  • Сергей Жердев
    Сергей Жердев

    so HARD voice...

  • Ben Kenove
    Ben Kenove

    Rock it Miley!! 🤘😎

  • MIKE D
    MIKE D

    Miley Cyrus leading my favorite band growing up, I just puked in my mouth! Lars wtf are you doing?

  • Vanyo Manov
    Vanyo Manov

    This song is legendary... but it's just not for everyone. Her voice is just not suited for that range.

  • Richard Gallagher
    Richard Gallagher

    I personally think that she ruined the song

  • Lisa Perrin
    Lisa Perrin

    Not impressed

  • Csxtrains122

    Kirk forgot how to play the intro for a sec lmao

  • Michael King
    Michael King

    Now this is something I can get down with. She said she got clean I can relate (5 yrs in jan) but I dog this sound her deeper kinda raspy voice is doin it for me. I wanna see her cover more. Take a swing at blackened

  • Bryan Stirling
    Bryan Stirling


  • Natália Pereira
    Natália Pereira

    puta que pariu eu vivi pra ver issooooooooooo, miley vc nasceu para o metaaaaaaal

  • Lynette Rodriguez
    Lynette Rodriguez

    Just when you think they're done selling out...

  • Katherine Molina Vega
    Katherine Molina Vega


  • moo Jennings
    moo Jennings

    I love Metallica but I just threw up in my mouth, holy crap , have Gretchen Wilson sing this song

  • Dashka Live
    Dashka Live

    Боже. Майли так гармонично в этом кавере. Божественный голос, низкий, моментами с надрывом, мёд для ушей. Прекрасный вокал. Очень понравилась эта версия, но, конечно, Джеймс на высоте 🥰

  • Blair Vorgang
    Blair Vorgang

    Is Kirk Hammett playing "Greeny" ... Peter Green's guitar?

  • Pineapple_Coconuts

    Daaaayyyyuummmmm gurl 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  • Linda Kachona
    Linda Kachona

    Love this woman

  • Caiul Murilo Rocha
    Caiul Murilo Rocha

    Show ⭐️

  • Stefan Bross
    Stefan Bross

    Can´t help myself, with her "new" voice she reminds me of a younger version of Stevie Nicks.....a perfect match for more Rock songs instead of Pop...Love it!

  • Carolin Grote
    Carolin Grote

    Wow.....what an amazing performance☺☺☺☺. Regards from Germany

  • C H
    C H

    Satanic gatekeeping freaks

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    Well Miley you've officially redeem yourself

  • Victoria Lobb
    Victoria Lobb

    Love her voice it's so raw xxx

  • keke bruschi
    keke bruschi

    i cannot with the bass line in this song im in love that rock still lives on

  • Casey Kadlecek
    Casey Kadlecek


  • mettana1

    Amazing!!!! 2 0f myj favourites: Miley and Metallica...Beautiful

  • Oka yusdi
    Oka yusdi


  • Beatriz Helena
    Beatriz Helena

    I love her voice in rock songs

  • Bidhan Pradhan
    Bidhan Pradhan

    Miley Cyrus बुडी भयेछ

  • Jerry Acuna
    Jerry Acuna


  • Ree McLaughlin
    Ree McLaughlin

    I’m a headbanger and I have to admit Miley has a powerful voice. ✌🏼💜

  • B. Breesch
    B. Breesch

    I love miley, but this is James his song… nobody sings it better !

  • Juan Ignacio
    Juan Ignacio


  • Techk nophile
    Techk nophile

    She talks in a demon voice and then sings

  • Margaret Helena Markowicz
    Margaret Helena Markowicz

    OMG... I want her voice!!! 😲

  • andinos ray
    andinos ray

    Born tobe a star

  • Ibns Arachnids
    Ibns Arachnids

    Holy crap this was friggin awesome. New found respect for all of you. Great performance. Ibnsarachnids aka rob

  • Shirley Soares Corretora Real Estate Broker
    Shirley Soares Corretora Real Estate Broker

    Life changing experience! first time my friend presented to me I was enchanted, he died yesterday I'm revisiting

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva


  • Steve

    Its a no from me unfortunately

  • F1Freak F1
    F1Freak F1

    HELL yeaaaaa. Absolutely beautiful

  • Adele Wall
    Adele Wall

    She a try hard for the contralto..she'll get there

    • Melissa Hansen
      Melissa Hansen

      She's actually a mezzo soprano

  • Chanu Dil
    Chanu Dil

    This is the real miley 😊 .

  • Katarzyna Borkowska
    Katarzyna Borkowska

    Doesn't she give life to the song?

  • John Underwood
    John Underwood

    Rather see lizzy hail from hailstorm sing it with them. Her voice is what female rock is. Period

  • Hannah Erickson
    Hannah Erickson

    Badass awesome age of rocker Miley, now for the guitar!! Pretty please...I know your Papa and Aunt Dolly taught you some stuff. 😜