Lamb | Official Trailer HD | A24

From writer-director Valdimar Jóhannsson and starring Noomi Rapace. LAMB - In Theaters October 8.

RELEASE DATE: October 8, 2021
DIRECTOR: Valdimar Jóhannsson
CAST: Noomi Rapace, Hilmir Snaer Gudnason

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  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez

    This movie is very disturbing but for some reason I still want to watch it.

  • S. Y.
    S. Y.

    Whaaaaaat 😅🐏🐑😈🤡🔪🩸🧸🪄⁉️🔔

  • モブ

    Horror? Thriller?

  • Rondogz


  • meron wheeler
    meron wheeler

    i swear to mf god if the husband pulls an old yeller and kills that little cute lamb

  • musky Mike
    musky Mike

    I guessing the moral of the story is not bang sheep

  • Rourke Medino
    Rourke Medino

    It makes a good horror movie

  • Jeddie Biggers
    Jeddie Biggers

    i don’t think that a24 should make movies any more

  • Roman Films-Indie
    Roman Films-Indie

    It’s intriguing how some creepy music, surreal imagery and a Beach Boys song can make a movie look so appealing. I know very little about “Lamb” and yet I really, really wanna see it! A24 is brilliant.

  • Mike's LikesTV
    Mike's LikesTV

    I am extremely hyped for this film. A24 films are amazing

  • darren motise
    darren motise

    Could it get any worse? Another crap pile from A24.

  • MWard T
    MWard T

    Me: I wonder who’s going to do the voiceover for the lamb part Morgan Freeman: it’s funny you should ask

  • MWard T
    MWard T

    Big reason why beastality is banned in many countries - you end up with lamb/human hybrids.

  • MWard T
    MWard T

    The image of the lamb kid is going to haunt my dreams tonight, I just know it.

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith

    Its called Hollywood is getting desperate. Just wasted 2min and 7 seconds of my life. Some sick fucks

  • Ethan Lewis
    Ethan Lewis

    Next up A24 presents: beef

  • Eric Bradford
    Eric Bradford

    Me in the beginning: what a weird horror film Me in the middle: oh wait no it's just a quirky drama Me by the end: WHAT A WEIRD HORROR FILM

  • Dylan Salisbury
    Dylan Salisbury

    This looks unsettlingly interesting

  • I am Nobody
    I am Nobody

    "Mary had a little lamb....its fleece was red with blood."

  • golly g
    golly g

    Lamb boy

  • helpme

    I'm curious what you'll do with lamb.

  • Mary Winchester
    Mary Winchester

    How much do you guys wanna bet it's the devil. I bet they took inspiration from The Omen and THE VVITCH. We're going to see Black Philip all over again.

  • paul yoes
    paul yoes

    I cannot wait to see this...

  • Rob Scoggins
    Rob Scoggins

    What did I just watch?

  • TheDalaiDrama

    Wht in the actual fck?

  • Beanie Stranger012
    Beanie Stranger012

    From the studio they brought you a skin walrus now prepare yourselves for LAMB BABY

  • Lawrence Agee
    Lawrence Agee

    Holy carp Batman.

  • cyber6sapien

    WTF did i just watch!?

  • Teddymav

    This movie is going to be so baaaaaaaaad 🐑

  • David Ferguson
    David Ferguson

    A24 puts out fire all the time

  • joe vigilante
    joe vigilante

    It's a love story. And it's better than Twilight

  • Francisco Javier Ramírez
    Francisco Javier Ramírez

    .... really?

  • Huzaifa

    the fck hppen to all the ideas of movie making.

  • Samantha's Personal Channel
    Samantha's Personal Channel

    I saw Noomi Rapace and went GUESS WHO'S WATCHING A NEW MOVIE

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi

    I hear Nicholas Cage passed on this film.

  • D A V I D
    D A V I D

    Man sex with a lamb and delivered a humanoid lamb baby, wow this is insane no one can match the A24's creativity level ❤️🔥.

  • Rob's Relics
    Rob's Relics

    Noomi is soo Freakin Beautiful!

  • mystic

    When this add popped up I literal almost pissed myself

  • W rex
    W rex

    A24 loves letting them make whatever they want, this is how I see the meeting room "so it's a lamb giving birth to a human part body with a lamb's head... Okay, go for it."

  • DragonHotCoffee

    I showed my friend just the thumbnail and she said "why am I getting the Witch vibes from it?" and I told her it was produced by a24 that made the Witch! Spot on, my friend.

  • Adrian C
    Adrian C

    My guess is that The Lady can't conceive a baby so her husband has sex with a sheep and it gives birth to a baby lamb/ human hybrid so now the rams / sheep are pissed and trying to get the lamb child?

  • buu700

    Killer lambs !! Sign me up !! 🐐

  • Eternal_Nerd

    The number of people calling the sheep goats is disturbing.

  • Teddymav

    Spoiler alert. …….. This is Baphomet satanic sculpture.

  • Diagonals

    I'm sorry, what?

  • Christian Patriot Network
    Christian Patriot Network

    What did I just watch?

    • NAK

      How do you feel about this?

  • Mia


  • S.O.

    Awww I thought it was going to be a twist and it was going to be a happy story about a little lamb boy & his parents learning acceptance or something when The Beach Boys came in lol

  • InAverySilentWay

    Is the lamb some sort of Sheep Jesus? Sheepus, if you will.

  • Little Me
    Little Me

    This looks as stupid as that new pig movie. 🤦

  • BamBam Dinero
    BamBam Dinero

    Respectfully, wtf did I just watch

  • Joshua Cáceres
    Joshua Cáceres

    Will it be a comedy or?

    • Gabriel Aguirre
      Gabriel Aguirre

      No, just horror

  • Ria Rebolledo
    Ria Rebolledo

    noomi rapace is so underrated

  • Hyzenthlay Rose
    Hyzenthlay Rose

    I've only had that lamb-head baby for a day and a half but if anything happens to her I'll kill everyone in this comment section and then myself

  • Nikolai

    So who else is betting on "The Devil Made Another Woman Birth His Child"? I'll wager 1,000 chips.

  • Southside Diablo
    Southside Diablo

    You must know who I am…. Jesus was a Man who tortured…. I watched

  • Charles Hsu
    Charles Hsu

    Fun Facts: The name of the movie is called “Genitals” in Taiwan.

  • Joshua Cote
    Joshua Cote

    WWWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFF AM I LOOKING AT???!!!!!?¿¿¿¡¡¡ … GEEZZZZUS ?! Who’s the Demented F who thought of this??? Lolol😳🤔 so a Goat gives birth to a Lamb/human baby… SSssoo the people think they should parent it and the goats OBVIOUSLY think this thing should role with the goats and start getting pissed enough to the point they what?,RIOT?? Lol I watched enough to see Noomi haul off to probably kill “ Biological Goat Mom “…. Dam, whoever wrote this should be monitored CLOSELY! Lol 😬

  • Honey Patrol
    Honey Patrol

    Cool cinematography but what a stupid story.

  • Tony Stone
    Tony Stone

    This is about Sheeple, right?

  • Pete Braidis
    Pete Braidis

    Baaaaaaaa humbug to this pretentious garbage! This studio causes nothing but laughter

  • Matthew Kingsley
    Matthew Kingsley

    The Lamb is Daniel Day Lewis. Incredible actor. 🏆

  • MJay Joseph
    MJay Joseph

    This looks very interesting 🤔 the look on the cat's face is priceless 😂

  • Charlene

    I wonder if this is a metaphor for when white people adopt children from other countries (particularly of a different race) but then try forcing them to assimilate into white culture and forgetting their own. I thought this when the guy walks the "kid" lol out to the field with a gun, maybe to show him how to kill sheep.

  • Rodney Mills
    Rodney Mills

    My theory: Couple loses kid. Mother does some ritua forl kid to be born again using a sheep as the vessel but instead of kid coming out 100% human its born half human half lamb.

  • Jake Ayers
    Jake Ayers


  • Nick Grazia Non-Lethal Assassin
    Nick Grazia Non-Lethal Assassin

    Spoiler alert... Ewe know he fucked that goat...

  • Christian Fonseca
    Christian Fonseca

    Did no one else see that sheep’s neck Open up 0_o

  • Liily Rose
    Liily Rose

    Looks good but please please do not kill the cat 😭

  • Daniela Avalos
    Daniela Avalos

    1:05 Midsommar refference

  • Clonetos

    Y'all gonna hate me but.... Is this toriel's back story?

  • Walter Blake Knoblock
    Walter Blake Knoblock

    So their baby died, he screwed a sheep, it had a halfsie baby and the whole movie is us deciding if it’s actually a little lamb-satyr or if the grief of losing a child has driven these people insane?

    • Ben K
      Ben K

      Probably, but it’s a24 horror so I still wanna see it anyway for the cinematography

    • musky Mike
      musky Mike

      I'm hoping for the sheep person

    • oh geez
      oh geez


    • Dame Dean
      Dame Dean

      I love how you try to seem smart by over simplifying a story you dont know nothing about.

    • Walter Blake Knoblock
      Walter Blake Knoblock

      @cricket 100%

  • I'm Jess Okay
    I'm Jess Okay

    Just ask the lambkid what they want to do. Be a sheep, human or both? That's my solution.

  • Nicole

    Farmers actually do this sort of things when the moms don’t make it. These lambs are called bottle babies. No they don’t turn into actual children.

  • Zapa Tista
    Zapa Tista

    The nuance of this feature hold so much potential for revelation and interpretation. Can't wait.

  • Operation FUBAR
    Operation FUBAR

    I’ll watch this movie out of pure curiosity.

  • J Hyphy
    J Hyphy

    Midsommer: Lamb edition.