The Fall of Minecraft's 2b2t
Today we will discuss how the most powerful exploit in server history caused the fall of Minecraft's 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in the game, and the fallout of the events that took place.
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Tekken 6, MGR, FFXV, NMH

Additional 2b2t Footage/Information:


leijurv (Visuals, heatmaps, information) Learn more:
0x22 (Visuals, heatmaps, information)
fr1kin (Visuals, heatmaps, information)
The Nerds (Information)
Redstoner (Visuals, Information)

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A tale 3 years in the making is not exactly a speedrun!
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!

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    • ‘ur froggo friend!’
      ‘ur froggo friend!’

      @- bruh no

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      s t e v e

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      @- he was going to do that and mcfit made a video about it but I don't remember the name only the plot ofbit

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  • frogpizza

    what if the nerds just use the bot to make a new copy of 2b2t, with unexploded bases, regenerated land and stuff. then everyone can play on that server. so theres more stuff to explode.

  • Floating Necc
    Floating Necc

    This and the Titanfall ddos lore are the most insane hacking stores I've ever heard

  • Thor H.
    Thor H.

    No comment is basically the US Government

  • IO Zero-point Gamer (epic = XD zero-point)
    IO Zero-point Gamer (epic = XD zero-point)

    Danger level 2000000, server update required. Nocom must be shut down.

  • • Demon Jynx
    • Demon Jynx

    Are you sure about that?

  • cancercurse

    bruh you did not just mansplain gaslighting to me

  • Myth!

    imagine what these hackers could do on things besides minecraft

  • Weston LL
    Weston LL

    Did this get demonitized for talking about gaslighting?

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  • Quinten Vigar
    Quinten Vigar

    wow a Minecraft secret society


    This is absolutely amazing, but now Im almost afraid to play Minecraft online, in case an exploit of the sort could be used for more maliscious, real-life applications x.x

  • Andrews' Adventure
    Andrews' Adventure

    The player 0x22 is actually just “34”

  • Zoe Teran
    Zoe Teran

    Not them gaslight gatekeep girlbossing

  • Berk Karşı
    Berk Karşı

    I'm sure they will find another exploit in a few months

  • Cosmic Symbols
    Cosmic Symbols

    Man, I am so glad I hadn't joined 2b2t when I thought about it, or else I would've been caught in the Nerd's last raid. I would've never logged on again 😅

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  • I'm Okay ,
    I'm Okay ,

    Holy shit, the future is now.

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    Surper Durper

    You people try to make this shit like a movie or something and make these little nerds behind screens look scary 🤡

  • Nick O'Brien
    Nick O'Brien

    WOW, i dont even play minecraft but THAT WAS A DOPE VIDEO!!!!

  • Florero Afloreril
    Florero Afloreril

    This seems like a Metal Gear plot tbh. (?

  • Thisisthecat

    whats the reddit post?

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  • WolfPackGameing

    Surely one month should be enough time to remain hidden right? It's not over. Phase 4 is already in progress. Like Zeus and his kin who killed the Titans before them, NoCom is dead, but much worse is born from it. Find the Crumbs.

  • Melstrom Astral
    Melstrom Astral

    Pretty interesting that intelligent and talented people use their abilities in a block game.

  • R3d153

    Wait, so is Zola's Algorithm a 2b2t reference now?

  • Salamanderman

    This is what the memes mean by “Minecraft Lore”

  • Mufasa Dickilson
    Mufasa Dickilson

    the FATTEST nuts in 2b2t minecraft hsitory

  • SuperMichealGaming / Lets-Plays
    SuperMichealGaming / Lets-Plays

    Steve3 is bacc??

  • Bluey

    leijurv why dont u trojanhorse impact client!!!

  • 3ViL

    This much amount of dedication on a block game.

  • Zian Angelo Boyles
    Zian Angelo Boyles

    Fit: ay what yu doin here im just fishin

  • ShadowMoon

    Fit: "So what was the name of your exploit?" Babaj: No Comment Fit: "Alright, keep your secrets!"

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    them hackers are so sad

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    Fallen_Angel Epsilon

    I was just watching accel world today and the one avatar that shows up in the burst world that talks about how silver crow is the first to be the flying avatar that dudes voice sounds just like yours so I was kinda curious if you were the dubs VA?

  • Vincent Marciano
    Vincent Marciano

    These are grown ups playing a block game 😑

  • turd man
    turd man

    its crazy how much people would do to make other poeple life worse

  • D Khosh
    D Khosh

    They straight up pulled a Minecraft illuminati

  • subrata kar
    subrata kar

    All that left is players planning to to destroy the server it self (I know that's not possible but after seeing this I really doubt it)

  • MuhammedMusab D
    MuhammedMusab D

    Damn this gives me goosebumps.

  • Lionexx

    I don't care what anyone says, this is the coolest shit ever. These dudes are so smart and the creations they have created for a block game is super impressive.


    2:33 music NMH 1 K-ENT

  • Partly Cloudy
    Partly Cloudy

    Holy...this is some crazy impressive stuff. Imagine what these guys could do in the real world? It would be horrifying, they could stop world governments in their track probably

  • Maxbotnick

    These people could be working at NASA but instead they focus their energy on some old anarchy server in a children's game

  • Seth Vulpes
    Seth Vulpes

    Love the video but was rewatching and when you were talking about gaslighting you said strategy. I think the words you should have used are "this manipulation tactic". This is just nittpicking on word choice but *shrugs*. I liked and subscribed

  • Alejandro Zapico Lara
    Alejandro Zapico Lara

    15:17 Tekken 6 Fountain Theme

  • Alejandro Zapico Lara
    Alejandro Zapico Lara

    10:42 Tekken Dark Resurrection music

  • E



    0Neb had a hard time I guess

  • Dragons Gem
    Dragons Gem


  • camboolio

    "this exploit shows how fundamentally flawed minecraft as a game actually is" Does it?

  • Gerald Norton
    Gerald Norton

    You're one hell of a story teller. I'll give you that. This could've been a 5 min video, yet here I am 23 minutes later

  • Ristar124

    Just remember that minecraft is a game made of blocks for kids

  • Nachos

    naaaah bro

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  • louisffh

    2b2t players making nasa like programs and using computer science just to mess with players because it kinda funnie tho

  • Ariella_jpg

    god made Minecraft to distract the human race; nerd inc is just an example of that

  • TWF Plasma
    TWF Plasma

    Bro what 🤯

  • PianoRhombus863

    If these people put their mind to something in real life they could do a lot of damage.

  • Zeke Lionhart
    Zeke Lionhart

    It never ceases to stun me how people go to lengths to do evil.

  • Heifer Telecio
    Heifer Telecio

    imagine NOCOM was brought out in real life

  • zjow18

    "your parents took you to a amusement park where they bought you a red balloon" "that balloon was green remember" .... .... you're not my dad

  • Jashin The Masked LT
    Jashin The Masked LT

    This brings back the days before smplive was over :(

  • destrierofdark

    I appreciate the use of the NMH OST here.

  • JakehSenpai

    10:45 Idk why but straight chills

  • Garrosh Hellscream
    Garrosh Hellscream

    if this can be done by merly 3 plebs just imagine whats being done with our cellphones....... cellphones are inherantly cameras , with traking devices and can also alter your mood at certant frequencies.... 5g takes it to a whole new level... our overlords will be able to see REAL time DATA and picture with 5g.... you have been warned people. 0Neb was minecrafts Alex Jones.

  • Jayden Glaser
    Jayden Glaser

    So these guys were BASICALLY The Patriots???

  • Matt

    I’ve never played Minecraft but that was incredibly interesting. Kinda like the stories that come out of Eve Online.

  • What is the neam of the musuc What you us

  • Nextshot

    Its so interesting how complex something is and how simply it is put down, a simple range limit check. Really puts into perspective how its easier to destroy than build something.

  • sandr

    12:50 such a great reveal

  • Milton Mets Select 11U
    Milton Mets Select 11U

    nocom chicken nugget

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    I don’t play monecraft

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    Феликс Рудовский

    Hellow from Russia ❤️ :3

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    12:59 lol

  • Bongos

    4:25 ppl seriously need to get a life, too much minecraft xD

  • GamerZone

    Fun how a side project of some programmers can be presented so intensely haha

  • minecraftula

    LEIJURV=genius=mc god

  • ActuallyBlue

    man now I wanna learn how to become god like they did but use it for fun instead of total domination over a server made years ago but being smart isn't my speciality so ill stick to redstone

  • Toni Taipalus
    Toni Taipalus

    Honestly wtf is this server

  • Gunter Andersson
    Gunter Andersson

    Does anybody know if 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft?

  • Михаил

    21:13 1520 года? переводчик, что с тобой не так?

  • Eggs & Legs
    Eggs & Legs

    In 2 weeks: How hackers killed people in real life in the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Jonas A
    Jonas A

    This feels illegal

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  • Azolaun

    It's amazing the amount of will and dedication a lot of players have done to get advantages in a Minecraft or to destroy others

  • GosiewilZ

    The oldest anarchy server.

  • Harvey Lennon
    Harvey Lennon

    the fact it saves each base, almost like a museum, is probably my favourite part of the exploit. that way, all the incredible builds are kept even if they are destroyed on the main server

    • Malvisk

      A very exclusive museum. Reminds me of Marvel's Collector

  • You want My name?
    You want My name?

    Welcome to 2b2t, where people spend years and efforts from their intelligence to make 2b2t suffer

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell

    2bt2 has the best plot this is a tv sho now

  • BeeAspect

    Imagine the progress humanity would’ve made if these people had never played minecraft

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson

    u all need to go outside and reconnect w ur families instead of living on a mix of shit video games and reddit

    • Lawson Ewan
      Lawson Ewan

      I make games, so stfu i do this for a living

  • yut777

    bruh these guys gotta go outside and touch grass

  • Tonatsi

    One of these days we're gonna find out that Popbob has been orchestrating something massive for over 6 years

  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen

    19:16 I recognize that cave. See you soon.

  • RageUnicorn

    "What happened next, was nothing short of incredible" Bc what happened before, mapping and recreating player bases out of nowhere, wasn't incredible already I'm glad I accidentally clicked on this video

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