The End of an Era - Why We're No Longer Covering WoW
Well, this is it. It has been many years and many many videos. But there is no denying WoW has been on a dark path for a number of years now and the latest allegations put the cherry on top.

We will still produce Drama and will make some legacy content - but this will be the end of the day to day wow coverage.

If you would like to see the on stream discussion of this, you may do so here:

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  • Preach Gaming
    Preach Gaming

    Hey everyone Chris here. Mike is too proud to talk about this stuff most of the time - I however; am ENTIRELY shameless :). With this video, there will no doubt be those among you who choose to unsubscribe and we totally understand - for those who choose to stay, please consider looking at a subscription on our website or picking up a piece of merch to help keep us up and running and paying for my degenerate hobbies. is the place; even just $1 covers any ad block or demonetisation from the blessed algorithm.

    • Calen Williams
      Calen Williams

      Just came back to check on the channel, I left because I also quit WoW. It's like listening to you talk about a mutual friend that has passed away... But I'm glad to see you're making the right choice. I'm going to re-subscribe.

    • Anna Sweetangel
      Anna Sweetangel

      best decision you have ever made. Wow is just boring. Elite player doing M+ (toxic and boring af), pvp (unbalanced af in wow right now) and only parasitic design left in wow. So boring to play. Its time consuming, repetitive and just boooooooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg af. TIME TO MOVE ON!!!

    • Red Kiwi
      Red Kiwi

      I'm new here Preach and I just subbed if that helps. Good on ya.

    • Lorenzo Sgarallino
      Lorenzo Sgarallino

      Actually, I am resubscribing to the channel just for this video alone

    • Snake of Rivia
      Snake of Rivia

      @Maciej Ziemianin lmao a casual Andy. Bro the game isn't for high end people and it isn't for casuals either.

  • Hunter McKinney
    Hunter McKinney

    Great video, almost made ME get a bit emotional, much love, excited to see the growth of the channel in a new direction, best of luck to you all over at Preach Gaming

  • war thunder
    war thunder

    I support this video and the statements, I will sub and will be sure to support you in the future.

  • MrR0cksor

    Couple of days ago I had that urgend feeling to check out preach, after quetting wow a couple of month ago. Dude you speek from my heart! That is 100% what I felt about wow the last years and I'm a first day wow player. I whish you all the best and your channel man! ❤️

  • godzilla2k26

    So genocide of Uyghurs no problem. But maybe with zero evidence a woman thought maybe she was uncomfortable and that is what upset you? Where were you when those Uyghurs woman were being rapped to death?????

  • Alexandru Cristian Ioan
    Alexandru Cristian Ioan

    How OLD are you ? You should quit gaming not just WoW 🤩 Try dramatize on things that are for real in life, not on how many sockets your armor may have 😆

  • Funkie Junkie
    Funkie Junkie

    ESO is fantastic and respects players!

  • Drozone 365
    Drozone 365

    Woke loser

  • R P
    R P

    Hopefully the next expansion will be a miracle revive with new dev teams and leadership

  • Bangor MC 3rd
    Bangor MC 3rd

    I hope you find a new passion. One that will make you excited to start it up, excited to make videos, excited to talk to other people about it.

  • Luis Jardim
    Luis Jardim

    Welcome to POE community Preach

    • ANGST

      Chinese company.

  • Zinh

    Wow is done, it’s obviously not capable of being a competitive game but blizz wanted a part of this meat they turned everything into ranking based shit. Best thing I’ve done was to leave for FF14 and found that old vibe I used to find in wow

  • Coffee That
    Coffee That

    This game is just a chore now with 0 end game content. I agree with you 100%. Blizzard doesn't give a fuck anymore, they have proven that with how they treat the players and there staff. R.I.P Sexual assault victims of Blizzard.

  • xx zx zxzxx
    xx zx zxzxx

    omg QQ

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay

    I walked away back in January I came back to see if I made the right decision and wow to my surprise Preach the Legend has also walked from WoW but all the extra stuff I heard about Blizzard I’m happy I’m done after 14 years GOOD BYE ✌🏾

  • Bret Hitchcock
    Bret Hitchcock

    When I feel nostalgic I listen to Octale and Hordac. I wouldnt go back just shows me what a small percentage acually does it right.

  • Bret Hitchcock
    Bret Hitchcock

    Clear the temple!

  • Tripat Jsk
    Tripat Jsk

    Can’t wait for belular and azmonfuck do the same 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Andreas Benjaminsen
    Andreas Benjaminsen

    Sad to hear that. Wow is fun to watch. Gl and thanks for everything. Gonna look for other wow streams now

  • Gadriel Aubrey
    Gadriel Aubrey

    I quit wow after 3 months into the expansion. They dont care anymore, why should I?

  • Jade Heart
    Jade Heart

    History of The downfall of WoW: WoTLK : Retribution paladins, the introduction of the Death Knight, Shamans out healing the most complicated healer class in the game by spamming chain heal. Ulduar being replaced by ToC the most casual raid to get people ready for ICC. Meanwhile, relenting Naxx runs while we wait for Ulduar, the most difficult raid rushed out to meet Blizzards marketing agenda. Then, going from the most casual raid to ICC. Then as a result ICC gets nerfed into the ground. Cata: Entire specs watered down from talent trees being overly casual to then making the heroics overly bearing. The catering to casual 10 man raiding to reach item levels to the extent of 25 man raids, thus making 25 man raids obsolete. Lack of content. Then bastardizing the raiding scene altogether with LFR. MOP: Need I say more. GG

  • Hans Klopek
    Hans Klopek

    Its so sad how it's all ended up

  • Tobias

    I do not know if this is just me, but when I go into a raid.. it is like all sound from other players is faded, and I can only hear my own spells. I have tried every fix around, surround sound, sound channels/quality etc.. it's just in wow. I spent a month trying to fix my sound and without success and that finally helped me move on. Good bye, WoW, it has been a good run since we first met in 2004.

  • Rathenn

    Blizzard is crap. That said, Preach was clearly looking for a reason to quit for some time now. This was just the perfect excuse to also look virtuous. Don't blame you for quitting, WoW deteriorated over the years for sure.

  • Straddllw

    Everyone’s happier after quitting WoW. Man … that system is so toxic. Now we get to enjoy other games again.

  • DontrelleRoosevelt

    Goodbye, fair-weather, balding, fatman!

  • Somebody No One
    Somebody No One

    All the Blizzard devs have done lately is make excuses instead of results. But excuses don’t make the games.

  • Dave G
    Dave G

    Mike, what's your thoughts on Blizz "pulling the ripcord" and undoing a bunch of the shit they implemented? Are you going to come back and check it out and let us know your thoughts?

  • Krit Tananankul
    Krit Tananankul

    Please try Final Fantasy 14

  • Gary Rucker
    Gary Rucker

    well one akkavin never had a mmp rpgs game thank about it guys

  • Gary Rucker
    Gary Rucker

    its not fucking bliz its akkavin not fuckin blizz

  • Angry Viking
    Angry Viking

    As someone who works in QA for a different company, QA absolutely does point out these issues. The problem is most companies don't listen to their QA. They are there to find bugs, and by extension, should be commenting on design, but the latter is never listened to. QA is there to find bugs, not dictate design. QA should be having a say on the quality of the experience too, by its design, but no....we just mash bugs, and that is that. I dare say that is very much the case at Blizzard Entertainment.

  • Brady Keith
    Brady Keith

    I’m glad all the bs has been pulled to the forefront and I hope that blizzard can really make the changes in staffing and behavior, then get back to making quality games and changes to their current games.

  • Rhett Magee
    Rhett Magee

    Everything they did after MoP sucked. WoD had some good raids but nothing else. I stopped playing in Legion came back for BFA for a sec n classic for a month.

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White

    I'm glad all my favourite creators are leaving the sinking ship, it means I get to enjoy their content outside of the context of that rotting husk of a game, which honestly makes me uncomfortable to even think about anymore. All nostalgia for it is gone, tainted by what Blizzard has become.


    Preach Gaming... I've been following Asmongold's comments on WoW & sadly, I doubt very much, my return to the game. Reckon you hit the nail, right on the head... End of an Era! Liked & Subscribed Fellah

  • silversideshow

    If they would have kept all the positive aspects from every expansion, and slowly removed everything people don't like instead of scrapping everything and starting fresh every 2 years, Wow would still be an awesome game. Not to mention the cash grab... at every turn.

  • punkvader77

    Nice plugs bro

  • Sydrel

    There’s a lot mmo out there you need patience to find another lover

  • Athorian

    It’s about time finally I say thank You for standing to principle and morals finally….I will happy watch anything You bring out as it’s never been about the game but You again Thank You

  • Dhamon Grimmwolf
    Dhamon Grimmwolf

    Thank you for this video, and i totally copy your emotions when you are talking about the ignorance the company pays to the players feedback. It has been like this for years, but yes got progressively worse. It actually is to some extent funny, that all they would have to do is to listen to the feedback they get in their own trial phases. But seems in the end going on PTR is just to give Blizz some data so they can analyze, forums are ignored. I also truly loved this game since 2005 and i raided every raidtier in this game, 16 years now. i quit in july, and in the end it was made easy by Blizz and what i miss the most are the people i met over the years, not the game, especially the pointless grind. Thanks for contributing so much over the years to the community!

  • Michael Bucci
    Michael Bucci

    Quit 2 years ago. Been playing since the game came out.

  • carole mcphee
    carole mcphee

    i stopped playing right before the news about the lawsuit hit, and i was like, oh shit! but really, i have barely played this expansion that i didn't even know these problems existed, bfa ruined this game for me!

  • Jorg Boons
    Jorg Boons

    'No king rules forever my son' I quit playing wow seriously a few years ago but i always came back to it with new expansions for a nostalgia trip of sorts. Although i'm not the most "active subscriber" i've been here for awhile so seeing you go hurts in a special way. All the best my guy and i hope you keep making awsome video's.

  • Oklahoma Hank
    Oklahoma Hank

    I enjoyed leveling to 60 and doing each instance a few times. The number of systems and currencies is absurd, so after getting a couple of legendaries I gave up. The end game grind is just a giant fun suck machine.

  • Yuniel

    Your own fault for playing such a trash game. REAL World of Warcraft died at the end of WoTLK

  • Sherman Herritt
    Sherman Herritt

    No king rules forever.

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B

    It’s really satisfying/sad to finally see these content creators say the EXACT SAME THING I was saying after I quit two weeks into shadowlands. Just seeing that it was more of the same. These people have no idea what they are doing anymore. WoW isn’t fun. It hasn’t been for a long time. The moment they let pvp become a second thought it was the beginning of the end. The balance between the two were what kept wow playable.

  • Diralt McAllister
    Diralt McAllister

    The last time I enjoyed WoW was WotLK. Cata was... marginal, and it just got worse from there. Shadowlands was fun for the first little bit, and then became a horrid grind. Not to mention the race quests being a massive achievement hunter thing, or questline completion or somestupid stuff. I hope we get a new good mmo that can fill the WoW we used to love's spot. I haven't been able to find it.

  • Moonsugarine

    I've quit in June, played after a break from like January. Honestly? I've NEVER been more disappointed, WoW is so boring and bland, with bullshit story and elitism that flooded all premade groups. I stopped caring for M+, raids and PvP back in BfA and as a 'filthy casual', I felt completely out of place, Shadowlands made it even worse. I think that after 11 years it's safe to say for me - RIP WoW, this time for good.

  • Areadith

    Anyone have a link to the podcast in the ending?

  • Red Kiwi
    Red Kiwi

    Good on ya mate. I've unsubbed and uninstalled every product I had. ESO is the MMO for me at the moment. Good on ya Preach.

  • Valkyrie Sardo
    Valkyrie Sardo

    If and when I quit the game it will be when I find it no longer entertaining. It won't be because of allegations in some lawsuit. Abuse allegations became inevitable when Blizzard began hiring the WOKE. I have no respect for the woke and even less for their slander. In my world, people remain innocent until proven guilty.

  • Marc K
    Marc K

    its all about the $$

  • Peter McMahon
    Peter McMahon

    Mists of Pandaria was it for me. Stuck thru the Cat but MOP was the end. We need/deserve better MMORPGs.

  • K G
    K G

    Late but here goes I left when that prick Hertsacloggs or whatever his name is said "If you don't like it, go play another game" Challenge accepted.

  • Sim0nQuest

    your video got me in the feels ive been a huge fan of this game since the first year and im sad but im walking out too its ...different ..i hope they learn from this. What content you guys are going to cover in the future? and guess what? im here to stay XD

  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis

    Sad to see you go Preach. You were an absolute baller and I've been watching your stuff since back in Wrath. Keep doing what you enjoy and keep being a baller!

  • Stone of Jordan
    Stone of Jordan


  • Duke Nerd
    Duke Nerd

    Welcome to Cancel Culture Woke.

  • beorngare

    Feels like Blizz guys should really rewatch "Ready Player One".... just sayin

  • Brandon Huxley
    Brandon Huxley

    While I might not watch many videos anymore. I've given Preach my prime sub pretty much since the apocalypse, and I will continue to do so. Drama time is my favorite UZmilk series ever.

  • 7Wolfleader

    You understand how bad things are, when people like Preach leave WoW ... I quit shortly after Shadowlands got released. There are a lot of great games that I never played due to WoW consuming all my free time. I 've been playing Witcher 3, and next I'll be playing Red dead Redemption 2, Assassins Creed Odyssey & Valhalla. I also started and slowly progressing on Divinity Original Sin 2, which is a fantastic game to play (it's like reading a very long well written story) . And I am currently thinking of giving a chance to those FPS Battle Royale Games like Pubg, Warzone etc. I will not get hooked most likely, They gonna be fine for a few hours of fun. I also forgot how fun the football (soccer) simulation games are when playing with friends. A lot of new games are coming up aswell. TBC Classic is tempting.. but I don't want to invest time on dailies that I've done before and honestly.. After playing other games, the lack of 30 minutes "dead time" waiting for the raid to show up, or the 30" queues on the BGs graveyard, are things that make me laugh now... Levelling is considered fun by me (weird I know). But I don't feel like spending 13€/month for levelling classic alts. And as I look those shop stuff (a mount for all your characters even in Classic, the character level boost - the certainty that this level boost will come up again once Wotlk Classic gets announced..).... These are things that push me away even from Classic WoW. Nah.. I stopped playing half the way in BFA, came back for a month in Shadowlands. They now removed the one month game time.... You have to subscribe and immediately unsubscribe, I mean..why? I think I gave them enough. I won't be going back. *To Preach: Don't worry about your UZmilk Community leaving. I don't believe anyone will unsub or anything. I still watch content for games that I don't play, because I like the Creator's personality. Whichever game you play, those who like you, will keep watching you regardless of contnent.

  • asdasd rgsdfsdf
    asdasd rgsdfsdf

    ay preach try 20s twinking lmfaoo

  • Omajii

    you'll be back

  • pancho villa
    pancho villa

    Preach, MadSeason, so many more. Funny, the only "WoW killer" to actually succeed in killing WoW was....WoW

  • Octanscrypto

    It's sad to see all the iconic players quit and see friends slowly quit the game, wow was the best game in history, first time I entered wow in vanilla was a feeling i doubt we will ever feel again, leveling through 1-60 then 60-70 was my best time in wow..

  • Blue Lotus
    Blue Lotus

    "New World" and "Ashes of Creation." PERFECT TIMING. Coming from an EX WoW player as of Mists of PANDAvomitorium who played WoW since its launch on the internet. Also, a woman. Switched to Guild Wars, ESO, Black Desert, and uber psyched for "New World" and "Ashes of Creation."

  • Jacob Kerr
    Jacob Kerr

    Is it that you can not control what Blizzard does that really pisses you off? Your ego makes you believe you're this and that and they should listen because otherwise they're going to regret and here's why!? To me it seems that maybe. I play a lot of games and have since I was a little kid so that's like 30+ years of playing on pretty much every platform. I came back to wow recently and I have to say some things were annoying. They had me pay for the game plus a monthly membership ok I can handle that. Then they let me pay to upgrade to level 50 (I found out after mind numbing quest to level 33). So far the game is lame. The content sucks and it's the same crap over and over again to level up but I keep playing. Wow wtf, why do I keep playing this game even though I don't really like it? I guess it is because for some reason it is still the number 1 MMORPG or atleast that is what most of the world believes.

  • Lorenzo Sgarallino
    Lorenzo Sgarallino

    Saw this only now. I also did quit months ago. Thanks for everything Mike.

  • Alsax1985

    This is what happens when you let SJWs make games, Preach. You get what you ask for.

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard

    Correcting the title of this video " I Will no longer have a UZmilk career "

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    The Sleeper has awakened.

  • ASpace Ostrich
    ASpace Ostrich

    I haven't been watching youtube in general for a number of years, just started watching stuff again recently. I used to watch all your WoW content, but I was there for you guys, the WoW was just a vehicle for that. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm excited to see what you do in future. The passion and expertise you had for WoW obviously is a big part of your appeal, but as you said, you're gonna make what you're passionate about. You bring the passion, we'll be there to watch it.

  • Care.

    I'll see you back in the game

  • Care.

    No way man

  • Nicolas Parisi
    Nicolas Parisi

    "you either die a hero or live to become the villain"

  • syndicated85

    I quit in December. The game was going to shit. Only one spec was viable on raids. Systems on top of systems. The game was the same RNG shit it was in bfa, just packaged more nicely.

  • TheRoguearchon

    Hey Mike, you've been my go-to for class selection info for every xpac since who knows when. It sounds a little silly, but your presentation of information just makes so much more sense to me that other great youtubers. I moved on before Shadowlands, but I still check back in with ya from time to time. You're doing the right thing, and you won't lose my sub. Looking forward to see where you go from here!

  • Kezzie K Griff
    Kezzie K Griff

    Never follow you for WoW content - followed you because you're a great creator. Great video.

  • So Many Things
    So Many Things

    Big up Preach! Been watching you for years & years old school wow player, I also quit before the patch and agree with what you say. Thanks for all the wow content you created keeping us all entertained! Good luck! Nemm

  • Ray

    Sadge i'm canceling my sub.

  • Ben P
    Ben P

    Love the fake virtual signalling at the start, let's be honest the number 1 reason is wow is genuinely dieing because Blizzard as a company has lost nearly all the original staff that made it great. All the new staff do is implement throw away systems that die after either each expansion or major patch, these systems that once the next xpac drops - we never use again.

  • 4DeathKnights

    hell this is so true !! Preach !! so true.. Everything you say. SO TRUE. Blyzzard is building a boring game. with boring systems. we lose our time, we lose hope, on all new shits they add. Sad. I really do hope they will wake up.

  • L K
    L K

    Preach is the biggest asshole in gaming. Clearly LOVES the sounds of his own voice; takes himself very seriously. Relishes denouncing other people. Never has anything positive to say. Good riddance!

  • Dylan Rhea
    Dylan Rhea

    Wow will live on without you....byeee

  • Anthony K
    Anthony K

    For a new game to jump into as far as a MMORPG, you guys should jump into Elder Scrolls Online. It is a better game, and a good game to stream/cover.

  • talis ektsrand
    talis ektsrand

    End of an era but its on blizzard, i left in shadowlands after playinh forever

  • Mur

    Much love to you mate. A legend always 💛

  • Late December
    Late December

    I 100% agree with everything you just said but let me add the forced dungeon or raid to complete the story line in BFA killed my passion. I quit playing last year and refused to buy another expac. I am so glad I did. I had liked wow up until BFA and til the Diablo blizz con BS. I was losing not my love of the game but respect for the Dev's and creators. After the state pressed charges against the company I lost all respect for them as a whole. How they could condone such behavior is beyond understanding. Blizzard died when they were sold to activision. That is when they started with the world breaking events. WOLK was the last expac with the original blizzard team. It started to snow ball from there.

  • Blanket Bearer
    Blanket Bearer

    I was done with Blizzard/Activision content when I found out for every $1.00 dollar they make in profit, they make $0.50 from the taxpayer in profit. In other words, they not only pay no taxes, but get 1/3 of their profits from the taxpayer in the U.S. Mind you that profits only benefit the executives and the shareholders, and do not go toward workers or growing a company (there is a misconception here among some people, which is understandable.)

  • Marcus Gustafsson
    Marcus Gustafsson

    I have followed you for years due to my passion for WoW, but in later years WoW has become shit due to Blizzards lack of respect of the community. It is truely horrific that they have treated their personal in the way they have, and I can no longer consider playing any Blizzard game due to this. I am glad to see that you guys are sticking to your values and standing up for them, and I will follow your channel with great passion to see what you do next. I have nothing but respect for the work you do, and I absolutley love watching your videos, I look forward to see what you do next.

  • shuttze

    left after 9.0.5. That was enough for me ;P

  • Lawnmower Man
    Lawnmower Man

    Fucking fuck its so sad. Theres so much potential and so many dedicated players. Watching blizzard just destroying everything, pissing all over their loyal community is just so sad. It has to be the biggest downfall in gaming history. Imagine they designed something as amazing and epic as Suramar City, and all we got in this expansion was Oribos? To me that just shows that they dont care whatsoever.

  • Dalton Ledgerwood
    Dalton Ledgerwood


    • Ray

      maybe even fake

  • TJ L
    TJ L

    Draenor ruined raiding for me. Legion made me love M+. BFA killed A LOT of my interest! Shadowlands 9.1 forced me to raid and killed all interest in the game. I understand your frustration and I am glad you said it!

  • Revered Ryan
    Revered Ryan

    Wow... I remember the 10k subscribers webshow (and just how cringy it was) this is certainly the end of an era. You’ve got my full support though preach.

  • Patrik Lundberg
    Patrik Lundberg

    Love your channel & the videos you guys been putting out over the years, me myself I haven't played wow since february, yes i've watched alot of youtube of it since i'm a wow addict. But my anus coulden't fit more piss... So my question to you is, will you really keep your word and quit the game? Because keep in mind that if you buy the next expansion and log in, this video meens nothing :/ Sorry for bad english (Swedish here)

  • Victor

    I'm glad I said my final goodbyes after playing the crap out of WotLK. After that, WoW went downhill. Blizzard used to be something I admired, looong ago. Content creators should enjoy what they are doing, it has influence on the content. Looking at this video, you are not enjoying it at all. Good on you for leaving WoW behind.

  • TomatoFanny

    You will never find anything like WoW, you will never get the same feeling you had playing something else. You will always compare and miss what you had. Loser. Wow isnt dying, it's player count are growing, this video has aged rapidly, new roles have opened in blizzard. You have nothing now.

    • Vectro42

      @Auris LA stabdis I was already doubting it was true, and i checked it. It is definitely going on a downwards spiral but i read it was “only” 20% loss. It’s a bit sad tho, my mother and i have been playing on and off since launch and i wanted to start again, only to hear that the game declined even further..

    • Auris LA stabdis
      Auris LA stabdis

      @Vectro42 ofc its not gaining players. They have been steadily losing players since expansion launched DURING COVID A TIME WHEN EVERYONE IS STAYING AT HOME LOOKING SOMETHING TO PLAY. Tho their revenue has increased so they probably wouldn't give a fuck about how many people are left as long as those that are left spend enough of their cash to cover the subscriptions that they have lost. For source, im not sure if youtube allows linking but just google "WoW lost players %" and there are plenty of articles with sources etc

    • Auris LA stabdis
      Auris LA stabdis

      you're talking out of your ass. WoW lost 45% of players since expansion launched. WoW is great game but saying there is nothing like it is at best dishononest and at worse deliusional. Other than your time and fond memories that you have invested into wow what else other games can't have? Its rich coming from you calling someone loser and then simping for a multi billion company that is shamelessly and brazenly milking its playerbase. Blizzard literally couldn't give less fucks about you. And here you're defending them even going as far as insulting people who genuinely loved game except they decided to do something instead of pretending that everything is okay.

    • Stormie

      They stopped developing it now.

    • Vectro42

      I love WoW.. but gaining players? I would love if that was true, but i doubt it unless there is a source for this info.